Top 11 Best Soil pH Meters (2024)

Whether you are into growing vegetables, fruits, flowers, herbs, or whatever else you want in your lawn, you need to get it right in several areas.

For example, you need to know when it’s the right time to sow, water, spray, fertilize, and harvest. Now, most of us already know this.

Well done! But have you ever known that successful farming takes more than these?

Well, for example, you need to test the pH of your soil. And yes, this is where the Soil pH tester comes in as a must-have for every farmer.

A pH soil meter is a tool that tests the acidity of the soil.

The tool allows the user to understand the condition of the soil, making it easy to know if your plants are having the perfect environment they need to grow healthy.

Obviously, to take the right measure, the PH tester you use needs to be accurate. Unfortunately, this is not the case with most models out there.

In this article, we have put together some of the market’s most dependable options in a single list of the best soil pH meters.

Come with us as we dig deeper to examine each in detail.

11 Best Soil pH Meters

#1 Atree Soil pH Meter – Soil Tester Kits(3-in-1)


Although we have many soil pH testers out there, some will just display random readings making it hard to tell the condition of the soil.

However, among the few you can trust to provide the actual readings is the Atree Soil pH Meter. The 3-in-1 tester is designed to help you achieve the dream of owning a glossy and large green lawn full of plantations.

As the name goes, this accessory adopts a 3-in-1 design. I mean, using this tool, you can check the pH of the soil, the level of moisture, and light test to determine if your plants are receiving the right amount of light.

In other words, with this tester is like having three job-specific checkers. Amazingly, the tester comes with a pocket-friendly price tag which renders it an ideal option for anyone looking for something that will deliver value for money.

The tool utilizes a simple design with two probes that run deep into the soil and a dial that display the readings.

To use the unit, simply position the switch to pH/Moisture/Light position depending on what you want to measure and push the probes into 4-6 inches deep in the soil.

Adjust the probes until you note a slight move of the pointer on the dial and leave the unit for about 10 minutes. Check to see the readings and then remove the probes and wipe to keep them clean for the next testing.

  • It gets the work done at the fraction of the cost of digital meters.

  • It is very versatile.

  • It works indoors and outdoors.

  • The probes are not the most durable although they will go for a good time with proper handling.

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#2 Besmon Soil Test Kit – Soil PH Meter(3-in-1)

Besmon Soil Test Kit

To create a perfect environment for your plants, you need to know more than just the pH of the soil. For example, you also need to know whether the plants are receiving the right amount of water and light.

And yes, Besmon Soil Test Kit is designed for just that since it comes with a 3-in-1 design. The high-quality meter goes at a friendly price that most gardeners can afford comfortably without going beyond their budget.

The multi-purpose checker adopts premium double-needle detection technology. The state-of-the-art innovation enhances the accuracy of the tool when minimizing testing time.

Therefore, expect the device to take a shorter time to test without sacrificing the accuracy of the readings. The tester’s simple design makes it easy for first-timers to get accurate results.

For this reason, if you have never used a soil pH meter before, this option would be a perfect starting point for you.

Besmon Soil Test Kit suits both indoor and outdoor use. In fact, it comes with a lightweight design which makes carrying it around your home a breeze.

The checker does not require any battery. Hence, you can use it for repeated projects without incurring the costs of buying new batteries now and then.

  • It is very easy to operate.

  • The probes are sturdy and will go into the soil without problems.

  • The double-needle detection technology makes it accurate.

  • The dial is pretty small especially for people with vision issues.

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#3 yoyomax Soil Test Kit pH Moisture Meter

yoyomax Soil Test Kit

Make your plants happier by using the yoyomax Soil Test Kit to check if they have everything they need to grow healthy.

The checker is designed to provide you with information on the soil pH, moisture level, and light adequacy.

With the information on these three things, it will be easier for you to know the right measure to take to achieve your dream lawn.

The 3-in-1 tool utilizes a simple testing mechanism since you only need to plug the probes into the soil and wait for a few minutes before reading the dial.

In fact, this simplicity of use has made it one of the market’s most preferred units by beginners. The probes are of premium-grade materials for longevity provides that you do not force them into hard soil or objects.

The tester does not require any electricity or batteries for operation. I mean, you can use it straight away from the box for a simple gardening experience like no other.

The compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry the unit around the lawn. The dial is large enough and will be easy for nearly anyone to read the display without trouble.

  • The three-way design is a plus.

  • It adopts a portable design.

  • It does not require electricity or batteries.

  • Some customers claim that it appears to be fragile.

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#4 Sonkir Soil pH Meter(MS02 3-in-1)

Sonkir Soil pH Meter

If you are a landscaper intending to learn new tricks and tips of gardening, this soil pH tester will come in handy for your case.

The tool features a three-way design which means that it is more than just an ordinary tool. Through several functionalities, you will be able to know the pH of your soil, the wetness, and the amount of light reaching your plants.

Therefore, you will know when to water the plants, control the acidity/alkalinity value as well as get informed on whether it is getting the right amount of sunlight.

