11 Best Snake Repellents (2024)

The invasion of pests is one of the threats to survival, but many species of insects and rodents might not scare the hell out of you like slithery and venomous creatures. All species of the snake might not be venomous, but their wavy movements and curvy bodies can bring long-lasting nightmares.

While the most venomous snakes kill within a few minutes of after their bites, you can struggle to survive with the effects of other species for many hours.

Except you are an avid snake lover, it’s difficult to feel comfortable with harmless snake species because everything about them irritates your body. Also, the sight of a snake on the lawn or inside your home could haunt you for many weeks.

Instead of going through this psychological trauma or the near-death experiences of snake bites, you can choose smart methods of repelling these reptiles. Naturally, poisonous and non-poisonous snakes rely on their sensory systems to enter, forage and set up nests.

With the best snake repellents, you can disrupt their sensory reception without harming them. After all, these creatures are important to the conservation of wildlife.

You can use natural formulas like cinnamon, and clove oil to repel them from your surroundings. Also, you don’t need an eagle’s eye to detect the presence of snakes in the yard. The ingredients in snake repellents can send them back to an ecosystem that’s far from your surroundings.

It’s better to use snake repellents that have lasting effects, and resistance to rain. Usually, chemical repellents are washed away from the soil by the water rain or flood. Some repellent products have strong scents that prevent snakes from invading your territory for many weeks.

Generally, snake repellents are pest control methods that help to reduce their population around your home and prevent their invasion into your living space. If you have these sneaky creatures in your indoor space, apply snake repellents at least every 30 days.

However, you need to pick the right snake repellent product to enjoy a snake-free environment. These are some effective snake repellents with natural and chemical ingredients.

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Top 11 Best Snake Repellents

#01. Ortho Snake B Gon Snake Repellent

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Do you need snake repellent granules that can cover at least 1,000 square feet? Ortho B-Gon Snake Repellent contains granules of ready-to-use ingredients. This snake-prevention formula contains essential oils from Cinnamon, Peppermint, Geraniol, Castor, and Clove.

It comes as a 2-lb pack of granules that are safe for plants, pets, and the soil. As a non-toxic formula without awful odors, you can alter snakes’ sensory nerves and prevent them from foraging close to your immediate environment.

This Ortho B-Gon formula gives you a smart idea of making your beautiful garden free from invasive snake species. However, you should shake the ‘B Gon’ snake repellent bottle before you dispense the granules.

  • The no-stink formula contains natural oils

  • It prevents the nesting and foraging of all species of snakes

  • It’s easy to dispense on artificial turf grasses and soils

  • The formula can cover about 1,440 sq. ft.

  • This formula has a strong aroma that that’s noticeable, but it’s not too unpleasant.

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#02. Safer Brand Shield Snake Repellent Granules

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Snake repellent granules in resealable bags are easy to store. This Safer Brand Shield Snake Repellent granule comes in a lightweight (4 lb) pack, and it keeps the reptile far away from your living space.

You’ll enjoy the immediate effect of this product because it contains Sodium Laureth Sulfate, cedarwood oil, and clove oil.

Snakes use chemical signals to determine the locations of their prey. With a proprietary blend of these ingredients, you can disorient snake species when they come close to your surroundings.

The harmful effect on snakes will cause them to scamper for safety in search of clearer air.

However, you need to form a snake-repelling with this Safer Brand granules to experience impressive results. You can dispense this repellent around the perimeters of parks, backyards, and under your flowerbeds.

  • It contains time-release granules that have immediate effects

  • This snake-repellent formula has versatile outdoor applications

  • It’s non-toxic to pets

  • These granules have a strong odor that fades quickly, and you need to reapply the formula often to repel snakes.

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#03. Exterminators Choice Snake Defense

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If you have high foliage of garden plants and weeds in your yard, it might be a breeding ground for snakes. You need this 128 Oz Exterminators Choice Snake Defense formula to repel these pesky creatures.

It contains water and essential ingredients like peppermint, clove, and cinnamon oils. This active formula prevents snakes from entering your abode. It’s easy to apply by spraying the areas that are prone to snakes’ invasion and at least 3 feet from the perimeter of your living space.

However, you shouldn’t apply this Snake Defense repellent on edible plants. It delivers long-lasting performance and the pepper in the mint oil can repel all species of snakes from your surroundings.

  • The formula contains natural ingredients

  • It’s effective and safe for the environment

  • The odor of this repellent doesn’t affect pets

  • You’ll need a spritzer bottle or sprayer to dispense this product efficiently.

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#04. Nature’s MACE Snake Repellent-2.2lb Shaker Granular

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Nature’s MACE Snake Repellent is a long-lasting formula with non-toxic ingredients. This 2.2lb Granular Shaker contains all-natural ingredients that have rain-resistant performance.

When used as directed, the repellent works effectively and distorts the Jacobsen (vomeronasal) organ of snakes. This slithery reptile might invade your environment and find for its prey with this chemoreception-producing organ. So, Nature’s MACE snake repellent irritates and deters snakes.

