Top 10 Best Step Stools (2024)

Safety is the most important thing in any home, even the most basic of homes will have a lock and key in place just in case of when it may come in handy.

Naturally, we all want to feel safe and help protect our ourselves and the people and things around us, because of this reason it is not uncommon to see step stools in most homes nowadays.

Step stools have become one of the most vital equipment that ensures your stay safe even when carrying out some extreme house activity.

Before step stools there were ladders, but ladders are not as stable as they are, and most times with ladders you will most likely need someone to help support it while you climb.

With step stools, you get to bypass and overcome all these constraints.

Today, because of those improvements Step stools are now more common in homes than they were about two decades ago, they are used for almost every household activity, cooking, cleaning, relaxing, and even outdoor activities like camping and bakeoffs among others.

These small home tools will save you from the occasional, sprains, trips and slips when you want to reach for that impossible shelf that always seems to be out of your reach.

They simply make all these household tasks simple for you and will support your weight gracefully, storing them has also never been easier today, with most being foldable you will find that the end taking almost no space at all.

The only problem consumers face is picking out the most, functional, durable, and suitable step stools for their needs.

This is where we come in, we’ve taken the time and effort to sort, analyze, and review the top products you should consider for all your home needs when making a purchase.

It goes without saying that with this list you are sure to make the absolute best choice.

Listed below are our top picks;

Handy Laundry Folding Step Stool, The Lightweight...
  • 300 lb. capacity with grip-dot textured surface makes the folding step stool safe for everyone, including kids. (Disregard Old Product Sticker with 200 lb. Limit. This Product is now Approved for 300 lb.)

10 Best Step Stools

#1. Delxo stepladder

Delxo stepladder

Our first impression from this unit offered from Delxo was how well built this step stool was.

It feels very tough and sturdy which we feel is a good quality a product like this should have because step stools are home equipment that may well be used every day depending on the type of household.

So, in that regard, we are well pleased. In terms of functionality, the step stool serves its purpose well enough.

It comes in two or three-step variants so you can choose the particular specification you need before making a purchase, the steps are solid and come bundled with wide anti-slip plastic that will keep your feet grounded as long as you want.

It’s a good feeling. Additionally, the step stool also serves as a sitting stool, it features slightly curved back that will allow you to sit on it when you need too.

Its folding design also makes sit very easy to store, you will find that it takes very little space and is lightweight, so carrying it around will not be much of a problem.

  • Its flexibility; it can be used as a step stool or a seat stool, a functionality we fell totally in love with.

  • It has a convenient handgrip

  • The base is fitted with non-marring fitting to keep it from scratching the floor when in use

  • Convenient size. It’s the right size and additionally, it can be folded away neatly.

  • The locking mechanism; we found the locking bit a bit hard to reach from a normal position. It can become a drag.

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#2. Spranster step stool


This step stool offers quite a bit of functionality for its size, it accomplishes a lot even though it is made entirely of plastic, a very thick thermosetting plastic at that.

On analysis it proved to be more than just an aesthetic piece of home equipment, the design is perfect for the mark the manufacturers were going for.

The main surface of the step stool is fitted all over with a soft foam-like material that is quite comfortable when sitting and even so when you are standing on it.

Although it looks bulky and made out of a few parts, we were surprised it came assembled right from the box, all you will need to do is just fold it into place.

This is particularly helpful if you are not a handy person yourself.

The build is solid and it is functional as one would expect after examining the material it is made out of.

It supported my weight well enough without wobbling, not even once. When folded, the surface props up an easy carrying handle that can help move it about easily.

After our analysis, we were satisfied with the solution the manufacturer offered. We had no raise eyebrows and only wished it was two steps for when you want to reach somewhere higher.

  • Strong, sturdy; very well built, it would stand the test of time

  • Foldable and super-flat; storing it is a breeze, it is almost unnoticeable when folded

  • Skid resistance bottom; come built with an adhesive skid-resistant that ensures it sticks firmly in place.

  • No double step variant.

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#3. Rubbermaid RM-3W folding step stool

Rubbermaid RM-3W

This step stool at first glance looks like a well-made stool, one that would be worth all the buck for a good bang.

On analysis, we are happy to say that it doesn’t disappoint. the product is made out of steel that is solid to the touch, it is tough enough to carry 200 pounds without any impending safety hazards.

The steel frame holds the steps in perfect position and they are wide enough to prevent missteps of any kind.

The steps are made of thick plastic and it has a rough finish to ensure sufficient friction when in use.

