11 Best Under Cabinet LED Lighting (2024)

Without lighting fixtures, your home’s interior design might not be appreciated. However, innovations in lighting systems are improving the way we decorate interior spaces with furniture. 

With bright LED lights, you can enhance the appearance of under-cabinet spaces. Also, you can customize the space with white LED lights.

While it might be inconveniencing to use wired LED lighting systems, wireless under-cabinet LED lights reduces the hassle. However, a range of under-cabinet LED lamps have been designed differently. 

You can crease warm lights with 2-color models of these accessories too. A variety of colors often gives you more options, but these types are more expensive. 

More so, the lighting unit can be turn on and off manually if it doesn’t come with remote control. 

Most premium under-cabinet LED lights work with downloadable apps. However, users must be within a specific distance ( 10 to 15 feet) to control these under-cabinet fixtures.

Adjusting the bright and white glow of your LED light is easy with a feature like a selectable dimmer. Regardless of your under-cabinet lighting system, it’s better to use easy-to-install fixtures. 

Apart from your bedroom, under-cabinet LED lights are ideal for garages, kitchens, study rooms, basement, and laundry room. 

A low-watt LED lighting fixture is cost-effective because it will not consume much energy. We’ve listed some of the best under-cabinet LED Lighting systems and their advantages of using in homes and offices.

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11 Best Under-Cabinet LED Lighting

#1. Brilliant Evolution Wireless Under-Counter LED Lights

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Brilliant Evolution comes with a rechargeable battery that runs 4 times more than regular LED lights. This LED under-cabinet light can be attached to the frame of your furniture easily. So, you don’t need to overcome any hassles of the installation process. 

It’s a 6-pack lighting system that works with remote control. Also, this battery-powered closet light has adjustable turn-off (15, 30, 60, and 120 minutes) times with the remote or by tapping the lens. 

It emits a 3000K warm glow of white light, and you don’t need to replace the LEDs. However, the manufacturer recommends brightness-adjustment levels from 100 to 50% with the push-button. Additionally, it comes with 3 AA batteries that offer 100 hours of run time.

  • A stick-on installation style
  • 55 Lumens of very bright LEDs. LEDs never need to be replaced
  • Auto-off time and selectable dimmer systems
  • The batteries are not built-in, but it requires unscrewing to change them.

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#2. URPOWER Motion Sensor Under-Cabinet LED Light

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This motion sensor LED light for indoor cabinets are easy to operate. While they use 4 units of AAA batteries, each lighting unit comes with 10 LEDs that produce a bright glow of lights.

The under-cabinet LED fixture uses infrared technology too. Even in the dark, motions can activate the light. When you are within 10 feet, the LED light turns on automatically.

However, it turns off when motion is not detected after 20 seconds. Since this model of URPOWER Under-cabinet LED light has a magnetic strip, it can be installed without tools.

You don’t need screwdrivers, screws, and nuts needed to install the LED light. Also, don’t use sticky tapes to ensure firmness with the cabinet during installation.

  • Motion, infrared, and night-sensing technology
  • Each unit comes with 10 built-in LED lights
  • Apart from under your cabinets, you can use this lighting fixture on bathroom closets, stairs, basements, hallways, and pantries
  • It’s easy to stick on dry surfaces
  • Portable and wireless features
  • You need to buy 4 units of AAA batteries because they will not come with this package.

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#3. Bason Puck Motion Sensor Lights

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When people come home at night with hands full of items, it might be difficult to turn-on their bedroom lights.

With BASON LIGHTING Motion Sensor Puck Lights on auto modes, it’s very easy to turn on the light will when you between 1 to 2 meters from it. However, the LED light turn-offs (about 20 seconds.) when you are not within the sensor range.

Since it comes with a built-in and 1000mAH-rechargeable battery, you don’t need to charge it every time. This stick-on Puck light uses 3 modes of adjustments and an auto-off feature. Also, these features prevent the hassles of searching for items in your closet when it’s dark.

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The installation is seamless because the LED lighting fixture has a built-in and adhesive magnetic tip that stays firmer with a 3M tape.

  • Two modes of installation
  • Three (Sensor, Light-off, and Stay on) lighting modes
  • A 1000mAh battery that runs for at least 30 days when it’s on the auto-mode
  • Rechargeable battery that takes at least 2 hours to complete a full charge.
  • The warm glow of light is not a very bright white color, but it’s cool for users that might prefer this shade of light.

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#4. Phonar Under-Cabinet LED Lighting Unit

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With motion sensor technology, this 36-Inch Phonar Under-Cabinet Lighting Unit offers more advantages than traditional lights. It comes with a built-in sensor switch and an impressive design.

The body of this light fixture is made of anodized aluminum alloy, and there’s a sensitive turn on/off switch on the side of this hardened casing. Also, this bright LED has a matte diffusor that conserve luminous losses. It’s color temperatures vary between white 3000K (warm) and 4000K (neutral).

These LEDs can illuminate the natural colors of items in your cabinet because their Color Rendering Index is 80. Apart from this 36-Inch under-cabinet LED light, other sizes include 12, 24, 36, and 48 inches.

