Top 15 Best Surge Protectors (2023)

It is not uncommon for the voltage to spike in the course of it dispensing the power to the various gadgets. The spikes are not welcome at all as they have the tendency to damage the electronics and render them malfunctioning. That is why you badly need to put in place a surge protector.

This wonderful piece of electronic is equipped to block any excesses of the voltage to maintain your electronics in the proper shape and form. It also minimizes the possibilities of fire outbreaks. Our review-cum-buying guide hereunder endeavors to guide you through an appropriate purchase.

Surge Protector Power Strip - Nuetsa Flat Plug...
  • 【Power Strip with 8AC outlets & 4 USB】- power bars with surge protector with 8AC outlets & 4 USB charging ports (1 USB C Outlet), 6 Feet Heavy Duty extension cord(1625W/13A), surge protector (2700 Joules) with overload protection protects against spikes and fluctuations. Wide range voltage design, can be used on 120v to 240v circuit.

15 Best Surge Protectors

#1: AmazonBasics 6-Outlet Surge Protector

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Have many gadgets to care for at a time? No need to clutter your workspace unnecessarily with many surge protectors. Instead, you have to choose this comprehensive item as it is able to handle 6 items at a go.

Multiple Outlets

As explained above, the protector has multiple outlets for you to leverage. They number six in total. They cut down the space requirements you might have to set aside to accommodate these protectors.

Indicator Lights

A set of indicator lights also abound on the protector. As you may have guessed, these lights let you know when the voltage levels are too high and unmanageable. That lets you vary your use accordingly.

2-Foot Power Cord

To supply output to the protector, you will make use of the power cord that measures 2 feet. Being longer, this one gives you some freedom of movements and use as it fits the narrow spaces conveniently.

  • Handles many electronics at a time
  • Fits the smaller and cramped up spaces with ease
  • Protects the smaller items with absolute ease
  • Lets you know when the time is up
  • Minimizes clutter in your rooms and ambiances
  • Takes excess muscle power to handle
  • Costs a lot to come by
  • Limited to some voltage ratings

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#2: Surge Protector, POWRUI USB Wall Charger

POWRUI USB Wall Charger

Want to accrue the highest returns on investments? You want to make good use of this protector that doubles up as a USB charging port. It will charge your gadgets over and above shielding the same from voltage surges.

Dual Smart USB Charging Ports

Setting this protector apart from the others is the dual smart USB charging port. This one has the uncanny ability to detect the charging devices automatically. It also varies the speeds considerably.

Built-in 1680 Joules Surge Protection

Its core comes in the form of the built-in 1680 Joules of surge protection. This limit is sufficiently high as to prevent any fires from breaking out unnecessarily on the electronics.

POWRUI 3-Level Surge Protection Circuit

Complementing these two is the POWRUI 3-level surge protection circuit. Its three-level does help you to firmly secure the electronics properly to prevent any damages regardless of how high the power could be.

  • Comes about in a multifunctional design
  • Comprises some two USB charging ports
  • Works in variable voltage levels
  • Manages 6 electronics at a time
  • Certified by the Electronics Testing Laboratory
  • Its response is shorter than the standard surge protector
  • Enjoys a limited and incomprehensive warranty
  • The stature is somewhat delicate and prone to damages

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#3: KMC 6-Outlet Surge Protector (Power Strip 2-Pack)

KMC 6-Outlet Surge Protector

Looking for a protector to use in the outdoor environment or a place that is far detached from the mainstream? This is the one to set your eyes on as it attaches to a cord that measures 4 feet.

“Protected” Indicators Light

Some ‘protected’ indicator lights exist in plenty in this item. They are the ones that notify you of the level of protection or power that the protector detects.

900-joule Surge Protection Function

At its core is the 900-joule surge protection function that basically seeks to protect all the attached electronics from all forms of possible power-related damages.

High-quality Materials

Only high-quality materials have been used to structure the protector. It is resistant to flames and is hence able to provide the required levels of support and protection.

  • Protects all your electronic apparatus considerably
  • Attaches to a 4-foot power cord for convenient operations
  • Operable at the simple press of a switch
  • Indicator lights keep you posted on your progress
  • Listed in the Electronics Testing Laboratory
  • Its black color is not elegant
  • The voltage rating is somewhat lower
  • Likely to sustain fires and the associated damages

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#4: Belkin 12-Outlet Power Strip Surge Protector

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Of all the surge protectors we have around, it is this one that has the longest cord. Consider leveraging it for your computers, office equipment, and general electronic appliances.

