Top 10 Best Speaker Stands (2024)

A speaker stand gives your room a cool tech look, right?

However, we know a speaker stand is not just in your room to make it look cool.

It is to make your speakers look and act cool by allowing proper distribution of sound coming out of your sound system.

These speaker stands enable you to direct sound to the exact place you want it to be giving you an almost cinematic experience of awesome audio quality.

If you desire the best sound quality from your speakers then tell us a better way to achieve that without the help of the speaker stands.

This now begs the question “what is the best speaker stand out there in the market?” The speaker stands with the right make and build to give quality over a long period.

Not to worry, we got you covered, we took it upon ourselves to compile the list the top 10 speaker stands that give you the joy of using your sound system.

PERLESMITH Universal Speaker Stands Height...
  • 【ACHIEVE THE BEST SOUND】 Height adjustable speaker stands from 33.3” to 45.1” can help you get the best sound out of your speakers by creating a listening "sweet spot" when you are seated. Placing your bookshelf speakers on the appropriate height speaker stand can also reduce reflections to give you a purer and more clear sound. Allows tilting your speaker 0-5° in all directions, directing the sounds towards you for optimal listening experience.

10 Best Speaker Stands

#1. PERLESMITH (Model: PSSS1) Adjustable Height Speaker Stands


Now our first speaker stand on the list is the Perlesmith adjustable height speaker stand, which extends between 30 and 45 inches and capable of holding small bookshelf and satellite speaker. Its adjustable height allows you to set the stand at your preferred height for the sound quality you desire.

Stable base and improved cable management

One of the features of this speaker stand is its strong triangular base as the whole stand is made of heavy-duty cast iron. This makes it strong, durable and stable enough to hold speakers weighing about 3.6kg/8lbs on each stand. For stability on the carpet surface, it is advisable to fix nuts and nails to the base and for tiled/cement surface then have rubber pad fixed to the base.

Another feature is that the wire path in the tube is concealed and the tube inside the stand’s pipe has been widened in this particular model. Additionally, the tubes are split into three parts for easy passage of the wire in the pipe.

Different mounting configuration

In order to accommodate a diverse selection of speakers, the Perlesmith PSSS1 model has three different kinds of configuration to use, which include the Top plate, Keyhole, and L-shaped configuration. This gives you options to fit in satellite speaker, any home theater, small bookshelf speaker, and surround sound speaker.

  • Very easy to assemble, which takes just minutes.

  • Adjustable height up to 45 inches from the floor.

  • Concealed cable path to prevent messy wiring.

  • The triangulated base gives the speaker stand stability.

  • It can only carry a maximum of 8lbs/3.6kg per stand.

  • The triangle base if place wrongly can tip over.

  • Depending on your speaker model, there may be a need for a slight modification to the mounting bracket.

  • The tube diameter still doesn’t accommodate certain speaker models wiring.

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#2. Sanus Adjustable Height Speaker Stand (Model: HTBS)


This speaker stands from Sanus is one of the top quality stands. The speaker stands feature an adjustable height extendable from 28 to 38 inches with a universal design capable of holding bookshelf or satellite speakers.

The speaker stand is made up of heavy gauge steel and can support a 3.5lbs satellite speaker. For stability on either carpet or cemented floor, the speaker stand comes with carpet spikes and rubber feet.

Integrated Wire Channel

The speaker stand is able to conceal the wire from sight to give the set-up a smooth and clean outlook. This feature has been embraced by most speaker stand manufacturer and they seek to give their product a more tidy look.

Very Adaptable

The stand support many types of small satellite speakers with its L-shaped, Top plate, and Keyhole mounting configuration supporting popular brand such as Sony, KEF, Bose, JBL, etc.

  • The assembly of the speaker stand doesn’t take time.

  • It is adaptable for nearly every speaker.

  • Integrated cable management to conceal the wires.

  • Some brands of speakers are not supported.

  • The stand cannot support more than 3.5lbs of weight, which means it is built for small speakers.

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#3. Pyle Universal Speaker Stand Mount Holder (Model PSTND2)


When we talk of the heavy-duty speaker stand, the Pyle universal speaker stand is one of the options to consider for buyers.

At a height of 6 ft., the speaker stand can support speakers weighing about 59.87 kg/132lbs, and just like every speaker stand mentioned so far, its height is adjustable from 40 to 71 inches to give you the range of sound you want.

The leg stand and anti-slip feet

The leg stands feature a tripod design with center bracing to provide improved stability. The tripod design allows for easy transportation of the speaker stand as it can be folded easily in traveling cases when going for an outdoor event. The feet of the stand feature an anti-slip rubber and the leg stand are of the same length to enhance the stability of the speaker stand.