The tool also utilizes the Premium Double-Needle Detection technology for quicker testing and more accurate results so that you know the right measures to take without having to wait for long as with a majority of the competing models.

The checker does not require batteries. Therefore, it gets into use right away from the box.

To know the condition of the soil, just insert 2-4 inches of the metallic probes into the soil and wait for the pointer to provide a stable reading on the dial.

The lightweight design allows for both indoor and outdoor use since it enhances the portability of the gardening tool.

  • The price is great.

  • It is very reliable since it is accurate.

  • It is very convenient to use.

  • The needles need an upgrade since they are not that sturdy.

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#5 Hacoon Soil Moisture Sunlight pH Test Meter

Hacoon Soil Moisture

If you want to succeed in farming, the Hacoon Soil Moisture Sunlight pH Test Meter should help. Like all the other testers reviewed earlier, this meter adopts the 3-in-1 design.

Therefore, besides telling you the acidity or the alkalinity of your soil, the unit will also let you know whether your plants are experiencing adequate sunlight and the level of moisture on the soil- You will never under/over water your plants again!

The unit displays the acidity of the soil in the scale of 3.5-8 where 3.5-6.5 means that the soil is acidic whereas the PH of 7-8 shows alkalinity.

The level of moisture is displayed in a range of 1-10 where 1-3 means dry, 4-7 normal, and 8-10 wet. The unit utilizes advanced technology for greater accuracy and minimum testing time.

One of the probes is of aluminum metal while the other comes with copper construction. Therefore, they are sturdy and will last for an impressive period.

Each probe has a diameter of 0.2 inches to make it easier to insert into the soil. The needles are 0.5 inches apart and will not join when inserted in the soil to ensure greater precision.

  • It is very effective.

  • It’s pretty instantaneous in telling the soil conditions.

  • It is very useful for casual planters.

  • They function switch may corrode with extended exposure to a corrosive environment.

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#6 Aonmik Soil Moisture Sunlight PH Test Meter

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This unit also comes with a versatile design that pools the functionalities of a soil PH tester, Sunlight Meter, and moisture gauge into a single unit.

I mean, with this single unit, you will be able to know whether your plants are receiving all the necessities they need for them to grow healthy. The unit comes in a green color that will look great in any garden.

One of the needles that go deep into the soil is of aluminum while the other adopts copper construction to ensure that they do not bend when inserting into the soil.

Either of the probes is 0.2 mm thick so that you have an easy time inserting them into the soil. The length of 7.9 inches provides you with enough length for inserting them deep enough for more accurate results.

The product weighs 2 ounces which translates to approximately 56 grams. Therefore, expect to have an easy time carrying out around the garden all day long.

The unit suits both indoor and outdoor use which means that you can also use them for monitoring the conditions of indoor plants.

And since the unit does not need a battery, you will never have to face the hassle of changing batteries every time you need to check the conditions of your plants.

  • It does not need batteries to operate.

  • It is very helpful for a beginner.

  • The dial is easy to read.

  • Don’t expect anything special apart from the 3-in-1 design.

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#7 Adorma Soil pH Meter(3-in-1)


One thing that makes this meter a standout is the stylishness. The gardening device adopts a unique shape and elegant design that nearly every grower will be pleased with.

The high-quality unit will provide essential details on PH, water level, and sunlight adequacy to let you know the right measures to take for you to get the results you are anticipating in your lawn.

The unit boasts the lowest price on our list. Hence, in case you are looking for the hottest deal on the market, this option needs to be the first in your priority list.

The probes test the soil condition by running 3-5 inches deep into the soil and turning the switch to reflect moisture, PH, or sunlight depending on what you are intending to test.

Most users of this test kit find it to reflect results quite quickly although the manufacturer recommends that you wait for about 10 minutes to get more accurate results.

The unit suits both indoor and outdoor use, making it a staple addition among your gardening tools. The lightweight design makes it easy to carry along all day long in your lawn and will not slow you down.

  • The guidelines at the back of the casing are helpful.

  • The design is great.

  • The price is a bargain.

  • The reading may differ slightly with those of other models.

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#8 Gain Express Soil pH & Moisture Meter

Gain Express

If you want a unit that will display accurate results no matter the cost, Gain Express Soil pH and Moisture Meter should be a great option for you.

With the PH accuracy of ± 0.2, we will be right to term this soil tester one of the most accurate models out there.

The gauge does not claim a 3-in-1 design like the previous options on our list. However, it still outshines the standard gauges through its great versatility.

I mean, this dual meter will not only check the pH level of your soil but also the wetness of the soil to allow you to take the right measures. The unit comes with high-quality construction for maximum durability and trouble-free life.

And since it is self-powered, this accurate unit will operate without batteries or the need for electricity. This property makes it an ideal purchase for long and repeated projects.

Unlike other earlier models that come with two probes, this unit has one electrode that measures 295 inches. The extra-long design ensures the reliability of results since it sinks deeper into the soil.

  • The instructions are very comprehensive.

  • It is well built as compared to competing models.

