11 Best Universal Sockets (2023)

If you deal with a wide range of nuts and bolts, you can confirm that wading through different shapes and sizes of wrenches looking for the ideal one for the job isn’t the most interesting of jobs. Actually, as simple as it seems, it’s one thing that can bring your project to a halt for some time and even ruin your mood for the day. 

But have you ever thought of getting one piece that you can use across all your fastening needs? How about a tool that will get you over those wide varieties of stubborn screws without going back to your toolbox every time? Well, if that idea has ever come into your mind, that’s what a universal socket is capable of doing.

As the name suggests, a universal socket is a simple piece whose design allows you to use it for fastening and loosening almost all types of fasteners—including those with bizarre shapes. The unit has spring-loaded rods that will conform to nearly any bolt, rendering it more of a one-size-fits-all kind of tool.

What’s more interesting, even with the superb versatility, universal sockets usually don’t cost much. However, one area you need to be keen on is when choosing the model to buy. Of the hundred and one models we have, only a few will perform satisfactorily. So, what makes a decent universal socket? Well, worry not— here are the top 11 universal sockets worth buying.

11 Best Universal Sockets

1. RAK USG719AS Universal Socket Grip

RAK USG719AS Universal Socket Grip

Even if you have wrenches in SAE sizes, you still need to invest in metric sizes for you to be ready to face every bolt. However, that’s not the case with a universal socket. With this tool, you can work on fasteners of both metric and standard sizes.

The self-adjusting spring-loaded pins will allow you to use the unit for bolts, nuts, hooks, and other types of fasteners with the size of between 1/4 inches and 3/4 inches. That translates to 7mm to 19 mm for metric sizes.

The universal socket comes with an impact connector, giving you everything you need to get started right off the bat. The 2-piece set features stainless steel construction, so it stands the test of time with regular use.

The multi-purpose socket packs 54 pins that will adjust to match the shape of most fasteners. What’s more, the pins here are of hardened steel. For that reason, they won’t deform with the highest level of use and misuse.

 Although it’s a nice piece with rugged construction, this universal socket doesn’t cost much. Therefore, it’s one tool that brings you the best versatility without claiming much from your wallet.

  • Won’t strip bolts.
  • Rugged construction.
  • Impressive build quality.
  • A larger head would be better.

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2. Kusonkey Socket-100 Universal Socket Tools

Kusonkey Socket-100 Universal Socket Tools

Loosen and drive a wide variety of fasteners with ultimate ease and without making several trips to your toolbox. This universal socket is a versatile unit that will allow you to face any project with confidence.

Whether you want it for hex nuts, bolts, hooks, or any other type of fasteners, expect it to serve well for all your needs. Like the predecessor, the unit will adjust to take any shape of bolts/nuts you are handling.

The unit uses 54 spring-loaded pins to make custom shape for your fasteners. The spring-loaded rods are of hardened steel. With that said, this socket should last for many years with regular use in a busy jobsite.

When it comes to the size, you can use it for nuts and bolts within the size range of 1/4 inches and 3/4 inches. That’s also about 7mm to 19mm for the metric sizes, a comparable range to that of the predecessor.

The package comes with a universal socket and a power drill adapter. That means if you already have a ratchet wrench or an electric drill, that’s all you will need to be up and working minutes after the package arrives.

  • The grip is decent.
  • Affordable.
  • Easy to use.
  • The large head will need more space around the bolt head.

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3. Moongo MO-Cc10 Tool Universal Socket

Moongo MO-Cc10 Tool Universal Socket

The Moongo MO-Cc10 is also one of the market’s popular options. In fact, since it’s also among the highly-rated models out there, we expect it to have minimal or no chances at all of disappointing.

The unit comes with the most hardworking mechanic in mind, and that means it can withstand tough use in the most rugged working environment. The chrome vanadium steel construction means it will retain its shape through years of heavy abuse.

The socket will work for any bolt or nut between 1/4 inches and 3/4 inches wide. The 54 steel rods is pretty a decent count as it allows the unit to form the shape it takes to tighten or loosen whatever fastener you are handling.

