11 Best Standing Desk Converters (2023)

In a world where almost everything is done online, you can easily find yourself living a sedentary lifestyle that may predispose to serious lifestyle diseases.

However, you can change your work habits by using a desktop riser. These pieces of equipment are ergonomically designed to make your office work easier and at the same time, keeping you healthy.

If you have been thinking of getting one of these units, here is a list of the best standing desk converters that you can consider using. Additionally, if you already own one, you might just find a suitable replacement for your old unit.

SHW 36-Inch Height Adjustable Standing Desk...
  • SIT TO STAND UP - Heights adjustable workstation allows you to find that needed healthy balance between sitting and standing positions throughout the long workday.

11 Best Standing Desk Converters

#1 FlexiSpot M2B Standing Desk

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FlexiSpot provides you with a space-saving standing desk converter that will help you maximize your work output. With the help of the X-design, it folds and rises vertically, while staying within the footprint of your desktop. The manufacturers have fatigue-tested this equipment 6000 times, so you can use it knowing that your back, shoulders, neck, and hands won’t strain during operation. Compared to most desktop toppers on the market, the FlexiSpot M2B does not swing outward towards the user, thus economizing even more space.

The height of this desk is adjustable, allowing you to customize your work station in a way that suits your requirements. Moreover, it provides you with twelve height settings that you can use in different work situations. The 35-inch wide platform can accommodate several items at a go, such as computer monitors, printers, and laptops. Furthermore, this converter has a large keyboard tray that allows you to use keyboards with different sizes. Additionally, this desktop topper has a quick-release feature, which allows you to remove the keyboard tray when you are not using it.

This converter is compatible with standard and L-shaped desks, making this a suitable option for home office stings. You can safely change the height by using one hand since the unit has smooth hinges, which move effortlessly. This desktop unit allows you to switch positions comfortably without moving the lower desk. When using this desktop unit, you will be able to switch working positions several times without getting tired.

  • Noise-free operation when making adjustments
  • One-step assembly
  • Allows you to adjust the height from 5.9-inches to 19.7-inches
  • Equipped with robust gas springs
  • Only available in two colors (black and white)

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#2 VIVO DESK-V000V- Black Height Adjustable Stand up Desk Converter

VIVO DESK-V000V- Black Desk Converter

The desktop riser from Vivo is ergonomically built with the user’s health in mind. It allows you to make transitions in between work sessions, allowing you to stand or sit, thereby making your work experience more enjoyable. It eliminates all sorts of discomfort that you are likely to experience when using traditional desktop designs. This will allow you to concentrate more on the task at hand, enabling you to get top class results in all that you do while in the office.

The top platform has a maximum weight capacity of 33lbs, while the keyboard tray can hold up to 4lbs. This will allow you to set up your workspace with different types of equipment that can help you achieve all your work goals in time. Besides, the top measures 36-inches long by 22-inches wide, so you will have enough space to do whatever you want. The pneumatic spring lift allows you to make quick height adjustments by simply squeezing the handle.

More to this, the height adjustment range is 6.5-inches to 17-inches, allowing you to apply the elevation that will meet all your physiological needs. This unit requires minimal assembly since it comes with almost all the components attached. All you have to do is set it up on your old desk, tune the parts to suit your work requirements, and finally, organize your work area for maximum productivity.

  • Has a sturdy base
  • Makes smooth transitions
  • Dual tier design
  • Detachable keyboard tray
  • When adjustments are made, the topper extends towards the user, thus occupying more space

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#3 The House of Trade Standing Desk

The House of Trade Standing Desk

This desktop converter comes fully assembled, allowing you to use it right out of the box. The frame has a durable steel construction that can support 50lbs. However, the manufacturers recommend that you stick to 35lbs to facilitate easy lifting. Before the adjustments are made, the riser sits 6.5-inches above your desk, but you can raise it to 16.5-inches depending on how you intend to work. This unit is equipped with one adjustment lever on each side to facilitate smooth and fast tuning.

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The keyboard tray has a slide mechanism that conveniently slides outs and retracts as per your needs. Also, the tray extends a few inches from the monitors, thereby allowing you to stand far away from the screens, thus preventing possible eye damage. The feet have a non-skid design that prevents the desktop topper from changing positions when you are working. As a result, you will work more comfortably without worrying about the items falling from the desk.

This desktop raiser has smooth paint finishing with beveled edges, to enhance user experience. All the parts are meticulously joined together using friction-resistant fittings to facilitate effortless and noiseless height adjustments. The 32-inch wide platform can accommodate two 24-inch monitors, allowing you to run multiple programs at the same time.

  • Has non-scratch feet
  • Durable design
  • Easy to use
  • Stable design
  • The height adjustment feature requires you to use both hands

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#4 Seville Classics airLIFT Height Adjustable Stand Up Desk Converter

Seville Classics airLIFT Desk Converter

You can rise from a sitting to a standing position by mounting the Seville classics airlift desktop converter on your old desk. It has several features, which allow you to make ergonomic adjustments that will enable you to work professionally. Since the unit extends vertically within its footprint, it occupies less space and is also more stable. This desktop raiser is BIFMA and ANSI compliant, making it a safe option for all users.

