Top 11 Best Storage Carts (2023)

Storage carts come in different designs and sizes, so choosing the right one may be somewhat daunting. Additionally, there are so many factors that you have to consider and all this may require you to do in-depth research before purchasing any of the available options.

To save you from that, we have highlighted the best storage carts that will provide you with extra space. We have critically analyzed all the products to ensure that you get the quality that you deserve.

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11 Best Storage Carts

#1 Seville Classics Rolling Utility Storage Organizer Cart

Seville Classics Rolling Utility Storage Organizer Cart

This cart is built for users who have a lot of items that need storage. It has two categories of drawers five of which are extra-large, while the remaining ten are medium size. The large drawers measure 11.25 inches (W) x 15.2 inches (D) x 2.75 inches (H), while the smaller ones are 11.25 inches (W) x 15.2 inches (D) x 5.3 inches (H). So, in total, you will have 15 drawers, thus providing you with all the space that you need. All the drawers are fitted with knobs that will allow you to pull out the units effortlessly.

More to this, the drawers are made from a translucent polypropylene material, which will keep your items from prying eyes. This feature can particularly prove useful when in an office environment. Also, this storage cart can help you when storing items that may be cluttering your room. Moreover, the tier at the top can also offer more storage space. And the fact that it has a textured surface means that the items that you will place on it won’t slide off easily. The beauty of using this storage cart is that you can install it anywhere in the house.

You can even place it in your hallway provided that you will still have enough space to move. The drawers attach to a heavy-duty frame, which is built from high-quality metal. In addition to this, the cart has four casters, which allows you to move the unit to where it may be needed the most. Furthermore, the upper parts of the frame curves to form two large handles that will help you maneuver the cart with ease.

  • The wheels have a locking mechanism
  • Drawers are removable
  • Space-saving
  • May lean on one side if the recommended load capacity is exceeded

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#2 QiMH 3 Tier Rolling Storage Cart

QiMH 3 Tier Rolling Storage Cart

The multi-functional storage cart by QiMH is made of quality materials that will provide you with exceptional durability. Furthermore, the frame is crafted from dense carbon steel, which won’t deform or break. The baskets, on the other hand, are made from environmentally friendly ABS plastic. This gives them a high abrasion resistance, so the cart will maintain its attractive appearance even after being repeatedly. The cart has three storage baskets and each has a maximum load capacity of 44lbs.

This unit will stand firm as long as you don’t load items that are more than 132lbs. Additionally, the lower parts of the baskets are vented to maximize the flow of air throughout the unit. Through this, your groceries will stay fresh for a longer time. This storage cart has a versatile design, so you can use it to store all sorts of things. The spacing in between the tiers is large enough and will allow you to stack can that are tall such as bottles

Besides, the baskets are color-coded, thus allowing you to classify the items that are in storage. Plus, the assembly will only take you a maximum of twenty minutes, after which you can enjoy using your new storage cart. The handle on this cart is ergonomically designed to minimize the amount of effort that you will apply when pushing the unit. This cart is suitable for living areas, kitchens, bedrooms, garage, and other places that may require the services of a storage cart.

  • The storage baskets are customizable
  • Minimalistic design
  • Very stylish
  • Needs assembly

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#3 Whitmor Chrome and Plastic 12-Drawer Storage Cart

Whitmor Chrome and Plastic 12-Drawer Storage Cart

This 12-drawer cart is also another worthy product that you can consider ordering online. After the assembly, you will have a storage cart that is 15.35 inches long, 24.80 inches wide, and 31.88 inches high. Putting the pieces together won’t be difficult since the only tool that you will need a Phillips screwdriver. In addition to this, the screw holes are perfectly aligned, so you won’t have a hard time installing the screws. This unit will allow you to store all your items in an organized manner, thereby giving you quick access to all your stuff.

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The storage cart is inclusive of eight small drawers and 4 large drawers. Each drawer attaches to the frame via a metal channel, which enables you to pull out or push the drawers in effortlessly. To make it even better, the drawers are removable, so you can take them out when needed. This storage cart can accommodate a wide range of items, so it is up to you to choose what to place in the drawers. When it comes to maneuverability, this cart is fitted with two pairs of wheels that will allow you to roll the unit to different rooms.

Two of the casters are lockable, so you can engage the locks once you reach your destination. This way, the cart won’t roll accidentally. The steel used in designing this storage cart is strong and reliable, thus allowing the unit to hold a favorable amount load. Moreover, the chrome plating on the frame protects it from corrosive elements that are likely to cause structural deformations.

  • Sleek design
  • Sturdy frame
  • Rustproof
  • Assembly may take time

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#4 IRIS USA, Inc. MC-322-TOP 4-Drawer Storage Cart

IRIS USA, Inc. MC-322-TOP 4-Drawer Storage Cart

If you have been having trouble locating your items when you need them most, this storage cart will provide you with a reliable solution to your problem. The unit comes with four drawers, which are spacious enough, so you will have enough space to keep most of your supplies. This cart can come in handy in different settings due to its adaptable design. As such, you can place it in the laundry room, workshop, living room, kitchen, dorms, etc.

