Top 11 Best Track Saws (2023)

Track Saws have been around for some time now (more than 60yrs), but most people don’t use them. This is because most people think that their functionality and that of a table saw or a circular saw is the same. The fact is a track saw is way superior in functionality and many other categories than the two.

A track saw is a highly powered saw used to make precise cuts to slice a range of materials without leaving splinters. They can cut through softwood, hardwood, melamine, Formica, and MDF to mention just a few.

Acquiring one of these fantastic track saw power tools is an added advantage to your work as a professional or DIY enthusiast. But, for you to pick the right one for your job, you need a deeper understanding of Track Saw features. These features are discussed in detail within this review and were all considered during our top track saw selection.

Let’s take you through our track saw picks and you’ll discover why they’re good for you.

WEN Plunge Cut Sidewinder Circular Track Saw with...
  • Plunge cut saw for ripping boards up to 2-1/3 inches thick with clean, splinter-free cuts

11 Best Track Saws

#1.Makita SP6000J1 Plunge Track Saw

Makita SP6000J1

Makita is a reputable brand when it comes to power tools. They are known to produce devices that fulfill their tasks precisely and to the full extent.

The Makita SP6000J1 cements this reputation even more by being a reliable track saw. It comes with a 6.5” carbide-tipped circular saw and a 55” guide rail. The guide rail helps the saw to make straight, precise cuts. A lock-lever is used to secure the saw to the rail guide, making sure it stays on it even when making angled cuts.

Power is everything when it comes to track saws. The Makita SP6000J1 has a 12 AMP motor to deliver the required force for clean cuts. This motor provides between 2000 – 2500 RPM. This RPM range is adjustable via a variable speed dial control which allows you to set favorable speed depending on your working material.

The motor has a soft start feature to ensure a smooth start (prevent over-torquing). This speed then gradually increases to the set RPM. It also has an Electronic Speed Control (ESC) which maintains the set speed for a clean splinter-free cut.

The motor has an inbuilt torque limiter which protects it from burnout.

Looking at its structure, the Makita Track Saw is very sturdy and small enough for easy portability. It has magnesium components, which makes it light for comfort when cutting your material.

The saw has bevel cutting capabilities of – 1to 48with preset halts at 22.5and 45 No matter the angle, beveled or straight, the blade goes in the material on the same cutting line which produces clean tear-free cuts.

When inclined, the blade has a cutting capacity of 1-9/26” and 2-3/16” when cutting straight. This capacity is with compensation to the guide rail. The depth that the saw cuts can be set accordingly using the pronounced scale.

Its handles are rubberized for maximum comfort when using the track saw.

The only thing missing on the Makita SP6000J1 is a riving knife to avoid kickback.

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#2.Festool 561438 TS 75 EQ Plunge Cut Circular

Festool 561438

Precision is one of the best features associated with the Festool TS 75. This is because it has all the features that make an excellent track saw.

It comes with a 75” track guide which guides the saw to attain perfect splinter-free cuts. The track has a bright green line of sight for a better aim when making cuts.

The Festool 75 has a powerful motor which allows it to work on a wide range of materials. The motor has MMC electronic motor control. This provides a soft start to make sure your material is not ruined by high torque. The speed then increases to the set RPM.

It also has electronic speed control which maintains the blade’s speed even when under load. This makes sure that the cut stays clean.

The motor is powerful enough to provide a speed of 1350 to 3550 RPM. This speed is easily adjustable via a variable speed wheel where you can set it depending on your immediate task.

To make sure that your saw is always safe, it has overload protection which stops the blade and shuts down the motor to cool off.

A spring-loaded riving knife (splitter) is integrated behind the blade to keep the kerf open and to prevent the material from pinching the blade. This keeps the risk of a kickback at a minimum and keeps the blades cutting without interruptions.

A slip clutch is also installed to minimize kickback further and prevent the blade, motor, and gear case from wearing out.

It has a blade depth capacity of 2-15/16″ without the guide rail and 2-3/4″ with the guide rail. This depth size is higher compared to other track saws in the market. It has a well-calibrated depth gauge which allows you to set how deep you want to make your cut.

The saw has a Fast Fix blade change system which allows fast and safe access to the blade. You simply flip the green lock, and the saw locks to access the blade.

However, this tool is more expensive than most, but in the long run, it’s worth it.

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#3.WEN 36055 Track Saw

WEN 36055

If you’re a power tool fun, then you know that WEN is one of the most known manufacturers of power tools.

