Top 10 Best Trim Routers You Can Find Today (2023)

Trim routers, also known as laminate trimmers, are mini woodwork machines used for trimming edges, hinge mortising, routing inlay cavities, flush trimming plugs, cutting joinery, and chamfering among other uses. Their compact design makes it possible to guide the base on narrow or straightedge workpieces.

If you own a workshop or you’re a DIY enthusiast, then you definitely need this tool. A trim router can make your woodwork or laminate project easier. It’ll help you to make more accurate cuts quickly and with less effort.

If you’re planning to buy a trim router, then you need to be careful about the choice you’ll make. After all, you don’t have money to waste by making trial and error choices.

Also, you wouldn’t want to waste time searching for a single product from dozens of available choices in the market.

With that said, what choices do you have left? We’ve made everything easier for you by shortlisting and reviewing the best trim routers available today. Read on for the detailed buying guide and review.

Top 10 Trim Routers

#1. Makita RT0701CX7 1-1/4 HP Compact Router Kit

Makita RT0701CX7 1-1/4 HP Compact Router Kit

We ranked this machine at the top of our review based on its top-quality design and reliability. It’s designed to deliver top-notch performance, precision routing, and versatility. Just like its name suggests, this tool is extremely compact in size.

The machine boasts of having a powerful motor rated at 1-1/4 maximum horsepower. The motor is able to deliver a speed of between 10k to 30k RPM. Besides, it has a speed control dial that will allow you to set the ideal speed for each application. Its electronic speed control allows the motor to maintain a constant speed when working on a workpiece. It also comes with a smart function that allows for smooth motor startup. The motor is housed in heavy-duty aluminum material that enhances its longevity.

Its precision is based on its fine depth adjustment mechanism. Besides, the depth scales on the machine are extremely easy to read for enhanced preciseness. The cam lock mechanism allows for quick release, thereby enhancing the performance and handling of the tool.

Additionally, the flat design at the top makes it more convenient to change the bits. The shaft lock that is integrated into this machine also makes it fast and easier to change the bits. You can also remove the base effortlessly to install a different base.

  • Ergonomic body design for comfortable handling
  • Double insulated for enhanced safety
  • Non-marring base insert
  • The base accepts standard templates
  • Durable and heavy-duty design
  • The offset base is challenging to adjust

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#2. Bosch Router Tool

Bosch Router Tool

Bosch is one of the leading manufacturers of workshop machinery. Its router tool made it in our review based on its great features. It boasts of having a powerful motor rated at 1.0 horsepower. The 5.6 ampere motor delivers a speed of 16k to 35k RPM.

It’s designed for convenient use. It features a straight edge guide that leads the router along the edges of your workpiece. It also leads the router up to 3-5/8 inches away from the edge. The router also comes with a cord exit which is angled in such a way that the cord is kept at bay when working with the tool.

Its high precision is also worth talking about. It allows for precise and quick depth adjustment. You can easily make either micro or macro adjustments with ease. Additionally, the clamp system allows for easier motor adjustment. You can also use the clamp system to move the motor from one base to another.

The router comes with a rugged aluminum base. This material is extremely solid and durable. It also features pockets that support fingers for enhanced stability, a feature which is extremely beneficial when trimming workpiece edges.

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Additionally, the router is extremely versatile. Its fixed base accepts different bit sizes, including those with a diameter of up to 1 5/16 inches. You can change the bits using one wrench and a spindle lock or with two wrenches.

  • Easy and fast to change bits
  • Ergonomically designed and easy to maneuver
  • Designed for a comfortable grip
  • Variable-speed control with constant speed maintenance during use
  • Soft-start motor
  • The locking mechanism is a little challenging to use

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#3. DEWALT Router Fixed/Plunge Base Kit


This trim router from DEWALT is yet another top-quality tool that is specially designed for both professional and DIY use. It comes with a powerful 2.25 horsepower motor that delivers a speed of between 16k to 27k RPM. Besides, it comes with a variable speed control function that allows you to change the bit speed for different applications.

The motor is soft-starting and comes with an electronic feedback system that works full-time to maintain the motor speed throughout the cutting process. The clear sub-base and dual LEDs that come with the tool allow for maximum visibility when working with the tool. Consequently, you’ll enjoy trimming your workpieces with enhanced precision. The plunge base also comes with an adjustment rod that allows for fine-tuning.

