Top 15 Best Tile Leveling Systems (2023)

Floors generally have to be level and flat. This is necessary to be able to expedite the transportation of items in the rooms. An uneven floor has the attendant side effect of tripping off a room occupant not to mention impeding the smooth walk and progress of a person.

A tile leveling system exists to meet this need. It is basically a combination of gadgets and apparatus that can even the flow to make it flat and easily habitable. Searching for and finding the right one are no doubt critical steps to take. Our review and buying guide here endeavors to help you with just that.

15 Best Tile Leveling Systems

#1: Raimondi Leveling System Starter Kit


Have too large space to care for? This leveling system will help you to achieve that very end faster. It is the more comprehensive of all that is under our review.

New R-L-S System

A new R-L-S system stands out among the many awesome benefits that the item has to offer. Thanks to this system, it is possible for you to achieve smoother leveling outcomes within a shorter duration of time.

Minimum Required Joints

Its minimum required joints are 3/32 inches. This is definitely slim enough to produce end results that are similarly smaller and more compact in stature. They also minimize the efforts needed to give rise to the desired ends.

Faster Outcomes

Compared to many of its peers, this system delivers the necessary outcomes faster overall. In particular, the settling and the removal of the leveling spacer take the shortest realistic time possible.

  • Comprehensive in scope and stature

  • Allows for very accurate settings and spacing

  • Tackles unevenness with a fair degree of reliability

  • Preserves the perfect leveling of the tiles

  • Cuts down the otherwise long waiting times

  • Tiresome to engage in the long run

  • Potentially clutters your workspace

  • Calls for too much care and attention on your part

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#2: Peygran Tile Leveling System KIT


Could it be that your spaces and flooring are strenuous? You want to lay your hands on an equally sophisticated system of this kind. With its superior quality, you may handle the most treacherous terrains easily.

Peygran Leveling System

This system is by far the most innovative, faster and effective tool. It overall allows you to obtain an exceptionally perfect and lippage-free finish. You cannot afford to overlook it hence.

Maximum Reliability

Deliberate efforts have been put in place to guarantee some flatness in between the tiles. In light of this arrangement, the tiles prevent any unnecessary motions when the mortar is in the process of setting.

Superior Quality

It also boasts of superior quality as is evidenced by its structural makeup. The product is also manufactured in a reliable production facility that sees it embody all the vital traits of an awesome system.

  • Comes along with all the relevant gears

  • The tiles do not lip or stray apart

  • Quite an innovative system

  • Ensures extreme flatness in between any two tiles

  • Expedites the setting of the mat firmly

  • Slightly tedious to engage

  • May confuse a simpler user

  • Takes longer to yield the final outcomes

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#3: Perfect Level Master ™1/32″ T-Lock ™ Complete KIT Anti lippage Tile Leveling System

Perfect Level Master

Wanting to handle some commercial applications? This system will get you there. It contains all the components and trappings you would naturally need to attain this sacred end.

T-Lock™ Brand

The T-Lock™ brand is a name that is respected and well-established in the field of tile leveling. That is mainly evidenced by the many excellent reviews and ratings that past users have derived from it.

Special Adjustable Pliers

Some special adjustable pliers accompany the system. You use these to aid with the setup and eventual use if and when the need so determines. You may have to accompany it with a set of pliers though.

Highest Quality and Precision

All factors considered, the manufacturer has put in place deliberate attempts to use only high-quality materials to make it up. Adding to that is the use also for precise items and calibrations to adorn it.

  • Levels your installations as nearly as can be

  • Hardly warps as your mortar cures

  • Induces some modernity in the course of leveling the tiles

  • Applicable by do-it-yourself and professionals alike

  • Yields perfect results every now and then

  • Costs a lot to come by

  • Contains some sophisticated parts and components

  • Requires upgrades and extras to work fine

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#4: YIYATOO 100pcs Tile Leveler Spacers and 500PCS 2mm Tile Spacer

YIYATOO 100pcs

Looking for a system to rely on in the long run? Set your eyes on this one. It is reusable in the sense that you may utilize it severally for a prolonged duration of time. That way, it allows for consistent and prolonged applications.


The system does not fidget at all. That is because it is so designed as to guarantee exceptional flatness in between the tiles while at the same time suppressing any likely movements.

Variable Spacing Size

With this gadget, it is possible for you to undertake variable spacing sizes. That is because it stretches from 2 mm to 6 mm and anything in between. Yet again, you are assured some added comfort.