  • An aluminum-alloy construction with a polished finish
  • Easy-to-use switch
  • 12V Adapter and a 4.9-foot power cable
  • This aluminum LED light comes with a sticky strip for installations, but you might need to drill holes on the cabinet for two screws.

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#5. LUNSY RGB 6-Pack Wireless LED Puck Light

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Each of these round Under-Closet Puck Lights by LUNSY is designed with four modes of brightness, timer, and selectable dimmer features.

Apart from these 6 LED under-cabinet Puck lights, the package contains 8 adhesive tapes (for installation), 1-inch screws, and 2 remote controls. Also, it’s very easy to change this fixture’s three (jump, flash, gradient) lighting modes.

There are four preset colors of white (3000 Kelvin), green, red, and blue. Without the remote control, you can turn on/off the smart LED lens manually.

However, the level of brightness (100%, 80%, 40%, 10%) depends on the set timer (120, 60, 30, 10 minutes) modes. If you love cool colors, this set of plastic LED lights is ideal for your bookshelves and corridors.

  • Low-wattage (0.85 watts) LEDs
  • A pack of six 80lm under-closet light
  • The color temperature is 3000 Kelvin
  • Durable design
  • Inserting or changing the 3AA battery is not user-friendly.

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#6. HIBOITEC LED Under-Cabinet Light

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This under-closet light by HIBOITEC works with motion sensor technology and it contains 54 LEDs. Its 2500mAh rechargeable battery stays for about 5 hours and at least 1 month when you use the motion-sensor mode. Also, it’s suitable for kitchen cabinets, hallways, and stairs.

With the space-saving design of this wireless lighting fixture, you can light up outdoor environments. It produces steady illumination and glows without glares.

There’s a light guard panel that displays flicker-free and natural light. The side of this under-closet LED light has a USB port that fits regular charging cables. Additionally, you can switch between its two (automatic and always-on) and motion-sensing modes.

When you are within 10 feet of this lighting fixture, it turns on and switches off after 20 seconds of motionless activity.

  • A 350 lumens LED light system
  • Energy-saving (3 watts) LEDs that gives a natural glow
  • Anti-glare technology
  • Rechargeable 1000mAh Polymer Li-ion battery (3.7V)
  • During maintenance, it’s might not be easy to change these 54 LEDs.

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#7. Anbock Motion Sensor Under-Closet LED Light

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Do you need portable and motion-sensor LED lights that are ideal for cabinets, stairwells, and indoor garages?

Anbock Under-Cabinet LED Light is a 4-pack lighting fixture that produces 20 lumens of bright light. These LED lights don’t turn on during the day time, but they light up your interior space automatically.

You only need to be between 8 to 10 feet for its motion sensor switch to be activated. However, this auto-on mode goes off after about 15 seconds of inactivity.

Another impressive feature of this Anbock Wireless Puck Lights is its total run time of 50,000 hours. Also, each of these under-cabinet light measures 2.7 X 1.2 inches. The package comes with a USB cable, a built-in battery, and two LEDs 6000K.

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#8. LightBiz Under-Closet LED Light

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LightBiz Under-Cabinet Wireless light has a silver panel and a high-quality LED chip. This unit of the stick-on and anti-glare panel is easy to install.

There are 3 levels of brightness (low, medium, and bright), but the default is the medium mode. Also, a quick-press of the button triggers this default mode.

It works with two sensors (green and blue-flashing lights), always-on (red light), and off modes. The auto-on mode activates when you are within 10 feet (3m). Its luminous flux varies between 80 (minimum) and 150LM.

As an energy-saving LED light, you can improve the battery life with the stepless-dimming feature and control the intensity from 100 to 0%. Like other wireless under-cabinet lights, you can charge (2 to 3 hrs) the built-in battery with a USB port.

  • It contains 18 white LEDs
  • A 600mAh rechargeable battery
  • An auto-off mode after 20 seconds
  • Stick on design with a magnet surface
  • It measures 5.3 x 1.35 x 0.52 inches
  • You might need to buy extra units of this LED light for a big cabinet.

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#9. SOAIY Magnetic Stick-on Touch Light

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This model of SOAIY Touch Sensor LED Night Light is available in yellow and white color. Each of this 6-pack set of SMD LEDs has a slim-profile design. While the LED’s luminous flux is 25 lumens, it’s rated at 0.36 Watts. It’s safe for use and can be operated by seniors and kids.

You don’t need to worry about the strong magnetic effect during any installation because it’s not designed to damage the surface of your cabinet or wall. However, the bright glow of white light is like daylight.

Apart from the magnetic and metal plate, there’s a 3M double-sided stick-on adhesive that prevents the LED light from falling.

After installing this LED light, twist and press it to adjust its brightness levels. Usually, ultra-thin LED cabinet lights can fit into small cabinets. This touch-sensing light for cabinets is portable, and it uses a brightness memory technology.