The height adjustment mechanism can handle up to 33lbs and can rise from 6.2-inches to 19.1-inches high. This equipment comes with wire ties that will help you manage your wires the right way. The upper platform and the keyboard deck are slightly sloped at the front to give you a comfortable experience when typing. This feature also makes the desktop converter more aesthetic.

Additionally, this desktop raiser has a tablet and smartphone slot that can hold your devices as you work. This unit will help you remain productive and active for as long as you want since it positions your body for maximum performance.

  • Extra-wide keyboard and mouse tray
  • Ready out-of-the-box
  • Limits back pains
  • Heavy-duty
  • Lifting the unit may be difficult when fully loaded

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#5 VariDesk Pro Plus 30 Stand Up Desk Converter

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The desktop raiser from Vari has a two-tier design that allows you to set up your desk with a monitor, laptop, keyboard, and other hardware without running out of space. Besides, the upper deck measures 30-inches x 12.5-inches, so you will have enough room to customize your work station. This desktop converter provides you with eleven different height settings that will allow you to work faster without tiring. The base is slightly beefed-up to increase the surface area for maximum stability.

With the help of the spring-loaded mechanism, users can have an easy time lifting or lowering the upper platform to a level that fits their height. As such, you can set the height to a minimum level if you want to work while seated, or you can raise it to any level within 17.5-inches for stand-up operations. You will have a more comfortable user experience regardless of the sitting that you choose. If you like, you can even alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day.

This desk converter has gone through several safety inspections, and is, therefore, safe for everyday use. You can mount it on your desk in the office or at home to make your work environment more conducive for your health. It is compatible with a wide range of desktops, so you only need to make sure that your desk is wide enough for both feet.

  • 3D laminate finish
  • Built from thick gauge steel
  • Dual-handle lift
  • UL certified
  • The unit may wobble a bit depending on how you mount it

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#6 Ergotron – WorkFit-T Standing Desk Converter

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You can eradicate back pains by using the desktop unit from Ergotron. It is ergonomically designed with unique features that will transform your tabletop into a sit-stand work desk. This desktop converter is designed in such a way that it does not extend beyond your desk’s footprint. As such, the center of gravity will always be within the tabletop’s measurement, thereby providing maximum stability even when the unit is fully extended. The smooth vertical lift design allows users to switch heights with ease.

The manufacturers have used human-centered principles to give you a desktop converter that allows you to work without pushing your body too hard. This unit has an integrated keyboard deck that can accommodate a standard size keyboard and mouse. Consequently, it will make your work easier since everything that you need will be at an arm’s reach distance. The upper deck can extend to a height of 15-inches, allowing you to work in different standing positions.

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Moreover, it has a 35-inch wide platform, which sits 5-inches above the work surface when fully retracted. If you have been having mobility problems with your desk, you can use this heavy-duty design as a replacement. It will boost your productivity by allowing you to focus more on your job.

  • No assembly required
  • Professional-grade design
  • Does not swing towards the user when extended
  • The keyboard tray does not go all the way down even when the unit is fully collapsed

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#7 High Supply Standing Desk Height Adjustable Stand

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This standup desk is wider than most models and can hold two 27-inch monitors. It can particularly suit users who are 6’5” and below. The easy-adjust handles allow you to customize the desktop height up to 16.75-inches.The legs are equipped with thick rubber pads, which prevents the items on the desk from falling over when you are working. This unit comes pre-assembled, thus giving you a hassle-free mounting experience.

However, there are extra support extenders that you can install to enhance stability. The installation instructions included in the package will assist you when setting up the extenders. The process does not require technical knowledge, so the unit will be ready in a matter of minutes. Additionally, the frame is heavily built to handle the weight of a monitor, keyboard, and other items that will help you enhance your work results.

For stability purposes, the base has a heavyweight design, which prevents the workstation from toppling over. This desktop converter can transform any antique desk into a comfortable workspace that you can use both at home and in the office environment. You can save your back from acquiring health complications by mounting this converter on your desk.

  • Convenient design
  • Spring-loaded
  • Compatible with most monitor stands
  • Easy mounting
  • The adjusting handles are not ergonomically placed

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#8 SIMBR Standing Desk Converter

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Lower back pains can drastically lower your performance. Nonetheless, this desktop topper allows you to stand or sit in healthy positions that will limit back complications. This desktop converter enables you to switch between standing and sitting in seconds. Like most desktop raisers, it has two levels that can hold several gadgets, so everything will be right in front of you.

Also, the gas spring lifts can stretch out or retract, thus raising or lowering the desktop height. The ergonomic curve design makes this desktop raiser one of the ideal options that expectant mothers can use. When it comes to stability, the rectangular base design ensures that the unit sits flat on the desktop, thereby giving you a stable workstation. Additionally, the frame has a sturdy X-design, which spreads the weight equally to the base, so no side will be heavier than the other.

