11 Best Torpedo Levels (2024)

As a handyman, you appreciate working with the best specialty tools. The same can be said when it comes to the torpedo level. Torpedo levels are a must-have specialty tool for professionals like DIY enthusiasts, plumbers, and carpenters. While some workers have a tendency of picking the cheapest brand they come across in the market, the reality is that you’ll find your job more challenging if you’re not using a high-quality torpedo level.

Torpedo levels are specially designed for use in tight spaces. There’re many brands to choose from. If you want the best results, then choose from the 11 best torpedo levels as reviewed below. Let’s get started with the reviews.

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11 Best Torpedo Level Reviews

#1. Klein Tools ACCU-BEND Level

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The tool is made with a highly-visible orange aluminum body that makes it easy to spot on the worksite. You’ll easily spot it from other work tools as its unique color hardly blends with other tools. Thus, it doesn’t discriminate on your visual ability.

Another area where this tool stands out is its high-visibility vials. You’ll surely appreciate its 4 vials which include 30 degrees, 45 degrees, 90 degrees, and level. Moreover, these vials are large-sized, making them easier to read. It’s also worth noting that the vials light up for easier reading in areas that are poorly lit.

This tool was built to last as witnessed in its aluminum frame. The aluminum frame is lightweight but extremely durable. Its lightweight design makes it easier to use in tight spaces. Moreover, its durability will give you more value for your money.

Another noteworthy feature that comes with this tool is its magnet track. The strong magnets are well locked in the track to prevent them from falling out. Thus, you’ll never have any worries about losing the magnets when working with the tool on metallic surfaces.

A special thumb screw is fitted on the level and is attached to conduit. It makes it easier and more convenient to use the tool when measuring an angle while bending.

The unique features that come with this torpedo makes it ideal for broader applications. Thus, it’s worth your consideration.

  • Superb for commercial electricians

  • All the vials are clearly visible from different angles for convenience

  • Top reading window for overhead reading

  • Ideal for running and bending conduit

  • Sometimes, the 90-degree bubble extends slightly beyond the center lines

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#2. Empire EM71.8 Professional True Blue Magnetic Box Level

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If you get hold of this tool, you’ll instantly notice that it feels like a tool made with quality in mind. The chassis of this level is made of heavy-duty aluminum. Thus, you’re assured of investing in a durable tool.

You’ll also notice that this tool boasts of a great aesthetic design. You’ll enjoy working with it in all tasks that involve leveling in tight spaces.

The tool boasts of utilizing a patented True Blue technology that enhances the accuracy of the vials. This technology enhances accuracy regardless of the level position.

The top-reading window that is built into the tool makes it easier to take the level readings. In addition, the vials are designed to allow for a 300-degree view.

You’ll find this tool convenient for most applications since it comes with three vials that are set to 45 degrees, level, and plumb. In addition, it comes with a fourth vial for use on slopes. Thus, this level is ideal for use where level slopes are needed in challenging areas such as gutters, drains, and ducts.

  • The bubble edges are designed for easier reading, thanks to the e-band vials

  • There’re multiple measurement modes for broader applications

  • Holds tightly onto ferrous surfaces

  • There’s a V-groove that allows for contact when working on rounded surfaces

  • A little bit challenging to read in areas that are poorly lit

  • The magnet position makes it a bit challenging to use on pipe ends

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#3. Dewalt DWHT43003 Magnetic Torpedo Level

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If you appreciate working with lightweight tools, this level does exactly that. It’s made of extruded aluminum, making it lightweight for easier use and sturdy for enhanced durability. Its durability is further enhanced by the molded rubber caps that cover both ends. The rubber caps absorb shock to prevent the level from damage just in case you drop it accidentally.

You can use this level to easily identify angles, pitch, and slope in any project. This is made possible by its rotating vial. Additionally, the level features a center vial that is strategically positioned and magnified for enhanced readability.

Another great feature that makes this specialty tool ideal for any handyman or DIY enthusiast is its accuracy for each measurement. Moreover, both the bottom and top surfaces of the tool are designed for enhanced stability. Consequently, you’ll be assured of doing a perfect leveling job.

Its toughness makes withstand a lot of abuse, making it a great choice for use in a workshop. It performs superbly especially on metallic surfaces as you can use it hands-free, thanks to its powerful magnet. You’ll find it convenient to use on both flat and rounded surfaces.

  • Magnetic base makes it easier to use on metallic surfaces

  • The rubber overlay enhances its durability

  • The stepped recess makes it easy to work on round objects

  • You can rely on it for both small and big projects

  • The rubber caps pop off easily

  • The line markings tend to wear quickly

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#4. Klein Tools 935RBLT Level, Lighted Torpedo Level

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Everyone likes working with measuring tools that are easy to read. Luckily, this level is unique in that it features bright LED vials. The lighted vials make it easier to read in the dark. You’ll find it very useful when working in dark areas. You can even use it to work at night without struggling to read.

