Top 10 Best Shower Panels for Luxurious Bath Experience (2024)

A luxury bath certainly deserves a luxurious shower panel also known as shower tower.

This gem of a shower accessory often compliments the bathroom well enough to make your time in the shower an enjoyable moment.

We have several types of shower towers, each with varying colors, designs, sizes, and styles. It is crucial to know the most suitable shower panel that will fit seamlessly into your shower.

The material used to design a shower panel plays a great role in the end quality of the shower panel.

The panels can have many water outlets aimed at giving you the best shower time to brighten up your entire day.

A shower tower often utilizes the normal plumbing system, which makes its installation stress-free. In addition, it can be fixed straight to the bathroom wall.

Notwithstanding, when we are talking of the best panels in the market, we have to look beyond their feature of spraying water on you.

You know that just about any showerhead could that.

The shower panel must have the right amount of water pressure to give you a luxurious feel when you shower, add that to the stylishness of the shower panel.

We need to look at their durability, easy installation, and easy to use.

That is exactly what we have done with our list of the top ten shower panels in the market.

10 Best Shower Panels

#1. Blue Ocean 52″ Aluminum Shower Panel SPA392M

Blue Ocean

When talking of luxury, you should probably take a look at this Blue Ocean shower panel.

A product just making its way into the North American market and its already raking up serious impressions.

Its sleek aluminum alloy body gives it a cool shining look and the fixture is durable and light weighted weighing 14.51 kg/32lbs.

The shower panel is ISO-9001 standard rating that is the shower panels were put through stringent product checks as well as quality control measures.

The shower panel requires a minimum of 28 psi and a maximum of 72 psi in water pressure.

Temperature display feature

The shower panel has a temperature display feature that allows you to read the water temperature of your shower.

The feature is powered by an AA battery. Additionally, the shower panel has a hot and cold hose that can be fitted directly to the water pipe fittings.

Several Functions

There are eight body massage nozzles that are adjustable along with a tub spout and two extra controllers to regulate the water temperature and other functions.

It also features a hand-held shower along with a rainfall overhead shower.

  • It has eight body massage nozzles that are adjustable.

  • It features a temperature display.

  • All the shower panel functions can be controlled independently to give you optimum water pressure.

  • It has two types of showerheads, the handheld, and rainfall.

  • The panel design will fit well on a flat wall.

  • Only one type of shower can work at a time.

  • The AA battery is not included in the package.

  • It wears down over time.

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#2. ELLO&ALLO Stainless Steel Shower Panel


A true spectacle this one is with a panel body made of 304 stainless steel for polished outlook and a brushed nickel finish to match.

The style is modern and fitting for an eloquent shower. The shower panel is quite light weighing 9.71 kg/21.4lbs and very easy to install.

The shower panel has the waterfall and rainfall overhead shower feature as well as water spout and handheld shower with massage spray.

LED integrated overhead shower and temperature display

This shower panel feature a cool led overhead shower to give you a soothing ambiance in the shower. Additionally, there is a temperature display feature to help detect the water temperature of your shower.

The shower panel functions

For this shower panel, there are four jets nozzles that are adjustable useful for power mist massage with switches for multiple-outlets regulating the various water effect combinations as well as handheld showerhead with three settings.

At the right water pressure, you can use two of the features above at the same time.

  • It is a led integrated overhead showerhead and temperature display.

  • It has six functions modes.

  • It has four jet nozzles that are adjustable.

  • The shower panel can run two functions at the same time.

  • It comes in two colors.

  • It has a battery included in the package.

  • Some parts such as the faucet head, the hose’s bolts, and nuts are made of plastics.

  • An inadequate installation manual.

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#3. Perfetto Stainless Steel Shower Panel (SP0056)


This SP0056 shower panel model from Perfetto kitchen and bath is a dazzling addition to your bathroom.

It has a stainless steel body for a polished finish and it is light-weighted weighing 9.98 kg/22lbs with a chrome-plated brass hose.

It requires a minimum of 29 psi and a maximum of 72.7 psi in water pressure.

The installation is quite easy and includes every standard accessory needed for installation, in addition, it can simply be mounted on the bathroom wall.

The shower panel is cUPC certified in Canada and the U.S.

The shower panel functions

There are multi-outlets for the shower nozzles and an overhead waterfall shower features that mimic the waterfall experience in the bath.

There is also a flexible handheld showerhead for areas that are difficult to reach. The overhead shower head also has a rainfall shower feature if you decided to experience something different.

  • It is easy to install.

  • Every function on the shower panel can be operated simultaneously.

  • It requires a standard plumbing connection.

  • It has reinforced pipes on the back.

  • It requires incredibly high water pressure to operate all functions simultaneously.

  • It has no temperature display.