We had no trouble using his step stool to reach high places, its bases are fitted with plastic guards, guards we are not totally proud of, by the way, they do a good job of keeping the step stool in place but they are not even enough so you may experience slight shaking, when you try to reach for those impossible places.

Overall it is a solid product with enough functionality to keep you safe when you need some extra height to grab something.

  • Solid build; the steel frame and thick plastic make this product a durable one

  • Foldable; the step stool folds away easily and takes up very little space

  • Plastic guards that keep the legs in place

  • The step stool is slightly heavy

  • Uneven plastic guards

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#4. Cosco two-step stool with rubber handgrip


This unit provides a step stool with a simple design and great functionality.

The stool is based on a bare-bones ladder design but has the back support welded firmly to make it serve as a two-step stool that gracefully gives you some much-needed height assist when you want to reach a high spot.

It is very functional as a step stool and is strong enough to accommodate any changes below its maximum threshold which is somewhere above 200 pounds

The steps are also well made. They are fabricated out of a slip-resistant plastic and have a rough surface that keeps your feet in place as you climb away.

In terms of the overall build quality, the step stool is well made, it is simple in design and it works.

The entire stool is also foldable so you can always store this away when not in use.

The manufacturer has also provided a rubber grip around the handle for easy movement, which makes its storage and transportation super easy.

  • The step ladder is flexible; its flexibility allows for easy transportation and storage

  • It is lightweight

  • High build quality; both the steps and the frame are made out of high-quality material

  • The locking mechanism is not so great

  • It does not double up as a sitting stool; although that is not its primary function. It would have been nice to see the added functionality

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#5. Best-choice folding steel 3-step stool ladder


This folding step stool tries to make a name for itself by featuring a new accessory step that can be used to hold household tools and equipment while still in use, an ambition that is achieved successfully if we might add and leaves room for more improvement.

This step stool features 3 steps made out of plastic and a steel frame that adds worthy support in the mix.

From all indications the steel frame is built to last and will provide support to the step stool for quite a good amount of time.

However, the same cannot be said of the plastic steps, while they are designed properly enough, they seem to be made of some low-quality plastic for which we cant figure out why but are still good enough keep this product on this list for the foreseeable future.

The best part of this step stool is the accessories tray, this addition alone adds enough flair to the step stool that will make any invested homeowner who is interested in home jobs pick this up in an instant.

  • The step stool is tough and study

  • Brings with it added functionality with the accessories tray.

  • Flexibility; it is foldable, even with the fourth added tray.

  • This plastic is of a slightly lesser quality

  • It offers no room to serve as a seat stool

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#6. Ilove step stool


This simple and functional product offers a unique solution to all homeowners who are looking to purchase a step stool that would be perfect for kids.

The best part about this product is that it can be used for a number of activities that will improve your child’s safety around the house, including; toilet potty training, where your child can use it as a stool, bathroom potty stool that will ensure your child is safe from the accidental trip and slips that normally occurs when a child is in the bathroom, and also as a kitchen stool, which would allow your child to reach heights he struggled to reach before safely.

All of this functionality makes this product ideal for use.

In light of this, we ensured our analysis captured all these events and we measured just how safe it is for your child to utilize.

One good thing here is that it is not the foldable type, so no matter how playful your child is they will not experience any slip ins when they are using it.

Additionally, the surface of the stool has a marked slip-resistant soft grip rubber for comfort and traction. The feet also have a slip-resistant guard that will keep this product glued to a single spot.

Overall it has a remarkable build, one we are quite pleased with.

  • Stable, strong and sturdy; very effective in ensuring your child’s safety

  • Lightweight; can easily be moved around

  • It has a distinctive design and features an easy grab handle for portability and quick stacking.

  • The steps are not deep enough

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#7. Vaunn medical step stool

No products found.

If you are a medical practitioner and you are looking to purchase a step stool that would keep your clients safe and allow you to go about your duties worry free then you are in the right place.

This step stool has its design and features geared towards medical use, not to mention that it is extremely durable and will hold up its integrity for a long time.

This step stool is made out of hi-strength chrome alloy and from our test this stool can hold up to 300 pounds so, it is perfect for patients with some weight.

It also has a slip-resistant rubber on its surface to keep your feet firmly in place when in use.

The best part is that this step stool is also ideal for home use, it can be used in the kitchen to safely reach heights that are not far off the ground.

The non-skid rubber feet also provide enough traction and security on any floor surface.

