10 Best Spackle For Drywall (2024)

There are times that you have to relocate from one apartment to another and where you are going to be calling “home” is far from set. You need to fix things. And some of such things to fix are nail holes, bigger holes, scratches, dents, and cracks in walls.

Sometimes it could just be that you need to do regular maintenance in your present residents and such blemishes are noticed. Drywall spackles have been formulated to help you out with the holes such that people wouldn’t even know they ever existed.

Spackles are basically formulated from glue and hydrated calcium sulfate. They are used for more than drywalls. If you need small repairs on plaster and wood, you can get yourself a good spackling paste.

But there aren’t many quality ones out there. If you are keen on procuring one, perhaps you can go through our review of 10 best drywall spackles. Let’s get right into it.

Top 10 Drywall Spackle Reviews

#1. DAP 12330 Dry Time Indicator Spackle

DAP 12330 Dry Time Indicator Spackle

There are not too many great and reliable makers of drywall spackle. You can name the top makers easily and DAP belongs to this category with a good number of quality spackles, putty, and various other adhesives. DAP 12330 Dry Time Indicator Spackle is definitely top of the shelve. 

The best thing about it is the fact that it is easy to use for non-pros, owing to the fact that it is prepared with a special way for them to know when the paste has dried.  It is equally easy to apply, especially with a putty knife. This gives the product a unique selling point.

How does this work? The color of the paste is pink before, during application and immediately after. Once it dries up, the color changes to white, indicating that you can go ahead to sand or paint the surface.

Another interesting feature is the quality of the product. It gets right in the holes you are plugging and conceals the flaws on your wall so well that you would not believe they were ever there in the first place. 

This thing is also resistant to cracks and will not shrink. As good as the spackle is, you may not get the best from it if you are looking to repair large holes. If you have a deep hole, you may want to fill with a patch tape before going ahead to add the paste. 

  • Tells when the paste is fully dry
  • It is resistant to cracks and shrinking
  • Sands easily
  • Doesn’t do well with large holes

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#2. 3M SHR-3-AIO Patch Plus Primer (4-in-1) 

3M SHR-3-AIO Patch Plus Primer

3M is another awesome maker of drywall spackling products that will fix a damaged hole in your building. With 3M SHR-3-AIO Patch Plus Primer 4-in-1, you probably got a great deal in terms of efficiency and cost.

So what does it mean by 4-in-1? Well, in the package, you will get it is a primer, spackle, sanding pad and putty knife. The round head of the cover has a sanding patch attached to it while the base is designed to function as a putty knife.

Also, this thing does not require that you prime before painting, owing to the primer that comes with it. This is unlike your regular vinyl spackling that has no built-in spackling.

It dries fast, with a minimum drying time of about 30 minutes before painting the surface. Apart from that, the plugged nail hole will not shrink nor will it crack. It works for various wall repairs such as fixing scratches, cracks and other wall blemishes.

But then, you may not be able to use if for nail holes that are beyond than half an inch in depth. Also, fixing large or deep cracks could consume a large amount of the paste. In other words, it is far from heavy-duty.

  • Dries fast
  • Quick fix for small nail holes
  • Has a sanding pad
  • Comes with a primer
  • The base of the tube functions as a putty knife
  • Not heavy duty
  • Content is small
  • Cannot fix large holes

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#3. DAP Crack Shot Spackling Paste

DAP Crack Shot Spackling Paste

Crack Shot Spackling Paste is yet another top drawer drywall spackle from DAP. If quality and performance are what you are looking for, this one, like nearly all other products from the same maker, is a good choice.

It contains about 237 ml of spackling compound, meaning it can do a lot of wall damage repairs if you are just moving into a new apartment.  There is a fair degree of consistency when you apply the paste and it spreads quite well.

Nobody likes the fact that many spackles tend to shrink after a while. Perhaps, this explains why new products cannot be easily trusted unless when tested and recommend. The Crack Shot Spackle is definitely one to be trusted not to shrink or expand. 

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After application, the surface dries fast and makes a hard patch. Once you get enough hardness on the surface, you can go ahead to sand. Also, if you need to paint and get the patch to blend in with the rest of the wall, you will get good results.

One problem with this sparkling compound is that it dries too quickly after you have opened the package. Therefore, it is advisable that you use up the content as quickly as possible. It may not last more than a week after opening it.

  • The paste is easy to spread
  • It sands easily
  • It is easy to spread and doesn’t shrink
  • The texture is also consistent
  • Consistent texture.
  • Could require two coating
  • Unused content can dry up if not covered after use

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#4. Erase-A-Hole Drywall Repair Putty and Spackle

Erase-A-Hole Drywall Repair Putty and Spackle

For DIYers and those trying to be one, here is a product that provides an easy solution for filling holes left on wood and walls after nails have been removed from them. It is called Erase-A-Hole Drywall Repair Putty and Spackle and can be seen as one of the best out in the market.