Unlike in some universal sockets where the steel rods bend or fall off with use, the spring-loaded pins here remain in place. Hence, if you aren’t planning to buy another universal socket any time soon, you won’t go wrong with this model.

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The blue color is conspicuous and makes the piece easy to locate in a stuffed toolbox. However, for those that prefer another color, the manufacturer also avails it in other colors. You can choose either black or red depending on what seems best for your needs.

  • The blue color is visually appealing.
  • Available in a variety of finishes.
  • Steel rods won’t come off.
  • Quite big for small jobs.

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4. Hanpure Universal Socket Tools

Hanpure Universal Socket Tools

At times it’s after you get something when you realize that you needed it at first. Whether it’s your husband, brother, friend, or any other person in your life who loves to do their stuff, they will appreciate adding this versatile piece to their arsenal.

The high-quality piece has everything you need from a tool of its kind to tackle almost any job that comes your way. The universal design allows it to adapt instantly to grip hex nuts, crew eyes, square nuts, and other types of fasteners.

About compatibility, it compares to all the preceding models on the list. In other words, you can use this universal socket for standard and metric sizes. That said, it’s the ideal tool to bring along when you want maximum functionality of your toolbox when keeping the weight as low as possible.

The number of steel rods here is still 54. However, it’s worth noting that the pins here are of the highest quality and the most durable construction. Thus, you can buy this universal socket knowing that the rods won’t fall off or stick in with continued use.

Additionally, the chrome vanadium steel pins have rounded edges. This shape allows for a smooth retraction and ensures that the unit doesn’t scratch your fasteners when gripping. In other words, this tool won’t just help in loosening and tightening bolts and nuts but also ensure that it does so in the friendliest way possible that won’t strip them.

  • Durable but portable.
  • High-quality springs.
  • Rounded edges.
  • Still not for hard-core jobs.

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5. YSYS Universal Socket Tools Gifts

YSYS Universal Socket Tools

The next product on the list boasts one of the best ratings on the list. With this high-quality set, you can handle bolts and nuts anywhere between 1/4 inches and 3/4 inches wide. In other words, just as the name suggests, it’s a socket that will work with nearly all fastener sizes.

Unlike the previous sets that offer two pieces, you are getting three in this case. You will get a universal socket, drill adapter, and a ratchet wrench. With all these pieces, you should find it more convenient to work with this premium set.

The handle of the ratchet wrench provides non-slip performance. Therefore, other than versatility and the outstanding performance it delivers where it fits, we are safe to think of this set as one that comes with user ergonomics in mind.

The chrome vanadium steel gives us the confidence that the set will deliver long-lasting performance. Also, the 54 steel rods are individually spring-actuated for quick and smooth conformance to any shape.

In cheaply-made options, you will notice tiny spaces between the rods. However, this unit boasts meticulous engineering without any gaps between the steel needles. This way, it provides an excellent grip for easy tightening and loosening of bolts.

  • Thicker outer shell for more sturdiness.
  • The honeycomb design of the steel rods provides a surer grip.
  • 3-piece set.
  • The extra piece comes with an additional price.

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6. Effecteer 4354329662 Self-adjusting Socket

Effecteer 4354329662 Self-adjusting Socket

One way of keeping your toolbox functional and lightweight at the same time is by equipping it with versatile tools. Now, one of the must-have equipment for you is a universal socket. This tool will allow you to handle almost any fastener. This way, you don’t have to include different types of job-specific sockets in your toolbox.

With this high-quality set, there isn’t a fastener you can’t handle within the range of 1/4 inches and 3/4 inches. That makes it a nice grab for home improvement, garage, construction sites, and other applications where a tool of its kind comes in handy.

The hardened steel construction allows you to grab the set with the confidence that it will last for years.  The high-quality springs of the rods can withstand as many times of retracting and expanding as possible.

