Top 11 Best Spare Tire Covers (2024)

One thing about spare tires is that you can’t tell when you will ever need one. You have to keep at least 1 at the car always. A backup tire turns a lifesaver when one of your regular tires go flat or burst in the middle of a highway.

That said, you should always keep your spare tire in excellent condition until when needed. Now, the major challenge comes in deciding where to keep it for the unknown period.  

Here is the thing; you have a limited interior space and are not willing to lose a spot to your backup tire. Also, there is an alternative of attaching it to the rear of your vehicle but are fearing that tough elements may deteriorate it.

Now, it’s here where a spare tire cover turns helpful. It protects your emergency backup from tough outdoor elements such as rain, debris, snow, sunlight, and more that may affect its condition.

That said, you need a reliable cover that will offer the best protection. We have searched the market to identify the most dependable options out there. Get your finest option from our content on 11 best spare tire covers.

Spare Tire Cover for RV Trailer, Waterproof...
  • High Quality - Tire covers are made of heavy duty PVC with PU surface which is waterproof,dustproof,durable,easy to clean,soft and non-scratch.Maintain shape and long lasting in any temperature. Popular American flag desgin which is beautiful and tasteful. Reinforced durability with neat and tight stitching

11 Spare Tire Cover Reviews

#1 Tsofu Spare Tire Cover

Tsofu Spare Tire Cover

The spare tire cover you choose affects the overall aesthetics of your car. Therefore, it’s good to select a model that will resist the effects of outdoor elements to retain its beauty.

Now, among the top-notch options you can consider giving a shot is this protector by Tsofu. It has an American flag design which not only improves the appearance of your vehicle but also displays your patriotism to the outside world.

The unit is of PVC leather, the thickest material that a soft spare tire cover will ever come in. Therefore, it is very durable, scratch-resistant, and wipes clean easily to make maintenance a breeze.

The premium leather material protects your spare tire from elements such as rain, sun, debris, dust, mud, and other elements that may degrade its quality or at least make it ugly.

Unlike some materials out there that change the appearance after a few days of use, this material is breathable and retains the original shape no matter the time of the year.

The 15-inch cover works well for tires with a diameter of 27 to 29 inches. However, in case this size seems smaller or larger for your tires, there are still larger and smaller sizes available.

  • The flag design is beautiful.
  • PVC leather is very durable.
  • The customer service is wonderful.
  • It may feel a little tight or loose but we expect that since it’s not made for specific tire size.

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#2 Moonet Universal Spare Tire Cover (R14)

Moonet Universal Spare Tire Cover

This tire cover from Moonet is a universal option. By that, it doesn’t mean that it will work for any tire size but rather for all car tires within the recommended size. In this case, it fits tires with a diameter of 24-26 inches.

The cover makes use of PVC leather in its construction. That said, you can buy it with the confidence that it’s one of the most long-lasting options the market offers.

The high-quality cover protects your spare tire from all outdoor elements. I mean, whether its rain, mud, dust, snow or any other threat, this wheel guard guarantees to keep your tire in perfect condition.

The non-scratch backing means that it will not only keep the tire safe from the external elements but also from minor scratches that may result from the cover rubbing against it.

The cover comes in black color. Therefore, no matter your car finish or style expect this unit to dovetail it perfectly. The elasticized back hem lets the user adjust it for a snug fit.

  • The leather material is easy to keep clean.
  • It adjusts for an excellent fit.
  • It is a universal cover.
  • There is nothing fancy here.

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#3 Camco (53291) Vinyl Cover

Camco (53291) Vinyl Cover

One of the most frustrating moments that every camping enthusiast can attest is having a deflated tire. It’s something that can dent the entire trip and give you a very hard time in the woods.

Now, as a wise camping fan, you need to keep a reliable backup tire to cushion your trip when the unexpected happens. And yes, this cover comes to offer the best protection to your emergency tire.

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It works well for tires with a diameter of 29 inches. And since it’s a universal cover, it will not only work for RV tires but also for any other tire of comparable size.

The size-specific design implies that this durable vinyl cover from Camco provides a snug fit without looking loose or overly tight. The elastic hem comes as an additional feature for a more excellent fit.

The cover has a black finish. Unlike some inferior-quality models that fade with time, this black cover maintains its beauty through years of exposure to harsh elements of a campsite.

The RV camping design shows that this premium-grade cover is not only designed with RV enthusiasts in mind but also to provide a way of showing off their love for camping.

  • It remains secure on the tire even on top speeds.
  • It has a good thickness.
  • The RV camping design is a plus.
  • Shipping requires a little patience.

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#4 Fasmov Wheel Tire Cover

Fasmov Wheel Tire Cover

Although its price is a bit lower than that of most members of the competition, the quality of this tire cover is up there with that of the high-end options in the industry.

Having that said, we see this tire from Fasmov as an ideal option for the car owners who want a spare tire cover that will provide maximum protection and service life without paying a maximum amount.