The WEN 36055 features a combination of a robust track saw and two guide rails. Each guide rail measures 27.5″. Combining the two track rails using the track connector provided gives you a precise extended cut. The track is rubberized to prevent it from slipping when you’re cutting. Track saw stabilizers are also offered to keep the saw within the rail for a precise cut.

The base of the saw has well-slotted groves to enable easier sliding of the saw across the track. This makes it comfy to make precise tear-free cuts.

It has a 9AMP motor which rotates the 6.25” carbide tipped blade up to 5500 rotations per minute (RPM). This is powerful to cut through most of the materials, including hardwood and melamine.

Reaching the blade to replace or repair it takes a while with this saw because it’s cover has fasteners.

A self-retracting riveting knife is integrated to minimize any kickback occurrences. By doing this, it gives the blade a chance to make clean cuts without being stuck in the kerf.

WEN 36055’s blade has a cutting capacity of up to 2-5/16” when straight and up to 1-5/8” when beveled at 45 By using the depth adjustment stop, one can set how deep the saw plunges the material.

Its rubberized handles are easy to grip, which gives you a comfortable time when cutting up materials.

The guide rails, however, have questionable quality and alignment issues.

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#4.Makita XPS02ZU

Makita XPS02ZU

Having a second track saw from Makita in our top track saw review is no coincidence. They have excellent quality power tools. You can choose to buy the saw only or the saw and its vacuum companion.

The Makita XPSS02ZU is a cordless track saw, unlike the corded SP6000J1. This makes it portable to any work site and convenient.

Two 18v LXT technology Makita batteries power the XPSS02ZU which provide enough power for the motor to rotate the 6.5” saw at 2,500 to 6,300 RPM. This is great for cutting through all materials, including hardwoods and aluminum sheets, so long as you use an optimal blade. The speed can be changed using the variable speed control dial to fit the material you’re cutting.

This track saw features advanced Automatic-Start Wireless System (AWS) for wireless communication between the saw and the dust extractor. This ensures that your workplace remains clean.

The depth that the Makita XPSS02ZU plunges into any material can be measured and changed using its big calibrated scale.

An inbuilt depth stop allows an initial cut of between 5/64” to 7/64” to be done before fully plunging into the material. This is aimed at providing a clean and splinter-free cut.

The saw’s design allows close wall cutting within 11/16” of the wall for the finishing cuts. This is important to ensure precise final cuts.

When combined with a compatible rail guard (sold separately), the saw produces perfect and neat cuts. The saw features a slide-bevel on its base which secures it to the rail for precise beveled or straight cuts.

Its angled cut capacity is from -1to 48just like its corded counterpart.

One unique feature of this track saw is the ability to switch between torque and cutting speed automatically. When the blade encounters a hard material, it automatically slows down and increases its torque. You’ll be notified when this happens through its green torque light which flashes during the switch.

The only thing missing in this track saw is the riving knife to prevent kickbacks. Without this, the blade may get pinched.

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#5.Shop Fox W1835 Track Saw

Shop Fox W1835

The Shop Fox W1835 features a light but sturdy construction to make the track saw more comfortable to use and portable to different sites.

It has a 9 AMP motor which rotates the blade at a max of 5500RPM or 9070 feet per minute. This power is enough for cutting standard wood, but you should be careful when cutting hardwoods. It has a 160mm blade which has carbide tips for tear-free clean cuts.

The blade has a 90cutting capacity of 2-5/32″ without rail and 1-31/32″ with rail guide. When placed at 45 it has a max cutting depth of 1-5/8″ without rail and 1-7/16″ with rail. The depth can be adjusted accordingly and measured using the mm calibrated scale for precise cuts.

This saw has a spring-loaded riving knife to prevent the blade from getting pinched, resulting in stubborn kickbacks. This facilitates quick and splinter-free cuts.

This saw works more precisely with its D4362 Shop Fox guide rail, but even without it, the track saw provides clean cuts. It has track stabilizers to keep the track saw in place especially when making angled cuts. This further helps it to provide clean cuts.

Its primary and secondary handles are rubberized to provide a comfortable, firm grip for easier use of the track saw.

One of the problems faced with this track saw is that its blade produces rough cuts. This can be solved by replacing the blade to deliver better, splinter-free cuts. Its rail guide is also sold separately.

