Top 11 Best Stair Treads (2024)

Apart from bathroom slips and falls, your stairs could cause injuries from accidental falls. It’s everyone’s responsibility to ensure safe work and residential environments. According to the National Safety Council (NSC) of America, stairway fall is the second-leading cause of accidental injuries.

Regardless of your safety-consciousness, you can fall down the stairs even when it’s not slippery. It’s better to lay anti-slip stair treads on the stairway because it adds more traction.

The most popular types of anti-slip stair treads have adhesive glues. After installing well-designed anti-slip adhesive stair treads, a wet stairway will be safe to use.

Generally, treads make your steps safer and it improves the traction between feet and surface of stairs. The best stair treads have strong adhesive tapes that are suitable for slippery wood, and tile stairs.

More so, they dry quickly and can be used on both indoor and outdoor stairways. Different great features come with stair treads. Here’s how to identify the right product that enhances the safety of using stairways.

COSY HOMEER Edging Stair Treads Non-Slip...
  • NON-SLIP STAIR RUG: Multi-purpose Stair mats to use the TPE Non-Skid backing on dry floor, helping it to stay in place on your floor, it won't slip or scuff floors. Low profile design so doors won't get stuck.Perfect for homes with pets (dogs or cats) or kids.

Top 11 Best Stair Treads

#01. Bungalow Flooring Waterhog Indoor/Outdoor Stair Treads


Bungalow Flooring Waterhog Stair Treads measure 8.5 x 30 inches, and it comes in a cool shade of bluestone.

With a 3/8-inch thickness, each piece of this skid-resistant tread reduces the chances of slipping and its rubber backing increases traction with the surface of your stairs.

Other shades of this stair tread material include charcoal, khaki, dark brown, and evergreen. This high-quality PET fiber material doesn’t allow molds and mildew to grow on it.

Instead, Waterhog stair treads are easy to clean. They have built-in water dam borders that prevent dirt particles and moisture from accumulating under the mat.

Unlike regular stair treads, Waterhog tread fits indoor and outdoor stairways. It has eco-friendly materials that have been sourced from (94%) recycled plastics.

  • It comes with water dam technology that holds about 1.5 gallons of water/square yard of its fabric

  • The rubber reinforcement increases the performance and durability of this mat

  • The anti-skid (20% recycled SBR) rubber backing is strong

  • If you don’t secure these stair treads with strong adhesives, they might slip out of place.

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#02. EdenProducts 8 By 30-Inch Non-slip Carpet Stair Treads

EdenProducts 8 By 30-Inch

Do you need a set of low-profile stair treads for the family’s safety? EdenProducts non-slip carpet stair treads have the unique design of a moving surface. The quality of these premium mats is top-notch.

Since it doesn’t have a permanent adhesive and double-sided tapes, you can uninstall them without damages. Also, you can rearrange the treads without leaving residues on your wood stairs.

These tread strips come in sizes that fit your stairs. They are made from a blend of soft and durable wool materials. Everyone needs a set of reliable stair treads that makes wood and marble stairs very safe. This 15-piece set of EdenProducts Brown stair tread is 8 x 30 inches.

  • Pre-applied adhesive

  • The slip resistance enhances the safety of kids, seniors, wheelchair users, and dogs.

  • It’s easy to remove stains from food and drinks

  • Since these mats don’t have permanent adhesives, you might need to hold their edges with small nails.

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#03. TreadSafe Carpet Stair Treads


TREADSAFE 8 x 30-Inch Set of 15 stair treads is available in gray, and brown shades. They have premium wool blends and a non-slip rubber backing. An impressive feature of these mats is that the rubber backing aligns well with surfaces of stairs after the installation.

These are luxurious carpets and stairs treads that don’t shrink and deform after you have washed them. Instead, they offer comfortable experiences for everyone. You might feel their soft textures, but they are very strong and durable.

The impact of traffic from feet doesn’t affect these wool and rubber backing materials. With a befitting level of thickness, these materials are easy to install and maintain with vacuum cleaners and washing machines. Also, they provide warmth and comfort when you walk bare-footed on these mats.

  • Anti-slip rubber backing design

  • An impressive level of stain resistance

  • Non-residue adhesive

  • They might slip off the stairs if you catch the edge of these mats with your shoe.

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#04. PURE ERA Carpet Stair Treads Set 9.5 x 30 x 1.2 Inches


This set of 9.5 x 30-inch PURE ERA treads has a 1.2-inch thickness and you don’t need adhesives to secure their non-slip rubber backing with the surface of your stairs. Instead, these treads are stable and they come with Bullnose protection for the edges of stairs.

They are easy to install and maintain. However, the surface of your stairs should be clean and dry you place each of these stair tread rugs on staircases. Other features include a stylish blend of soft-textured materials and a durable design.

Without using staples or glue to hold these tread rugs’ rubber backing, you can save the costs of purchasing adhesive tools. These step treads are ideal for all types of hardwood surfaces. Also, PURE ERA indoor stair treads are machine-washable.