Equipped with tension locking mechanism and 35mm compatible insert

The speaker stand is reinforced with a 35mm compatible insert on the holder mount to support heavy-duty loud music and public address speakers as well as studio monitor that are compatible. Additionally, it is designed with a knob style tension locking system that helps support the weight of the attached speaker as well as preventing the collapse of the speaker stands.

  • Fit for heavy-duty and loudspeakers and ideal for in-studio and on-stage usage.

  • It has a tension locking system as well as locking safety pin to give it stability.

  • It can support a whooping speaker weight of 132lbs.

  • The body is made of metal for durability and ruggedness.

  • Even leg length distribution and tripod design for stable placement

  • The knob tension locking system is made of plastic.

  • If used often for an outdoor event then the metal body is liable to rust.

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#4. Starument Pa Speaker Stands


For buyers on the lookout for public address speaker stand, Starument provides you with a set of a sturdy speaker stand made of steel. Standing at 6 ft. high, it is designed to cover as much ground as possible with quality far-reaching audio.

There is a telescopic center column to give 5 different levels of height starting from 44 inches to 77 inches. That’s not all, the speaker stand is capable of bearing speakers weighing about 110lbs/ 49.90 kg, placing the speaker stand comfortably among the heavy-duty stand.

Cable straps

To keep the cables well-organized, Starument provides a 50-pack cable tie straps to keep the wires well-organized and keep them secured. This gives the speaker’s set-up a clean outlook.

Centre braced tripod legs and anti-slip feet

The speaker stands feature a foldable tripod leg connected to a center brace for stability and anti-slip feet that provides better grip on different surfaces.

  • The height is adjustable with a locking pin in place that can fit into five holes on the stand to give you the wanted height.

  • A center braced tripod legs for adequate stability.

  • Cable tie straps for easy cable management.

  • Foldable legs for easy transportation

  • It is not recommendable to use any speaker more than 12 inches

  • The knob adjustment is made of plastic and brittle

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#5. VIVO Premium Universal 23 inch Speaker Stands (STAND-SP02B)


Coming from the stable of VIVO, we have a universal and sleek speaker stand made of glass and aluminum.

It can adequately support bookshelf and satellite speakers with a weight of 9.98 kg/22lbs per stand. The speaker stands build is aimed at providing you with enhanced audio quality. The speaker stands at 23 inches featuring a base and top shelf to house your speakers.

Integrated cable management and sturdy base

The wire is kept concealed to keep the cable orderly and give the speaker set-up a clean outlook. The base is equipped with spikes fit for carpet surfaces as well as a felt pads to avoid the base scratching the floor.

Cool appearance and compactible

The speaker stand set has an aluminum pillar with a glass top shelf and a smooth polished black color outlook. It is a universal speaker stand compatible with different types of bookshelf and satellite speakers.

  • In-built carpet spikes in the stand base.

  • Smooth black and glossy outlook.

  • Easy to assemble

  • The height is not adjustable.

  • The carpet spikes can scratch wood, tiled or cemented surfaces unless a rubber pad is fixed to it.

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#6. Atlantic Adjustable Speaker Stands (PN77335799)


This set of a black speaker stand from Atlantic is another heavy-duty stand to feature on our list.

The rugged speaker stand is made from steel and can support up to 9.07 kg/20lbs bookshelf speaker.

The large 6 by 6 inches speaker plate can support larger bookshelf speakers. It has a non-marring foot with four spike stuff and adhesive strips.

Cable management and adjustable mount

The stand has rear access for you to put pass your cable through its hollow base to prevent messy wiring. The speaker stand mount is adjustable by 45 degrees to give optimum positioning

  • The speaker stand is easy to assembly.

  • It has an adjustable mount rotatable by 45 degrees.

  • Cable management for an organized and clean outlook.

  • It has non-marring floor spikes.

  • It is fit for just bookshelf speakers.

  • It cannot support heavier speakers.

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#7. Bose FS-1 Bookshelf Speaker Stands

Bose FS-1

This solid pair of a speaker stand standing at 24-inch hoist your wireless or wired speakers to produce the ideal sound quality.

The speaker stands designed primarily for Bose 201 and 301 direct/reflecting speaker. The speaker stand weighs 9.25 kg/20.4lbs, which makes it sturdy enough to hold your speaker well in place.

Cable management and sturdy stand

The stand feature wire management tunnel to give your speaker set-up a clean and organized look. The stand weight ensures that the stand is strong and stable, and doesn’t tip over when in use.

  • Cable management system.

  • The speaker stand has rubber footpads included in the package to prevent floor marring.

  • It stands at a considerable height to spread your audio optimally.

  • It is designed for Bose 201 and 301 speakers.

  • The weight of the stand can make it difficult to assemble.

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#8. Rockville Adjustable Speaker Stands


This speaker stand from Rockville can also serve as a lighting stand and it is built for heavy-duty work.

The body is made of steel to make it strong and durable to support the speaker. The leg’s tripod design gives the speaker stand stability. The speaker stand can support a weight of up 45.36 kg/100lbs.