This unit is quite versatile and can accommodate users with different heights, thereby simplifying even the most complex tasks. The minimum height is 4.52-inches, but this can go up to 17-inches.Besides, the desktop raiser is not as heavy, so you can unmount it from your desk whenever you want.

  • Exquisite design
  • Quick-release keyboard tray
  • Single handle design
  • The workspace may be too small for some users

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#9 Defy Desk Stand Up Desks

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The desktop converter from Defy desk is suitable for users who are 5′ to 6’4’’ tall. It has an ergonomic height range, which allows users to work without straining their backs. The two-tier design provides you with a top deck that holds monitors and laptops, while the lower compartment holds the keyboard and the mouse, hence allowing you to get outstanding results on all your projects.

Despite weighing 34.9lbs, this unit has a maximum weight capacity of 37.5lbs and allows you to use up to two monitors per session. The flat surface is made of a high-quality Medium-density fiberboard (MDF) wood, while the frame has a sturdy steel build, which provides you with a dependable work surface. The top platform has a tablet stand and an optional monitor mount that you can use when the work situation calls for it.

The easy-pull leaver supports one-hand operation, so you will be able to make height adjustments while applying minimal effort. This unit has undergone multiple tests to ensure that you get a safe desktop converter that won’t damage your back. Moreover, it is easy to work with, making it an ideal option for office and home use.

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#10 Stand Steady Flexpro Hero 37 Inch Standing Desk

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You can make your workday healthier and happier by using the 37-inch flexpro hero. The strong metal frame can hold up to 35lbs, allowing you to keep all your work essentials on one reliable unit. It features two grip handles that allow users to have a personalized user experience. The keyboard tray has stoppers, which hold the keyboard firmly as you type. Besides, the upper surface is smooth and has a wide surface area for stress-free work experience.

The unit does not require much work during assembly since you only have to attach the keyboard deck and you will be good to go. You can raise the unit 20.5-inches above your desk through the use of the hydraulic pump lifts. These components are engineered to raise or lower the desktop converter within the shortest time possible. As such, you can keep your monitors at eye level by simply tuning the height.

This desktop raiser has all the right features that will prevent unnecessary wobbling when you are working. More to this, it prevents neck and back pains, hence allowing you to work for longer hours without wearing your body out. With the right setting, your spine will stay aligned in a healthy position throughout the work process.

  • Non-skid feet
  • Modern design
  • Extra-long keyboard tray
  • Has a grommet hole for monitor mounting
  • Making height adjustments requires a lot of effort

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#11 ApexDesk EDR-3612-BLACK ZT Series Electric Desk Converter

ApexDesk EDR-3612-BLACK ZT Series Electric Desk Converter

The desktop converter from ApexDesk runs off a fully motorized motor electric motor, which allows you to make height adjustments at the push of a button. Unlike its manual counterparts, it requires less energy to operate and can switch modes almost instantly. The height settings allow you to use any level between 5.7-inches to 18.1-inches depending on how tall you are. Also, the up/down adjustment switch placed in an easy-to-access position.

Moreover, the keyboard tray has retractable design, so you can pull it out whenever you need it and tuck it back in when it’s not in use. This unit is available in three different colors that will complement your office and home décor in a way that will leave you more than pleased. As such, you can go for the black, walnut, or white desktop converter. This equipment has a ready-to-use design and only requires you to install the plug in a power source.

The USB port at the side can assist you when charging your phone and other electronic devices such as tablets. Additionally, the upper platform is 36-inches x 24-inches, while the lower keyboard tray measures 25-inches by 9.5-inches.You can fit two 22-inch monitors on the top deck and still have enough space for other small gadgets that you can use when handling tasks.

  • Durable and stable
  • Two-tier design
  • Maximized workspace
  • Luxurious design
  • Quite heavy compared to other models

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a desktop converter?

A desktop converter is an adjustable unit that you can mount on top of your desk, thereby allowing you to work while standing up. These units are designed to limit back pains and other physiological complications that one can acquire by sitting for long hours.

Does a desktop converter maximize work productivity?

Yes. Research has shown that using sit-stand desktop converters gives the body an added advantage when handling tasks. For starters, it sets the spine at a healthy position, thus preventing stiffness that may result from sitting too much.

 Additionally, desktop raisers maximize blood flow throughout the body and the brain, bringing about an enhancement in cognitive functions.

How high can a desktop converter go?

Most desktop converters can make maximum vertical adjustment anywhere between 22-inches to 48-inches. Nonetheless, this may vary depending on the model that you are using.

What makes a good desktop converter?

A good desktop converter should be stable, adjustable, lightweight, wide, and easy to operate.

Final Verdict

Sitting down while working may seem relaxing, but it’s not as healthy. In fact, sitting down for a very long time can have a negative impact on your health.

However, you can avoid this by installing a desktop converter on your desk. By staying on your toes, you will be in a better position to burn the excess calories that may be weighing you down.

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