11 Best Transmission Additives (2024)

With time, your gearbox and other parts of the transmission system may start wearing out or malfunctioning. The process is inevitable but can be controlled by using a transmission additive.

These formulas are designed with unique properties, which allow them to deliver exceptional results provided that they are used correctly. They stabilize transmission fluids, prevent unnecessary heating, deliver smooth shifting, etc.

These products will provide you with several benefits as long as you make the right pick. This may, however, not be easy since not all additives are as effective as the manufacturers claim. Moreover, these products come in a variety of brands, so choosing the right formula may not be as easy. Plus, there are several factors that you need to consider before buying a transmission additive.

For starters, you have to ensure that the additive is compatible with your vehicle’s transmission system. You also need to check the compounds used in making the product, among other things. Looking into all these things will consume so much of your time, and the research may also overwhelm you.

As such, we have provided you with some of the best transmission additives that will improve the health of your vehicle. And all you have to do is pick any of the products listed below.

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11 Transmission Additives Review

#1 Lubegard 60902 Automatic Transmission Fluid Protectant

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This product is formulated with potent conventional additives and base oils, which work in concert to ensure that the transmission system is working properly. The formula can particularly come in handy when dealing with systems that have problems regulating heat levels. Lubegard 60902 has the ability to stabilize thermal levels in the transmission system, thus bringing about an instant cooling effect to different parts. More to this, it prevents unnecessary oxidation that may cause system malfunctions.

Besides, this transmission additive has high resistance towards heat, so it won’t pyrolyze or thin when even when the temperature levels are extremely high. Additionally, it does not oxidize, so it will maintain its original properties bringing about an improvement in overall vehicle performance. To add to this, this formula is enriched with seal-friendly conditioners, which reinforces the system and prevents leakages. It is able to achieve this function by protecting rejuvenating older seals and at the same time, protecting the new ones.

This protectant fluid will optimize transmission performance, thus allowing the vehicle to operate smoothly. That being said, it will allow you to make effortless gear shifts since it tunes the gearbox to operate more efficiently. It also prevents wear and tear in the transmission system by lowering the heat levels in areas that have metal-to-metal contact. If your system is being affected by transmission fluid-foaming, this Lubegard product will provide you with the right remedy.

  • Prevents clutch clutter
  • Reduces the working temperature by up to 40 °F
  • Increases the rate of system transmission
  • Prolongs fluid life
  • Not ideal for CVT and Ford Type F ATF
  • The fluid is only compatible with automatic transmission systems

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#2 LUCAS LUC10009 Transmission fix

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If you are familiar with the Lucas products, then you must be aware of the bountiful benefits that this fluid can offer your vehicle’s transmission system. It prevents rough shifting and also stops unnecessary slips, which may lower performance. This formula delivers exceptional results when used in manual transmission units since it ensures that all the parts are working as they should. It improves transmissions life and allows the vehicle to run with immense power.

You can add this additive to the existing transmission fluid without having to drain out the whole tank. This formula prevents the formation of bubbles in the transmission fluid, a complication better known as foaming. Through this, the transmission system will be more responsive and less likely to cause delays during transmission. Furthermore, the fluid comes in a large 24-unce bottle, so you will have enough fluid to tune your vehicle.

This formula eradicates dry starts, seal leaks, annoying system squeals, and other transmission complications that you are likely to experience. As such, it will increase the transmission power, bringing about an improvement in fuel mileage. Moreover, it extends oil life, thus saving you from making frequent oil change. This formula also allows worn transmissions to work more effectively.

  • Does not contain solvents
  • Very effective
  • Easy to apply
  • Ergonomically designed bottle
  • Results are often short-lived in some transmission systems

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#3 XADO Revitalizant EX120 Transmission Oil Treatment Additive

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Transmission wear can drastically affect vehicle performance and also increase fuel consumption. However, you can counter this defect by adding the Xado revitalizant EX120 to your vehicle. This powerful formula has been carefully concocted using advanced scientific procedures that will allow your engine to deliver optimum performance. All you have to do is to ensure that you apply the right dosage for maximum results. The doses are measured using the available syringe.

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As such, one syringe can treat 5-8 qts of ATF fluid, while two syringes can stabilize 9-12 qts of ATF. Nevertheless, when working with 13-15 qts of ATF, you can add up to three syringes. This additive has a unique action property, which allows it to restore worn-out surfaces within the transmission system. It catalyzes the absorption of carbon through surface layers, hence forming metal carbides that rebuild and repair worn out parts. This process takes place at a molecular level, so the new layer that is formed will be tough and durable.

Consequently, the newly formed layer will act as a protective coating, thus preventing future damage. The revitalization process can take place in different parts such as the engine, gearbox, and other parts that are likely to be affected by friction. In addition, this formula does not cause chemical reactions when mixed with transmission fluids. As a matter of fact, it is compatible with all automatic transmission fluid such as Mopar, Dexron, CVT, Mercon, etc.

