Top 10 Best Solar Attic Fans (2024)

Attic temperatures can ascend to extremely elevated temperatures if left unchecked.

This is quite a precarious situation, one which you must rethink if you have anything of value up there or plan to spend quality time there.

A good solar attic fan can keep such temperatures at bay by dispelling out hot air while bringing in cool air simultaneously.

Solar attic fans are portable, durable, flexible, cheap, and aesthetically pleasing, they also help cut down on consumption costs and reduce the load on your HVAC system.

Cooling units have less work to do when your solar attic fan helps to cool down your attic. If attic temperatures are constantly on the high side the heat and excess moisture can damage stored items if any and make the atmosphere very comfortable for your use, especially if you have a large attic.

There are many varied types of solar attic fans but the best are the ones with adjustable solar housing to cover for changes in the rays of the sunlight, durable housing to protect it against any environmental factors, powerful motors that would ensure it lasts for a very long time, compatible fans and housing, to ensure the solar fan moves the optimum cubic feet of air per minute.

If you are reading this then you don’t have to worry about sorting out from the exotic variations that are solar attic fans, we have already covered that for you.

Listed below are product reviews of the best solar attic fans you can find in any market right now.

We have sifted through all the common variations as well as critically analyzed these products based on their durability, performance, and price to ensure you get the best value.

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10 Best Solar Attic Fans

#1. Natural light solar attic fan (36 watts)

Natural light

At first glance the 36 watts natural light solar attic fan has a compact and sophisticated look to it this is mostly because the unit comes housing every component within its matte-black colored housing. Within this housing lies a high-quality DC motor powered by the 36- watt solar panel which is adjustable from the top of the housing. We found this design concept to be a major selling point for the unit, one that can be maximized to its fullest potential.

The unit is not shipped with wiring and we found it is very easy to install, so if you decide on installing it personally we assure you, it can be done hassle-free, as it ships with instructions included.

Our research has proven that this build is solid and will withstand most atmospheric conditions.


  • 36-watt solar panel: a high-performance solar panel that keeps the DC motor powered.
  • Adjustable solar panel.
  • No wiring: easy installation.
  • Moves significant cubic feet of air per minute
  • The unit is well built, it is durable and will withstand any storms or strong winds coming your way. For this reason also there are no leakages.

  • The option of installing a thermostat with the fan which will help you automatically regulate the fan with temperature changes

  • Very little noise on operations, environmentally friendly

  • It is quite pricey

  • Doesn’t move up to 1650 CFM of air as advertised. (Wrong advertisement.).

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#2. Amtrak solar attic fan (40-watts)


This unit provides a gable mount type of solar fan as a solution to the attic temperature problem and solves the problem quite well too. The unit comes packed with a powerful 40-watt crystalline solar panel that powers the 12-volt DC motor. The approach ensures that your fan is running immediately your unit gets the slightest hint of sunlight.

This solar fan is not mated to a single housing so it offers a quick alternative to cutting a hole in your roof, you simply install the fan where a gable vent is available. Once the panel is in the right spot, connect it to the fan through the gable vent and you are all done. The fan itself is okay, but the one thing we weren’t a fan of was the large fan housing. That can, however, be forgiven because of the power of the solar panel.


  • 40-watt high quality crystalline solar panels, that keeps the fan running at the slightest hint of sunlight.
  • The free optional thermostat and extra wire.
  • Galvanized steel fan & housing plus a quality build
  • Free mounting brackets for fast installation
  • Full metal builds, galvanized steel fan, and housing. Your fan will not be falling apart or corroding any time soon.

  • Powerful solar panel

  • Less noise

  • The fan housing is larger than the fan itself. Which may lead to lesser air being moved.

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#3. ECO-Worthy Solar attic fan

No products found.

This unit is also designed as a gable mount type with the solar panel and fan as separate components. The DC motor is powered by a 30-watt portable (foldable) solar panel and the design of the fan and housing are very compatible as little or no space exists between both. This allows the maximum cubic feet of air to be moved per minute. The blades are large so the design merits other uses, which is a plus. The manufacturer suggests a sq. footage of 1960 CFM but that is left to be seen, Our analysis based on the specifications of the product put it around 1000 CFM which is still okay, for a fan of this size.

The design also allows for easy installation through a gable vent and doesn’t require any holes to be created through the roof.


  • 30-watt poly foldable solar panel with adjusted brackets for optimal use.
  • High-efficiency brushless motor.
  • High strength aluminum fan blade.
  • A Large 12” fan blade that complements the fan housing; optimum for the greatest amount of air pushed.

  • Low power Consumption motor that operates with very little noise.

  • High quality build.

  • Hit and miss motor; some motors have been known to fail quite early in service

  • No installation instructions; not plug and play as advertised, you may require some tools or an installer.

No products found.

