Top 11 Best Storage Trunks (2023)

Whether it’s in the garage, dorm, workshop, apartment, or any other place where space is premium, it’s not a hard thing to find yourself with more stuff than your room can comfortably take. Although you can get rid of the few useless things, disposing does not always guarantee to create adequate room. That’s why investing in a good storage trunk is something that every homeowner needs to give a thought.

Storage trunks are box-like containers that provide the user with plenty of room to store their essentials. They will serve you well in homes and dorms although they are also very sturdy to thrive in rugged work environments such as garages and workshops.

Of late, storage trunks have been fine-tuned to greater designs that allow for versatility when interacting better with the space they are in. Some will even double up as coffee tables when it’s time to get caffeinated. But even with the overwhelming designs, what storage trunk should you choose?

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SONGMICS 30 Inches Folding Storage Ottoman Bench,...
  • [Stylish and Sturdy] This storage ottoman features stylish linen-look fabric with fine stitching. Metal corner guards help reinforce the lid and thick MDF boards support the tops and sides, allowing the ottoman to hold a static load capacity of 660 lb

Well, the fact is that the massive influx of storage trunks has made it harder to sift out the perfect option. However, with the vast amount of knowledge we have about them, we are going to suggest some of the top models we see as the very finest. Get your ideal pick from our list of the 11 best storage trunks.

11 Storage Trunk Reviews

#1 SLPR Alexander Wooden Storage Trunk

SLPR Alexander Wooden Storage Trunk

Keep your house clutter-free by using this high-quality storage trunk. Coming as the first suggestion on our list, this storage unit features wooden construction. Therefore, it is very sturdy and can withstand everyday abuse in a rugged environment.

The unit adopts a vintage style to accent any room. The decorative straps alongside the antique style hardware step up the overall beauty of the unit, making it one of the cutest storage trunks you can ever bring to your home.

The wooden chest measures 11 inches by 7 inches by 5.5 inches. Therefore, it’s handily small to serve as a storage area for media remotes, puzzle pieces, small toys, kids’ treasures, essential oils, and more when still sitting on one end of your glass coffee table.

The small size also makes it a perfect option for anyone looking for a storage trunk for use on travel. Hence, if you want a convenient storage unit and one that won’t slow you down in your next adventure, we advise you to give the SLPR Alexander Wooden Storage Trunk a shot.

The rich staining brings masculine touch to a room, making it a great birthday gift to a man on his birthday, men’s day, anniversary day, or any other special day. In fact, if you are looking for a perfect wedding card box, very few options may serve better.

  • It is very cute.
  • It’s perfect for adventures.
  • The storage box is very sturdy.
  • The price isn’t the best for a box of its size.

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#2 YOUDENOVA 30 inches Storage Ottoman Bench

YOUDENOVA 30 inches Storage Ottoman Bench

If your house is running out of space, you should always be considerate of what you buy. You should prioritize investing in things that take minimal space but with maximum versatility.

While any standard storage trunk will help in stashing a few of your stuff, getting one that can serve more than just an ordinary one is always a plus. Now, if you are after versatility, here is one of the options conceived with people like you in mind.

This storage trunk serves as a comfortable seat and footstool when also improving the beauty of your space. As small as it may appear, the unit offers enough space to hold up to 80 lbs. of mess.

The medium-density fiberboard and the sponge padding ensures that you get the best seating experience when using it as a seat and a comfortable place for your feet when serving as a footrest. And with the weight capacity of 350 lbs., this unit is sturdy enough to support just about anyone.

And because it’s charming, this storage trunk is perfect for use in any room. I mean, you can use it for bedroom, lounge, entry room, living room, and just about any other place where you have always thought of bringing a storage trunk.

The unit measures 30 inches long, 15 inches wide, and 15 inches high. The most impressive part is that it collapses to a height of just 2.5 inches for easy storage when not in use.

  • It is very versatile.
  • The weight capacity of 350 lbs. is impressive.
  • It is collapsible.
  • You will take a few minutes for assembly.