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#6.Triton TTS1400 Plunge Track Saw

Triton TTS1400

This saw is built with precision, portability, and durability in mind. The saw’s track ( TTSTP ) is sold separately, and it helps the user to produce more straight cuts.

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Triton Plunge Track Saw features a 1400W motor to provide its 6.5” blade with enough power to cut through most wood, plastic and some soft metallic materials. The blade can make both straight and bevel cuts with high accuracy, especially when its tracks support it.

It has variable speed and depth control to provide versatility depending on the required cut and the material being used.

Its motor features a soft start which cuts the material at low speeds to prevent damage from high torque. The pace then gradually increases to the set speed, and the saw’s constant speed technology maintains it. This provides splinter-free cuts.

The motor has integrated circuit and thermal overload protection, which prevent damage to your saw. If the motor overloads, it’s automatically shut down until it cools down.

Its base is light and has rear and front bevel for increased stability on the rail. This makes it easier to make straight clean cuts without the saw slipping.

The saw’s design allows 5/8” close wall cutting which comes in handy for professionals/ DIYers to get a clean finishing cut.

The track saw has soft-grip rubber handles for comfort and ease of use when plunging through your working material.

On the downside, the track saw has issues with its quality. The interior canvas rips off easily. It also has imprecise angle measure, which forces you to use another tool to measure every angle before cutting.

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#7.DeWalt DCS520B 60V MAX Cordless Track Saw

DeWalt DCS520B

DeWalt is a well-known tool manufacturer. Their tools are of high quality, and they always aim at making your work more comfortable and more precise in every way.

The DeWalt DCS520B Track Saw keeps up their reputation by being accurate and more portable considering it’s a cordless saw.

The saw runs on DeWalt’s 60V which gives you more power and longer run time when working. It powers up its 12V motor to spin its 6.5″ blade at 1750 – 4000 RPM. The speed is variable depending on the material you’re plunging. This keeps the cut clean without damaging the material.

The saw is capable of making beveled angles of up to 47 which makes this saw exceptional when it comes to making angled cuts.

Its blade has a cutting capability of 2-1/8” when cutting at 90and 1-5/8” at 45 The depth the blade plunges your working material can be changed accordingly, making the blade adaptable.

Its continuous Anti-Kickback mechanisms, including the riving knife, keep the blade from being pinched and damaging your material. This keeps your cut clean and accurate. The unique thing about the riving knife is that it can be turned on or off according to your preference.

DeWalt DCS520B track saw has lockable Spindle Lock which prevents the saw from moving in reverse against the track rails or jumping out of the workpiece when performing plunge cuts. This ensures clean tear-free cuts.

Note that its tracks and battery are sold separately. Otherwise, this track saw is flawless.

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#8.Bosch GKT13-225L Track Saw

Bosch GKT13-225L

The Bosch GKT13 is a high-end Track Saw manufactured to provide fast and clean plunge cuts. This works best with the optional Bosch tracks (sold separately). The saw has a bevel pivot point which secures it to the track guide. This offers stability when making plunge cuts.

It has a powerful motor which provides enough power for the 6.5″ blade to cut through wood and wood-based sheets such as plywood.

This saw has integrated thermal overload protection, which stops the blade and shuts down the saw to keep it safe when overworked.

Constant Electronics Technology keeps the saw’s speed at constant when making cuts to prevent damage to your material.

The speed and depth of your saw are adjustable to fit with different working materials. This provides clean splinter-free cuts every time. The calibrated depth scale is large for more comfortable use and setting of the depth.

The blade can make both straight and bevel cuts precisely and without splinters. Its angled cuts range from -1to 47

Bosch GKT 13 has a spindle lock which prevents the saw from moving backward on the rail tracks. This keeps your cut clean and prevents damage to your material.

It has sturdy primary and secondary handles which provide excellent grip for a more comfortable cut.

On the downside, it’s a little heavy than most track saws.

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#9.Kreg Adaptive Cutting System Plunge Saw

Kreg Adaptive Cutting System

This saw is not from a big brand like most of the track saws in this review, but it’s powerful and provides accurate cuts. It works best when used together with the Kreg 62” Guide Rail.

It has a 12 AMP motor which powers its blade to cut through soft and hardwood materials. The blade has a maximum cutting capacity of 2-1/8″ at 90and 1-1/2″ at 45

The motor has soft start technology, which allows for smooth cutting of the material at the beginning. The speed then increases quickly and smoothly up to the set limit.