The in-built stoppers will ensure that the drawers don’t fall off when you pull them out. Furthermore, the top surface is divided into compartments, thus making this storage cart a good organizer. The compartments are made up of both small and large slots, so you can place the items that are likely to get lost on the topmost tier knowing that you will find them exactly where you left them.

Measuring14.25 inches (L) x 12.05 inches (W) x 26.44 inches (H), this cart won’t require a lot of space, so you will only need a small area to set up this unit. To increase its stability, ensure that you place the heavy items on the bottom drawers. This will prevent the cart from falling over or leaning unnecessarily. More to this, the storage cart is light, thus making it easier to wheel around. With this unit, all your accessories will be kept in one place.

  • Has smooth-glide wheels
  • Only weighs 6.44lbs
  • Quick assembly
  • Most parts are made of plastic

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#5 Ameriwood Home Marshall 3 Shelf Metal Rolling Utility Cart

Ameriwood Home Marshall 3 Shelf Metal Rolling Utility Cart

Are you looking to add more storage space to your living area or bedroom? If your answer is yes, you can consider buying this high-quality storage cart from Amerihood Home. It has three tiers, providing you with ample space for maximum storage. Each shelf has a wraparound bar, which will ensure the items don’t fall off. Additionally, you can get the cart in four different colors, allowing you to choose the unit that will blend well with the fixtures in your room.

This particular make has a black color, so it can match with a wide range of color schemes. The frame has a dependable, heavy-duty metal construction. Also, it is powder-coated to prevent rust and enhance overall strength. Thanks to the casters, you will be able to push the cart from one room to the next while using little effort. This will apply regardless of whether the cart is loaded with items or not.

The cart has a simple design but it can match well with most pieces of furniture. This cart is not only excellent at storing things but can as well be used as a display unit for items that have sentimental value. Its open design will make the items visible from all sides. The recommended weight capacity for each shelf is 20lbs, so ensure that you don’t surpass it.

  • Ideal for small spaces
  • Lightweight
  • Lockable wheels
  • Not pre-assembled

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#6 Giantex 15 Drawer Rolling Storage Cart

Giantex 15 Drawer Rolling Storage Cart

This multi-colored storage cart will give you more storage space and will also decorate your room, making it more beautiful. The cart has fifteen drawers, which have different colors for user convenience. As such, you can arrange your accessories according to the color that you have assigned to a particular group of items. This will allow you to keep your room tidy at all times. Depending on where you may need the storage cart, you can place it in a corner or next to other fixtures.

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The drawers are not uniform in size since five are large and ten are small. You can use the large drawers when dealing with items that require more space. Moreover, they measure 13.2 inches long, 8.8 inches wide, and 4.5 inches deep. This storage cart can hold your books, groceries, clothes, cutleries, and many other things. The wheels on this unit have a swivel design and can rotate up to 360 degrees. As such, you can move the storage cart from room to room within the shortest time possible.

Also, the frame has a chrome finish, which makes the cart more aesthetic and durable. Apart from this multi-colored drawer, the manufacturers provide you with other two color options, which are equally beautiful. This storage cart comes with a well-written assembly manual that will make your work easier when attaching the parts.

  • Offers practical storage
  • Versatile
  • Built from quality materials
  • The drawers don’t have stoppers

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#7 SimpleHouseware Heavy Duty Utility Cart

SimpleHouseware Heavy Duty Utility Cart

The storage cart by Simple Houseware measures 17.25 inches (W) by 32 inches (H) by 13.5 inches (L). It has a heavy-duty construction, so you can use it to store most of your stuff without worrying about them getting damaged. The casters are conveniently placed for easy maneuverability. The cart is fitted with three baskets, which can accommodate a good number of items. This item can be placed in the kitchen, study room, living area, or in the office.

This unit has a strong frame that can support the weight of most lightweight tools. As such, you can even place the cart in your garage to assist you in assorting your tools. Since the cart has a space-saving design, it will provide you with the extra storage space that you need without getting in your way. The baskets are not entirely sealed, so they allow sufficient flow of air between the tiers.

The cart comes with all the necessary hardware, so you will only have to piece everything up. To ensure that the cart stays in one place, it is fitted with a reliable brake system that is easy to operate. All it takes is a simple push of the brake lever attached to the casters. This storage cart is very sturdy, thus making it reliable and suitable for all users.

  • Equipped with two handles
  • Durable wheels
  • Easy to clean
  • The drawers only have two color options that you can choose from

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#8 HOMZ 3 Drawer Medium Storage Cart

HOMZ 3 Drawer Medium Storage Cart

You can organize your room and make it neat by using this spacious storage cart. This unit has three large drawers that you can use when storing personal items, pieces of art, and other things that you are likely to use in the course of the day. As such, you can stuff different accessories inside the drawers, thereby allowing you to set up your room according to your preference.