  • Reduces transmission noise
  • Anti-friction modifier
  • Prevents extreme heat
  • Brings transmission shudder to a halt
  • Cannot repair critically worn out surfaces
  • Takes a long time to fully revitalize

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#4 Genuine Ford Fluid XL-3 Friction Modifier Additive

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If you own a Ford, this transmission additive should be at the top of your list. This friction modifier is formulated with high-quality components, which will boost your vehicle’s transmission to the next level. It tunes differentials and allows the units to run smoothly while minimizing friction. This product has been made with all your vehicle needs in mind, so you can use it knowing that it will deliver what it promises.

Since the additive has been obtained by using state-of-the-art technological procedures, it is able to fix most transmission problems within the first treatment. However, to get long-lasting results, you can consider using this product regularly. Moreover, it mixes very well with transmission fluids, thereby allowing the mixture to flow freely through the transmission system.

This formula provides the drivetrain system with exceptional protection from heat and friction. Through this, the system will experience minimal wear, resulting in an improvement in performance. Also, it reduces system chatter and allows gears to turn without jamming unnecessarily. You can get even better results by consulting the owner manual so that you can apply the additive according to vehicle specifications.

  • Packed with powerful lubricants
  • Reduces hypoid gear noise
  • Innovatively designed
  • Has gone through extensive laboratory testing
  • Has a strong pungent smell

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#5 Hot Shot’s Secret HSSTSE32Z Transmission Restore Additive

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This product has restorative and cleaning properties, which allows it to tune the transmission system, thus improving performance. Additionally, it minimizes friction in parts that are directly in contact with each other. More to this, it protects rubber seals it stops the transmission fluid from leaking. This additive delivers excellent results when added during a fluid change. It will provide you with smoother gear changes with minimal vibrations.

Also, it reduces the working temperature and allows the system to operate with minimal stress. As a result, the engine and other parts will have an easy time during operation, thus improving fuel economy. It also dissolves residues that may choke the system, hence allowing the vehicle to run efficiently. To make it even better, it eliminates corrosion and rust from the system, thus prolonging engine life.

This is a high-performance formula, so you can use it on a wide range of transmission systems. Additionally, the product has a high shelf, thus making it more reliable. By adding this formula to the transmission system, you will notice a dramatic improvement in transmission and general enhancement in vehicle performance. The additive comes in a uniquely designed bottle, which will limit spillage.

  • Offers excellent protection against wear and tear
  • Reduces emissions
  • Dissolves varnish
  • Limits metal-to-metal contact
  • Only works with automatic transmissions

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#6 zMax 51-306 Transmission Formula

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The transmission additive from zMax is also another powerful formula that will completely change how your vehicle makes its transmissions. This formula can work with both automatic and manual transmissions. Also, it quiets noises, thus providing you with a peaceful driving experience. The formula is very strong and can dissolve and eliminate varnish from the transmission unit.

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Heat is the number one culprit for most transmission problems. For this reason, the formula is enriched with potent lubricants, which delivers complete lubricity. As such, it prevents critical parts from wearing out when the system is in use. This will allow the transmissions to occur rapidly while consuming less fuel. As a result, it will cut down your fuel cost, and save you the trouble of making frequent stops at the gas station.

If you are planning on improving transmission shifting and general performance, you can consider treating the transmission fluid with the zMax 51-306.It is easy to apply, so you won’t have a hard time figuring out how you can introduce it to the transmission system.

  • Innovatively designed
  • Protects vital parts
  • Improves fuel economy
  • Only 6 ounces

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#7 Prolong Super Lubricants PSL15000 Transmission Treatment

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This product has been designed using Prolong’s AFMT™ technology and is capable of tuning both automatic and manual transmission systems. It treats worn-out metal surfaces, thereby creating a protective layer that will prolong the life of the engine and other critical components. This formula restores the transmission response and facilitates fast acceleration. Moreover, it is compatible with all common gear oils and transmission fluids.

You can use this additive on high mileage and new vehicles. It will deliver commendable results in both scenarios, so you don’t have to buy multiple additives. Through its lubrication property, the formula is able to reduce the internal operating temperature, thus preventing the system from overheating. To add to this, this formula initiates chemical reactions with different parts within the transmission system but does not affect the transmission fluid.

It will make manual transmissions smoother, resulting in less fuel consumption. Besides, it tunes the gearbox, hence allowing the gear unit to make adjustments according to your needs. If you are looking to enhance the performance of your vehicle without sacrificing the quality of the engine, the Prolong PSL15000 is one of the additives that you can consider using.

  • Has a restorative property
  • Comes in a convenient long-necked bottle
  • Easy to use
  • Not compatible with CVT gearboxes

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#8 Sea Foam TT16 Trans Tune

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This additive is very tough on sticky varnish and other residues that may accumulate in the engine over time. However, it is gentle to the engine and the transmission system, making this a great option for daily use. More to this, it eliminates moisture from the transmission fluid, hence boosting system performance. This formula is compatible with both diesel and gasoline engines. It cleans the transmission system and ensures that all the parts don’t heat up during operation.