After you place your order, expect to get a 2-piece set, a universal socket, and a power drill connector. However, the adapter here is 3/8 inches, so ensure that it’s the correct size for your power tool.

Generally, you are getting a nice piece that will work well for most types of fasteners. Nevertheless, it’s not water-resistant. Hence, you will have to keep it away from moisture and rain if you want to get the most in durability.

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7. TACKLIFE ASW02A 4Pcs Multifunctional Universal Socket

No products found.

Although universal sockets have impressive compatibility, some applications call for smaller sizes while others need larger sockets. Now, if you are looking for a set that will give you maximum versatility, this option by Tacklife should serve you well.

The package constitutes four pieces. Therefore, it comes with more than you will get in any of the previous models. The four components include two universal sockets and their matching power drill adapter.

The first universal socket will support sizes ranging between 1/4 inches and 3/4 inches. The second one is smaller and supports fasteners that are 5/32 inches to 1/2 inches wide. Hence, this set will work well for sizes between 5/32 inches and 3/4 inches thick.

About the sockets, they are all 3/8 inches. With that said, if you have two power drills, you may not have to switch between the two sizes in the middle of your project—use each size on its own tool to save on time.

All the sockets will self-adjust to the shape of your fastener. And with the compact design of this set, you can keep it in your back pocket, backpack, boat, tackle box, or any other area when on travel.

  • Two universal sockets.
  • The smaller size works well for tight areas.
  • Cost-efficient pack.
  • The rods aren’t very smooth.

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8. Magnelex MG-US-01 Universal Socket Tool

Magnelex MG-US-01 Universal Socket Tool

Power through your home improvement projects in the shortest time possible with this fantastic universal socket tool. Although you are getting a single socket here, the versatility it carries allows you to handle a wide range of tasks as if with a bunch of tools.

The unit has 54 rods with a smooth spring action. Therefore, with this multi-purpose tool, you don’t have to divide your attention to compressing it and loosening or tightening the nut. You can now focus on what matters most!

Also, the spring-actuated pins are packed closer to one another without any spaces between them. This design ensures that the socket provides a firmer grip to your fastener, minimizing the chances of striping it.

The steel construction provides the unit with much-needed impact resistance. That means this set can withstand the drops and dings coming with auto repairs, home improvement tasks, and other DIY repair projects. The steel construction here is also non-corrosive, so expect it to maintain its aesthetic impression for many years.

The Magnelex MG-US-01 is one unit that will give best-in-class performance everywhere it fits. As a result, we see it as a perfect gift to Mr. fix-it, whether for a birthday, Christmas, or any other special day. The unit comes with a drill attachment adapter to allow you to transform your drill into a reliable and powerful bolt extractor tool.

  • Non-corrosive steel construction.
  • Impact-resistant set.
  • Heat-treated pins for superior strength.
  • Lack of support when using it for 19mm nuts.

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9. FBA_BLENDX Ratchet Universal Socket Set

FBA_BLENDX Ratchet Universal Socket Set

The next universal socket is yet another model that you can also count on to help in your bolt tightening and loosening needs. The unit will work well for different shapes like hexagon, square, round, and others.

You can use it for both SAE and metric sizes. The smallest size of fastener it can take is 1/4 inches (7mm). And with the ability to accommodate bolts up to 3/4 inches, expect this unit to be a staple tool for you when it’s time to turn various shapes and types of nuts, bolts, and other fasteners.

Unlike some competing models, this universal socket works even on rusted and painted nuts and bolts. Therefore, it’s one unit you can buy knowing that you are getting a tool you can always count on all the time.

The 54 spring-loaded pins are super rugged, so they won’t bend or break when in use. The spring mechanism allows some pins to retract when you place the socket onto the fastener. The surrounding rods then grasp the bolt/nut by the walls and turns it when you run your power tool.

Although this universal socket performs impressively, we must not shy away from the fact that it has a thing or two that needs improvement. For instance, most users claim that the rods remain in a decompressed position. However, that’s a common problem to all universal sockets. Just ensure that you don’t apply more force than necessary when pushing the socket onto your fasteners.

