11 Best Table Saw Fences (2024)

Well-made woodworking tools like a table saw fences offer stability for your workpiece during accurate cuts.

Without these precision components, it might be difficult for customers to appreciate the value of your craftsmanship. However, the table saw fences come with different features and designs.

If you don’t like the performance of your table saw’s fence, try pro-grade models that reduce downtime during woodworking applications. A high-quality fence guides the workpiece as it moves along the saw.

While the table saw rips the wood, a functional fence aligns it in parallel to the saw blade. However, a misalignment of the fence could affect the area and shape of cuts.

With the best table saw fences, you’ll enjoy straight and parallel cuts. These types are easy to assemble and they have built-in mechanisms that deliver precise adjustments.

You could have woodwork projects that require heavy-duty applications with table saws. The right type of extruded fence for this purpose is one that offers high degrees of precision and efficiency.

Use table saw fences that are designed with sturdy aluminum frames and mounting brackets.

More so, the cam lever action must be functional to avoid safety hazards during work.

All its components should be user-friendly, and the cams have to lock securely. However, magnetic table saw fences are different because they don’t need mounting screws (or brackets) for installation.

Since they have magnetic properties, you can install them on cast-iron or steel worktables. Regardless of the designs of the table saw fences, you can get what suits your home garage or professional projects.

Simply can compare the features of top models and pick the right tool from this buying guide. Here’s are some expert recommendations and comparisons that will help your decision-making process.

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11 Best Table Saw Fences

 #1. Hitachi Rip Fence

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Hitachi Rip Fence comes with a blend of functionality and design. It fits circular saw models and the wing bolt requires simple-mounting procedures.

The parallel guide ensures the stability of the workpiece. While this Hitachi Rip Fence is easy to use, you can adjust the rip guide to any distance that fits your blade. Also, the rip guide flushes with the miter slots.

This lightweight (2.4 ounces) fence allows you to install on heavy tables and adjust the rip guide’s screw with its user-friendly knob. It’s a durable rip fence that offers high performance.

  • It’s compatible with circular saw models

  • It has a wing bolt for easy installation

  • Durable construction

  • It doesn’t come with a measuring scale

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#2. JessEm 4010 Master Fence II

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Apart from the heavy-duty aluminum construction, this table saw fence model from JessEm Tool Company comes with a dust collection port. With the dust chute allows, it’s easy and quick to remove sawdust and other particles during work.

This unique design improves the efficiency of JessEm 4010 Master Fence II and prevents a messy workspace. Also, the extruded fence frame of this fence fits regular 24 to 32-inch router tables.

While this MDF fence is adjustable, its angle-mount and mounting track designs allow hassle-free installation and removal.

It comes with other adjustable features like the quick-locking knobs. Additionally, you will enjoy much ease of use because this Mast-R-Fence II model requires tool-free adjustments.

  • Fast and precise offset bars with preset values of 1/32 and 1/16 inches

  • Side-mounted tracks with scales

  • User-friendly locking knobs

  • This fence doesn’t come with a feather board.

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Carter Universal Magnetic Fence offers adjustable scales and precise adjustments. While it measures 15 x 3.5 inches, the space between the middle of the two magnets is 10.5 inches.

On small router tables, you can adjust the fence tracks for the magnets to fit your veneer-striping and wood-cutting projects.

This Carter Fence model is compatible with a range of MAGFENCE II accessories. Also, you can attach this tool to many metal (cast-iron and steel) tables.

You don’t need brackets or mount screws to install this magnetic fence. Instead, the two switchable magnets offer stability and allow users to make precise adjustments. Other types of power tools that are compatible with this fence are spindle sanders, bandsaw, and drill press.

  • Aluminum material with 3.5-inch L-shaped design

  • Tool-less assembly

  • Built-in switchable magnets and multiple T-slots

  • This rectangular fence might not fit many square tables.

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#4. Kreg PRS1015 Router Table Fence

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Kreg Router Table Fence comes with an anodized-aluminum construction and built-in port for collecting sawdust. As a complete package, it includes assembly hardware (mounting accessories) and owner’s manual.

This tool has a T-Square adjustment system that’s easy to use. Also, Kreg Fence is safe to use because its dual-lock system is firm.

The measuring scale has readable values and you can adjust the fence with one hand. Another amazing feature of this sturdy table saw fence is its parallel position with the miter-gauge.

Usually, professional woodworkers prefer table fences with micro-adjust wheels because these types offer precise measurements. However, this model of Kreg table fence’s infeed end has both quarter-turn and a big paddle lock.

  • It comes with essential components like jointing rods and a bit guard

  • User-friendly measuring scale

  • An innovative design

  • This fence has heavy-gauge steel frames.

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#5. Peachtree Woodworking Uni-T-Fence

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Peachtree Woodworking Uni-T-Fence measures 43 inches and it offers accurate measurements. It doesn’t come with pre-drilled holes and this design saves any hassles during installations.