As we have already explained, the item is reusable. Simply put: it is possible for you to use it for many purposes or repeated cycles of applications. Thus, it cuts down your operational expenses and gives a higher value for money.

  • Installs faster and easier when engaged

  • Reduces the need for grinding and polishing

  • Improves the speeds of installations

  • Reduces all forms of fatigue that may often arise

  • Saves plenty of time and money while in use

  • Likely to sustain rust and corrosion easily

  • Quite cumbersome to haul and move around

  • Does not endure fidgeting as reliably as is necessary

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#5: Spin Doctor Tile Leveling System

Spin Doctor

Could it be that your floor and room is smaller? You do not need to stress yourself with bulkier and more comprehensive systems. Instead, you are better off with this one that is small and compact yet powerful.

Patented Free-spin Design

A patented free-spin design stands tall among the topnotch features and specifications that the system has to offer. Thanks to this design, it will be possible for you to cap the spin downwards with less effort.

Smooth and easy Tightening

You will also enjoy the privilege of smooth and easy tightening as you move along. This is a benefit that stands out particularly when tackling the large format tiles as they require plenty of effort.

1/16-inch Bases

Its base measures 1/16 inches. It is hence more stable and pretty reliable to make good use of in the long run. The possibilities of fidgeting excessively are hence suppressed to the highest possible extent.

  • Concludes the installation processes pretty easily

  • Its caps are reusable for multiple jobs

  • Requires no additional tools to operationalize

  • Prevents uneven tiles when sprucing up the floors

  • Spaces, aligns, and levels in one comprehensive packaging

  • The caps and bases are sold separately

  • Unsuitable for commercial applications

  • Yields lower returns on investments

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#6: Frosch Tile Leveling System


For your wholesome peace of mind, you definitely want to work with a highly reputable brand. The Frisch has been noted consistently to perform well thanks to the stronger materials used to make it up.


The system is lippage-free. This simply means that it ensures that your tiles on the floors and walls are kept uniform without necessarily being prone to slipping off even when there is some fidgeting.

Heavy-duty Plastic Makeup

Only the heavy-duty plastic makeup has been extensively employed to constitute the system. These materials minimize breakups and other forms of damages that are often more likely to arise.

Convenient Operations

Get your hands on this item and enjoy the rare benefit of convenient operations. Its clips are designed to break apart easily when engaged but strong before the commencement of the installation exercise.

  • Allows for variable grout joints

  • Comes with all the parts and tools needed for the job

  • Retains the evenness longer

  • Eliminates all forms of lippage

  • Usable on both the walls and floor tiles alike

  • Needs some expert knowhow

  • Only for the professional user

  • Costs a lot to maintain and repair

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#7: Spin Doctor Tile Leveling System 1/8

Spin Doctor

To be able to generate consistently uniform outcomes, you have to choose a system that is easier to control. We invite you to try your luck on this specific item as it nearly mirrors those needs.

Comprehensive Stature

It does come about as a comprehensive package. This is due to its possession of a rotating cap, anti-friction shield, and threaded spacer post. All these are needful for a good job outcome.

Simplified Installations

Ceramic tiles, when they become larger, are normally quite difficult to install. The manufacturer of this system understands this fact only too well. That is why they have deliberately made it easier to install.

Effortless Handling

You will generally find the item effortless to handle. This is made possible chiefly by the patented free-spin design that spins the cap smoothly with minimal effort on your part.

  • Usable for multiple jobs and repeated applications

  • Simple enough for a first-time user to lay hands on

  • Takes shorter to deliver the necessary outcomes

  • Avails two spacer post sizes for you

  • Pretty affordable and more convenient to make use of

  • Cannot be customized for specific use

  • Its parts are delicate and prone to damages

  • Cannot handle strenuous terrains with utmost reliability

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#8: PERFECT LEVEL MASTER ™ Pliers Tool Gun for the Tile leveling system


Looking to level your walls and floors? Look to no other system than this one. It is indeed appropriately designed to be able to impact the wall and the floor spacers conveniently.

Polyamide Formation

Polyamide formation is the most outstanding aspect of this system. Thanks to this formation, the system is lighter and very durable indeed. It thus gives off the needed levels of reliable performance.

Reinforced Fiberglass

The reinforced fiberglass comes in next among its list of many goodies. This reinforcement basically grants the system a fair degree of sturdiness and overall reliability.


Using this system, it is possible for you to use the same set of pliers for both the floor and the walls. Obviously, this arrangement is convenient as it minimizes the need to shuffle back and forth many gadgets.