An auto shut-off feature that is integrated into this tool saves on battery life. It’s set to shut off after three minutes. This way, the LEDs won’t use up the battery when the tool is in an idle state.

The vials are set at three different angles for enhanced usability. On a similar note, the vial windows are large enough for enhanced usability. The top windows are set in such a way that they allow you to take readings from different angles with ease.

The nose ending of the level features a tapered nose design for pushing easily into pockets. You can easily slip it in your pocket while working on high surfaces before climbing down.

You’ll save a lot of time and avoid repeating tasks when using this level. This is made possible by its high precision design. Its surfaces are flat for enhanced precision when leveling.

As a professional who uses a level quite often in your daily work, you definitely need a professional-grade level. This tool delivers the kind of performance required to get any leveling job done perfectly. It has been manufactured using superior workmanship and materials for unmatched performance.

If you don’t mind spending a little more on premium quality, then this level is worth your consideration in your shopping list.

  • It stays where you put it, thanks to its strong magnets

  • High quality batteries with long life

  • The etched edges prevent it from slipping around during usage

  • The milled billet allows for a firm grip in the hands

  • It’s a little more expensive than its competitors

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#5. Swanson Tool TL002M 9-Inch Magnetic Die Cast Torpedo Level

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Do you like walking around with some handy tools in your pocket? Do you prefer carrying a small toolbox? If the answers to these questions are true, then this level is designed for you. Its compactness and small size makes it easy to fit in the smallest pockets and toolboxes.

Swanson has specially made this level with beveled white vial surrounds. The white surrounds are beneficial in that they allow for enhanced readability. You’ll easily spot the bubble and the line markings.

Expect to be served by this level for many years to come. This is made possible by the heavy-duty aluminum alloy framing combined with high-impact ABS inserts. These materials make it extremely tough.

The bubbles are highly sensitive and this makes the tool essential for making micro adjustments. You’ll spend less time when leveling since the bubbles settle into place pretty quickly.

Are you looking for a high-performance torpedo level but are working with a tight budget? This torpedo is made with affordability in mind. You won’t have to break the bank by choosing this affordable tool.

  • The three magnets are strong enough for most applications

  • Specially made for use in both test and measurement levels

  • Works well in tight spaces such as within electric panels and beneath sinks

  • Very affordable

  • Its high sensitivity makes it challenging to get the level right for less experienced users

  • The magnets might need to be re-glued in place

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#6. Stabila 81s-10mh Magnetic Level and Holster 2511

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This brand comes with a belt pouch for enhanced portability. All you’ll do is to fit the pouch onto your belt and slip the torpedo in and out of the pouch as needed. Thus, you won’t have to stuff it into your pocket. Moreover, the pouch makes it easier to retrieve the tool, unlike when you have to struggle searching for a small tool hidden among dozens of larger tools in your toolbox or bag.

You can easily clean the tool after every use since its surface is easy to clean. It’s coated with an electrostatic powder that besides making it easy to clean, it also makes the tool resist scratches. Thus, it’ll look as good as new after many years of use.

Its magnets are specially made to hold securely onto steel surfaces. Thus, this tool is ideal for projects that involve erecting steel and scaffolding.

You’ll also find it easy to grip the tool by your hands. It’s also shaped in such a way that makes it easy to use in tight areas.

  • Perfectly machined with a solid feel

  • High accuracy for a better leveling job

  • Great for taking both normal and upside down measurements

  • Feels very solid when holding it

  • Only suitable for metalwork

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#7. Swanson TL043M 9-Inch Savage Magnetic Torpedo Level

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A highly notable feature about this tool is its anodized finishing, with the edges being machined precisely with laser etching. Thus, it’s designed in a way that enhances the accuracy of readings. This will make your leveling job a success.

The holding capabilities of this level are superb. Its neodymium magnets are extremely strong. As a result, it’ll make your leveling job hassle-free and you’ll be able to finish the job faster.

This tool is lightweight and pocket-sized. It’s the ultimate tool for any contractor, plumber, and electrician. If you belong to the aforementioned professionals, then consider this tool right away.

As an electrician or contractor, you often use ladders and lifts. The risk of damaging tools increases when they’re accidentally dropped from a higher height. Thankfully, this tool is made to withstand impact without going out of phase.

The vials are lit for enhanced visibility when working in dark areas such as chases, corners, and joist spaces. On a similar note, you’ll easily see the bubbles in areas that are fully lit since they’re highly pronounced and can be seen easily from different angles.

  • The magnets are properly secured in place

  • The lighting shuts off automatically to save on the batteries

  • Great visibility in dark crawl spaces and basements

  • The battery door is secured in place with screws to prevent it from falling out

  • Its original batteries don’t last long

  • Magnets are a little bit challenging to align on conduit or pipe

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#8. Johnson Level & Tool 1402-0900 9″ Torpedo Level

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The tapered ends of the tool makes it easy to slip into your work pant pockets or a belt pouch. Thus, it’s extremely convenient when working on high heights such that you won’t have to climb up the ladder with a heavy toolbox.