This heavy-duty aluminum extrusion is not designed as an extension for stock fences. However, it’s a versatile table saw fence that works as an extension for Delta UniFence table saw and Milwaukee miter saw models. Also, it’s easy to adjust for accurate measurements.

The distance (center to center) between the T-Track slots is 1.25 inches. Apart from this 43-inch model, you can use the shorter (36-inch) version with your table saw. With the side-mounting design, you can slide-off the existing stock fence and attach this Uni-T-Fence seamlessly.

  • It comes with neat construction that doesn’t require pre-drilled holes

  • Lightweight (2.2 lbs design)

  • Durable aluminum construction

  • It’s not compatible with old models of Delta grip-lock and Beisemeyer fences.

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#6. POWERTEC Rip Fence

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Do you need a rugged and reliable rip fence for square work tables? The extruded aluminum design of this POWERTEC Rip Fence allows you to attach it with Wood Band Saw easily.

It’s a sturdy fence with an adjustable clamp that locks firmly. Also, you don’t need an owner’s manual to assemble this tool because it comes as a ready-to-use rip fence.

However, you need to make some adjustments for straight and accurate cuts.

This POWERTEC fence’s cam can be adjusted between 11-1/8 to 11-13/16 inches. It’s a handy component that provides high performance and stability for your workpiece. As a lightweight (13.4 ounces) fence, you can transport ad use it in any work location.

  • It offers parallel cuts

  • The cam-lever adjusts easily

  • It’s compatible with 11-3/4 band saw tables.

  • The plastic clamps are not sturdy.

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#7. Taytools Fence

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Router table fences that offer hassle-free adjustments are suitable for precision-straight cuts. The Taytools Table Fence is long-profile equipment that fits many router tables.

Apart from being safe, it optimizes the sawing needs of projects. Unlike other router table fences, this 32-inch aluminum construction comes with a feather board, dust port, and bit guard. Also, it’s adjustable and has for rear-mounted knobs.

While the height is 3.5 inches, its T tracks are compatible with a range of woodworking accessories. Additionally, the shim system of this outfeed fence uses two aluminum bars that slide into its offset tracks. These fence faces are coated with wood fibers (MDF) that give them some smooth finish.

  • It features an adjustable stop and T-tracks that are spaced between 18.5 to 22.35 inches.

  • Threaded mounting knobs

  • Efficient shim system

  • It comes with narrow slots that might not fit 5/16-inch bolts.

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#8. Shop Fox Classic Fence

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Wouldn’t you like to build router tables with accurate fences? Shop Fox Classic Fence comes with a low-friction surface and standard rails.

Its right-angle design ensures cross-cuts with its miter gauge on a wooden workpiece. Also, it has a compact design that measures 42 inches and weighs 75 lbs. With its precise scale, you can adjust the settings and mount its cursor on either side of the frame.

The surface of this fence is an HDPE plastic with a low-sliding resistance (friction). Another impressive feature is the front and rear rails that fit most types of table saws.

While the standard rails offer 25-inches rip cuts, the long rails give 54-inches to the saw blade. When making seamless adjustments, the slider pads requires minimal efforts for smooth operations.

  • Single locking cam

  • The fence doesn’t wobble when it guides wooden products

  • User-friendly magnified cursor

  • The lift-off design allows for easy installation

  • The rail cut-outs might obstruct the miter slots.

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#9. Wixey WR700 Saw Fence

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One of the features that you’ll enjoy with this Wixey Saw Fence is the ease of installation. Unlike other models, it comes in a hassle-free packaging and you can mount attach the fence on either (left or right) sides.

While the mounting hardware is sturdy, it allows you to mount on the base of an existing fence rail with drill bits and threaded screws. Also, its digital readout is precise and you can confirm measurements in different modes.

The WR700 saw fence measures in millimeters, results in inches and fractions can be read on the full function display.

This Saw Fence model uses a magnet system that allows you to detach it without distorting its calibration settings, and readouts. Other features include a 63-inch track and an incremental measuring units.

  • The auto shut-off function extends the battery life

  • It has Precise Fraction Technology

  • Digital readout display

  • This fence doesn’t fit many models of portable saws like SkillSaw, Dewalt, Makita, and Bosch.

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#10. RIKON Band Saw Fence

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Do you need fences that allow for squaring 90-degrees to your router table? Blades that tend to wiggle require re-saw bars that help to make straight cuts. This 14-inch model of RIKON Power Tools Fence allows you to position plywood materials, and make square cuts efficiently.

Apart from the scale, it’s magnified cursor is easy to use. This Band Saw Fence has a cam-lock lever and ripsaw bar for accurate cuts. It’s not difficult to install because the bolt slots align with the underside of standard router tables.

While the fence guides your workpiece to a straight cut, it allows for re-sawing and multiple adjustments. Also, you can drift and control the positions of the wood during operations.