  • A Bullnose protection

  • Easy installation and maintenance

  • Self-adhesive rubber backing materials

  • A set of 14 soft-textures stair treads

  • It might be difficult to uninstall them from hard floors because their self-adhesive property is solid.

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#05. Sweethome Stores Non-Slip Stair Treads 9 X 26 Inches

Sweethome Stores

Do you need a set of luxury stair treads that are kids and pet-friendly? Sweet Home Stores Stair Treads can be used on carpets, and are available in 4 amazing colors.

Apart from their polypropylene and non-slip rubber back design, these Turkish-made treads are compatible with a range of flooring options.

When you wash these treads, don’t expect them to shed wool or shrink. Also, Sweet Home Stores set of 5 treads comes with wool blends that have very soft textures. While this material offers comfort to the feel, polypropylene reduces the chances of skidding when you step on slippery stairs.

The surface absorb impacts when you use these stair treads at homes and busy-traffic offices stairs.

  • They that bind onto floors with secure grips

  • A high-pile surface

  • Stain-resistant treads

  • An impressive level of stain resistance

  • You might need to buy more sets because it only comes with 5 treads.

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#06. Gloria Rug Stair Treads


Add sum lavishly-textured stair treads to your dull and tired stairs. Gloria Rug set of secure non-slip stair treads improves your household and office safety culture.

With the unique pattern of multiple colors, these stair treads also brighten the interior design of interior spaces. It’s eye-catching designs and level of fade-resistance are value-added features.

Normally, premium stair treads with rubber backing designs reduce the risks of sliding off slippery surfaces. These Gloria rugs Stair Treads have durable rubber backing materials.

So, they fit outdoor stairs that are often exposed to rain and snows. After the installation of these 8.5 x 26-inch Beige-checkered stair mats, you can remove and wash them without hassles.

They are the perfect set of non-slip stair treads that have stress-free maintenance.

  • They are available in modern and antique designs

  • These stain-resistant style stair treads can be used on tone and marble stairs

  • They fit homes with indoor and outdoor stairs

  • Easy installation and maintenance

  • When this set of stair treads are not well installed, their edge bindings will fray badly.

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#07. Ottomanson Comfort Collection Soft Solid


Ottomanson offers a collection of plush stair treads with a range of cool colors. Apart from the charm they bring to your home, these affordable stair treads are skid-resistant. The non-slip rubber backing design appears durable and lightweight.

Normally, slippery surfaces need mats that provide high traction. These types are safe and stable on tile, stone, hardwood, and marble stairs. Also, it takes a long time for the surface of the mat’s pile to wear.

Consequently, these 5 pieces of (9 x 26 inches) Ottomanson treads’ pile height fits stairs with high traffic areas. With the state-of-the-art of these is plush stair treads, comfort and safety are guaranteed. Low-maintenance stair treads are cost-effective.

  • Machine-washable polypropylene backing material

  • It dampens noise from walking on the stairs

  • An affordable collection of stair treads with anti-fraying edges

  • The number of stair treads is too small, and you might need to purchase 2 sets.

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#08. Comme Rug Non-Slip Bullnose Carpet Stair Treads


Wouldn’t you rather add bullnose stair treads with exquisite designs to your living space? Comme Rug set of 13 stair treads protects your steps. They appear like stair pads that pets, the elderly, and kids would love.

Since they have safe skid-resistance, you shouldn’t worry about accidental slips when the stairs are slippery. These machine-woven mats have compact edges that won’t curl up during cleaning. Also, they are durable and easy to maintain.

Your spiral stairs can use these self-adhesive stair treads. However, measure and ensure that the width of your stairs fits the 9.5-inch side of the stair treads. With continuous use of Comme Rug treads, you can protect stairs at home and in the office from scratches, wear and tear.

  • A high-grade polypropylene fiber design

  • Durable construction

  • After vacuum cleaning, expect them to dry fast

  • The noise-dampening level is not impressive.

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#09. Seloom 25.5 x 9.5 Inch Stair Treads


This set of Seloom 25.5 x 9.5-inch stair treads is available in exquisite shades of grey, beige, and brown colors. They are durable soft stair treads with a high-quality adhesive rubber backing that saves you from spending money on carpet tapes.

When there’s much traffic on these stair treads, they’ll bond harder with the surface of stairs. Seloom offers stair treads that are safe for the environment, pets, and everyone.

Since these rubber backing materials contain hot-melt adhesive from soft silicone, your stairs will not have sticky marks on their surface. Also, you can wash these stair mats with hands and machines. They don’t shrink or shed wool materials like other treads.

If you have small stairways and porch, this set of treads can cover the number of stairs.

  • 13 pieces of 25.5 × 9.5-inch luxurious mats

  • They are easy to install, remove, and clean

  • The adhesive doesn’t leave glue marks

  • The thickness of the mat’s surface is only 0.3 inches.

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#10. Acrabros 8.7 x 26-Inch Stair Treads


Acrabros 8.7 x 26-inch stair treads contain reusable and slip-resistant materials that create safer experiences for users. Amongst other features, the customizable length of this stair tread is impressive.