#4. Remington Solar attic fan (30 watts)


This roof mount unit sure packs in some lofty perks within its attractive roof-like appearance. The solar fan is powered by a 25-watt solar panel that is secured tightly unto the fan housing. The solar panel is adjustable on one end has within its hood a preinstalled thermostat and humidistat for some automatic operation. This decision to make the components preinstalled as mated components creates an impending drawback to customization and personalization.

The fan sure does its job, it moves a considerable amount of air with a solid fan blade and a powerful motor. It also comes with a 30-day return policy in the event of any failure so you can be less worried about getting a defective unit. It would be replaced immediately.


  • Adjustable solar panel; enables adjustment to well position the solar panels.
  • Pre-installed thermostat and humidistat
  • Brushless 24-DC motor that runs quite smoothly.
  • Very quiet; environmentally friendly

  • High-quality aesthetic finish compliments dark-themed roofs appropriately.

  • Fan turns on/off at odd hours as a result of inbuilt humidistat

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#5. Broan 34550WW solar attic fan (28 watts)

Broan 34550WW

Sleek, stylish, petite and functional, this solar fan does more than just sit pretty, it cools up your attic in style. The unit sports a 28-watt solar panel that ensures your fan motor has enough juice to keep it running even in cloudy environs. It is a roof mount type and has all components mated into one rigid plastic housing. The fan is powerful for its design and moves a reasonable amount of air from your attic to ensure it stays cool. The design of the fan housing allows for an optimum amount of air to be moved. It is not oversized.

The design is one of it’s best selling points especially if you are looking at the aesthetic impact it would have on your home. Trust us, it would complement it. It comes in two colors a black polished color and weathered wood color to match most roofing options. The material resists fading and cracking but is quite pricey in light of the fact that the housing is made up of plastic.


  • Attractive low profile: has a sleek look that is unobtrusive and sits pretty like a UFO on your roof.
  • Installation is easy, no wiring required.
  • Pest and weather-resistant; features a heavy aluminum gauge screen that protects the fan.
  • It has a low profile integrated design

  • Environmentally friendly, resists environmental conditions

  • An optional thermostat is available.

  • High price

  • Plastic build, lower durability.

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#6. GBGS solar attic fan


With 14” length fan blades and a high-quality motor, this GBGS unit sure does move a sufficient amount of heat from your attic space. The fan works immediately on exposure to sunlight and it is powered by an industrial-grade 20-watt solar panel that is adjustable both vertically and horizontally. The build and finish are pretty good as well, it has a sleek form factor and design and the blades are large enough to move air. If anything, we consider the panel small but not insufficient.

The fan regulation is automatically controlled by a thermostat that turns the motor on when the temperature breaches 77°F and auto shuts down once it cools to 65°F. This automation will allow the fan start up immediately and shut down once the sun sets, however because of the small panel the fan stops almost as soon as the intensity of sunlight reduces.

The unit worked as advertised so we consider the product description to be accurate.


  • 20-watt crystalline adjustable solar panel
  • Built-in thermostat for automatic regulation
  • Quality build; galvanized steel housing with no wiring required.
  • Adjustable solar panel; this feature will always be welcomed because it allows you to take advantage of the sunlight from any direction.

  • Easy installation

  • Moves a considerable amount of air on various analysis

  • Attic fan makes a peculiar erratic sound, although we suspect this could be particular with our unit.

  • Limiting solar panel capacity

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#7. HQST solar power roof fan (15 watts)


The HQST branded solar attic fan has more features and capabilities under the hood that you would not notice at first glance. The fan is powered by a 15 – watt capacity high-efficiency solar panel and an IP68 brushless DC motor. The unit has a uniform mated design with all its components in the same housing. This design allows for easy installation and high efficiency in operation.

The fan blades are 12” in size and are capable of pulling-in sufficient air but the panel is a bit too small with only 15- watts, just what is required to keep the fan running is what you will get. For this reason, the fan will take some time to start up on exposure to sunlight, because the energy absorbed on first exposure is not sufficient to power the fan due to the limiting modules contained in the panel.


  • Dust and leakproof housing
  • Built-in 15-watt panel
  • Optional snap-on thermostat for automated regulation
  • Durable aluminum build.
  • Runs Quiet; it is peaceful

  • Easy installation

  • Plug and play; requires no additional tooling or modification.

  • Solid, durable build.

  • Small solar panel for fan blade of this size.

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#8. ILiving Solar Attic Fan


This unit is a roof mount type that offers its solution to the attic temperature problem, this solution works, however not by much and it is mostly due to the small CFM moved.

It sports a 20 – watt adjustable polycrystalline solar panel secured to the housing and is water-resistant, the housing contains all the other components. A simple and easy to install solution, once a hole is cut on the roof. It also ships with a thermostat which is customizable (a plus) for a fan at this range.

Apart from these bare essentials this unit also allows you to add more functionality, such as a non-stop running AC power supply and an on/off switch. You get a complete package.