The unit features a non-scratch backing. It works well in keeping your extra tire from dust, dirt, corrosion, and other tough conditions that Mother Nature may bring its way.

The cover comes in a beautiful black finish which retains its aesthetic value through years of exposure to the tough summer sun and other harsh outdoor elements it’s likely to encounter.

It has a wide compatibility range and works well for tires with a size of anywhere between 27-30 inches. The elasticized back hem means that you will get a snug fit for your tire.

For those that have never installed a spare tire cover before, this might be the easiest to fit in place. In fact, you won’t need to have any tool to get that perfect fit for your emergency backup.

  • It has a wide compatibility range.
  • The elastic band is nice and strong.
  • The price is affordable.
  • There is no way to tighten the elastic more.

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#5 sofu Spare Tire Cover

sofu Spare Tire Cover

Since this is a universal-fit cover, it works well for jeeps, trailers, RVs, SUVs, Campers, and more. However, the 17-inch option will only fit your tire if it has a diameter of 31-33 inches.

Nevertheless, it is also available in a 16-inch version in case this size seems to be a little large for your needs. The smaller option is good for tires that are 29-31 inches in diameter.

We all know that leather is one of the materials that don’t disappoint on grounds of durability. And yes, since this tire protector is of PVC, it will survive years of abuse by tough conditions.

The PVC leather is waterproof and will keep dust, UV rays, mud, and other threatening elements from penetrating into your tire. And since it wipes clean easily, it’s now easy to maintain it in tip-top condition.

The cover comes with a picture of a wolf printed on the surface. This decoration plays a central role in stepping up the overall look of your vehicle and will not peel out or fade with time.

Nevertheless, we can’t claim the product to free from any flaws. The major downside here is that the material feels a little thin. Don’t get it wrong, though, since the cover is still durable.

  • The image of a wolf is beautiful.
  • It comes out easily when needed.
  • The picture is of good quality.
  • The material is quite thin but long-lasting.

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#6 Classic Accessories Spare Tire Cover

Classic Accessories Spare Tire Cover

One thing about the best-selling products is that they are normally of commendable quality. Now, if you are only willing to direct your cash to the best-selling option in the market, here comes your perfect unit.

The enclosure is designed to meet the needs of as many vehicle owners as possible. I mean, this tire protector is compatible with tires of vans, trucks, RVs, SUVs, and more.

It’s not a one-size-fits-all type of cover though- just like other options in the market. Therefore, it fits tires with a diameter of between 26.75 inches and 29.75 inches.

Unlike some spare tire guards that appear loose after installation, this unit gives the back of your vehicle a clean look once you pick the right size. It even comes with an elasticized back hem for an excellent fit.

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The classic fabric is water repellent. Also, it offers protection against harmful UV among other elements your tire may encounter whether on the road or in the parking.

If you have used spare tire covers before, you might have noted that majority tear with time. However, coming with rugged construction, this industrial-grade unit will serve you year after year without cracking.

  • The design allows for some adjustability.
  • The 2 sewn-in hooks are of good quality.
  • It shields well from all elements.
  • The hooks are quite hard to connect on some vehicles.

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#7 AmFor Spare Tire Cover

AmFor Spare Tire Cover

Our next option combines materials of the highest quality with excellent craftsmanship to give you a reliable tire protector that will last through years of encountering tough outdoor elements.

It utilizes PVC material like most options on our list. Therefore, it is easy to wipe clean, making it a perfect option for the busy car owners who are looking forward to buying a product that is easy to maintain.

This construction blocks water, UV, dust, and debris from finding their way through so that your tire remains in a condition you can rely on the next time you have to replace one of your regular wheels.

Unlike other ‘waterproof’ models that allow water to penetrate through the seams, this protector has nice and strong stitching to ensure that it provides the waterproofing ability it promises.

The enclosure works well for spare wheels for jeeps, SUVs, trucks, RVs, and many more. However, before you place an order, measure the diameter of the backup wheel to ensure that it’s between 25-27 inches.

We opted for the plain black finish since it works well for most car owners. However, in case you need a decorated option, there are plenty of options available.

  • The stitching is very solid.
  • The material is very thick.
  • There are different sizes and designs available.
  • It may develop a few wrinkles en route which disappear after installation.

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#8 Boomerang Rigid Tire Cover

Boomerang Rigid Tire Cover

Although your spare tire may not be new, covering it with a decent tire protector will hide its appearance flaws and make your car look cool. This option from Boomerang works well for Toyota RAV4 models.

Our hand-picked model is a 28-inch option that fits the 1995-2012 Toyota RAV4s. However, it is also available in smaller and larger sizes of 27 inches and 29 inches so that you don’t miss the perfect fit for your car.

Unlike some tire protectors that remain loose and puff out when driving at highway speed, the faceplate of this unit features a molded black-textured ABS plastic material.

This construction is waterproof and will offer superior protection to all the threats. Also, it gives a cleaner look so that you always have your spare tire in good condition and held in place in style.