  • This RIKON fence model is compatible with 10-320 Bandsaw.

  • A built-in rear glide rail allows for optimum control and positioning of the saw blade.

  • An easy-to-use cam-lock lever

  • It might be difficult for beginner woodworkers to adjust this fence for blade drift techniques.

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#11. Vega U50 Fence System

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Are you considering an upgrade of your table saw to an efficient cutting machine? This Vega Helmets fence for table saws measures 36-inches and weighs 38.4 lbs.

It’s a heavy-duty steel and aluminum alloy construction that allows for micro adjustment. While this fence bar comes with a secure cam lever, its threaded rod can be adjusted in either direction.

You can install it on contractors saws and Delta Unisaws. Also, its 2-1/2-inches (height) doesn’t require much space inside your workshop.

Unlike regular fence bars, this U50 model’s surface doesn’t allow wooden materials to slide off during operations. The rails lock, guides, and allows operators to get jobs done smoothly.

  • A lightweight fence that allows for easy handling and enhanced control

  • Low-friction anodized finish

  • It’s compatible with a range of table saws

  • It requires a time-consuming installation.

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How To Buy Well-Designed Table Saw Fences

Sometimes, it’s not enough to buy known brands of saw fences without considering other factors.

Instead of risking hard-earned money on ergonomically-designed table fences, a good rule of thumb will be to buy quality products. These are things to keep in mind when you need a premium table saw fences.

Rip Capacity

Before buying router table fences, compare your saw size with the rip capacity that matches it. Also, your woodworking projects determine the type of saw rails and fences that suits them. It will help you to choose the right rip capacity of your next saw fence.

A fence system with a rip capacity of 60 inches to the right blade and 10 inches to the left is suitable for commercial woodworking projects.

However, you can customize router tables with traditional fence systems. If the project needs heavy-duty saw track systems with rip capacities of about 36 inches, it might need more than a conventional type of fence.

Power Source

Do you need a manual or electric saw fences for your woodwork project? Since the use of saw fences requires repeatable settings, it might be time-consuming to use manual saw fences. Alternatively, investing in manual fence systems allows you to use them in any work environment.

Since you don’t need any source of power with these types of tools, it will be easy to assemble and transport them. However, electric saw guide systems are suitable for heavy-duty projects and they reduce levels of fatigue on operators.

The Weight

While some saw guide systems have lightweight designs, many fences can weigh up to 50lbs. The weight is important because a heavy fence might not flush well with your router table. Also, the heavy-weight could exert much pressure on your table and reduce the lifespan.

However, very lightweight fence systems indicate substandard construction and inferior materials. A sturdy aluminum alloy or steel extruded fence system comes with great qualities. Unlike fence systems with plastic and wood frames, metal frame are often impact-resistant.

Easy Installation and Complete Accessories

Your favorite table saw fence model should be easy to install. Many premium magnetic fence systems don’t have pre-drill holes on their rail system. Instead, this type of saw fences uses powerful magnets. It’s a different case for regular saw fences with pre-drilled holes on their rail systems.

Sometimes buyers add extra holes just to match their customized router table, circular, and band saws. However, the standard rail systems of saw fences should be used with compatible tables. You might need accessories when buying saw rail extensions for router tables. Durable.

The Ease Of Adjustment

To enjoy straight and precise cuts, use adjustable fence systems. Also, table fences with micro-adjustment screws allow for repeatable settings. Choose well-designed fences with wide spaces and adjustment points because they fit a range of table saws.

Another important consideration is the cam-lever. Regardless of the type (single or dual) of cam-lever, your ideal fence system must have a firm locking mechanism. This feature prevents the deflection of your workpiece and irregular cuts during operations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How well should I use a table saw fence?

Saw fence and rail systems are either sides or top-mounted on router tables. Ensure to use both a miter gauge and rip fence for woodwork projects. Depending on your saw type, regular fence systems often align parallel to saw blades.

Since their style of positioning to the blade is specific, you can run smooth and straight cuts of plywood and other types of wood. Also, premium fence systems help you to make angled cuts, rip cuts, and crosscuts, along grains of wooden products.

What are some benefits of a table saw fence?

Apart from making straight cuts, the rail system of premium fences helps to guide your workpiece. Also, they come with locking mechanisms that prevent wobbling of the wood, and inaccurate cuts.

Since fence systems ensure faster completion of woodworks, experienced woodworker needs these tools to boost their efficiency.

Final Verdict

Many tables saw fence buyers make the mistakes of choosing inferior tools. We understand the need to buy precision woodwork tools that have quality components. Also, fence systems with rear locking mechanisms help to enhance safety and ensure precise cuts.

While great fences that have heavy-duty levers, you only need to apply little efforts when making repetitive cuts on your lumber. We can help you to achieve the right cuts with any of these top-rated 11 fence models.

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