In operation, the fan functioned normally, we got optimum speeds with the Sun at its highest, but the amount of heat moved would substantially be greater if the blades we’re larger.


  • Additional functionality; on/off switch, AC power supply option.
  • Adjustable 20-watt solar panel
  • Waterproof brushless motor
  • Adjustable solar panel

  • Easy installation

  • Additional thermostat

  • Smooth operation

  • Small CFM moved, not as advertised. Would not create any noticeable temperature difference on a large attic space

  • Small solar panel capacity

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#9. Fister Solar power attic fan

No products found.

Fister solar-powered fan comes marked with a 25-watt solar panel, 65W-DC fan, and some set of screws for installation. This gable mount solution does move some considerable amount of air, the panel is powerful and complements the size of the fan but its capacity is nowhere near what is advertised (3000 CFM). So don’t expect it to push 3000 Cubic Feet of Air Per Minute, overall the fan functions quite well and is easy to install as long as you have some additional tools to speed up the process.


  • 25W polycrystalline solar panel which compliments the fan size.
  • High-quality aluminum and steel fan and housing
  • No wiring required. Sports some wiring with the solar panel
  • Powerful solar panel

  • Large fan blade with compatible fan housing for optimum functionality.

  • No additional thermostat

  • Misleading advert; does not move up to 3000 CFM

No products found.

#10. Rand solar powered attic fan (8 watts)


This solar fan unit is a complete roof mount type, offered by Rand Solar. The fan sports a non-detachable 8 – watt solar panel with a 5 blade durable fan for its small size, unusual for a fan of this size but helps to increase the rate at which the fan moves air

The 8 – watt panel may be small but it powers this fan to a significant extent and cools up to 700 Square feet of attic space with its 400 CFM capacity.

It is easy to install and has a durable housing that should protect it from moisture and environmental hazards.

The fan is quite portable for such functionality. It moves a significant amount of air. However, the only way to optimize this unit is to install multiple ones. One unit may not give you any significant results unless it is installed in a small enclosure.


  • High efficiency polycrystalline 8 – watt solar panel
  • No wiring.
  • Moves about 400 CFM
  • Large fan blade

  • Portable, and unobtrusive

  • It is affordable

  • Small solar panel

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Benefits of Using a Solar Attic Fan

The cooling effects

Solar attic fans significantly cool your attic atmospheres and simultaneously provide safe effective airflow.

It saves Energy

If you have a solar attic fan installed in your home then you are most likely not spending more on powering an electrical fan or AC to cool the attic. So it reduces the overall load on your HVAC unit saving energy.

Environmentally friendly

Investing in a solar attic fan means you have taken a positive step to reduce your carbon footprint and saving the atmosphere from further pollution. Solar energy does not require fossil fuel.

It protects your Attic space and Roof

Excess heat can damage objects and even your roof itself and during winter the excess moisture can cause rot and corrosion to take place. A solar attic fan can mitigate these effects.

It saves money

The money not spent on excess cooling and excess power.


Q1. Are Solar Attic fans really energy efficient?

Yes, solar fans are energy efficient. There is no additional operating cost when you use a solar fan since they are powered by the Sun.

Q2. Can I install a Solar Attic fan by myself?

Yes, and No, it depends on the type. The easiest to install are the roof mount type that has all its components in one housing. For gable types, you may need to hire an installer.

Q3. What kind of roof can I install a Solar Attic on?

Solar Attic fans can be installed on all kinds of roof as far as it is positioned where it will collect the most sunlight.

Q4. Can I turn off my Solar attic fan in Winter?

Yes, and No, it depends on the type. The ones with a thermostat/humidistat will automatically turn off when the temperature is significantly lower. Some models also feature an on/off switch with which you can easily turn it off.

Q5. Can I install a solar attic fan on a Barn, Shed or Garage?

Yes, they can be installed on any structure that would normally benefit from additional air circulation.

Q6. How long can a Solar Attic Fan last?

At least 5 years on a general note. The manufacturer warranty should normally give an estimate of how long that particular solar fan should last.

Q7. How loud are Solar Attic fans?

Solar attic fans are whisper quiet. You can barely even hear the best ones.

Q8. How often would I need to maintain my Solar Attic Fan?

Solar Attic fans don’t require maintenance, they are designed to function automatically with very little mechanical or human error and are often well-protected.

Q9. Will my Solar Attic fan qualify for a federal tax credit?

Yes. Solar Attic fans qualify for a 30% federal tax credit as of 2019.

Final Verdict

As with all products, there will be counterfeits, the best step to take when purchasing a Solar Attic fan is to ensure you know what exactly your house requires and then proceed to Purchase a fan that satisfies your specific home requirements from the manufacturer or an authorized seller.

Use the sincere reviews given to find the one that offers you the most value for your money.

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