Another notable feature of this tool is the adjustment ring that allows for controlled changes in the bit of the fixed base. You can also take advantage of the large spindle lock button to change the bit comfortably. Additionally, the detents in the multiple shaft-lock makes it simpler and faster to change bits.

The fixed base also features a clamping mechanism and depth ring that locks the motor in place when using the router. As such, you’ll get more accurate results when working with the router. Also, the release tabs on the fixed base are spring-loaded such that they make it easier to remove the base.

  • Easy and quick to transition the motor between the plunge and fixed bases
  • Over-molded rubber handles for a more secure and comfortable grip on the plunge base
  • Aluminum base construction and motor housing
  • Wide plunge base platform
  • Extended eight-slot collet
  • Higher price range

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#4. Bosch 1617EVSPK Wood Router Tool

Bosch 1617EVSPK Wood Router Tool

This is yet another great router tool from Bosch. We shortlisted it based on its extreme power and tons of features worth boasting about. To start with, this Bosch router is one of the most powerful trim routers you can find today. It’s packed with a 12 ampere motor that delivers 2.25 horsepower and a variable speed of 8K to 25k RPM.

Its speed control system is made with the latest technology in mind. It’s able to maintain optimum RPM for every application. Thus, you’re assured of consistent performance no matter the application. You can also control the speed using the dial button on the tool.

The rounded handles on the tool are made of hardwood for enhanced user control. To add to that, the aluminum bases and motor housing are made to last long. Besides, the power switch is dust-proof for enhanced durability.

Another reason why you’ll want to go for this router is its accuracy. It comes with all the necessary components that allow for fixed-depth routing. You can take advantage of its micro-fine adjustment to adjust the bit-depth more accurately.

  • Comes with a chip deflector
  • Extremely versatile
  • Designed for enhanced user control
  • Comes with collet chucks, a collet nut wrench, and a shaft wrench
  • A carrying case is provided
  • Quite pricey for someone with a tight budget

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#5. Avid Power 6.5-Amp 1.25 HP Compact Router

Avid Power 6.5-Amp 1.25 HP Compact Router

Avid Power is yet another compact router that is worth your consideration. It has most of the desirable features you’d want in a router. To start with, it features a powerful 6.5 ampere motor with 1.25 horsepower.

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It’s able to deliver enough power for a wide range of applications. You can rely on its speed control dial to adjust the motor speed depending on the material or application you’re working on. Its variable speed ranges from 10k to 32k RPM.

The router is designed for precise operation, thanks to its innovative and accurate depth adjustment mechanism. Besides, it features dual LED lights that illuminate the working area brightly for enhanced visibility and accuracy.

Its handles are covered with rubber to allow for a comfortable grip. Additionally, the router features a quick locking mechanism that allows for easier base change and depth adjustment.

Another reason you’d want to choose this router is its aluminum base and body. They’re built for longevity. To add to that, the router comes with a dust hood that removes dust from the workspace to leave it clean.

  • Comes with an edge guide and roller guide
  • Five router bits are provided
  • You’ll also get a pair of gloves
  • Also comes with a wrench and carbon brushes
  • Accepts 3/8 and ¼ inch collets
  • Tends to heat a little bit when used for a prolonged period

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#6. CtopoGo Electric Hand Trimmer

CtopoGo Electric Hand Trimmer

The CtopoGo trimmer boasts of being a premium quality tool for professional and DIY workshop use. It’s made of aluminum housing and partly plastic. Thus, it’ll serve you for many days to come. It has a powerful motor that’s capable of delivering a speed of up to 30k RPM.

The trimmer is designed for enhanced usability. You’ll find it quite easy to use it for a wide range of trimming applications. It has a transparent cover that keeps flying sawdust under control. You can easily see through the transparent base cover for enhanced accuracy. The scale is also clearly visible for preciseness. Its straight guide is extremely stable for your convenience. Besides, the trimming guide and curve processing are also precise.

Another reason why this trimmer is worth your consideration is that it comes with several accessories. It comes with accessories such as a sub-base plate, chucks, two wrenches, six brushes, and a template guide adapter. You can use the provided wrenches to tighten the bits.

  • Lightweight and not very loud
  • Has a lift knob for easier scale adjustment
  • Stainless steel transmission gear
  • Non-slip rubber handle for a comfortable grip
  • Rustproof and dustproof
  • The provided instructions are not very clear

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#7. Avid Power 11-Amp 2 HP Fixed-Base Wood Router

Avid Power 11-Amp 2 HP Fixed-Base Wood Router

One of the features that stand out most in this router is that it’s designed for power and efficiency. It comes with a powerful 11 ampere motor that generates 2 horsepower. It’s able to handle a wide range of woodwork applications. Besides, it’s capable of delivering a speed of up to 25k RPM. Thus, you’re assured of clean and quick cuts, even when handling hardwoods.