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#4. ELLO&ALLO Stainless Steel Shower Panel


Another shower panel from ELLO&ALLO to feature on our list, this stainless steel shower panel is a true beauty.

It is available in brushed nickel and black color to allow you to choose the best fit for the interior of your bathroom.

The faucet body is made of Brass and the hand shower made of engineering-grade plastics with an outer Zinc Alloy finish and a PVD plating.

Six mode functions

The panel featured six different functions, which are a handheld shower, waterfall shower, water spout, rainfall shower, massage spray, and adjustable jet spray.

The hand shower is multi-functional with three-settings with the hand shower hose made of stainless steel as well. You can use two of these functions simultaneously at the right water pressure

Hydroelectric Temperature Display

There is a hydro-powered temperature display designed into the shower panel to help you choose the right water temperature and also display how much time you spent in the shower.

  • It has a hydro-powered temperature display.

  • You can use two functions at the same time.

  • It has six different functions.

  • A multi-functional handheld shower.

  • The hand shower is made of plastic.

  • An inadequate instruction manual.

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#5. AKDY Shower panel (SP0101)


Another interesting product on our list is the AKDY shower panel with a body built from stainless steel to give it durability.

In addition to a sleek body, there is a cool looking hand shower as well as outlets that can function altogether.

It has a flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute. Furthermore, it is cUPC certified in Canada and the U.S. with standard water fittings.

The key functions

The overhead shower has an in-built waterfall and rainfall feature to give you different shower experiences.

It also features a complex body massage jets system that is adjustable with a very effective hand showerhead. The shower panel also features a flow restrictor to make an adjustment to the flow rate.

Simultaneous Functions and Pressure Balance Controls

The shower panel outlets can function simultaneously allowing you to use several functions at a time with the right water pressure. There is also a pressure balance control included in the features.

  • The functions can work simultaneously.

  • There is a cold and hot valve control system.

  • AKDY offers lifetime technical support.

  • It has a pressure balance control system.

  • There is no tub spout.

  • The product cannot be shipped to some states.

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#6.Valore “SIMPLICITY” Retrofit Shower Panel (VS-1205)


It is called SIMPLICITY, and rightly so. This lightweight shower panel is easy to install using the mounting bracket and adhesive included in the package, sparing you the stress of tile work, plumbing, and drilling.

The panel stainless steel body is Nano-coated to make cleaning the fixture easy for you. Additionally, the shower panel modules are UPC/c-UPC certified.


The SIMPLICITY shower panel feature a Nano-technology that provides a non-permeable coating to give your panel a water stain, finger-print, and dust resistant feature.

The shower panel functions

Even in terms of functions this panel is living up to its name, the shower panel has just three functions, which are a rainfall showerhead, a handheld shower, and shower jets.

These three modes are controlled by a three-way UPC-certified diverter valve.

  • It has a Nano-tech coating finish.

  • The panel dust, finger-print, and water stain resistant.

  • It has an anti-clogging feature.

  • It is easy to install.

  • It is limited to just three functions.

  • It has no water temperature control or temperature display.

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#7. ROVOGO Shower Panel


A shower panel from the stable of ROVOGO featuring a distinctive body design made of stainless steel for longevity and durability.

A brushed surface gives it an appealing look as well as making the cleaning of the panel easier. There is a temperature display powered by an AA battery.

The shower panel can come either as a fixed or flexible showerhead depending on your choice.

Ceramic Disc Cartridge and Explosion-Proof Hose

The shower panel has a sedal ceramic disc cartridge that allows regulating the water volume and temperature easily as well as providing an effortless faucet handle regulation.

Besides, the hose used in the panel is explosion-proof with improved heat-resistance.

Shower panel functions

There are two sets of body massage spray with 100 pcs of jet nozzles for a soothing bath experience and an overhead rainfall shower that cover your whole body adequately.

In addition to that, the temperature display helps with water temperature regulation.

  • It has a temperature display.

  • The stainless steel body is corrosion resistant.

  • It has an explosion-proof hose that is heat-resistant.

  • It has a premium brass mixer valve.

  • The temperature display battery is not included.

  • The functions can’t be used simultaneously.

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#8. Blue Ocean Shower Panel (SP822322)

Blue Ocean

Another entry for Blue Ocean shower panel on our list, just like the earlier mentioned Blue Ocean product, this shower panel is also ISO-9001 certified.

It has a panel body made of stainless steel, however, its functions are limited to three. It is light weighted weighing 4.99kg/11lbs and durable as well.

The shower panel requires a minimum water pressure of 28 psi and a maximum water pressure of 72 psi.

Three Functions shower panel

The shower panel features a handheld shower, a tub spout, and an overhead rainfall shower with two controllers in place for regulating the functions as well as the water temperature.

It requires standard plumbing works and it is reinforced with back pipes to be fitted on a flat wall.