Carry bag included and adjustable height

The speaker stand is sold with a carry bag with two handles for easy transportation and it features a foldable tripod leg for the easy package. The height is adjustable in the range of 71 inches.

  • You can buy a stand with a carry bag.

  • A center braced tripod leg for better stability.

  • It is fit for heavy-duty work like public address and in-studio work.

  • It is not the best fit for small speakers

  • You will have to use a speaker to lower the stand

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#9. Ultimate Support Speaker Stand (TS90B)

Ultimate Support

This tripod speaker stand is built to handle heavy-duty speakers used in public address and on-stage address.

The stand is high enough to distribute your sound effectively among the crowd. It features a Telelock collar that allows you to securely raise and lower the speakers and leveling leg to keep the stand stable.

Patented Tripod Design

Ultimate support has gone great length with its tripod design to the extent of getting it patented. The stand is lightweight but sturdy because of heavy wall aluminum construction.

Auto-lock technology

Apart from the TeleLock collar, the stand also features an auto-lock technology that allows you to set the desired height you want by firmly holding the telescoping tube in position.

  • It features a patented TeleLock Collar and patented Tripod design.

  • The parts are 100 percent field serviceable.

  • It can be purchased in two different height measurements (standard and extra tall height).

  • It features an auto-lock technology.

  • It is not the best fit for small speakers.

  • It’s aluminum body doesn’t make it the strongest out there in terms of body construction.

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#10. ECHOGEAR Adjustable Height Speaker Stands


This set of adjustable height speaker stand from Echogear is very suitable for almost all small speakers weighing no more than 1.81 kg/4lbs.

It is built to give you improved sound quality, providing no less than 13 inches of height adjustment to raise the speaker to ear level.

The stand comes with metal spikes and rubber pads for carpet and hard floors respectively.

Cable management

The stand can accommodate certain cable thickness and for those that are too thick to pass through the stand pole, there is a cable loop to tie the wires tightly to the speaker stand.

  • It will accommodate almost all small speakers.

  • It comes with every bracket and hardware required to mount any speaker.

  • It is easy to assemble taking about 5 minutes to do.

  • It can’t support a speaker weighing more than 1.81kg/4lbs.

  • It can accommodate just small satellite speakers.

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Benefits of Using Speaker Stands

Speaker stands are designed to get you the best listening experience and audio quality. Vibrations affect the audio quality and by utilizing speaker stand you lift your speaker off hard surfaces that can produce unnecessary vibrations.

Additionally, the stand puts your speaker at the desired height for effective sound distribution and choosing the right kind of speaker stand and makes a whole lot of difference.

How to Use Speaker Stands

Depending on the type of speaker stand you buy, the way to use them will differ from one another. Generally, you need to set up your stand first and this can be done by following each stand manual.

Most speaker stands are easy to assemble anyway, you start by erecting the speaker and placing it on its base. Each speaker stand has a different base depending on the manufacturer and uses design.

For speaker stand to be used indoor, the base can be fitted with either a carpet spike or rubber pads for carpet and hard surface respectively.

For speaker stands with cable management, you fit in the wires in the right places before setting up your mount on which your speaker will be placed or attached. Ensure you set the stand to the desired height to get an optimum sound effect.

Maintaining Tips and Tricks

The maintenance of your speaker stand depends on the material used for the body construction. The painting can easily scratch and care must be taken when cleaning the stand.

Never use an abrasive material to clean the stand as it may damage the painting. For basic cleaning, use a dry cloth to wipe away the dust.

For thorough cleaning, use a soft warm moist cloth to wipe the stand and don’t use spray that can affect the material negatively, follow that with a dry cloth to wipe dry.

Avoid cleaning with harsh chemicals or soaps as well as using excessive liquid on the speaker stands.


What difference will a speaker stand to make?

Although location matters a lot for speaker placement, however, a speaker stands contribute to quality audio output. For example, light speakers do well on a decoupled heavy stand while heavy speakers do well on an open stand.

How do the speaker stands make the audio quality better?

Speakers produce sound pressure and when placed on the floor cause unnecessary vibrations that distort the sound quality. The use of speaker stands prevent those vibrations from hitting the speaker, which in turn enhances the audio quality.

What is the function of spikes on the stand?

In the process of eliminating the vibration generated from the speaker, the spikes at the base of the speaker stand are designed in a way to isolate the speaker on the stand from vibrations coming from the floor or any other places.

Final verdict

The stand you will choose out of the list we have compiled totally depends on your needs and budget.

What you intend using the speaker stand for will influence the type of speaker stand you will go for.

For example, as a DJ, you will probably want to go for the heavy-duty speaker stands mentioned in the list above compared to someone in need of a speaker stand for his/her home theater system.

All in all, carefully consider your requirements and make your choice accordingly.

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