  • Delivers precise leveling outcomes

  • Levels many tiles at the same time

  • Spares your tiles from the possibility of warping

  • Negates the input of excess muscle power

  • Lasts longer than many alternative systems

  • Its outcomes lack aesthetics

  • Too manual in scope

  • Prone to the risks of breakage

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#9: Xntun Tile Leveling System


Professional applications require extremely precise and accurate leveling systems. No other gadget than this one is able to deliver that very end. As you are about to note, it is truly equipped for the job.

T-lock System

It is structured around the T-lock system. This one eliminates the risk of lippage in between the tiles. Other than that, it also ensures flatness while at the same time ward off any movements.

New Innovative Tile Leveling System

A new innovative tile leveling system also adorns the structure of the item. On the strength of this makeup, you are sure to enjoy leveraging the benefits regardless of your level of expertise.

1/8-inch Minimum Grout Joint

Lastly, it does come about with a minimum grout joint that measures 1/8 inches. Comparatively speaking, the system is the most economical of all that is in existence at the moment.

  • Suitable for various thicknesses of tiles

  • Variable thicknesses bring about equally varying levels of conveniences

  • Requires no tools to assemble

  • Manages faster and easier installation and removal

  • Useful for walling and flooring

  • Unsuitable for the starters

  • Requires a fair degree of attentiveness

  • Demands too much of your time and concentration

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#10: Hengmo 1/8” (3MM) Fast Tile Leveling System Super KIT


To be able to enjoy the best that these systems are potentially capable of delivering, you need one that is truly comprehensive. This is a good one to lay your hands on as it contains all the tools-of-trade necessary for the job.

1 pcs Tile Pliers

1 piece of pliers ranks first among the topnotch features that the item has to offer. With these pliers, it is possible for you to adjust the tension and tighten the wrenches and joints as need be.

100 pcs Tile Wedge

Some 100 pieces of tile wedges come in next. They jointly allow for the 1/16 inches of minimum grout joints. In this way, some firm holds arise and bind the constituent pieces firmly in place.

300pcs Tile Clips

Lastly comes the 300 pieces of tile clips. These ones hold the constituent piece of tile firmly in place to prevent any fidgeting or squeezes. What’s more? They require added tools to assemble and fix in place.

  • Cuts down the time and money needed to lay the tiles

  • Expedites the process of leveling the tiles further

  • Yields more accurate and precise outcomes

  • Cuts downs the hassles you would ordinarily have to go through

  • Impacts all kinds of surfaces with absolute ease

  • Potentially clutters your workspace

  • Likely to inure you if handled recklessly

  • Requires extensive repairs and maintenance

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#11: RMS Unlimited Goods [Pack of 500] Premium Tile Leveling System

RMS Unlimited Goods

Could it be that your tiles are too heavy? You cannot afford to gamble with any other system out there. Instead, you need to lay your hands on one that is excessively tough and durable like this one.

Unparalleled Versatility

This system accords unparalleled versatility. It has the ability to impact larger and smaller tiles as equally as the walls and the floors alike.

Durable and Reusable

Then again it is durable and reusable in equal measure. With this awesome arrangement, it is possible for you to enjoy beautiful outcomes with minimal input of effort.

Easier Setup

Though strong, complicated and durable, the system is still easier to set up. It does not demand long and laborious input or effort on your part. This is not to mention also that it takes less time to put in place.

  • Enjoys favorable ratings and customer service

  • Lays tiles faster and simpler overall

  • Tackles uneven spacing just fine

  • Strong enough to handle heavier tiles with ease

  • Simple enough for the do-it-yourself applications

  • Calls for excessive muscle power

  • Too bulky to lift and operationalize

  • Demands extreme caution and attention

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#12: YEFU Tile Leveling System 1/8” Kit


Tight and squeezed spaces equally demand compact and slimmer leveling systems. This is a good on to attempt as it embodies all those traits in one comprehensive packaging.

Efficient Positioning

The system allows for efficient positioning. In this way, it prevents any likelihood of unevenness from arising. On top of that, it also improves the speed of the tiling to deliver effective outcomes.

High-quality PVC-forged Tile Spacers

In totality, the spacers are manufactured using high-quality Polyvinyl Chloride materials. On the strength of this makeup, the spacers are lighter and strong enough at the same time.

New 1/8-inch Tile-leveling System

Also present in the system is the new tile-leveling system that measures 1/8 inches. This system aids the novices to make the gap that lies between the tiles consistent and uniform in nature.