Additionally, all the components making this product are petroleum-based, so they won’t harm or damage your engine. If you are having problems with your steering, you can use this product to dissolve the residues that may be causing the mechanical malfunction. Also, it will tune the hydraulic system in such a way that it doesn’t jam when the engine is running. This product can work with all automatic transmission fluids.

Furthermore, it can mix with synthetic and conventional fluids and even be blended with steering fluid to get an all-round treatment. This additive will help you solve common transmission problems and all you have to do is mix it with your transmission fluid. Nonetheless, you have to blend the fluid according to the model of your vehicle, so ensure that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

  • Does not interfere with the chemical structure of the transmission fluid
  • Lubricates valves
  • Multipurpose
  • Improves shift quality
  • Not ideal for manual transmission systems

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#9 Liqui Moly 20040 ATF Additive

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This product will lower your repair cost by preventing wear in the transmission system. Unlike most additives that come in liquid form, Liqui Moly 20040 is in the form of a paste. This way, you can easily squeeze the additive into the system that you intend to treat. It will improve shifting operations, thus enabling quick and efficient transmissions. This product is particularly helpful when dealing with steering systems.

It will improve steering response by reinforcing the relevant seals for increased performance. Besides, the formula prevents unnecessary leakage from the transmission system, so the transmission fluid will flow at a constant level throughout the unit. This product can also make oil last longer, thus cutting down the cost of changing the oil. Since the additive comes in a tube, you will have an easy time storing it.

Once applied, the lube will eliminate operation noise and other unfavorable conditions that may interfere with transmissions. When using this formula, you won’t have to worry about blending ratios since it is applied directly to the transmission or power-steering systems.

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#10 Rislone 4502 Transmission Stop Slip with Leak Repair

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Rislone 4502 is formulated with potent compounds, which will assist you in solving the most common transmission problems. It restores performance by correcting flaws in the transmission system and other parts of the vehicle. To add to this, it is packed with conditioners, which will reinforce the seals in the transmission unit, thereby sealing leaks. This will allow you to save the transmission fluid from being wasted.

This formula can work with both manual and automatic transmissions. However, when added to manual transmissions, it will only solve shifting, noise, and leakage problems. Unfortunately, this product cannot solve slipping in manual transmission units. On the other hand, automatic transmissions will enjoy an endless list of benefits if the additive is used as directed by the manufacturer.

More to this, the formula can work with high mileage vehicles, so you can use it in older vehicle models. The bottle is equipped with a carefully designed spout, which allows you to add the formula to the vehicle without it spilling. You can use this additive on cars, SUVs, light trucks, etc.

  • Eliminates hesitation
  • Stabilizes ATF fluid
  • Lowers heat levels
  • Somewhat limited when added to manual transmissions

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#11 Bar’s Leaks 1400 Transmission Repair

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Bar’s Leaks 1400 is a dual-action formula that works by protecting and restoring transmissions. Like most additives on the list, this product contains several components, which have been blended scientifically to give you a powerful formula that will boost your vehicle’s performance. It comes in a uniquely designed two-chamber bottle, which contains 16 ounces of the fluid.

This product works with a good number of transmission fluids and will deliver even better results when working with automatic transmissions. It prevents the temperature from rising to extreme levels by limiting friction. You can also add this formula to the steering unit to loosen up stiff seals. As a result, you will have more control when handling the vehicle. The formula reduces leaks and allows transmissions to run

The hi-tech additives in this formula stabilize the transmission fluid and prevent it from vaporizing when subjected to high temperatures. You can get more power from your vehicle by dousing the transmission system with Bar’s Leaks 1400 transmission additive.

  • Conditions O-rings
  • Contains viscosity improvers
  • Delivers smooth shifts
  • Not for CVT transmissions
  • The additive only works with automatic transmissions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a transmission additive repair worn-out surfaces?

Yes. But this will depend on how severe the damage is. If the damage is critical, the additive will not do much, so you will have to replace the part. However, if the damage is minimal, there are powerful transmission additives that will act as a catalyst, thus causing chemical reactions, which result in the formation of metal carbides.

These carbides can easily attach to surfaces, hence creating a layer that will coat the damaged surface, thus protecting it from future wear.

How frequently should I use transmission additives?

Vehicle manufacturers recommend that you only use a transmission additive if your vehicle is exhibiting transmission-related problems. This may include defects such as delayed shifting of gears, internal clutch slips, noises, etc. If you notice any of these problems, you can consider using a transmission additive.

Nonetheless, you have to ensure that the product you are buying is compatible with your vehicle. Some additives only work with automatic transmissions, while others are compatible with both manual and automatic transmissions.

What does CVT stand for in transmissions?

CVT stands for Continuously Variable Transmission. This type of transmission relies on a pulley system to make seamless changes using an advanced gear system.

Final Verdict

Repairing transmission defects often comes at a very high cost. However, you can save yourself from spending the extra cash by preventing the problems before they occur. The best way to do this is by adding a transmission additive to your transmission system.

These formulas are loaded with powerful compounds, which work in unison, thus enhancing system performance. They limit friction and also prevent the transmission fluid from overheating. As a safety precaution, always ensure that the additives don’t come into direct contact with your skin, eyes, or mouth.

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