This smartly designed cart may just be the storage unit that you need to solve your organization problems. Working with this storage cart is very easy since it is designed with most of your needs in mind. Furthermore, it has a simple design, making it easy to assemble. Like most storage carts, it comes with four casters. However, you have the option of not attaching the wheels depending on how you intend to use the cart.

But if you are looking to have an easy time when moving the unit, you can consider fixing the wheels. You can as well place this cart in the children’s room where it can help in storing stuffed animals and other toys. In a nutshell, you can place this storage cart in any room around your home. Also, the cart is not heavy due to the materials used in the construction. To add to this, the upper surface has a recessed design, allowing it to keep small items such as pens and papers in place.

  • Ideal for storing a wide range of items
  • Portable
  • Easy to set up
  • A bit flimsy

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#9 Honey-Can-Do Rolling Storage Cart

Honey-Can-Do Rolling Storage Cart

This item is not only ideal for storing stuff but can as well be used as an organizer. It features twelve plastic drawers that will provide you with more than enough room to keep your items. You can take your organization to the next level by applying sticker labels on the drawers such that you can easily know the type of items that are in each drawer even before you open it. This will allow you to find whatever you are looking for in a matter of seconds.

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In as much the drawers are made of plastic, the frame is built from tough steel, so you can trust that this storage cart will withstand whatever you throw at it. Still, you have to ensure that you don’t overload the drawers as this may damage the frame or cause the entire unit to topple over. Coming from a company that cares about you, this storage cart has almost all the right features that you may need.

The chrome finishing gives the cart an elegant look that will complement your décor. For the safety of your items, always ensure that you lock the wheels. In case you fill up all the drawers, you can still use the top tier as an extra space for the items that may be remaining. You should be extra careful when assembling the unit as this will determine how sturdy the cart will be.

  • Comes with an assembly manual
  • Built to last
  • Stable
  • Casters mat scratch delicate floors

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#10 Winsome Wood Single Drawer Kitchen Cabinet Storage Cart

Winsome Wood Single Drawer Kitchen Cabinet Storage Cart

This storage cart is entirely made of wood, making it a suitable option for storing heavy items. Its design suits kitchens but you can place it wherever you may need it. This unit features a large two-door storage cabinet that can accommodate all kinds of kitchenware. Additionally, it has a shelf, which is also built from wood. This design makes this storage cart an ideal option for users who may have a large number of kitchen accessories.

The doors are fitted with wooden handles that you can use when accessing the contents of the cabinet. There is also a towel rail on the side, thus making the cart even more convenient. This storage cart has a compact design and will allow you to add more storage space in your kitchen without cramping the room.

In addition to this, the casters are built to take on heavy loads, thereby allowing you to roll the cabinet without a single wheel breaking. Apart from the cabinet, there is a top drawer that can hold most of your utensils and cutleries. The natural beechwood finish will give your kitchen an amazing look.

  • Super sturdy
  • Long-lasting
  • Multi-purpose design
  • Assembly is involving

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#11 Slim Storage Cart 3 Tier

Slim Storage Cart 3 Tier

You can easily tuck this storage cart away due to its slim design. This cart can hold your spices in the kitchen, laundry supplies, and other items that you may have lying around. Nevertheless, this unit cannot accommodate items that are too wide, so you have to be extra picky when loading the tiers. It features a well-designed handle and a set of casters.

As such, you won’t have to carry the cart when moving it to another location. This storage cart can easily fit in tight spaces, so you won’t have to worry about where you can place it. You can even fix it in between your dryer and the laundry machine. This cart can also be placed inside the bathroom since it has a minimalistic design.

This storage cart is 21 inches long, 5 inches wide, and 28 ¼ inches high. As you can see from the dimensions, this unit won’t take up a lot of room. Actually, it can help you make good use of the empty spaces that may be in your room. If you want more storage space, you can consider going for the five-tier storage cart, which also has the same design.

  • Conveniently designed
  • Effortless assembly
  • Saves space
  • Made of plastic

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use a storage cart?

Storage carts can provide you with more room to store your items. Additionally, they have built-in casters, thus making them easy to move.

What should I look for when buying a storage cart?

You should ensure that the cart is sturdy enough to hold the items that you plan on storing. As such, you have to consider the load capacity to know if the cart will hold up. You also have to check the number of drawers or baskets that the cart has.

How much weight can a storage cart carry?

This will depend on the quality of construction and the type of materials that the cart is made of.

Final Verdict

You can create more storage space in your room by ordering any of the carts listed above. We have tried our best to provide you with a variety of options, so we hope that you will find a storage unit that pleases you. All the products are of high quality.

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