While the formula is gentle on pets and plants, it repels different species of snakes effectively. As a reliable pest-control solution, it’s ideal for repelling snakes in outdoor areas like gardens, farms, lawns, and parks.

  • An eco-friendly repellent

  • It’s a training aid that keeps snakes from unwanted areas

  • This formula is rain-resistant

  • The snake-repellent formula has a strong unpleasant odor.

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#05. Havahart 6400 Snake Shield Snake Repellent

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Havahart Snake Shield repelling Granules comes in a well-packaged resealable bag. This 4-lbs formula repels stray snakes, but it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals. Instead, it’s a proprietary blend of essential oils and sulfur that are proven to be effective.

The fast-acting formula is safe around people, plants, and pets. Havahart Snake Shield granules are powerful, and they block the neuroreceptors organ of snakes temporarily. Also, this natural formula has long-lasting effects when you sprinkle the granules as an 8-inch barrier.

You can dispense these granules around woodpiles, foliages, campsites, and outdoor recreational areas when snakes nest and hide.

  • It contains granules that are easy to make snake-repelling barriers

  • It’s suitable to dispense around cabins, flower beds, and garages

  • A lightly sprinkle Havahart Snake Shield granules are effective

  • It’s not a rain-resistant formula because these granules can be washed away by floodwater.

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#06. BONIDE PRODUCTS 8752 Ready to Spray Snake Stopper

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Bonide Snake Stopper contains a range of bio-degradable ingredients that don’t harm snakes. Instead, this ready-to-spray formula repels snakes by making them uncomfortable around your surroundings.

While it’s easy to dispense, the effect of this all-natural formula can cover a large outdoor area. This BONIDE Snake Stopper comes in a 32 oz container that’s attached with a sprayer.

The snake-repellent formula has a soothing smell of cinnamon and clove oils. Also, this liquid drives snakes away from your environment naturally.

After spraying the snake-repelling formula, the ingredients alter the sensing organs of snakes that come close to the affected area. It works like other snake repellents, but with a long-lasting smell.

  • This snake-repelling formula comes in an ergonomically-enhanced bottle

  • You don’t need to buy spritzer bottles and sprayers

  • The container is designed as a ready-to-spray tool

  • You might need to reapply this snake repellent formula after a rainfall to experience amazing results.

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#07. SerpentGuard Snake Repellent

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Wouldn’t you like to rid your space of snakes with super-strong and affordable pest control formulas? SerpentGuard comes in a 16 oz (560 ml) container with a blend of ingredients that snakes don’t like.

As an effective repellent for snakes, you can control the activities of these pesky reptiles around your home, fence lines, gardens, and hedges.

This formula is environmentally-friendly and safe for pets. SerpentGuard snake repellent for outdoor areas is a liquid formula that is not rain-resistant. However, it’s easy to apply and reapply after a heavy downpour of rainfall.

  • It comes in a portable plastic container

  • You can use garden sprayers to dispense this formula

  • The formula doesn’t have a toxic odor.

  • It’s not a rain-resistant formula

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#08. Havahart Dr. T’s 28 LB Snake-A-Way Snake Repelling Granules

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With a 28-lbs snake-repelling formula, there’s enough protection for a long time. Havahart Dr. T’s Snake-A-Way Granules are packaged in a soft-textured plastic container, and the effect on effective species has been proven. If you live in regions with arid and desert lands, rattlesnakes might be a regular visitor.

However, these snake-repelling granules contain fast-acting chemicals like sulfur (28%) and naphthalene (7%). After applying these granules, the residues of these ingredients can stay in the affected area between 2 to 3 months.

Another benefit of using Snake-A-Way repellent is the EPA-certification that clears this pesticide of any hazard on snakes and pets.

  • Granular formula

  • This 28-lbs snake repellent has long-lasting content

  • The formula has a 91% repellent rate

  • Snake-A-Way repellent is not a cost-effective pest control formula because it doesn’t have rain resistance. When these granules are washed away with rainwater, you’ll use more content from this 28-lbs formula.

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#09. Victor Snake-A-Way Repelling Granules

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This 4 lbs ready-to-use formula of Victor Snake-A-Way Repelling Granules contains powerful ingredients. While a blend of naphthalene and sulfur doesn’t kill snakes, it repels these slithery reptiles to the furthest point from the area of application.

The snake-repelling formula is effective on rattlesnakes, garter snakes, and non-venomous snakes. It works like other granular formulas that disorient snakes’ sensory reception temporarily.

After the odor from this formula distorts snakes’ sense of smell, they will move to a safer zone with fresh air.

It’s a smart method of eliminating snakes from targeted areas without killing them. This 4-lbs of Victor Snake-A-Way comes in a resealable red pack, and the formula is EPA-registered.

  • This pack of granules can cover a 0.5-acre land and lasts between 2 to 3 months

  • The potency of this application is not affected by normal rainfall

  • It works for venomous and non-venomous snakes

  • This formula has a strong odor of sulfur, and it takes a very long time before it diffuses from your environment.

