11 Best Snow Blowers (2023)

The winter months come with many expectations for a new season. However, these months often bring snow conditions that cause impediments to free passage for vehicles and commuters. Without snow blowers, it might be difficult to move your car from the driveway.

Most times, particles like concrete, wood, fabric, grass, and stones are buried many feet inside thick layers of snow. There’s a limit to what shovels can excavate when it comes to snow. Unlike light showers of rain, heavy snowstorms are terrible conditions that can keep people indoors for many days.

With the best snow blowers, it’s fast and easy to discharge more than 30 feet of snow. Investing in an efficient snow-clearing tool is a wise decision if you live in regions with such climatic conditions.

Like lawnmowers, snowblowers have motorized engines with different gears for forward and reverse speeds. Depending on the design, gas or battery-powered snow blowers have different sizes of electric motor.

The clearing width and electric motor’s output shows you the weight of snow per minute that a particular machine can discharge.

While some blowers have modern features like halogen headlights, others have single-stage unit blowing systems. It’s important to get the ideal machine that’s designed for your snow condition.

However, the two-stage snow blower is a more expensive model because of its superior design. This type of blower uses an auger and a rotating impeller that can throw snow beyond 50 feet from the operator.

You might be overwhelmed with the indecision of buying functional snow blowers. We can simplify this task, and streamline your search with options of snow blowers with good build qualities.

Snow Joe SJ618E Electric Walk-Behind Single-Stage...
  • [VERSATILE]: Ideal for quick snow pickups on small to mid-sized driveways and walkways

11 Best Snow Blowers

#1. GreenWorks 2600502 13-Amp Corded Snow Thrower

GreenWorks 2600502

Blowing snow with blowers that have adequate ground clearance often makes the task easy. Sometimes the winter weather might be unstable and you could spend long periods on it. The 7-inch wheeled GreenWorks 2600502 Snow Thrower maximizes mobility.

During the process of clearing snow from walkways, this feature makes work easy with its 20-inch plowing width. This lightweight machine has impressive maneuverability too.

Unlike other electric snow blowers, the 20-inch GreenWorks goes through thick layers of snow like a champ. It comes with a 13-Amp electric motor that delivers much force through thick layers of freezing water molecules.

  • Adjustable 180 degrees Chute

  • Compact construction (31 x 21.6 x 37 inches), and 30 lbs

  • Corded-Electric design

  • Regardless of its good build quality, the machine struggles to blow compressed snow.

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#2. Snapper XD 82V MAX 7-inch Wheels Single-Stage Snow Blower With 13-Amp Brushless Motor Technology

Snapper XD 82V

After knocking down compressed snow with an auger, you want to see icy patches fly with much force. This Snapper XD 82V MAX Snow Blower is a battery-powered machine with a maximum-throwing distance of throwing 20 feet.

It is designed with auger housing that provides sufficient visibility for snow-clearing activities. Also, the manufacturer recommends 5Ah, 4Ah, and 2Ah types of Briggs & Stratton 82V batteries.

Apart from its blowing capacity, the machine’s 13-Amp electric motor scoops snow efficiently. Usually, single-stage blowers make contact with the ground. So, this model of Snapper can withstand all levels of snowfalls.

As a single-stage blower, you can dig your way out of snowy driveways. Also, it’s ergonomics is a customizable feature of two colors. A durable product with fine designs gives value for money.

  • 120-Volts Input

  • 10-inch depths of snow cut

  • Brushless Motor Technology

  • The blower doesn’t come with battery and charger.

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#3. PowerSmart DB5017 Snow Blower 15 Amp Electric Motor

PowerSmart DB5017

With a dimension of 19 x 19 x 16 inches, this PowerSmart DB5017 Snow Blower is easy to maneuver through compressed snow. Its speeds reduce downtime during operations and offer maximum force.

The throwing distance of 9 m (30 ft.) is better than the ratings of regular snow blowers. Since the axle and wheel design are solid, they ensure an efficient rate of moving through unpaved driveways and access to the entrance of your home.