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#3 Camabel Folding Storage Chest

Camabel Folding Storage Chest

This storage unit is similar to the previous option. I mean, apart from providing storage space for a few of your supplies, this unit will accent your room and act as a seat, footrest, bed stool, shoe bench, puppy step, coffee table, and more.

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It is 30 inches long, 15 inches wide, and 15 inches high. Therefore, it’s large to provide enough sitting space for 2 adults. The ability of the storage chest to hold up to 660 lbs. means that it’s sturdier than the just reviewed option.

The large storage space gives enough space for all your stuff- you will find it easier than ever to keep your space neat. The unit will serve just about anywhere at home including in the bedroom for the storage of extra blankets, pillows, bedsheets, and other types of beddings.

Additionally, the multi-purpose unit has durable foam padding. This feature is an implication that this storage trunk is designed for a seating experience like no other. The material is super easy to clean with a damp cloth and you will find it easy to keep the unit in its tip-top state.

When not in use, this storage trunk has a collapsible design. This space-saving design allows you to fold it flat for convenient storage under the bed. And with all these features alongside the adherence of highest industry standards, expect this unit to deliver the best value for your money.

  • The linen threat is exquisite.
  • It features a high-resilience sponge padding.
  • The bottom has fabric to protect the floor.
  • It may be quite short to serve as a footrest with some beds.

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#4 Household Essentials Decorative Metal Banded Wooden Storage Trunk

Household Essentials Storage Trunk

This storage trunk is 15.75 inches high, 27.375 inches long, and 16 inches deep. Thus, it’s very large to give you ample space for stashing all your essentials and potentially end up with some room left.

The storage chest is very cute. Hence, it will not only keep your space neat and free from clutter but also add a unique touch of elegance to your room with its 2 decorative metal bands at the bottom.

The dark painted interior makes the storage trunk easier to maintain than most options out there. The dark-toned interior also means that you can use it to store just about anything without the worry that it may get robbed of its beauty.

The lid has hinges that allow for smooth opening and closure. Hence, you will find the box easy to access. The most impressive part about this design is that after you open the lid, it will remain open to let you pick or store heavy stuff utilizing your two hands.

The rugged construction of this box means that it’s going to stand up to everyday abuse in busy working environments. If you don’t have enough space for its size, you can still opt for a smaller version of the box.

  • It can serve as a coffee table.
  • It opens and closes smoothly.
  • The magnetic lock mechanism is nice.
  • It comes with a smell that will dissipate with time.

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#5 Plano Storage Trunk

Plano Storage Trunk

Since it’s one of the best-selling storage trunks, one thing is sure about this storage unit- it’s of great quality! The box offers interior space that measures 26 inches by 11.25 inches by 11.5 inches.

Hence, it’s very large to give you ample space for all your stuff but also small enough to neatly fit in your truck, boat, small bedroom, closet, or just about any other place with limited space.

However, if you have plenty of stuff that can’t fit in one box, you can still grab two of these storage trunks. The grooved design allows for stacking so that you don’t lose more floor space when you acquire more than one.

The beautiful black finish makes it visually appealing. That said, expect this storage box to look nice wherever you use. In fact, the black color means that this is one of the boxes that will complement any style of decor.

The unit features two padlock holes on either side. This means that you can use it to store your valuables when operating in an area open to public access without the fear of losing your treasures.

  • The black finish is nice.
  • The grooved design is a plus.
  • It holds lots of stuff.
  • The top may deform when you stack very many boxes.

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#6 VonHaus Set of 3 Woven Wicker Storage Trunks Chest

VonHaus Woven Wicker Storage Trunks Chest

These storage trunks come in a set of 3- one large storage trunk and 2 smaller versions of the same size. The larger storage trunk measures 33 inches long, 16.5 inches wide, and 16.5 inches high while the smaller versions adopt a cube design with either side measuring 14 inches long.

With all this storage space, this set of storage trunk is a perfect option for anyone who has plenty of things to stash. You can split them up for use in different areas at home or use them all together for a harmonious look.

To ensure that the three do not claim much space in your already limited space, the two smaller storage trunks are designed to fit within the larger storage case. Therefore, the whole set will literally utilize the footprint of the larger storage trunk.