There are speed and depth variation settings which allow the user to choose the preferred settings for specific materials.

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The motor has overload protection to prevent any damages to your track saw.

A self-retracting riving knife is integrated to prevent any chances of kickbacks. The knife does this by keeping the kerf open, which keeps the working material from pinching the blade.

The saw has a rubberized handle. This makes it easier to grip and control the track saw when plunging your materials.

A sawdust bag is included to collect up debris when making cuts. This is only good if you’re not making many cuts because it fills up fast.

The left side orientation of the track saw makes it easier to use, especially for right-handed people. This is unlike the right side orientation of most saws.

The only flaw faced when using this track saw is that its trigger is a bit stiff during the first few cuts.

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#10.Festool TS 55 REQ Track Saw

Festool TS 55 REQ

Festool TS 55 is our second tool in this review from the famous Festool Company. This saw works with better precision when used in conjunction with Festool guide rails.

It has a powerful 12 AMP motor which powers up the blade to produce 2,000 to 5,200 RPM. This speed is variable depending on the material that you want to plunge.

Its motor integrates thermal overload protection which prevents overheating and subsequent damage to the motor.

This saw is capable of making both straight and beveled cuts. The beveled cuts range from 1to 47 and the saw makes these cuts accurately when it’s stabilized by guide rails.

It has a spring-loaded riving knife right behind the blade to keep the kerf open. This prevents the material from pinching the blade, which reduces the occurrences of a kickback.

Just like the Festool 75, the TS 55 blade can be easily and safely changed using the FastFix System. This system locks the saw for easy blade removal.

Festool 55’s blade has a maximum cutting capacity of 2-1/5”. This depth is adjustable via the micro-adjustable depth control to provide precise cuts.

It has rubberized handles for a tight grip which make the plunging process easy and comfortable.

Several customers cited issues with the guard rails quality. Otherwise, the saw is flawless.

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#11.Grizzly T10687

Grizzly T10687

The Grizzly T10687 has a 9 AMP motor which is only good enough to cut through softwood materials. The saw is underpowered to cut any hard materials. It should be used with compatible tracks for better precision.

The motor provides enough power for the blade to run up to 5500 RPM. The blade’s speed can be changed according to your working material to produce more accurate and splinter-free cuts.

It has a max cutting depth of 2-5/32” at 90which is quite deep compared to some track saws on the market. The depth can also be set according to the cut size required when working with materials of different thickness.

A built-in riving knife prevents the material from pinching the blade. This keeps the blade in control and minimizes kickbacks.

The track saw features well-rubberized handles for a comfortable cut.

However, this track saw has several flaws; its vent keeps clogging due to sawdust, the track mount is off by 0.1″, there’s a lot of kickback due to the underpowered motor, and the blade that it comes with is not strong.

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What should I consider before purchasing a track saw?

  1. A) Motor power – A track saw’s motor power determines how powerful the blade is. The higher the motor power, the stronger your track saw will be.
  2. B) Riving knife – a riving knife is an integral part of any track saw. It keeps the kerf open to prevent kickbacks.
  3. C) Depth adjustment – the correct depth adjustment provides a cleaner, and safer cut as the blade won’t be hanging below the working material. Acquire a track saw that allows you to choose how deep the blade cuts.
  4. D) Dust collection – Sawdust is a problematic byproduct when working with wood. The particles can be a health hazard and should be eliminated from the working environment. Buy a track saw that offers proper dust collection to protect you from its dangerous effects.
  5. E) Beveled cuts – Angled cuts are hard to make without a stable and powerful track saw. Buy one that makes bevel cuts with high precision.

Can a Track Saw Replace a Table Saw?

The track saw cannot replace the table saw entirely. This is because you’ll still need the table saw to make cuts thicker than 2.5 inches which most of the track saws cannot make.

What is the significant difference between a track saw and a circular saw?

The main difference between the two is that a track saw works together with a guide rail to produce more accurate cuts while a circular saw doesn’t have a guide rail.

What are the benefits of owning a track saw?

There are several benefits of acquiring a track saw. These include:

  • Saves you space
  • Its portable compared to a table saw
  • Provides a clean operation
  • Can carry out long cuts with ease

Final Verdict

Owning a track saw comes with significant advantages, as seen throughout this article. However, these benefits come from the individual features of the tool you acquire. We, therefore, recommend that you take your time and choose something that fits all your needs.

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