Also, it’s impressive width of 400 mm (15 inches) clears many snow-covered surfaces and reduces the time of completion. You don’t have to worry about going out from your patios during winter month because the PowerSmart DB5017 works satisfactorily.

  • 13 inches of snow-clearing depth

  • Rubber-tipped auger and oversized chute handle design

  • Durable Construction

  • Tires are not large enough, and they support ice build-up quickly.

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#4. WEN 5662 Snow Blaster 18-Inch 13.5-Amp Electric Motor

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It’s a waste of precious time to scoop snow with shovels when you depend on the 2000-RPM auger of this WEN WEN 5662 Snow Blaster. After wearing your winter gloves, this electric snow blower can break and throw snow instantly.

The motion of its built-in impeller and dispensing chute ensure a throwing distance of 20 feet. This chute works with a crank and spring-loaded lever that set the angle of throw. Also, this quick-adjust chute makes 180-degrees rotation with low noise.

While the blower ensures a steady removal process, its chute reduces any risk of blockage by small pieces of snow. During operation, the WEN Snow Blaster allows easy mobility. They are dependable with a solid attachment to the collapsible frame.

This space-saving design eases the stress of transporting your machine for use in other locations.

  • Chute control discharges snow with a 180-degree rotation

  • 6-inch of sturdy wheels

  • 490 lbs per minute

  • While it comes with foldable handles, hanging this machine in the storage compartment is a huge risk because its fragile parts can break from an accidental fall

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#5. Snow Joe Ultra SJ618E 13 AMP Electric Snow Thrower

Snow Joe Ultra SJ618E

The Snow Joe Ultra SJ618E is an electric snow blower with some brute force for handling snowfall. It carries a powerful 13-amp motor that requires low-maintenance.

Its 2-blade abrasion-resistant auger has molded plastic material and a clearing dimension of 18 X 8 inches. So, this easy-to-operate machine doesn’t just blow but throws snow quickly. This 13-amp blower has other innovative features like the safety control that locks unintentional operations.

While you don’t need to tune-up the electric motor before it runs, the blowing speed is ideal for clearing walkways, and mid-sized driveways. Apart from the foldable handle design, this blower has an ergonomic grip that optimizes comfort during work.

  • 550 lbs of snow per minute

  • Maximum throw distance is 20 feet

  • 180-degree adjustable chute

  • Instant start mechanism

  • Rust-resistant frames

  • With a small 18 X 8 clearance, it will not be easy to blow monster snowfall with this Snow Joe Ultra SJ618E model.

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#6. Earthwise SN72018 13.5-Amp Snow Thrower With 180 Degree Rotating Chute

Earthwise SN72018

A 12-inch clearing depth is great for two-car driveways and walkways. With a clearing width of 18 inches, this Earthwise Snow Thrower prevents the inconvenience of snow removal tasks. Usually, the standard width of the driveways has space for people to walk.

This electric-corded machine can cut and blow heavy snowfall within an hour. Its powerful 13.5-Amp motor provides consistent cutting speed and pressure to throw ice at a distance of 30 feet.

While working under hazy snow conditions, the machine’s double LED Lights can illuminate your path and help you to complete the job quickly. You don’t need to exert much pressure to move this 35-lbs Earthwise SN72018 snow thrower because of its 6-inch (rear) tracking wheels that are maneuverable.

Additionally, this machine has two handles. One is ergonomically-enhanced for comfortable grips, and another handle for transporting this portable blower.

  • 700 lbs of snow per minute

  • Adjustable discharge angle.

  • Dual Blade Auger

  • Tool-less assembly

  • It’s not very easy to assemble this snow-throwing machine.

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#7. TACKLIFE 15-Amp Electric Snow Thrower With 3000RPM Speed

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It’s not easy to clear compressed snow with snow blowers that have smooth tires. However, this TACKLIFE 15-Amp snow thrower comes with 7-inch wheels. They offer high mobility and have non-slip materials. So, it’s easy to clear heavy snowfall in the morning and at night.

During operations, the double-safety switch protects the electric motor from cold-temperature damages. A machine that takes the hassle out of your snow-removal process is valuable. The 15-Amp electric motor is one of the biggest capacities in the marketplace.

