15 Best Tea Kettles (2023)

Are you an avid fan of tea? You cannot overlook a kettle at all as it greatly aids with the preparation of the tea.

Finding the most suitable tea kettle is definitely a first and by far the most crucial step towards enjoying the benefits that mainly come along.

We have prepared this review-cum-buying guide with the sole aim of helping you out in this. The review looks into 15 of the best tea kettles that money can buy at the moment.

Read through to find the inspiration you need.

Primula Stewart Whistling Stovetop Tea Kettle Food...
  • PREMIUM KETTLE BUILT FOR PERFORMANCE- The Stewart tea kettle is made of durable, food grade stainless steel that will last.

15 Best Tea Kettles

#1: SUSTEAS Stove Top Whistling Tea Kettle


Have some sensitive hands? Spare yourself from the scalds and burns by choosing this cool-to-the-touch kettle. Its handles are cool enough to allow for the smooth handling and engagement throughout the time of use.

Cool Handles

As stated above, the handles of the kettle are cool-to-the-touch. They hardly get too hot even when the kettle itself sustains excess heat levels. This arrangement allows you to enjoy preparing your tea without any worries.

Awesome Large Capacity

It boasts of an awesome large capacity of around 2.64 quarts. This capacity is sufficient to tackle the needs of an entire family. Thus, you won’t have to bring in too many to be able to meet the whole family’s needs.

Innovative Bottom

Its bottom is innovative by reason of comprising some three layers of the encapsulated base. Owing to this structural makeup, the kettle boils much faster. It also cuts down the waiting time you need to enjoy your tea.

  • The body is thicker than that of your ordinary tea kettle

  • Lasts longer due to the thicker materials used

  • Impressive water boiling capacity of around 2.6 liters

  • Emits some loud whistling sound that is pleasant to the ears

  • Hardly sustains leakages even when used for longer

  • Requires too much heat energy to boil water

  • Quite clumsy to carry around easily

  • Tedious to keep clean and shiny

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#2: KitchenAid KTEN20CBEU 2.0-Quart Kettle

KitchenAid KTEN20CBEU

Do you want to make tea while on the go? The kettle you choose has to be portable and ergonomic enough to handle. This is the one we would ask that you choose. It does have all the trappings necessary to guarantee that end.

Vibrantly Colored Porcelain Exterior

Its exterior features the vibrantly-colored porcelain material. This material exudes distinctive accents to your kitchen. In doing so, it adds some aesthetics to your rooms also.

Attractive Trim Band

An attractive trim brand also forms a vital part and parcel of this appliance. It basically plays the role of adding some sharpness to the vibrant exterior. The sum total of these is added exuberance.

Clear, Audible Whistle

It does give off some clear and audible whistle blow in the course of use and engagement. This noise brings a lulling feel when tea preparation is ongoing. It also adds some comfort in the process.

  • Its handle delivers some comfortable grip

  • The exterior looks and feels good to the eyes

  • An attractive trim band adds to the beauty

  • The removable lid allows for easier handling

  • Usable while on the go!

  • Limited carrying capacity

  • Unsuitable for whole family use

  • Scratches easily when in contact with contaminants

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#3: Kitchen Kite Tea Kettle Infuser Stovetop Gift Set

Kitchen Kite

Tired of your teapots dripping and leaving behind messes? This is something you can easily get rid of. Only by laying your hands on an awesome tea kettle of this kind may you be assured the same benefits.

Removable Infuser

To feed the tea leaves in the system, you will have to rely on the infuser of the kettle. The infuser is removable to allow for easy cleaning after use. It also handles leaves of varying sizes comfortably.

Comfortable Depth

Other than being removable, the infuser is also deep enough to prepare tea for two people at a time. You will not really have to refill it for any spate or incident of use as is the case with other kettles.

Beautifully-designed Packaging

All the benefits we have looked into above are enclosed in a beautifully-designed packaging. Thus, the kettle also plays the secondary role of enhancing the aesthetics of your own room.