8-foot Extension Power Strip

An 8-foot extension power strip stands as the premier part or component of the protector. It is this one that channels the power output to the item. Being long, it does not constrain in your use.

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Intelligent Circuit Design

Next comes the intelligent circuit design that detects and varies the power needs of your gadgets appropriately. It comes along with a multi-plug power strip that lets your devices function accordingly.

Right Angle Plug

Lastly, the component has a right-angle plug that features a low profile design. This one fits conveniently at the back of your furniture. In doing so, it prevents the same from inflicting excess clutter to your rooms.

  • Comprises a whopping 12 outlets!
  • Its power cord is the longest of all that is available
  • Able to protect many items from power surge issues
  • Bears the impressive 3,940-joule energy rating
  • Manages the 6,000 Volts maximum spike
  • Prepare to part with an excess amount of money to afford it
  • Care and maintenance are both strenuous
  • Slightly intricate to the average user

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#5: GE Designer Extension Cord with Surge Protection

GE Designer Extension Cord with Surge Protection

Looking for a protector to use for managing items that are fewer and less intricate? No need to hustle your way with exceptionally strong and diverse electronics. Instead, choose this simplistic one for your needs.

3 AC Outlets

Unlike many of the competing gadgets, this one contains a paltry three AC outlets. They are the ones that you use to slot in the electronics and have them appropriately protected from the power surges.

Fabric-braided Cord

A fabric-braided cord does channel the power input from the mains outlet to the protector unit. Being braided, it does resist the menace of tangles that occasionally arise with use.

Low-profile Plug

Closing its list of the most awesome features is the low-profile plug that stays closer to the walls while at the same time preventing you from suffering the problems of obstructions that arise periodically.

  • Charges multiple devices simultaneously
  • Comes about in a stylish design for your own aesthetics
  • Braided to prevent any forms of tangles
  • Reaches far-flung areas conveniently thanks to the extra-long cable
  • Comparatively simpler to tangle and untangle
  • Manages a paltry 250-joule protection
  • Charges a maximum of three gadgets only
  • Has a somewhat shorter lifespan

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#6: Cordinate Designer 3-Outlet Extension Cord with Surge Protection

Cordinate Designer 3-Outlet Extension

Apart from protecting your vital pieces of equipment from the menace of power surges, this one will also add some beauty to your interiors. It is also resistant to tampers and is hence quite reliable in the long run.

Built-in Surge Protection

Built-in surge protection stands out as the supreme feature of the item. It is the one that blocks the voltage from spiking and possibly causing the same to sustain some damages.

Premium Design

When all the factors are put into consideration, the protector is truly available in a premium design. This sees it stronger and well able to endure the various agents of destruction.

Extra Layer of Fabric

An extra layer of fabric adorns the exterior of the cord. The layering ups the durability of the cable while at the same time preventing the same from getting tangled or bending.

  • Adds some charm and style to the rooms
  • Its thoughtful construction adds some strength and elegance
  • Connects your devices conveniently
  • Fits those otherwise cramped-up spaces
  • Highly versatile and well able to handle many gadgets
  • Offer support to fewer gadgets
  • Brings forth limited returns to investments
  • Not really a fruitful purchase

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#7: GoGreen Power GG-16106MS 6 Outlet Surge Protector

GoGreen Power GG-16106MS 6 Outlet Surge Protector

Searching for a protector to use solely in the outdoor environment? Choose to work with this one. It is strong and highly resistant to the various outdoor elements that may pose some damages.

Active Indicator Light

An active indicator light is the most conspicuous part and component of the power protector. It confirms operations and keeps you ahead of every progress you might have to go through.

Right-angle Plug

Next comes the right-angle plug. As you may have guessed, this one attaches to a wall and draws the power flow to the gadget. Embedded in it is some protection circuits.

Heavy-duty Protections

When all is said and done, the item does manage to give off heavy-duty protection to your electronic gadgets. This protection comes about mainly in the form of exceptional blockage of the voltage levels.

  • Takes up limited storage space
  • Resists all forms of external damages
  • Manages a whopping 250 joules of adequate protection
  • Manages high-end performance when deployed for use
  • Highly effective regardless of the situation at hand
  • Demands complex operational mechanisms
  • When broken, takes too much to repair
  • May not serve useful purpose indoors

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#8: PHILIPS 6-Outlet Surge Protector Tap

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Short on space? Worry not! It is possible for you to leverage the benefits that these surge protectors have to offer. That can only happen if you lay your hands on this one that comes in a space-saving design.