It provides high efficiency for quick clearance of snow on roads with concrete and asphalt materials. Also, the 3000RPM speed helps to throw about 800 lbs of snow every minute.

Normally, the angle of a tilted chute ensures a hitch-free blowing of snow pieces. This machine has a 60°/90° snow outlet on a 180-degree directional chute.

  • 4-Blade Steel Auger

  • Overload Protector

  • 20 X 10 Inches of width and depth

  • Anti-freeze rubber housing and power cord hooks

  • You need to buy a long extension cord to ease your mobility with this machine’s electric plug.

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#8. Toro 1800 Power Curve Snow Blower 15-Amp Electric Motor 18 X 12 inches (Width & Depth)

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Apart from its 18-Inch clearing width, the Toro 1800 Power Curve snow blower has impressive designs. It uses Power Curve technology helps to prevent any chance of clogging when you run the machine through compressed snow.

The zip deflector aligns the direction of the machine’s chute and locks its angle for a precise throw. A 15-amp electric motor that uses an oil-free mechanism, doesn’t need tune-ups. Instead, it runs with low noise, discharges fewer pollutants into the environment.

This Toro machine is the right model if you want snow-blowing performance without hassles. Also, you can discharge snow in different directions with this machine’s 160-degree adjustable chute.

  • Easy to operate and use

  • Lightweight (26 lbs) design that’s easy to transport and store.

  • It has a throwing distance of 30 ft.

  • The handle offers comfortable grips.

  • Unlike other snow blowers with metal screw sockets, this machine’s housing has weak plastic sockets.

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#9. EGO SNT2100 EGO POWER+ 21-Inch Cordless Electric Single-Stage Snow Blower


Access to patios, walkways, and driveways of residential buildings are often impeded during heavy snowfall conditions. However, you can ease this difficulty with this EGO Cordless-Electric Snow Blower.

Apart from its cordless design, it uses a 56-Volt lithium-ion battery to maximize snow-blowing activities. Even with the blower’s two LED lights on, this battery has enough juice to sustain your cutting and blowing activities for many hours.

As a single-stage blower, its 21-inch clearance supports the wide intake of snow. With this design, it’s convenient to roll this machine’s steel chassis during aggressive snow-removal tasks. Don’t worry about the ease of storage because this EGO model has a foldable handle.

  • It has a wide handle with adjustable chute lever for easy control

  • A snow-throwing distance of 35 feet that’s guaranteed with a variable-speed auger

  • It has a brushless electric motor that’s highly-efficient

  • Weather-resistant, and heavy-duty steel materials

  • This package doesn’t come with battery and charger.

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#10. Briggs & Stratton 1022 Single-Stage Snow Thrower With 208cc Engine

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Do you need snow-blowing machines with sturdy and composite constructions? Don’t let some little layers of snowfall prevent you from leaving home during winter months. The Briggs & Stratton Single-Stage Snowthrower has a robust auger-assisted drive system.

Since this system uses an impact-resistant auger, it can clear thick layers of snow from pavements and driveways. Also, the auger is attached to a tough axle that pushes the machine forward and consistently.

This snow-throwing machine is simple to control because it uses a quick deflector to adjust the height of its chute. Unlike many snow-throwing machines with weak engines, this model has a 208cc OHV engine that’s similar to Briggs & Stratton 950 Snow Series.

  • 22 X 12.5 Inch clearance and intake depth

  • Engine with 9.50 ft-lbs torque

  • A single-stage mechanism for light to moderate types of snow

  • It uses recoil start and engine oil before you can start the machine manually.

  • The chute is designed with a plastic material that doesn’t have much resistance to impacts.

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#11. WORX WG650 13 Amp 18-Inch Electric Snow Thrower


Do you need easy-to-use snow blowers with powerful electric motors that can handle challenging snowfall conditions? The WORX WG650 Snow Thrower is designed with a foldable tool-less handlebar. During snow-removal activities, you can access the easy-to-adjust and oversized chute lever from the handlebar.