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10. DIA-GRIP DGYL-2 Universal Socket 3pcs Toolset

DIA-GRIP DGYL-2 Universal Socket 3pcs Toolset

The Dia-Grip DGYL-2 Universal Socket arrives alongside a power drill adapter and a wrench. Therefore, even before we dig deeper to find out what the unit can offer, we already know that you are getting a complete set.

Of course, by default, the three pieces will cost more than the two pieces you get in most packs. However, that’s not the case with this socket. While the package comes with more components, the price is even lower than that of some two-piece sets.

All the members of this set are of superior quality. The Chromoly steel gives the pieces the much-needed strength to take on most projects like a champ. You can use this universal socket for indoor and outdoor applications, whether for home improvement projects, car repair, and others.

Also, we appreciate that the durably-constructed set is portable. And with the compact design, this three-piece option makes your ideal companion for those emergencies. Thus, it’s one unit that will always come in handy wherever needed.

When talking about compatibility, this socket is compatible with most types and sizes of fasteners. It will fit snugly bolt heads that are up to 3/4 inches wide. When using it for eyebolts, it can take up to 2 inches.

  • Easy to store and transport.
  • The silver color is nice.
  • The quality of the box is impressive.
  • Not easy to use in a one-handed situation.

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11. LEBERNA 001-SOCKET Universal Socket 4 PCS

LEBERNA 001-SOCKET Universal Socket

No more stopping your work to search for the right tool for the job—with this set, you have the right tool for nearly all your screwing and unscrewing needs. Like all the predecessors, you can turn any shape of a fastener when using this universal socket.

The package includes a total of four pieces, two universal sockets, and two power drill adapters. The sockets will turn fasteners with the standard size of 1/4 inches to 3/4 inches. For metric sizes, it will support between 7 mm and 19mm.

Of course, with the two pieces, we expect double durability from this set. However, most users don’t seem to like the idea of including sockets of the same size. The vast majority prefer sockets of different sizes as that would maximize the versatility of the set.

The two power adapters are 3/8 inches. This tool provides a way to connect the super socket to a power drill, ratchet wrench, and any other piece you may want to use for turning your bolts and nuts.

The stainless steel pins will stand up to regular use by a dedicated professional and hobbyist. The top-grade springs will retract to take the shape of your fastener. Also, this unit fits onto bolts snugly for effective turning.

  • Perfect functionality.
  • The rods won’t bend.
  • Decent quality-price ratio.
  • Including two sockets of the same size isn’t the best idea.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do universal sockets work?

Universal sockets, also known as super sockets, feature spring-loaded rod-like pins. These rods retract to accommodate different shapes and sizes of fasteners. The surrounding rods then grip the bolt snugly. This way, the pins ensure efficient transfer of torque.

Do universal socket work?

Yes. In fact, that’s why we are here. This piece allows you to work on bolts and nuts of varying sizes and shapes without having to stock a bunch of sockets. They are also easy to use for professionals and newbies alike.

What is the difference between SAE and metric?

The difference between the two sizes is that SAE uses inches and fractions for sizing. However, metric uses millimeters and decimals. The metric sizing is the most preferred across the world.

Do you need both SAE and metric sockets?

When using standard deep sockets, you will need to get the size that works for SAE and metric sizes to avoid stripping your fasteners. However, with a universal socket, you can handle the two sizes. That’s because these tools aren’t for specific sizes or shapes. The tiny numerous spring-biased pins allow it to create a custom shape for your fasteners.

What do you look out for when buying a universal socket?

When buying a universal socket, factoring in a few aspects will help you make the right decision. The compatibility range, quality of the construction, finish, accompanying pieces, and price are a few of the many things you should consider.

Final Verdict

A universal socket will save you the time of switching between different sockets and the effort of hauling a bunch of them in your toolbox. They combine versatility and compactness all in a single piece.

Usually, these sockets come with power drill adapters for connecting to power tools. Our list guides you to making the right selection from the multiple options we have out there.

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