  • It is easy to install.

  • Ideal for those that love the simple design.

  • It is reinforced with two pipes on the back.

  • The functions don’t work simultaneously.

  • It doesn’t have a thermostat.

  • It is limited to three functions.

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#9. Happybuy Stainless Steel Shower Panel


The Happybuy shower panel comes in two types, which are split and unitary. This makes the shower panel kind of unique in the market.

Additionally, it has four color specs, which are black, white, polished silver, and brushed silver.

The body is made from 304 stainless steel with high-temperature resistance and anti-rust properties as well. There are various functions on the shower panel for you to enjoy.

A Multi-functional Shower Panel

The shower panel has five functions to enjoy, which are the massage jets, waterfall shower, tub spout, hand shower, and rainfall shower.

Additionally, there are two steel valves to make an adjustment to the five functions as well as the water temperature.


There is a separate water line for both cold and hot water with standard plumbing connections and reinforced pipes on the back.

All the assembly accessories are included and the panel is designed for wall-mounting.

  • It has anti-rust and high-temperature resistant properties.

  • There is a hot and cold water line.

  • It is suitable for both commercial and home uses.

  • It is easy to install.

  • The functions cannot be used simultaneously.

  • There is no installation manual.

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#10. Senlesen Shower Panel


The eloquent design of this shower panel sees it sneak right into our list. It has a slick body design with a led integrated overhead shower.

The LED is powered by the water flow and the temperature display helps you choose the right water temperature.

To make sure there is enough water pressure, the shower panel functions were designed to work one at a time.

The panel body is made of Brass with a brushed nickel finish and the handles made of Zinc Alloy.

Five different functions

The shower panel features a waterfall and rainfall overhead shower to give you different settings for your shower. In addition, there is a hand shower, a tub spout along two different settings of massage jets.

All installation accessories included

Apart from being very easy to install, every hardware and accessories needed for installation are also included in the package.

  • It is easy to install

  • It has an LED integrated overhead shower.

  • It is multi-functional with five functions in all.

  • It has a temperature display.

  • The functions cannot run simultaneously.

  • The handheld shower is made of plastic.

  • The temperature displays only in Celsius.

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Benefits of Using a Shower Panel

Shower panels are becoming more marketable and that is due to increased adoption among homeowners.

The benefits of these interior enhancing beauty are partly to blame for the increased adoption in the market. Some of these benefits include saving valuable space in your bathroom.

Almost all shower panels are designed to be wall-mounted, which means the space needed is just to accommodate the panel.

It is also easy to install with many shower panels requiring little assembly.

Additionally, it is an economical option for saving water with water-saving features, which brings down your water bills by a good measure.

Furthermore, most of these shower panels are easy to clean and maintain.

How to Use a Shower Panel

After proper installation of your panel, you can proceed to use your shower tower features which usually consist of at least a hand showerhead, overhead shower, tub spout and/or body jets.

There is a controller to regulate and control each function on the shower panel. The details guideline on usage can be found in the user manual that comes with the shower panel.

Maintaining Tips and Tricks for Shower Panel

Maintaining your shower panel is crucial to its longevity and these are ways by which you keep it clean.

For effective cleaning of the shower panel, make sure the bathroom is cleared of supplies within the panel vicinity.

In order to clear the body of organic dirt, use warm or hot water to rinse the panel.

Additionally, you can use mildew spray to remove mildew that forms from the mixture of soap residue and organic substance from your body.

Also, take care of hard water spots by combining hot water with white vinegar. Follow the instruction manual on how to detach the showerhead then soak in vinegar to soften the piled up dirt.

After which you brush clean and rinse with water. Never use abrasive liquid when cleaning the panel and wipe clean with a soft warm cloth.

The shower panel requires periodic maintenance to keep it in good shape and prevent dirt build-up which can affect performance and reduce its appeal.


Is the shower panel a good fit for the bathroom?

Yes, they are. Apart from giving your bathroom an appealing look, they are also designed to allow you to maximize the space in your bathroom as they are usually wall-mounted.

Can shower panels be installed in the corner?

Shower panels are usually designed to be mounted on a flat wall.

Can all shower panel functions be used at the same time?

That depends on the manufacturer’s design as well as the model. There are shower panels that offer simultaneous functions but the price of great water pressure and there are others that offer independent functions.

Do shower panels support hot and cold water plumbing?          

That also depends on the manufacturer and model with some having the feature and some not having them.

Final Verdict

So when choosing a shower panel in the market, sometimes you have to look beyond the brand and model.

You should look at what each shower panel has to offer in terms of functionality and features instead.

Check the required water pressure to operate the shower panel as well as shower compatibility with your plumbing connections, durability, and shower functions.

These will help you decide, which shower panel is most suitable for your bathroom.

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