The set has 7 stair treads that can cover tiles and hardwood floors. Since they have anti-slip rubber backing design, you can place them on slippery stairs at entryways of offices. They are a collection of heavy-duty stair treads that fit outdoor environments too.

With these soft-fabric Acrabros stair treads, pets can relax comfortably. Also, these mats are sturdy enough to withstand the impact of regular movements for a long period. However, you need to ensure proper maintenance.

  • Anti-skid rubber backing design

  • Soft, and lightweight stair treads

  • They have washable and reusable materials

  • This set of Acrabros carpet might require adhesive after using it for many months.

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#11. NaturalAreaRugs Stellar Polypropylene Carpet Stair Treads


Don’t you need sets of stair treads with back-rubber pads that have solid staying power? These types can improve traction on slippery surfaces. NaturalHomeRugs Stellar polypropylene stair treads are reliable.

It takes a few minutes to install each of these 9 x 29-inch mats. Also, expect a convenient installation, and cleaning after buying NaturalAreaRugs Stellar polypropylene stair treads. Since these stair mats secure steps, they are safe and perfect for pets to play.

NaturalAreaRugs Stellar mats come with unique decor elements of Persian design. With a consistent display of colors, you can use these treads to enhance the interior design of homes and offices.

  • High-quality polypropylene materials

  • These mats are soft with durable yarn

  • An elegant Persian design that enhances your interior space

  • They are not stain-resistant.

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How To Know The Right Set Of Stair Treads

The Size

One of the first steps of buying the right stair tread set is to measure the size of your stairs. By knowing the length and width dimension, you can plan a customizable fits of spiral stairs. Also, consider the size (length, width, thickness) of staircases that you plan to cover with treads.

Measurements ensure proper alignment of treads with space. When the length is inconsistent with staircase surfaces, it might cause extra costs for reinstallation.

Tread Quality

The quality of stair treads influences the durability and satisfaction that we get. When you buy a set of treads with non-rubber backing materials, it could lead to safety hazards. Another inconvenience that comes from using stair treads with the poor build quality is wear and tear.

Since they lack plush wool that can withstand heavy foot traffic, weight and the force of gravity can affect their texture. Consider the quality of treads when you need efficient mats that can cushion your feet, and dampen noise.

Normally, stairs in offices and homes that receive many visitors need treads that have high load capacity. Get quality treads that enhance traction too.

Anti-Skid materials

The slippery surface is safe to walk on when you install treads with non-skid rubber backing designs. Many products like Bungalow Flooring Waterhog Stair treads with stable rubber backing have water dam borders underneath the wool.

When the stairs are dirty and damp, the spaces of these rubber backing borders enhance traction. This design allows more grip with the polypropylene rubber and wood stairs.

An Excellent Blend Of Quality Materials

When you use stair tread sets with 100% polyester fabric, your level of confidence increases on slippery surfaces.

However, polypropylene rubber backing materials dry quickly. It means that you can wash them during the fall and winter seasons and expect them to dry fast. Also, premium anti-skid mats for stairs have materials that prevent the growth of molds and mildews.

Don’t forget that plush fabric/wool materials are soft. Generally, the smooth texture of these types of treads creates warmth when you walk barefooted on them. Also, stair treads with non-skid latex material are stable and comfortable for pets to relax.


When you see favorite sets of stair treads, consider your budget before buying them. Non-skid stair carpet treads that are durable and affordable are must-haves for homeowners. However, you shouldn’t compromise quality features like waterproof features, fade-resistance, the ease of cleaning, and installation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should I buy indoor stair treads that are very thick?

While the thickness level is not the only proof of durable stair treads, you should consider at least 1.2 inches. The risk of sliding from stairs is high if the front of the tread has an overhang.

What makes the well-bound edge of stair treads impressive?

Stair treads with impressive designs have bound edges that don’t fray quickly. These edges can stay for many years and resist abrasion for hardwood stairs. Also, you can make an excellent choice of stair treads with tight edges and super-strong marine backing designs.

What type of staircase material can I install stair treads?

Wood is a common type of staircase material that uses stair treads. However, the design of modern stair treads fits a range of staircase materials. Regardless of their tough textures, glass and concrete staircases can use soft-fabric stair treads.

Use anti-slid rubber backing materials that will not scratch the surface of stairs. Also, these plush mats for stairs can dampen the sound that comes from taking heavy steps on metal and marble floors. You can indulge in the use of luxury stair treads to make your living space safe and aesthetically beautiful.

Final Verdict

It might be frustrating to see frayed edges and shedding of stair treads after a few weeks of installation. We understand this concern and many other inconveniences that come with poor-quality mats for stairs.

These 11 premium stair tread sets have slip-resistant materials. It’s easy to remove stains from the surface of these treads. Also, their low-maintenance designs will reduce the likelihood of spending money on early replacements.

Sets of stair treads that offer amazing values are strong and durable. However, it’s important to maintain your stair treads all the time.

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