  • Rubber platform; keeps your feet comfortable and holds it firmly in place

  • Excellent build quality; makes use of a triple-layered hi-strength chrome alloy for its frame

  • Very easy to use, requires no assembly of any kind

  • Multifunctional; can be used in medical environments as well as in the home.

  • No two-step variant for when you want to reach a farther height.

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#8. Handy laundry folding step stool

Handy laundry

It is obvious right from the first glance that this step stool Is geared towards home use, it is foldable, lightweight and safe enough to allow you reach even the trickiest of places.

The step stool is made out of plastic which is refined and pleasing to the eye. It is foldable and flat, making it easy to store when you are away.

The surface of the stool is fitted with grip-dot textured foam-like material, it provides extra safety for both adults and most especially for children.

If you are looking at how functional it is, from our analysis it held up nicely although the manufacturer did not provide the maximum allowable weight, we suspect this would take up to 200 pounds.

In terms of durability, we aren’t quite certain of the quality of the plastic because of it kind of looks cheap but however, during our analysis, we had no problems with it.

  • Aesthetically pleasing colors; you can pick any suitable color as per your specifications

  • Serves as a functional siting stool

  • Well textured and folds very easily

  • Features an easy carrying handle

  • Not very sturdy

  • Susceptible to breaking on extensive weight

  • Folds on missteps

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#9. Camco adjustable height step stool (1000lbs)


The first thing you would notice about this product is how tough and durable it feels, it is fabricated out of a high strength lightweight aluminum alloy which provides ample support without hassles, even with its light form factor.

Concurrently this product provides support up to a whopping 1000 pounds, well the manufacturer may be exaggerating but during our tests, it easily supported all the varying weights we tested with it.

The product is also foldable and adjustable. So, the height can either be increased or decreased and it can be used in a medical environment, a feature we consider an added plus.

For increased safety, it also features non-slip rubber feet which keep it grounded during use. Overall it is a solid product with ample functionality.

  • Durable construction; sturdy aluminum material

  • 1000 lbs. maximum allowable weight

  • Provides great stability

  • Excellent form factor

  • No two-step variant

  • The locking pins are not optimized

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#10. Platinum health AdjustaStep™ Deluxe step stool

Platinum health

This step stool has a unique handrail that increases its functionality as a step stool and as a sitting stool, it is well built and user-friendly.

The frame is fabricated fully out of steel and has a polished chrome or silver vein finish.

In terms of functionality this product serves its function well, it supports up to 3000 pounds in weight and the handrail makes it very easy to move around the house.

With that as a function, the manufacturers were quick-witted to assemble the soles of this product with non-slip and non-marring foot grips so you can be sure your floor is not inundated with scratches on first use.

The addition of the foot grips also ensures safety when the stool is in use.

Surprisingly the handrail can also be removed if you want to use it solely as a step stool and not a sit stool, a useful feature we advocate in stools like this.

  • Adjustable height; very useful for when you need to reach a farther height

  • Functional and detachable handrail

  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors

  • The added handrail makes the product heavy and does not allow easy movement, however, you can solve this issue by detaching the handrail.

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Benefits of Using Step Stools

Increased safety and security

Whenever you want to reach a higher platform the steps stool helps you accomplish exactly that and keeps you safe and secure

Increased stability

Step stools are more stable than ladders so they require no eternal support, even if you are the only one present, you don’t have to call on anyone to help you support it or lean it against a wall. It is perfectly stable on its own.


Step ladders and stools are designed In such a way to keep you comfortable at all times. Unlike ladders that have a narrow landing. The steps on step stools are wide and will embrace your entire feet


Step stools are very versatile and functional, they can fill in as chairs and sit stools when needed are adjustable and can feature specific additional functionality.


Step stools are portable and lightweight. some can be folded easily to take up very little space.


Q1: How much weight can the step stool carry?

The maximum allowable weight of step stools varies, but the common allowable weight we have seen so far is between 200 lbs. to 300 lbs.

Q2: How thick is the step stool when closed?

The thickness of most foldable step stools when closed varies between, 2 to 4 inches

Q3: What is the height of the step stools?

The height of the step stools featured here range from 9 inches to 52 inches in height, depending on the number of steps the step stool has

Q4: Is the step stool foldable?

Yes, and No. most step stools are foldable but not all of them are foldable. Before you make a purchase make sure you verify if the product your picked is foldable or not.

Final Verdict

There are lots of reasons why you may want to purchase a step stool, but the most important reason is that it keeps you safe while you carry out those specific household activities that will normally require extra height.

Apart from this basic functionality the step stool also aids you in other outdoor as well as indoor activities as well. It is worthwhile to have around.

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