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Each of the three units is made of natural wicker, a material that interacts well with contemporary and traditional designs. Hence, whether you want to use it in the bedroom, living room, hallway, utility, or any other place, expect it to add a visual appeal of your space.

You can use either of the storage trunks for storing linen, bedding, shoeboxes, or just about anything else. The hinged lids allow for smooth opening and closing of the tanks whereas the side handles facilitate carrying of either from room to room.

  • The price is a real bargain.
  • The hinged lids are great.
  • They are very classy.
  • Since it’s purely made of a natural material, the actual color may differ slightly with the one in the picture.

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#7 Plano Storage Trunk

Plano Storage Trunk

This storage trunk comes from Plano, the same manufacturer of one of our previous options. However, it is a bigger brother of the earlier sibling. The unit possesses fantastic features and that’s why it qualifies for a spot on our top-notch list.

The unit has interior dimensions of 34.75 inches long, 16 inches wide, and 13.5 inches high. With all this space, this storage trunk is designed to provide enough space even for the extra-large objects that can’t fit in smaller storage trunks.

You can use the trunk for just about anything. However, considering its level of sturdiness alongside other features, we see it as an excellent option for keeping bulky and oversized equipment such as hunting gear and many more.

For those that will need several of them, each storage trunk is designed in a manner that supports sturdy stacking. Unlike some storage trunks that may deform once you stack several of them, the lid of this unit is reinforced to ensure that it resists impact.

The reliable locking mechanism allows you to use it for keeping your treasures without the fear of theft. The recessed handles make moving the unit a breeze. However, if you don’t feel like carrying the unit, you can just pull it since it also features sturdy free-rolling wheels.

  • It’s good for large and heavy equipment.
  • The lid is reinforced for impact resistance.
  • The casters are heavy duty.
  • Using a hinge mechanism for the lid would be a major improvement.

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#8 Soul & Lane Benjamin Decorative Wooden Suitcase Storage Trunks

Soul & Lane Benjamin Decorative Wooden Suitcase Storage Trunks

Next on our list is yet another option that guarantees to bring warmth and style in just about any style of decor. The unit comes as a pair of larger and smaller boxes. The large box measures 14.2 inches long, 11 inches deep, 6.3 inches high whereas the smaller unit is 11.8 inches long, 8.7 inches wide, and 4.7 inches high.

You can use the pair in the same area or in different rooms depending on what works best for you. When using them together, the smaller box will neatly sit at the top of the larger storage trunk to avoid claiming additional floor space.

The smaller box will work well for smaller kinds of stuff such as letters, postcards, and more while the larger storage unit works well for larger supplies such as toys, table linens, and many more.

That said, this pair works best for bedroom, office, family room, and other areas where a storage trunk can play a major role. The faux leather straps alongside the rich staining make the set more visually appealing.

Since it’s very sturdy, cute, and classy, this pair of storage trunks will make for a perfect gift for a friend. Hence, whether you are looking for a gift for your friend’s birthday, wedding anniversary, wedding, or any other special day of their life, this pair will be a great option.

  • The pair is very versatile.
  • It’s a perfect gift.
  • It is designed for maximum durability.
  • The wood is quite thin.

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#9 J. Terence Thompson Storage Trunk

J. Terence Thompson Storage Trunk

Measuring 32.5 inches long, 15.75 inches wide, and 13.75 inches high, this storage trunk is one of the options you may consider giving a shot if you are looking for a reliable large storage trunk.

Unlike some units that come in a set of 2 or more, this storage trunk arrives as a single unit. It is made of polypropylene material. That’s why it is a heavy-duty that can withstand rough handling even in the most rugged environments.

The polypropylene construction also means that you don’t have to worry that the unit will catch rust like the metallic counterparts or dent like the storage trunks that are made of wood.

The lockable design is an indication that this storage trunk will keep all your accessories safe. And since it meets all the airline baggage requirements, it’s a perfect option for people who want a perfect storage trunk for travel.

Although it doesn’t have wheels like some of the competing models, this storage trunk still gives the user multiple carrying options. In other words, it features several handles- two recessed grips at the sides and a strap handle at the front.