You can easily fit the tool on conduit and pipe since it comes with a V-groove framing. Moreover, it’s a perfect level for general leveling work.

The last thing you’d want as a DIY enthusiast or contractor is corrosion of your tools. This brand is exceptionally designed in that its framing is non-corrosive. As such, you can use it on moist surfaces without worries about corrosion afterwards.

If you care about high accuracy when leveling, then this is the right tool for you. The vial openings are machined in such a way that they allow for high accuracy. After all, a successful leveling job is all about preciseness.

Its magnetic V-groove makes it ideal for electrical contractors and plumbers since it fits well on conduit and pipe. The tool is also ideal for welders, thanks for its solid aluminum framing and non-conductive nature.

  • It’s one of the most affordable levels you can find today

  • Lightweight and ideal for small projects

  • The orange color makes it easier to find in your toolbox

  • Perfect for aligning items on a wall such as picture frames and posters

  • Less efficient for big projects

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#9. Stanley 43-511 Magnetic Shock Resistant Torpedo Level

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As a contractor or plumber, you often work in wet conditions. Such conditions call for using water resistant tools. Luckily, this level is water resistant, making it perfect for use in wet conditions without the risk of corroding.

The material making up the frame comprises of heavy-duty aluminum. It’s strong enough for guaranteed durability. In addition, the frame has rubber ends that work by absorbing shock in the event that the tool falls accidentally.

If you’re working on a finished surface, then you’ll obviously worry about scratching it. Thankfully, the feet of this level are designed in such a way that they don’t scratch finished surfaces.

Working on metallic surfaces is made more convenient by this tool. Its magnets will allow you to level on metallic surfaces hands-free. Consequently, you’ll find it easier to multitask.

  • Enhanced readability, thanks to the top vial window

  • Features pipe grooves that make it ideal for use on rounded surfaces

  • Accurate bubble levels and a straight edge for enhanced preciseness

  • The bubble, at times, gets stuck on the sides of the fluid tube

  • The magnets are not very strong

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#10. Empire EM81.12 True Blue 12-Inch Magnetic Tool Box Level

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If you often level on metallic surfaces, this torpedo will be your ideal option. The entire length of its edge is magnetic, thereby allowing for a firmer hold onto metallic surfaces.

Vail visibility is not compromised in this tool. Its vial surrounds are high-contrast, making them more visible for your convenience.

Another key feature that comes with this brand is its working edge that comes with a V-groove. As such, it’s more accurate when leveling on conduit or pipe.

Besides being functional, this tool is also aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, you can read the vials from many angles, thanks to the high clarity and design of the glass housing the fluid.

  • Its four vials allow for broader usability

  • Top window for easier overhead reading

  • Strong aluminum framing for enhanced durability

  • Clearly visible in the outdoors during a sunny day

  • Not very visible in a poorly lit area

  • Some accuracy issues are noted

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#11. Goldblatt Lighted 9in. Aluminum Verti. Site Torpedo Level

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You can easily store this tool by hanging it on a hook. This is made possible by a hanger hole which is strategically drilled on one of its ends.

The bottom base of the tool is fitted with four magnets that allow the tool to hold firmly onto metallic surfaces.

If you work in the night or dark corners, you’ll find this tool highly convenient due to its inbuilt lights. It comes with batteries for lighting the vials.

Finally but not least, the surface of this tool is anodized such that you’ll comfortably hold it in your hands when leveling.

  • Its highly portable, making it easier to carry along with you

  • Patented vial design for easier reading in tight spaces

  • Its price range is very affordable

  • Not tough enough for commercial and industrial applications

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you read a torpedo level more accurately?

Reading a level correctly will save you from making costly mistakes. To read it perfectly, you should place it by its bottom base and hold it without blocking the vials. Then read the vials from the designated vial windows.

Can a plumber or construction worker use an electrician torpedo level?

Well, electrician torpedo levels can be used by non-electricians. However, an electrician torpedo will excel better in electrical work.

Is it necessary to buy a magnetic torpedo level?

It’ll help to invest in a magnetic torpedo level if you’ll be working on metallic surfaces. The magnet makes it possible to use the tool hands-free on metallic surfaces for enhanced convenience.

Why do torpedo levels come with a colored vial background?

The colored background in most of these tools allow for enhanced visibility, thereby making it easier to read. That’s why you find that most vials come with a green or blue vial background

Final Words

Getting a leveling job done right demands having a functional and accurate torpedo level. You should never cut corners when it comes to choosing a level for your plumbing, electrical, carpentry, contractor or any other job that requires accurate leveling. We hope that our review will assist you in getting a functional, reliable, and high-quality level for all your needs.

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