This is an easy sparkle to use for wood and drywall. Simply apply the paste in circular motions against the crack or hole. Then get rid of the excess by dusting it off before going on to paint the surface to blend with the rest of the wall or wood color.

You will be impressed by the quickness with which this stuff dries up. With just a minute or thereabout, the surface will be ready for painting. This is several leaps above regular spackling pastes that can take up to 30-60 minutes before you can paint.

Beyond the fact that it dries fast, this drywall spackle will not give room for shrinking. This is a big deal because nobody needs to know that there has been any kind of parchment on the surface.

The package is also portable, meaning you will find it easy to store for later use. You can use the top of the cap to smooth the applied compound for easy blend-in with the wall or wood. But make no mistake, this product works only on small cracks and nail holes.

  • Comes in a nice package
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Fast-drying
  • Sandable and printable
  • Large holes need second coating

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#5. 3M PPP-32-BB Patch Plus Primer Spackling Compound

3M PPP-32-BB Patch Plus Primer Spackling

3M has a lot of models of drywall spackles and this one is one of the best you will see around. Like the others in the Patch Plus Primer series, this one eliminates the need for a primer. Both have been blended to make the job easy for you.

And “easy” really defines this particular product. Although the spackle is for small holes, it actually provides high strength and a great finished point. 

Another exciting thing is that the package contains enough paste to last beyond a one-time use. While it is always a good desire drywall fixer that dries fast enough, there is a high risk of it caking once the container is opened.

The 3M PPP-32-BB Patch Plus Primer Spackling Compound is one that takes between 20 and 30 minutes to dry up, meaning the soft texture will make it last for as many uses as possible. What this also means is that you can cover as many holes as are required to be patched.

It is always desirable to get a drywall sparkle that doesn’t shrink or crack. The beauty with this one under review is the fact that it will give coverage to the blemish so well that you wouldn’t believe that it was there in the first place.

  • It sands quite easily
  • The texture of the wall won’t change
  • Full enough quantity
  • No need for a primer
  • Dries between 20 and 30 minutes
  • Not fast-drying
  • The Packaging can be a lot better

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#6. Red Devil 658 Patch-A-Wall Spackling Paste

Red Devil 658 Patch-A-Wall Spackling Paste

Red devil is here for all your home fittings repairs! They have in their stable a tile grout, tile adhesive, wallpaper repairer, kitchen and bath caulk, window and door caulk and patch a wall spackle. Their Patch-A-Wall Spackling Paste is our focus here.

Really good spackles could beg big bucks off your wallet, you know. But this one would not yet you get just as much efficiency from it.

This design, which is patented as EZ squeeze tube, is unique and attractive. The content comes in an easy to squeeze tube with a smooth release. The amazing thing about the tube is that it rolls us as you use just so you know the level of remaining content. 

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So, the spackling compound is one that makes for quick use. Paste out, into the hole or crack, spread out to blend with the rest of the surface, ready for sanding and painting! A putty knife is however required to complete its application of nail holes and small cracks on your drywall.

Yes, it is not too much in quality (about 160 ml) but it is a highly adhesive compound, meaning it will get the job done. It also dries fast enough for a quick sanding and painting.

  • Great design
  • Comes in a roll-up tube for easy use
  • Fast-drying
  • Easy to apply
  • The texture if the paste is too hard
  • A putty knife is required

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#7. US Gypsum All-Purpose Joint Compound

US Gypsum All-Purpose Joint Compound

This is a very rare product owing to its size. Much of the spackles out on the market are small in quantity but the US Gypsum All-Purpose Joint Compound comes in a pail that weighs approximately 50 pounds. What this means basically is that you will have enough quantity to last for a long time.

Therefore, this is the ideal product to get if you are planning to fix a lot of nail holes and cracks in a building. Professional interior decor and repairs workers will definitely find it useful. It is a game-changer for them, as they don’t have to squeeze a few ounces of sparkle out of tubes for heavy-duty tasks.

But this is not just about quantity. The US Gypsum All-Purpose Joint Compound presents quality in more ways than one. For instance, the consistency of the product is quite impressive and it spreads out well. 

However, one worry that is expected of prospective buyers of this pail of spackling compound the possibility of it caking after few uses.

To circumvent this, you will have to ensure that the lid is covered securely after using the spackle. Also on a positive note, the compound doesn’t dry fast which is advantageous for storage. It is, therefore, a long-lasting product.

  • Large quantity
  • Can cover large areas of drywall repairs
  • Heavy Duty
  • Has great consistency
  • Versatile: Works on wood, drywall, and others
  • Takes 12 hours to dry
  • Not for small tasks
  • Requires primer

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#8. DAP Fast And Final Spackling Interior and Exterior

DAP Fast And Final Spackling Interior and Exterior

Finding a spackling compound that works just as perfectly for indoor surfaces as exterior is not an easy task. While many brands promise to deliver on exterior drywalls and wood, just a few guarantees good results as DAP Fast And Final Spackling Interior and Exterior.