Unlike other models of snowblowers, this three-position handlebar allows you to work without experiencing shoulder fatigue. It eases the convenience of clearing snow from sidewalks, and

patios. It has a 13 amp electric motor that works like the force of strong winds.

Another impressive feature is the machine’s steel auger that throws snow to 30 feet. With a pair of compact wheels, you can maneuver this machine during heavy snowfalls. These designs make WORX snow thrower a must-have for heavy and medium types of snow.

  • Throwing distance of 30-feet

  • 180-degree adjustable chute

  • 18 X 9 inches (width and depth)

  • A lightweight design of 32.4 lbs

  • Don’t forget to make an extra budget for a long extension cord.

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What To Consider When Choosing Snow-blowing Machines

Do you need to buy a snow thrower or just a snow-blowing machine? These tips will guide your buying decisions and enhance the satisfaction that comes with your favorite model.

Clearance Size

The clearance width and depth specification of snowblowers are essential if you need to make your snow-removal experience very easy.

With a 24 X 10 inches of width and depth, you can discharge over 600 pounds of snow in one minute. Consider these specifications because they ensure that driveways and walkways with snow are cleared quickly and easily.

Sturdy Wheels

Depending on the design, snowblowers have rear and front wheels. Without these components, it’s not possible to use snow-throwing machines. Since wheels ensure mobility and straight-path travels, machines with at least a 17-inch wheels are reliable.

The distance between the base of tires and the axle should have enough clearance to navigate rough terrains of compressed snow. Also, well-built wheels provide traction and stability for heavy-duty machines.

Without these qualities, unpaved surfaces with gravel, patches of ice, and slopes can complicate your snow-removal process.

Engine Capacity

Snowblowers with efficient engines are resistant to cold temperatures and they run with low noise. The Briggs & Stratton 208cc engine is an impressive design. While this engine delivers power and torque for the toughest snow terrains, the only drawback is its lack of ease to start.

By pulling the cord to start your oil-lubricated engine, the risk of a hard start can frustrate your planned snow-blowing activity. However, you can affect these hassles by using snow blower models with electric start.

I recommend battery-powered models like the EGO POWER+ snow thrower. It uses a 56Volt lithium-ion battery that provides enough juice for long periods of snow-removal work.

How Does The Drive System Of Snow Blowers Work?

A drive system depends on the speed of electric motors. While some engines produce 2000 RPM of speed, others can’t drive the snow-blowing machine during challenging snowfalls. However, the two types of transmissions (hydrostatic and friction disc) come with different capacities of electric motors.

Snowblowers with hydrostatic transmission systems often have slower engine speeds. Also, these types of snow throwers come with speeds-controlling levers that are positioned on any part of the machine.

A friction disc transmission system with six forward and two reverse speed gears makes rugged snow blowers. Usually, these types have solid axles that spin efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between single and dual-stage blowers?

Regardless of cord-type, gas and electric snow blowers can have single and two-stage machines. Usually, the two-stage machine handles more snow volume and offers longer throwing speeds. It’s a simple principle called a two-stage process that works with a horizontal auger, and a rotating impeller.

The ease of pulling snow with augers, and breaking them with impellers gives two-stage machines their impressive (30 to 60 feet) throwing distance. However, the one-stage blower collects snow with its auger and ejects it through the chute with a moderate speed. Also, single-stage models have curvy designs.

Why should I consider the auger design when choosing snow blowers?

The auger is an important part of snow-throwing machines. Since augers provide depth and width clearance, premium models of snow blowers often have control levers on easy-to-reach parts like handlebars.

By using a variable-speed auger, you can enjoy intuitive controls and maximize the satisfaction of snow blowers. Also, the auger works with blades, axles, reverse and forward-speed gears.

Final Verdict

According to power tool buyers, machines that are easy to maintain and use can boost the satisfaction of operators. While we were careful to search for snowblowers and throwers with superior designs, we also considered these factors.

Our list of 11 products provides some unique features that you must not ignore. Usually, some of these models handle commercial and residential snow-blowing tasks. Additionally, they are designed with safety components that will give you some peace of mind.

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