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#10 JTT Storage Trunk, Model# 2820-20P

JTT Storage Trunk

The next product on the list is made with high-quality plastic material. And since it comes from the United States, it’s a product that won’t disappoint easily in terms of quality and doing what it’s made to do.

The all-weather construction means that this storage trunk is designed to thrive under all conditions. That said, we don’t expect it to crack, dent, or rust even when using in highly corrosive environments.

Although it also neither comes as a set, this storage trunk features a spacious design to give your stuff enough room. It measures 32.5 inches long, 15.75 inches wide, and 13.75 inches wide to afford you adequate space for your essentials.

The product will not only stash your essentials but also keep them safe, this roomy storage trunk features a padlocking hole. Hence, if you want to keep your valuables organized and away from prying eyes, here is one of the options made to deliver just that.

The two handles provide a convenient way of carrying these storage trunks when full of essentials. Finally, to ensure that it complements almost every decor, this unit comes with a beautiful black finish.

  • It has all-weather construction.
  • It has a reinforced padlock hole for maximum security.
  • The handles are ergonomic.
  • It isn’t the most inexpensive option on our list.

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#11 Household Essentials White Washed Rustic Decorative Wooden Trunk

Household Essentials Decorative Wooden Trunk

Although it comes the last on our list, this wooden trunk is by no means inferior to any of the previous options. It is available in three sizes; small, medium, and large. The multiple sizes make it easy to find the one that works best for your needs.

All these sizes utilize a tall design. This design makes them unique and increases their holding capacities when keeping their footprints as tiny as possible. That said, if you want a storage trunk that will hold a lot of stuff when taking minimal space in your room, this product by Household Essentials is a nice way to go.

The lid opens fully to make it easy to store or access its contents. The heavy-duty metallic hinges is an implication that you won’t always have to realign the lid all the time when you need to close the box.

The most impressive thing about the hinged design of this wooden trunk is that the lid can stay open in multiple positions without the need for support. The lid will click audibly to let you know when you reach one of the positions that support the lid open.

The finish of this chest looks like aged wood. The slightly gray-tone ensures that it coordinates well with different interior designs. The inside of the chest features a black finish that won’t come out easily.

  • The spade-shaped metal closure is nice.
  • It is available in 3 sizes.
  • Its lid remains open in multiple positions.
  • Shipping may take up to 2 weeks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should You Invest In A Good Storage Trunk?

Storage trunks provide central storage for your stuff. This keeps your space neat. Most of them even come with reliable locking mechanisms to ensure the security of your valuables.

How Do You Know That You Need A Storage Trunk?

Whether you have a smaller or larger space, a storage trunk is a must-have provided that you have plenty of stuff in your space. In fact, with most of them able to serve as coffee tables and other roles, storage trunks are now seen as an absolute necessity for every home.

Where Can I Use A Storage Trunk?

First of all, you can use storage trunk at home, school, office, and other areas. However, before you use it in your space, you have to be sure that it has features that support use in such spaces. For instance, before you use one in the bathroom or laundry room, ensure that it is waterproof.

What Makes A Good Storage Trunk?

The ideal storage trunk for you will depend on how well it conforms to your specific needs. Generally, we all want robust, durable, rust-proof, waterproof, cute, and reliable storage trunks. The unit should also have a nice locking mechanism and ergonomic handles. Other features such as casters, size, and material type will depend on personal preference and the intended area of use.

How Much Should You Pay For A Storage Trunk?

This will depend on the size and features. Be ready to pay more for larger storage trunks than smaller versions. If it comes as a single unit, the price will also be low than that of models that come as a set. Therefore, it’s about striking a tradeoff between what you actually want and the amount you can afford.

Final Verdict

Storage trunks have evolved to become one of the must-haves for every home. When choosing one, be sure to pay close attention to details to ensure that what you buy is exactly what you intended.

But beware- they can be dangerous to juniors. The heavy lid may slam shut, something that may hurt the little colleagues when trying to satisfy their curiosity on what’s inside the box. Hence, if you have a family with kids, pick one that will allow you to lock.

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