  • Serves your tea in style and pomp

  • Its strainer bears the stainless steel makeup

  • Resists rust and other forms of damages

  • Safe enough for use in the dishwasher

  • The walls are tough, thick and durable

  • Care and maintenance are a bit too tedious

  • Makes tea enough for only two people

  • Not that much reliable in the long run

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#4: Mr. Coffee Flintshire Whistling Tea Kettle

Mr. Coffee

Want to add some pomp and décor to your room? Well, we ask that you try your hand on this particular tea kettle. It comes about in a stylishly looking stature that plays the role of enhancing the décor of your interior.

Aesthetic Appearances

We have already explained that the kettle is also able to add to the beauty and aesthetics of your own room. This stems from the equally elegant outlook and makeup of the device altogether.

Timeless Look

Other than being beautiful, this kettle also manages a timeless look. It hardly sheds off is youthful appearance even when engaged for a longer duration of time. Thus, it blends well with any kitchen design and layout.

Distinctive Shape

It does come about also in a distinctive shape. When placed atop a surface, this kettle does exude some fantastic appearance and blends. You have it for your consideration for matters of beauty.

  • Strong enough due to the stainless steel makeup

  • Alerts you at the conclusion of the tea preparation exercise

  • Allows for the safe and convenient pouring of tea

  • A stay-cool trigger exists for your own safety

  • Washable easily by hand

  • Gets obsolete a bit too soon

  • Cannot accommodate accessories and upgrades

  • Its heating power is somewhat limited

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#5: Willow & Everett Tea Kettle

Willow & Everett

Looking for a kettle to use repeatedly for a prolonged amount of time? This is a good one to attempt. Its stainless steel structural makeup guarantees the longevity that you need to enjoy the benefits spelled out for long.

Superior Craftsmanship

Some superior craftsmanship has been employed to make the kettle up. Thanks to this craftsmanship, the kettle is stronger and more resilient to the various elements of damages. It hence performs so well.

Food-grade Stainless Steel

Only materials that are safer for food have been employed to make the gadget up. Thanks to this arrangement, the kettle is indeed safe enough for use on your food items without fail or germs.

Shiny Mirror Finish

Throughout its exterior is the shiny mirror finish. The finish adds to the beauty and aesthetics of your own rooms and kitchens. They see to it that you enjoy some elegance and overall beauty while in use.

  • Stronger and more reliable than the cheaper alternatives

  • Adorned with five layers of high-quality metals

  • Ultra-wide bottom provides added stability

  • Distributes the heat output uniformly

  • Outlasts any other competing kettles

  • Costs a lot more to acquire and utilize

  • Its repairs and maintenance are too tedious

  • Too weighty to lift around and deploy to remote locations

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#6: OXO BREW Classic Tea Kettle


Preparing tea ought to not necessarily be a boring undertaking. Indeed, it is possible and highly advised to prepare yours in style and elegance. Only an equal stylish kettle of this kind will be able to guarantee you the attainment of that feat.

High-grade Stainless Steel Construction

In its entirety, the kettle is manufactured by the use of high-grade stainless steel materials. Thanks to this awesome construction, the kettle is able to stand tall to the wiles of damages that may be thrown at it.

Large Lid Opening

Its lid opens widely and larger. Thus, it allows for more convenient cleaning and filling if and when the needs to do so comes. In doing so, it also negates the need for suffering unnecessary inconveniences.

Loud Whistle

At the conclusion of the tea preparation exercise, the kettle produces a loud whistle sound to alert you of the conclusion of the same. In this way, you will not at all miss out on your desirable outcomes.