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#10. Dr. T’s 4-Pound Nature Products Snake Repelling Granules

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This Havahart Dr. T’s 4-Pound Nature Products is similar to the Snake Shield Snake Repellent, but the former has been proven to deliver 91% repellent potency. It’s for outdoor applications, and you should follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for effective results.

Simply apply wide bands of this formula in the perimeter of the targeted area. The snake-repelling formula is effective on poisonous and non-poisonous snakes. also, it’s come in an air-tight resealable bag that’s easy to store for many months.

With this 4-lb granule that can last about 3 months, you will enjoy maximum protection from all species of garter snakes and rattlesnakes. Since this formula is EPA-certified, don’t worry about the safety of pets and kids after dispensing the granules.

  • A well-designed packaging material

  • It’s 91% repellent rate has been proven

  • This snake-repelling formula is easy to dispense

  • A 4-lb formula might not be cost-effective for heavy-duty pest control applications.

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#11. Exterminators Choice Snake Defense Natural Snake Repellent

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An all-natural blend of powerful ingredients like essential oils and water can protect you from the invasive attacks of snakes without killing them. Since cinnamon, clove, and peppermint oil have repulsive odors, this Exterminators Choice Snake Repellent can repel venomous and non-venomous snakes effectively.

This pest control formula comes in a 32oz spray bottle. So, you don’t need to spend extra budgets on garden sprayers. The nozzle of this bottle is user-friendly, and you just need to squeeze a little portion of the liquid-repellent formula on the affected area you want to protect.

If you have high foliage of gardens around your home, apply generously with a 5-inch barrier and watch out for impressive results.

  • This formula is a natural defense against different species of snakes

  • It comes in an easy-to-spray bottle

  • It repels snakes with immediate effects but doesn’t kill them

  • If you don’t align the hole of this sprayer’s nozzle to the targeted perimeter of soil or grasses, this formula will be dispersed by air and you’ll not have impressive results.

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What To Look For When Choosing A Snake Repellent

Strength Of Your Snake repellent Formula

Before choosing an effective snake-repelling formula, ensure that it can be dispensed easily. One of the problems with the application of these ingredients is the wrong method of dispensing them. Since snakes are affected by their strong odor, you need to saturate the target area very well.

Snake repellents with sulfur, essential oils and Sodium Laureth Sulfates have long-lasting effects. pets and humans might have high tolerance levels against these chemicals, but the olfactory sensing organs of snakes can withstand them.

More so, snake-repelling ingredients that are resistant to rainfalls can work for many weeks because they have many repellent rates.


You might not be satisfied with snake repellents that come in small packages. With a massive volume of at least 850 ml, you can use any effective formula for many weeks.

Usually, granular formulas that don’t dissolve in water quickly can retain their potency even after a heavy downpour of rainfall or flood. Unlike liquid formulas, granules are more concentrated and they deliver amazing results.

Ease Of Applications

Garden sprayers are functional tools that help to disperse snake-repelling formulas generously. If you buy a resealable pack of snake repellents, it’s better to spread them with hand gloves around the perimeter of targeted areas.

More so, liquid types of snake repellents can be dispersed with air if you apply them wrongly. Get sprayers with user-friendly dispensing triggers that everyone can use.


Generally, snake-repelling formulas are affordable. Depending on the level of exposure to these slithery reptiles, you might need more volumes of these formulas to stay safe.

A 28-lbs container with powerful snake-repelling ingredient is more expensive than regular 4-lbs packs. Also, your method of application can affect how many packs of snake repellents that can serve you satisfactorily.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do snake-repelling ingredients work?

A proprietary blend of effective snake-repelling ingredient contains fast-acting chemicals and specific volumes of water. Usually, essential oils from clove, cedarwood, and cinnamon plants disrupt snakes’ sensory reception. However, the blend of ingredients doesn’t harm snakes.

They repel them like toxic pesticides, and the reptile has no choice but to search for fresh air elsewhere. These ingredients are often eco-friendly, but they are harsh on a range of snake species.

When you sprinkle granular and liquid repellents on targeted areas like foliages and lawns, don’t expect to see snakes around your property for many weeks. Also, a one-off application might not be effective.

Are snake repellents with strong odors more effective?

When you use effective products with non-stink formulas, they can repel snakes discreetly. Since snakes have a strong sense of smell, they know the risk of staying around no-stink formulas that can choke them. However, special plants with natural oils have distinct odors.

They might be safe for use around pets and children, but tough on snakes. Whereas, formulas with strong odors can contaminate the quality of air in your environment, and it might not be convenient to enjoy your outdoor relaxation.

Final Verdict

It’s better to have snake repellents that have been proven to be potent than trying to check if the species of snake is non-venomous. There might be no second chance of surviving the bites from venomous snakes.

Generally, pests invade our homes and plants to cause destruction. Since you have the privilege of using effective snake repellents, one of these 11 products will boost your level of satisfaction. However, you must follow the manufacturer’s recommendations to enjoy impressive performances.

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