  • Operable via a relaxed and labor-saving set of pliers

  • Pushes the wedges and tiles easily

  • Adjustable in 6 rear positions

  • Manages flexible use and operations

  • Saves on labor while imbuing added comfort

  • Has a limited sphere of influence

  • Its impacts are also limited in scope

  • Have to be stretched to access further areas

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#13: 1/8″ T-Lock Complete KIT Anti-lippage Tile leveling system

T-Lock Complete KIT

As a professional workman, you no doubt have to work with a system that is comprehensive. Waste not your time or energy with any other than this one. It contains all the trappings necessary for a good job to be done.

Very Precise

It is on the whole very precise in the sense that it allows for accurate outcomes. Professional applications no doubt require an above-average level of accuracy that fewer gadgets can exude.

1/8-inch Clips

Complementing the preciseness are the clips that measure 1/8 inches. These ones generate nice, thin, and clean grout lines without necessarily demanding any added classic spacers.

Faster Responses

On the whole, it manages to tackle the chores it has in mind at a pace that is faster than the many alternatives out there. You won’t really have to wait for too long to be able to accrue the necessary outcomes.

  • Levels the tiles at the tile-to-tile points

  • Prevents any likelihoods of warping

  • Takes shorter to give off the required outcomes

  • Suitable for professionals and do-it-yourselfers alike

  • Installs and removes faster

  • Lacks any automation and is hence too manual

  • Cleanliness and repairs are both tedious

  • Prone to damages owing to the delicate nature

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#14: Tanek Premium Tile Leveling System with Push Pliers


To cut down the time needs, you want a system that is easier to handle and operationalize. You want this one that comes along with all the tools, gears, and accessories that might be needed for the tasks.

Professional Tile-leveling System

Its leveling mechanism comes in the form of a professional tile leveling system. It is hence faster and pretty efficient to attempt. This is not to mention that it delivers finer outcomes overall.

Disposable Leveler Spacers Clips

Some disposable leveler spacer slips also adorn the entire length and breadth of the system. They play the role of holding the tiles firmly in place to prevent the same from fidgeting excessively.

Reusable Wedges

Unlike those of the ordinary leveling systems, the wedges of this one are usable. Thus, you will be able to devote them to multiple uses for an extended duration of time.

  • Easier and faster to set up for eventual use

  • Effective for larger and lower thickness tiles

  • Re-usable for a longer-than-average length of time

  • Adjusts faster and easily

  • Works great on wall and floor installations

  • Requires some experience to operationalize

  • Has fewer pieces, parts, and components

  • Incomprehensive in scope and stature

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#15: RTC Spin Doctor Tile Leveling System

RTC Spin Doctor

Short on muscle power? You have an excellent companion here! This one is light, compact yet strong enough to deliver the necessary outcomes for a fraction of the total effort you would ordinarily require.

Minimal Effort

Unlike your ordinary systems, this one demands pretty limited effort on your part. The minimal effort is largely made possible by the existence of the patented free-spin design that is truly easy to engage.

One-hand Operations

As part of the ease of operations, the gadget is operable by the use of one hand only. This arrangement negates the need to put in the excess effort and hence favors those who have limited muscle power.

Simpler Finishing

Lastly comes the benefit of simpler finishing. This one is basically achieved by kicking off the caps easily to remove after an installation exercise. Yet again, this one ups your own experience and use.

  • Simple enough for a starter

  • Highly responsive and able to deliver the required ends faster

  • Strong and reliable enough for your use

  • Impacts larger tiles in equal measure

  • Demands almost no assembly prior to use

  • Caps and baseplates are sold separately

  • Incapable of tackling professional chores

  • Yields lower returns on investments

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do tile spacers stay in?

NO, they do not and should not. Instead, you should pull them out, or remove them using a chisel. Thereafter, proceed to re-apply the grout in the stead of the spacer.

How many tile spacers do I need?

It all depends on the actual size of the wall or floor you want to level out. As per the British Standards, wall spacers have to be 2-3 mm apart while the floor spacers 3-5 mm apart.

What size spacers are best for large bathroom tiles?

For large bathroom tiles, you require spacers that measure 1/8 inch (for floors) and 1/16 inch (for walls).

Can you tile an uneven floor?

Why not? You will have to even out the floors first and foremost though. This requires the input of the relevant pieces of equipment, muscle power, and technical expertise.

Are uneven floors a problem?

YES, they are! They tend to interfere with the balance of the pieces of furniture that are installed therein. At the same time, they also predispose you to the risks of tripping off.

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