  • Its handle rotates to allow for smooth operations

  • Fills, pours, and stores with maximum convenience

  • Resists heat exceptionally owing to the silicone touchpoints

  • Cool-to-the-touch and handling

  • Covers and protects the interior contents perfectly

  • Incompatible with the induction heaters

  • Slightly complicated to make use of

  • Likely to confuse a starter or inexperienced person

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#7: CAFÉ BREW COLLECTION 12 Cup Stovetop Whistling Tea Kettle


Is your heating surface or equipment a stovetop? Well, you have no better kettle than this one. It is optimized for the use atop such a surface by virtue of containing all the trappings necessary to allow for smooth use.

Stovetop & Table Top Items

In all, the kettle is compact enough to mount safely and conveniently atop the table and the narrow stovetops. This makes it good to use in areas that are too squeezed to be able accessed with absolute ease.

Stovetop Coffee Percolator

This kettle makes coffee via the process of percolation. As such, its outcomes have more uniform thickness and textures. This adds to the 8-cup capacity that the percolator manages to handle and achieve.

Universal Replacement Coffee Carafes

To dispense your coffee, you will make do with some universal replacement coffee carafes. These are convenient enough to handle and fit smoothly with just about any other tea kettle out there.

  • Larger carrying capacity

  • Delivers the necessary output on demand

  • Dispenses the coffee output smoothly

  • Has the impressive capacity of 12 cups

  • The manufacturer is truly reputable

  • Only for adult users

  • Shatters apart easily when subjected to impacts

  • Cannot accommodate any other heater than stovetops

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#8: Mueller Austria Stove Top Whistling Tea Kettle

Mueller Austria

Is your search for a tea kettle mainly dictated by the need for brewing a single custom cup of tea? Stress not yourself with the larger and more sophisticated kettles. Only a simple one of this kind may come to your rescue.

Culinary-grade Stainless Steel

The culinary-grade stainless steel has been extensively used to make the kettle; both interior and exterior thereof. Owing to this material, the kettle is stronger and more durable to engage.

Corrosion-resistant Technology

Also siding the steel makeup is the corrosion-resistant technology. The technology basically shields the kettle from the possibility of sustaining any rusts and other ugly scars from time to time.

Elegant Exterior

Its exterior is truly elegant by the virtue of containing a sparkling mirror finish. This mirror finish makes it an attractive addition to your interior rooms. It adds to the elegance and beauty thereof.

  • Exhibits truly breathtaking craftsmanship

  • Carried around by the ergonomic cool-touch handle

  • Maintains a perfect balance

  • Lasts longer than many other kettles

  • Withstands dents and scratches

  • Prepares only one cup

  • Falls short of many other traits and functionality

  • Calls for too many upgrades and accessories

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#9: Le Creuset Q9401-17 Enamel-on-Steel Demi 1-1/4-Quart Teakettle

Le Creuset Q9401-17

You can never compromise your own hygiene as it does come across at too great a cost. That is why you have to insist on a kettle that is similarly equipped with loads of hygienic features, like this one.

Enamel-coated Steel

Though primarily made of steel, the kettle is overlaid with some enamel for the sake of added protection against germs and pathogens. This coating is what gives it the hygienic character we have hinted about.

Reliable Locks

Its locks are truly reliable. They are resistant to heat and attach to an ergonomic handle. These two structural components make the lid to lift and pour out the contents pretty easily.

Convenient Lid

Other than the reliable locks, the lid is also convenient in many other ways. It is not only removable but also stay cool at all times of use. The latter is mainly made possible by the existing phenolic lid knob.

  • Manages a greater contact with the heating element

  • Boils water at a rate that is faster

  • Enables a more uniform distribution of heat

  • Its lid flips to allow for the expedited outpouring of contents

  • Allows for secure handling when heating water

  • Has a limited lifespan

  • Cannot handle fidgeting and impacts steadily

  • Prone to damages a bit too soon!

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#10: AMFOCUS Tea Kettle


For your own savings and maximum returns on investments, it is in your best interest to find a kettle that embodies all the vital traits of a good appliance. We are pleased to introduce to you this one.