  • It is a dual meter to give you maximum value for your money.

  • It is not exactly cheap.

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#9 Sonkir Soil pH Meter(MS-X1 Upgraded 3-in-1)


Although it may not be the cheapest on the market, the price of this gauge still lies within an affordable range. The meter comes with greater improvements for better user experience.

For example, the screen of this model is larger than those of the earlier versions. For this reason, the dial of this checker is easy and more convenient for anyone to read, making it an ideal purchase for landscapers with eye problems.

In case you used the earlier version, you will also note that the probes of this tester have been upgraded.

Therefore, they are more sensitive and will detect any changes in the soil condition quicker giving the user more accurate results.

However, the two metal plates still maintain a thickness of 0.2 inches for easy insertion into the soil. The light sensor has also been improved for better reliability.

The gauge measures 11.1 x 2.6 x 1.3 inches. Combining this size with a weight of 89 grams, this meter is easy to carry around the garden. Sonkir Soil pH Meter is straightforward to use even for the beginners.

  • The large screen reduces reading errors.

  • The electrodes are highly sensitive.

  • The dial adopts an elegant design.

  • The packing is not the best, especially for such a delicate tool.

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#10 XLUX Soil Tester Meter(3-in-1)


This handy meter is also a three-way model since it goes beyond testing the soil pH and determines the level of water in the soil and light accessing your plants.

The unit does not require batteries or electricity so that you don’t have to worry about operating costs. The elegant design makes it a standout in the market.

The unit comes with a large screen which makes it easy to capture the correct readings with minimal to no chances of making any reading error.

The unit measures the moisture level and ranks it on a scale of 1 to 10 where 1 symbolizes dryness while 10 shows moist.

The light intensity is also ranked on a scale of 0 (low light) to 2000 (very strong light). The PH on the other side runs from 3.5 to 8.

Some users like that the product adopts a simple design. Therefore, whether you have used a soil tester before or you are using it for the first time, expect to have an easy time.

Nevertheless, should you find it a bit confusing, the manufacturer includes an easy-to-understand manual in the package to get you started like a pro.

  • The scales are easy to read.

  • There is no hassle of replacing batteries since it does not use batteries.

  • It is ruggedly constructed for prolonged service life.

  • It is not the most accurate model out there.

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#11 K KERNOWO Soil Test Kit(3-in-1 )


Last in our list comes this multi-purpose unit from K Kernowo. The gauge comes with a simple design that makes it easy for anyone to get the best out of it.

Like the majority of our options, the unit concentrates on providing the user with information on PH, moisture level, and sunlight adequacy for proper and timely decision making.

The two probes go easily into the soil for while the switch toggles between Moist/Light/pH positions depending on the test you are targeting.

The probes are highly sensitive and will detect any changes in the soil and provide results for you take the right measures in time.

Most growers love that the unit features a portable design that comes out clearly through its compact size and the lightweight nature.

In fact, with the weight of just 1.6 ounces, this soil tester is one of the lightest models you will come across in the market.

Therefore, whether you want to use it for indoor or outdoor use, you will have an easy time to carry around the gauge to your intended spot of use.

  • The moisture test is very reliable.

  • It is reasonably compact for easy taking on the go.

  • The construction is great and durable.

  • Customer service not too responsive to customer complaints.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Do soil pH meters work?

If you are asking yourself this question, the answer is simply a Yes and No. I mean, it all depends on the soil pH meter you choose. If you choose a high-quality soil tester, expect it to provide accurate and useful information for your gardening. However, in case you land on an inferior unit, it’s equal to having none at all.

Are digital soil pH meters accurate?

The truth is that most meters provide random readings. Another fact is that getting one that provides the exact reading is nearly a mission impossible. However, we have several options that provide results at the accuracy of ± 0.2 such as the Gain Express Soil pH & Moisture Meter. Although this reading is not the exact value, you can rely on it to make useful decisions.

What happens if the pH of the soil is too low or high?

Normally, a lower pH signifies greater acidity. The PH runs from 1 to 14 although for most plants will range below 8. A high pH increases the toxicity of the plant nutrient molybdenum and impairs the ability of the plant to absorb some nutrients effectively. Too low pH will liberate aluminum nutrient which will stunt the root growth and affect nutrient uptake.

How do you clean a pH probe?

The way you clean the probe of your soil pH tester may determine how long it will serve you. Experts recommend cleaning immediately after use. Most manufacturers recommend wiping it using a clean piece of cloth although this may differ. Check your instructions to see the recommended way by your manufacturer.

Why is my soil pH so low?

Several reasons could render your soil PH low. Some of the common include; rainfall, decomposition of soil organic matter, and the native vegetation. However, these are the most common of the many causes of increased soil acidity.


A Soil pH meter is an innovation that you cannot afford to overlook as a serious gardener.

In fact, with most of these tools going beyond measuring just the soil pH, gardening has just gotten simpler and more fun than ever!

But don’t be overly excited- stick within our recommended models to enjoy the best ride of the new innovation!

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