The bases and motor housing of the router are made of top-quality aluminum for enhanced longevity. The router also boasts of having a dustproof power switch, making it more durable. The handles are covered with rubber to make it more comfortable to hold and control the router.

Another benefit that comes with this router is its accuracy in depth adjustment. It features a depth adjustment ring that allows for micro-fine adjustment. That way, you can work on your project with enhanced accuracy. Besides, it comes with an edge guide that makes it easier to route straight lines and to create grooves.

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#8. Cozyel 110V 800W Palm Router

Cozyel 110V 800W Palm Router

This router from Cozyel has several great features worth discussing. To start with, it features a transparent base that makes it easier to see the trimming edge. As a result, you’ll be able to carry out various applications with enhanced accuracy.

The dressing guide that comes with the router allows for precise cutting. Besides, it’s stable enough when cutting or trimming.

It also comes with a universal carbon brush. You can easily replace the carbon brush as needed. Moreover, you can take advantage of the lift knob to adjust the knife scale.

This trim router is ideal for applications such as cabinet processing, handicraft production, wood processing, and DIY. You’ll also find it easy to use the tool when drilling, grooving, and trimming wood.

  • It’s one of the most affordable trim routers
  • Comes with 2 wrenches
  • Also comes with user instructions
  • A trimmer and straight guide assemblies are provided
  • It’s a little bit loud

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#9. HOTSTORE Palm Router

No products found.

The HOTSTORE router is yet another ideal option for a wide range of woodwork applications. Its motor delivers a speed of up to 30k RPM. It’s capable of delivering enough power for trimming and routing.

Its transparent base makes it easy to view the trimming and routing process for enhanced accuracy. The scale is also easily visible and can be adjusted easily.

The router is made of both plastic and aluminum. The aluminum housing makes it more durable whereas the plastic section is clear to view the base. Besides, it comes with two carbon brushes and two wrenches.

  • Very affordable
  • Comes with a trimmer guide and straight guide assemblies
  • Easy to operate the tool
  • Doesn’t accept bushings

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#10. Zerone Compact Router

Zerone Compact Router

Although we’ve ranked this router among the last in our shortlist, it’s also one of the best routers available today. It’s made of top-quality aluminum housing for longevity and plastic covering for clear views when trimming and routing.

The router features a transparent cover that controls wood chips as they fly off when working with the tool. The router allows for fine depth adjustment for enhanced accuracy. It’s also designed to allow for fine curve processing and accurate cutting.

The linear guide and linear processing functionalities of the router are stable for preciseness. You can also take advantage of the provided wrenches to tighten the router as needed.

You can use the tool for edge trimming, cutting curves, chamfering, pattern processing, handicraft production, and other applications. Its ease of operation makes it perfect for DIY woodwork applications.

  • Two carbon brushes are provided
  • Transparent base
  • Comes with a straight guide and a trim guide
  • An instruction manual is provided
  • Not ideal for large professional projects

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Frequently Asked Questions

What factors should I consider when choosing a trim router?

Consider factors such as motor speed, power, precision, depth adjustment, accessible knobs, and ease of use.

What’s the difference between regular routers and trim routers?

Regular routers come with two different types of router bit collets. On the other hand, trim routers come with a single router bit collet.

Is it possible to change the bearing of the trim router bits?

Yes, it’s possible to change the bearing.

What’s the use of a trim router?

It’s used for profiling the edges of wood and laminate, mortising inlays, drilling holes, cutting hinge mortises, trimming shelf lipping, rounding over edges, routing out wood using a template, cleaning veneer, cutting joinery, and more.

Can I use a trim router to trim a door?

Yes, you can. A trim router comes with a narrow base and is lightweight, making it perfect for trimming a door.

What are trim router guide bushings used for?

Guide bushings are devices that guide the router bit to follow a template such that the shape of the template is transferred to the workpiece.

Final Words

As a DIY woodwork enthusiast or a professional carpenter, it’ll help to invest in the right trim router to get the job done right and complete your project before time.

We hope that our reviews and buying guide will assist you in getting the most suitable trim router for your needs.

After all, we’ve only shortlisted the best options for the best value of your money. Thus, you can rest assured that you’re choosing from top-quality trim routers.

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