Stainless Steel Design

Topping its most vital features is the stainless steel design. Thanks to this design, the kettle lasts longer and endures heavy impacts and dents with absolute ease. Find it quite durable for your own long-term use.

2-quart Capacity

It does have the capacity to handle and impact 2 quarts of tea at any given time. Thanks to this awesome capacity, the kettle does satisfy the needs of many people conveniently all the while.

Specially-crafted Teapot

On the whole, the teapot is specially crafted. This is evidenced by the aesthetic thin base that allows for uniform distribution of heat to make for even heating. On account of this, expect the kettle to do a comparatively better job.

  • Operable via a smooth and ergonomic handle

  • Adds some charm to your countertop

  • Appropriately shielded from dust and dirt

  • Its lid removes to allow for easy filling and emptying

  • Resists any forms of leakages from arising

  • Quite costly to maintain and operationalize

  • Bulky and in need of too much storage space

  • Demands many other attachments to operationalize

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#11: ROCKURWOK Tea Kettle


Could it be that your search for the right tea kettle is mainly dictated by the need for commercial purposes? Well, you have no better kettle than this one. It is the most precise of all the kettles we have around.

Heat-resistant Spout Lid

Its lid comes in the form of the heat-resistant spout. Thanks to this capability, the spout allows for instant opening and pouring. It also spares you of the scalds and burns that typically arise with the use.

Versatile Applications

With this kettle, it is possible for you to make your tea atop many surfaces and heating sources. The natural gas, gas, induction cookers and electric furnaces are top examples of these.

Lovely Design

On the whole, the kettle comes about in a truly lovely design. It possesses a distinctively round shape that attaches to a wooden handle. Thus, it is a good addition to your interior kitchen décor.

  • Features a strong wooden construction

  • Keeps your hands from direct heat

  • A high-temperature coating keeps you cooler

  • Dissipates heat faster and uniformly

  • Serves as a nice gift for an entire family

  • Only for the experts

  • Too costly to come by

  • May not fit your ordinary home

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#12: Kate Spade New York Deco Dot Black Tea Kettle

Kate Spade New York

No other kettle is better suited for the making of black tea than this one. As you are about to note, it contains all the features and trappings needful for the handling of the job, and perfectly well for that matter.

Excellent Gift

Overall, the kettle does make for a good gift for your friends and relatives. This stems mainly from its elegantly beautiful outlook coupled with the exceptionally stylish design.

Beautiful Engravings

Throughout the exterior of the kettle are some beautiful engravings. These engravings do add some aesthetics to the kettle, a fact that makes it well able to adorn your kitchen interiors.

2.5-quart Capacity

The kettle is able to handle and process 2.5 quarts of tea at a time. This is sufficiently large enough to meet the needs of an entire family or adult occupants. It prevents the need to make coffee every now and then also.

  • Stands tall among the many other appliances

  • Handles and accommodates many other accessories

  • Makes an exciting addition to your rooms

  • Riveted firmly for added strength and vitality

  • Hygienic enough for your utmost safety

  • Limited to the making of black tea alone

  • Yields limited returns to scale

  • Lacks the whistling capability as others do

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#13: Chefbar Pour Over Coffee Kettle Tea Kettle


It is not uncommon for the tea to spill off the surface of the table when dispensed. This is completely uncalled for when the said kettles are used for commercial or restaurant settings. You have a good companion in this kettle though.

Gooseneck Spout

The main reason that sets it apart from the others is the gooseneck spout. It is this spout that minimizes spills to maintain your tables in the cleanest and most hygienic states. Moreover, it also allows for more precise spills.

Ergonomic Handle Design

An ergonomic handle exists to allow you to carry it around with the utmost simplicity. The handle is comfortable and reliable enough to allow for comfortable carrying and transportation to the desired place of use.