The fact that this is made by DAP, one of the best makers of adhesives in the world, should make a selling point. But the product is one that sells on its own. There are two key unique selling points that have been proven to be accurate.

First thing is that after applying the paste gets dry real quick. As many DIYers seem to not have patience before getting on to sand and paint, fast-drying spackles appeal more than conventional vinyl that could take hours to dry. It also does not require sanding.

Secondly, it works well for exteriors. The fear about spackles on outdoor surfaces is that they could succumb to the elements after a while and crack. Well, this product is one that will not shrink nor crack.

Perhaps these features are what inspired the brand name “Fast and Final”. Once you have applied it, it becomes dry fast, and perhaps you may not have to repair the hole or crack again. Also, you no longer have to buy separate spackles for interior and exterior repairs.

  • Fast-drying
  • It is lightweight
  • Works for both exterior and interior
  • Sanding is not necessary
  • The mixture does not hold together sometimes
  • Can be messy during application

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#9. Red Devil 0805 Crack Patch Premium Acrylic Spackling

Red Devil 0805 Crack Patch Premium Acrylic Spackling

This is the second drywall spackle by Red Devil on this review list. It is perhaps not on the same pedestal as the first one but comes fairly close to it. If you are looking for a spackling paste that will deliver with you not having to spend too much on it, this is an option you may want to give a trial.

Containing 163 ml of fluid, all cracks, and nail holes will be covered in no time. The beauty of this stuff is in its versatility. You are never going to believe the number of items it can work on.

This one is not meant to repair holes and cracks in drywall alone.  It can also be used on wood, stucco, plasters and even bricks. Similarly, it will produce results with aluminum, cinder block and glass.

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Some similar spackles tend to fall off while you are applying them. That can be messy and leave you with so much clean up to do afterward. If used as directed, this particular mixture will not cake or crumble.

Red Devil 0805 Crack Patch Premium Acrylic Spackling is sandable and paintable. Nonetheless, it would require that you prime certain surfaces before using it. Overall, it is a very good product.

  • Good results
  • Fair enough quantity
  • Stainable and paintable
  • Does not flake off or crumble
  • Needs priming prior to application
  • The fluid doesn’t come out easily

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#10. Homax Drywall Patch and Repair Kit

Homax Drywall Patch and Repair Kit

Homax Drywall Patch and Repair Kit defines the phrase “quick fix”. If you noticed a hole or small crack on your drywall, this package contains all you need to patch it up once and for all.

It contains 237 ml of vinyl spackling, a 4 by 4 steel wall patch, 2 sanding pads and a putty knife. Get a pack and you have at your disposal all you need to patch holes and cracks.

The spackling is ideal for fixing holes, scapes and other light blemishes on drywalls and plaster. But if you need to plug defects on ceilings too, the stuff will produce fairly good results as well. 

Also of note is the fact that the spackling is easy to use. Beyond the fact that you do not need to get a putty knife or a sanding paper or pad if you need to sand the surface, the mixture spreads easily just like butter. This, of course, is if you are used to using such a product.

One “but” with this product is the fact that you cannot use it for exterior walls. The mixture will give way if exposed to the elements. The best bet is that you use on exterior walls that are cannot be reached by direct sunlight or rain.

  • All in one package
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with a putty knife
  • Comes with two sanding pads
  • Large enough quantity
  • Not good for exteriors
  • Dries too fast

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Save the rest and use later or will it dry out?

This is quite tricky because such products as spackling compounds are adhesives and should dry by nature. Therefore, the manufacturers designed them to be used only a few times. You won’t find too much quantity in them. The major thing to know is that you have to ensure that you cap drywall spackles immediately after use to prevent the fluid from drying.

Is it good for exterior?

You have read our reviews and you will see that only a couple of the spackles on there can last on exterior surfaces. If you must repair exterior walls and wood, there are adhesives that have been formulated specifically for such purposes.

Can you sand the surface after it dries?

Yes, most of the spackling mixtures are sandable. However, it is possible for you to get one that may not need sanding because this function is expected to be produced along with the putty.

Do I need to paint the entire wall or the patched surface?

That is not necessary. Unless you have it in mind to paint the whole in the first place. One good thing about filling up nail holes and cracks is that they are not large enough to require you to paint the entire wall. As long as you use a sparkle that does an excellent job, you only have to paint the area upon which you have worked.

Will this work on plaster that has chipped off the wall?

This depends on the type of spackling compound you have at your disposal. If you need to repair plaster, you may have to get a product that specifically states this on the instructions. It is possible however that the instructions mislead you. So, the best option is for you to get first-hand recommendations in order not to deface the plaster even more. 

Final verdict

Now that you have a comprehensive list of drywall spackling mixtures from which you can select, you can draw on the pros and cons to make your selection.

If you do not need it, at least you now have a fair amount of knowledge about the compound.

Getting one at home just wouldn’t be a bad idea, though. You just might not know when it would come in handy.

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