  • It’s easy to use and install
  • It requires 3 AAA batteries
  • It measures 3.1 X 0. 8inch inches
  • The package doesn’t come with comprehensive assembly instructions.

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#10. GE Wireless LED Puck Lights For Cabinets

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Battery-powered and dimmable puck lights help to illuminate your closet at night. This model of GE Under-closet LED Puck Lights can fit into pantries, attics, basements, and garages.

It’s a pair of touch-activated light that’s available in 4 and 6 packs. Also, the energy-efficiency of this LED is enhanced with a touch off/on mode. There’s no need to worry about replacing bulbs or wiring installations.

As a reputable brand of renewable energy and lighting fixtures, GE offers this model of ready-to-install puck light with 20-Lumens LEDs. Each of these LED lights needs high-quality 3 AAA batteries.

Additionally, there are two installation options (keyhole mount and double-sided adhesive pad) of hardware accessories.

  • Suitable mounting options
  • Bright White LEDs
  • It comes with instructions for installing batteries
  • It doesn’t have any dimmable brightness feature.

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#11. Energizer Tap Light For Cabinets

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Energizer Tap light for closets is simple to install and use. Simply press the lens and twist it to turn the switch on/off the LED light. It’s a wireless lighting fixture that doesn’t require electrical installation experience from the owner.

Instead, this lightweight and portable under-cabinet come with a double-sided adhesive tape designed for indoor use. If you don’t want to mount it on your wall with a keyhole, just place it on the top of the cabinet’s divider.

More so, the LED light’s luminous flux is 20 lumens and the brightness of its white light is impressive. You need to buy 4 units of AA batteries with this Energizer Tap Light. Additionally, this Tap light is reliable during emergencies and power outages.

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How To Buy The Right Under-Cabinet LED Lighting

Swap your under-cabinet lights for premium LED lighting fixtures when you need to illuminate your closet and other interior spaces. However, you must avoid wrong buying decisions on any under-cabinet LED puck lights.

You will need to identify some features that determine top-rated models of LED lights for closets. This section of our buying guide offers relevant information.

Consider the LED Light’s Power Source


Many people prefer LED light bulbs because of their energy-efficiency. While some types of under-cabinet lights require AA batteries, other models come with built-in lithium batteries. The option of using rechargeable batteries has multiple benefits.

You can connect these devices with a charging cable and USB ports. Other power sources include wall sockets and power banks. Also, it takes at least 2 hours to get a premium Li-ion battery to a full-charge status. Unlike AA batteries, Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries can serve for 50,000 hours.

Direct Plug-in Charging cable

There are under-cabinet LED lights that require hardwired connections with your home’s power supply. These types of cabinet lights don’t have built-in batteries.

Instead, they require a continuous power supply to illuminate any interior space. However, it could be inconveniencing to use these hardwired LED lights for cabinets when there’s an issue with the home’s electricity supply.

The Design

It’s easy to describe your under-cabinet LED lighting system by its design. Generally,  some types of under-cabinet LED lights include tape lights, light bars, linear and puck lights.

While the housings of puck lights are often made with plastic materials, they come in round shapes.

Additionally, puck lights have adhesive stick-on surfaces. However, the linear LED lights are very popular, and they have rectangular or square shapes. Regardless of the design, a well-made under-cabinet LED light should be easy to use.

Wireless modes of operations and user-friendly features are some qualities of impressive designs. Also, the motion sensor technology of these lighting fixtures works in a manner. They might have extra features like dimming, brightness, and auto-off/on controls.


What would you do with an under-cabinet LED light that’s not easy to install? The ease of installing these portable lighting fixtures is important.

While many of these LED lights come with instruction manuals, others require a simple stick-on surface. However, you might need to support the adhesive pads with mounting screws. Another type of installation is with magnetic surfaces.

Most under-cabinet lights with metal casings are designed with magnetic strips and you might not need other installation accessories. The only problem with magnetic strips is moisture. If the mounting surface of the cabinet is often damp, it might reduce the magnetic force.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the rechargeable battery of under-cabinet LED lights last?

Before you buy any under-cabinet LED light, check the battery and its ratings. A well-made 1000mAH-rechargeable battery can stay for a few weeks.

However, the battery run time is determined by reliable motion sensor technology. Usually, energy-saving and economical under-cabinet lights have built-in Lithium-ion batteries that can be recharged quickly.

Can under-cabinet lights be used anywhere in our homes?

The name ‘under-cabinet’ doesn’t restrict the usage of LED lights. Usually, these fixtures are versatile and can be used anywhere.

However, it better to buy durable under-cabinet lights when you need to install them in kitchens, bathrooms, and other damp sections. Also, these LED lights are useful in hallways, basements, shelves, libraries, and garages.

Final Verdict

It’s better to ensure proper installations of under-cabinets LEDs, but it’s better to buy the right model. This buying guide shows you features of portable and lightweight lighting fixtures that are convenient to use in interior spaces.

Regardless of their shapes, they have different features and offer many benefits. After comparing these 11 brands of under-cabinet lights, it might not be difficult to choose your favorite.

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