6 Outlet Surge Protector

It does have the ability to charge up to 6 devices at a time. These include gaming gadgets, audio devices and video apparatus. Being many, they cut down the efforts and space requirements.

Charging Station

At its core is a charging hub that accommodates multiple gadgets conveniently. The hub does have some 3-prong outlets that channel the protection to multiple devices simultaneously.

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Space-Saving Design

For all practical purposes, the item is available in a space-saving design. This arrangement sees it take up minimal storage and mounting space when deployed for use.

  • Has a pretty high charging capacity
  • Pretty efficient when weighed against the prevailing alternatives
  • Boasts of the impressive 900-joule surge protection
  • Keeps your devices safer from all forms of potential damages
  • Easily accessible due to the central location
  • Lacking in other vital features
  • May not accomplish certain feats
  • Strictly for indoor use

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#9: APC 6-Outlet Wall Surge Protector (P6WU2)

APC 6-Outlet Wall Surge Protector

Looking to charge your electronics at the same while offering protection to your electronics? Opt for this one that comes along with a USB port for charging and transferring data concurrently.

Excellent Energy Rating

An excellent energy rating is perhaps the most noticeable of all the traits of the protector. It bears the impressive 1080 joules and is hence great at shielding your most vulnerable gadgets with ease.

Wall-mount Surge Protector

The design and structure of the protector are such that it mounts safely on the walls. This makes the entire arrangement compact and space-saving. It is hence unlikely to infringe on your free movements.

2 USB Ports

As stated above, the gadget is also able to power your electronic devices. This is a feat it achieves principally by the use of the two USB ports that exist as a vital part and component of it.

  • Accords exceptional surge protection to your gadgets
  • Provides an effective shield from lightning, spikes, and surges
  • Guards against the emergence of the irreparable damages
  • Mounts on the walls for expedited operations
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty
  • Quite complicated to manage and run
  • Likely to confuse a simpler user
  • Cannot withstand harsh external weather elements

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#10: Huntkey 6 AC Outlets Surge Protector

Huntkey 6 AC Outlets Surge Protector

It is not uncommon for your electronics to fidget and lose stability in the course of a charging session. You do not want this to happen to you at all. That is why we demand that you choose this that is quite stable.

Wall Mountable Designed

It does come about in a wall-mountable design that takes up sufficiently limited space on your part. Thus, it guarantees the benefits that come along but without the associated hassles and dangers.

Surge Protector

At its core is the surge protector that withstands 900 joules of power surge effectively. In doing so, it guards against the damages that come along with the spiked power levels.

Indicator Light

The indicator light does exist and plays the role of letting you know about the progress of the protection and charging that is going on. Particularly, it shields your gadgets from spikes and surges.

  • Allows for secure and simple installations
  • Stabilizes your gadgets to prevent the same from tipping off
  • Ensures secure and convenient movements
  • Charges your gadgets and apparatus as well
  • Able to protect all devices in your typical home
  • Slightly clumsy and inconvenient to handle
  • Contains many disparate parts and specifications
  • Quite of a hassle to inspect and keep accurate track of

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#11: ECHOGEAR On-Wall Surge Protector

ECHOGEAR On-Wall Surge Protector

Do you have some existing outlets whose balances you would not wish to tamper with? You have this particular surge protector for your own leverage and use. It is quite able to pair and work with many pre-existing outlets.

1080-Joule Rating

The 1080-joule rating is the most outstanding aspect of this power surge protector. It is the one that ensures that your items are safe and secure without the dangers that the power surge brings along.

Fireproof Metal Oxide Varistor

A fireproof metal oxide varistor exists to absorb extra voltage in the event of a spike. Being fireproof, it contributes to the safety of your own home and room.

EMI/RFI Filtering

Other than merely protecting against power surges, this one will go further to that and protect against other things as well. Examples are electromagnetic radiation and radio frequency interferences.

  • Its fireproof nature keeps all homes secure and fire-free
  • Guards against signal and electronic interferences
  • Pairs smoothly with the existing outlets
  • Installs in seconds
  • Eliminates the menace of dirty power
  • Quite costly to come by
  • May not work in certain voltage ratings
  • Likely to put some strains on you

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#12: CyberPower CSP600WSU Surge Protector

CyberPower CSP600WSU Surge Protector

Do you happen to change locations every now and then? Get hold of this protector and have all your worries put to rest. Why? Because it swivels when engaged for use and is hence convenient to transport.

Compact Design and Swivel Outlets

It does come about in a compact design that is complemented with the swivel outlets. They are the ones that allow for smooth and uninterrupted motions when engaged for use.