Professional Air Holes

Some three professional air holes exist at the side of the kettle. This one gives room for placing it atop your gas burner in such a way as to minimize the wastage of heat.

  • Unlikely to spill out your tea

  • Enables you to pour out the right amount of tea

  • Resists rust and other agents of deteriorations

  • Comes about in an eco-friendly design

  • Does not boil over unnecessarily

  • Takes too long to dispense the tea

  • Gets too hot to handle sometimes

  • Prolonged use may harm your hands

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#14: Barista Warrior Copper Kettle

Barista Warrior

People have different tea needs. Unfortunately, not many kettles seem to grasp this fact. Luckily, this one comes equipped with a thermometer to allow for the generation of tea output of just the right temperature.

Premium Surgical-grade Stainless Steel

The premium surgical-grade stainless steel material has been used to make it up entirely. The material is not only hygienic but also long-lasting enough to allow for repeated and unconstrained usage.

Integrated Thermometer

We have already explained that this appliance also comes about with a thermometer. It is this thermometer that allows you to regulate the flow of the heat output. Thus, it allows for the making of diverse kinds of tea.

1.2-liter Capacity

On the whole, the kettle has an awesome capacity of 1.2 liters. This one is sufficient to fill six cups. By choosing to make your tea with it, you will not suffer the likelihood of having to clutter your worktop with many appliances.

  • Pours out the contents precisely

  • Easier to hold courtesy of the ergonomic handle

  • Its handles resist heat for your own safety

  • Lasts longer than many other cheap alternatives

  • The airtight lid seals all contents firmly

  • Slightly complicated to engage

  • Quite dangerous to the skin

  • May not work atop some sources of heat

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#15: Weftnom Tea Kettle Stovetop Teapot


Operating on too squeezed time schedules? Fret not! This is a kettle you want to acquire and devote to your own use. It is the fastest of all the kettles we have around not to mention being effective in the heat output.

Versatile & Practical

On the whole, the kettle is both practical and versatile. It is able to tackle many kinds of tea preparation needs. At the same time, it is packed with loads of numerous elegant features and functionality.

Perfectly Curved Body

Its body is perfectly curved. Thanks to this design, the kettle is pretty aesthetic. In light of this, you will be able to enjoy added benefits over and above merely dispensing the tea outputs you need.

Advanced Insulated Handle

The handle is insulated from all forms of heat. The insulation allows it to stay cool and comfortable to handle and engage with ease. This way, it remains comfortable to lay your hands on as well.

  • Made of food-grade parts and components

  • Works well atop the gas or the ceramic tops

  • Handles an awesome 2 liters of tea capacity

  • Saves greatly on the space in your kitchen

  • Relatively simpler to carry around

  • May not yield the awesome quality you are desirous

  • Predisposes you to errors and oversights

  • Falls short of many other functionalities

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the safest tea kettle material?

The glass it is! Glass is by far the safest material as it is the one that hardly sustains dirt and other forms of contaminants. Moreover, the reinforced glass also lasts longer than many other materials that exist as viable alternatives.

Is it OK to leave water in a kettle?

Why not? When water is boiled, it automatically becomes sterilized. This makes it unlikely to encourage the growth of bacteria and germs. Thus, it is safer to leave water in the kettle.

Are glass kettles better than stainless steel?

Stainless steel is better in the sense that it lasts longer. That aside, glass carries the day in all regards. We have already explained that glass is safe as it hardly accumulates germs that have the tendency to compromise the quality of the tea or water you pour therein.

Are copper tea kettles safe?

Yes, or No! Yes in the sense that Copper is a great micronutrient. It also transmits the heat energy to the tea in an excellent way. No in the sense that too much copper dissolved in water is harmful to your own health.

Why do tea kettles whistle?

Kettles whistle to draw your attention to the fact that the preparation of tea has finally come to an end. This whistling is mainly brought about by the small swirling vortices of water that are created when the molecules of the tea bombard each other.

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