A soft vinyl band connects to the ABS plastic faceplate through excellent stitching to deny any chances of entry of water and other elements that may deteriorate the quality of the spare wheel.

The vinyl material protects the thread from wear. Hence, in case you are looking for a tire cover that will offer all-round protection to your spare wheel, you won’t go wrong with this unit.

  • It is weatherproof.
  • The faceplate has a sturdy construction.
  • The textured cover is shiny.
  • It requires a little practice to put it on.

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#9 Boomerang Color Matched Rigid Tire Cover

Boomerang Color Matched Rigid Tire Cover

Our next spare tire cover comes from the same manufacturer as the previous model; Boomerang. Just like the just-reviewed model, this tire protector is durably-constructed for premium protection.

The 32-inch shield works well for 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler (JK). In fact, it is available in a variety of colors and sizes to make it easy to pick the model that matches your vehicle.

The thermoplastic face withstands the toughest elements that the majority of cheaper options can’t put up with for long. Therefore, in case you want a unit that will serve you for a long time, here is a nice product to grab.

A heavy-duty vinyl connecting to the thermoplastic face is also durable and will stand up to everyday exposure to most extreme conditions. This soft material interacts with the tread nicely to prevent the tire from aging.

This isn’t the most inexpensive option out there, though. Nevertheless, with the level of protection and the service life it offers, it’s one of the high-end models that live up to their price tag.

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#10 BCP Black Color Spare Tire Cover

BCP Black Color Spare Tire Cover

Keep your spare tire safe and in perfect condition always without having to sacrifice even a square-inch of your car’s interior space.

The unit makes use of PU leather in its construction. Therefore, even before we examine the other features it carries, we already have confidence that it’s one of the models that should serve you for years.

The leather construction keeps the backup wheel from water, scratches, dust, mud, debris, and the intolerable sun of the summer. In other words, this material provides all-round protection to your emergency wheel.

It works with wheels that have a diameter of 31-33 inches, that is, 79-84 centimeters. However, it can also come in a smaller size that works with 23-27-inch tire sizes.

We know that tires have different thicknesses which may affect how well the cover fits. Now, for a snug and cleaner look on your vehicle, pick a larger model if your tires are wider than 9 inches.

It also comes with an elastic band. This feature works with the quick-connect clips to make it simpler and quicker to adjust the enclosure to fit correctly.

  • The material is heavy grade.
  • It keeps the spare tire in good condition.
  • It adjusts easily.
  • It isn’t the easiest to install.

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#11 Leader Accessories Spare Tire Cover

Leader Accessories Spare Tire Cover

The last suggestion on the market is one of the top-rated covers in the market. Therefore, it is also a high-quality unit like any of the preceding models on our top-notch list.

It is available in 7 size varieties. Thus, no matter the diameter of your spare tire, chances are that you won’t lack a perfect size. However, we settled for 26 to 28-inch models since it’s what seemed to attract commendable reviews from customers.

The premium-grade vinyl construction is very durable and withstands the severity of daily exposure to elements. The vinyl material also wipes clean easily and makes for an easy-to-maintain option.

Under the vinyl construction is an ultra-soft cotton material. The backing material interacts well with the wheel and will not scratch it- your spare wheel tire will never show any signs of aging!

We like that it goes into place with minimal effort. The stretchy back hem adjusts for a custom fit on different types and sizes of tires. Hence, you won’t need any tool or a professional to install it.

  • The cotton backing is non-scratch.
  • There are different sizes available.
  • It is easy to get it on and remove.
  • It lacks drawstring for tightening.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of a spare tire cover?

As aforementioned, you never know for how long you have to retain the spare tire before a need arises. Therefore, you need to keep it safe from water, dust, debris, UV, and many more until when needed.

What are tire covers made of?

Although the material used on soft covers may differ, most of these options are of weatherproof vinyl. However, hard versions utilize more rigid materials such as molded plastic or stainless steel.

Do wheel covers fall off?

A few. Some of the reasons why a wheel cover will fall off are a poor design, using the wrong size, and incorrect installation. Thus, pay more attention to the model you choose and that you install it correctly.

Should I buy a soft or hard spare tire cover?

Well, let’s do a succinct comparison of the two to make it easier for you to identify the ideal type for you.

Soft covers are normally weatherproof and easier to install than the hard types. Also, they are cheaper. Hard covers on the other side provide better protection, durability, and look very sleek. However, they are very costly.

How long can you really drive on a spare tire?

It depends. If the spare tire matches the regular wheels, that is, it is a full-size model, it can handle as heavy use as the previous tire.

However, in case you have a ‘donut’ model as your backup option, the rule of the thumb is to replace this narrow tire with a full-size model within 70 miles of travel. Also, experts recommend that you observe the speed of below 50 mph when traveling these 70 miles.

Final Verdict

Although spare tire protectors play a very crucial role in keeping your backup wheel in good condition, they come at an affordable price that most car owners and operators can accommodate in their budgets.

That said, it’s a must-have for every vehicle. Our review makes it more straightforward to get the right model.

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