EMI/RFI Filters

A set of filters also exists as a vital part of this protector. They are the electromagnetic and the radio frequency filters respectively. These provide some clean and stable power to your gadgets.

Surge-protected Swivel Outlets

To dispense the power output, the item makes use of the surge-protected swivel outlets. They jointly shield your systems by a whopping 1,200 Joules. In this way, they maintain some safety on your part.

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#13: Lovin Product Surge Protector

Lovin Product Surge Protector

Have a diversity of electronics to care for and engage at a time? Place your bet on this surge protector. Its universal scope allows it to handle and engage with many vital apparatus.

Multiple Sockets and USB Connector

The item comprises many sockets and a USB connector. These are the ones that facilitate the acts of protecting the diverse pieces of equipment in a manner that is pretty convenient.

Universal Applicability

In all, the item manages universal applicability. That is due to its equally comprehensive makeup and part-mix. They ensure that just about every other gadget is properly cared for and handled.

Durable and Reliable

On the whole, the gadget is durable and reliable at the same time. The use of flame-resistant plastic material and PVC is the one responsible for this. With this durability comes the limited costs of maintenance.

  • Saves greatly on space and leaves your movements unimpeded
  • Keeps all your gadgets devoid of any likelihood of overloading
  • Controlled simply by the use of a reliable control switch
  • Operates well in diverse conditions
  • Furnishes the power output at all angles
  • Lacks any specialty
  • Lasts a fair short duration of time
  • Cannot withstand fidgeting as is the norm with many gadgets

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#14: POWRUI Surge Protector 1680 Joules

POWRUI Surge Protector 1680 Joules

Looking for a gadget to use in many environments of use? Choose to work with this universal protector that operates well at the home, office and the school environments.

Multi-functional USB Outlet

A multi-functional USB outlet is the premier component of this surge protector. This multi-functional aspect basically enables the gadget to handle a couple of gadgets simultaneously.

Intelligent Charging Technology

Its major functional properties are embedded in intelligent charging technology. Thanks to this technology are the one that furnishes electrical power to the various pieces of electronics.

3-Level Surge Protection

Unlike your standard protector, the gadget accords three levels of surge protection, all for the utmost safety and well-being of the gadgets you pin there.

  • Available in a multifunctional design
  • Excellent for rechargeable electronics
  • Professional enough for extremely rigorous chores
  • Its compact design lets it fit snugly at home
  • Mounts conveniently on the walls
  • Low joule surge protection
  • Unlikely to pair with many gadgets
  • Has fewer output ports

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#15: BN-LINK 8 Outlet Surge Protector

BN-LINK 8 Outlet Surge Protector

Wary also of the high utility bills that come along? You want to put in place a system that can limit the consumption of power over and above protecting your items from damages. This is the one to pick and use.

8-outlet Ports

The gadget contains some 8 outlets via which it dispenses the power output. They cut down on your space needs greatly on account of this phenomenon.

Overload Protection

Next comes the overload protection unit that forms the core of the apparatus. It shields your items from the spikes and surges in the power levels that arise from time to time.

‘Always ON’ Function

An ‘always ON’ function rounds up the list of the many benefits that the gadget has to offer. You use this one to activate all the outlets and let them function round the clock.

  • Saves energy greatly at home and in the office
  • Some updated black pins allow for improved legibility
  • A power cord that measures 3 feet dispenses the power output conveniently
  • The timer function aids in handling and reliability
  • Keeps you safer via an override switch
  • Only for the professional expert user
  • Takes a toll on some users
  • May be inconvenient to move about

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Frequently Asked Question

How many joules is a good surge protector?

A good surge protector has to bear a joule-rating of no less than 200J. However, for adequate protection to all the household apparatus, you should look for no less than 600-joule rating.

Is there a difference in surge protectors?

YES, there are! The power strips and the adapters provide extra outlet space but no meaningful surge protection. Be sure to check out the ratings on the labels before proceeding to make a choice.

Should a TV be plugged into a surge protector?

YES! Though most modern televisions are appropriately protected from all power surges and spikes, they are not averse to such damages. You should hence plug them in the surge protectors for added protection.

How do I choose a surge protector?

Check the joule and voltage rating as well as the number of gadgets it can handle at a time. Then again, you have to look into the prices thereof as well as the amount of space it demands your use.

Are 900 joules enough for a surge protector?

YES, but only for the smaller pieces of electronics. You have to insist on one that has a higher rating if you want adequate protection to all of your gadgets in the home environment.

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