11 Best Utility Knife Blades (2024)

Utility knives cover a wide array of handy tasks in the workshop, home, or office. A good quality, durable, and flexible blade makes your job far painless as they are sharp and function excellently over time.

Unfortunately many types of tools that are available online look identical and have similar features. This makes it difficult to understand which of the blades are upgraded at a feasible price, plus which ones won’t fulfill your requirements.

The reviews of the following best utility knife blades are designed for bridging that gap. It will cover all the essential aspects of each item to help you in making the right choice.

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Top 11 Utility Knife Blades

#01 Stanley 11-921, 10-Pack

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The Stanley 11-921 Heavy-Duty Utility Knife Replacement Blades, 10-Pack is the ideal choice for house owners who do not require hundreds of blades yet do ample work.

One of the great things regarding this package is that a small portable dispenser comes along with it, which can be easily kept in your pocket so that a brand new change of knife blade is always handy while you are working.

The blades are super sharp, providing brilliant cuts straight out from the box. Moreover, the blades also have the reputation of being difficult to break, this means they are long-lasting compared to discount blades.

This replacement blade set comes at a budget-friendly price, and you can work very efficiently with it if don’t require oodles of blades that come at expensive market rates.

The pack contains standard-sized utility blades that fit nearly every utility knife. Although they fit particularly well in Stanley’s utility knives, the same can be considered for the larger part of tested brands.

The only downfall with it is its dispenser, which could be slightly tricky and may take some time for you to get the hang of it. Nevertheless, if you require a good blade, but do not prefer to spend excessive money, this pack will satisfy you with your choice.

  • Includes a portable dispenser

  • Good price

  • Fits most of the standard utility knives

  • Very sharp and good durability

  • Slightly tricky dispenser

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#02 WORKPRO Utility Knife Blades Dispenser, 100-Pack

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WORKPRO brings you the solution if you are looking for a stack of durable and sharp utility knife blades for home or workshop. The manufacturer’s sole intention was to construct the first-rate tools at incredibly low price, and it has successfully brought affordable dependability in the class of tools.

This set of replacement blades comes with a portable well-built dispenser that safely stores 100 blades and offers easy disposal. Each blade is highly durable, rigorously tested, and made with SK5 steel.

Furthermore, these blades are extraordinarily sharp, and can smoothly cut through a plethora of materials with no hesitation and super easily such as cutting boards, linoleum, leather, soft metal, rope, and much more, along with general-purpose use.

You will never be finished with these sufficient numbers of blades. The dispenser can further be installed on your workbench or work wall, accompanied by the plastic casing, for easy grabbing of the blades when you require a fresh one.

Additionally, these utility knife blades are super versatile and fit perfectly to most fixed and standard utility knives.

All in all, this 100 blades’ pack can be a big deal for a casual user, but considering its economic price and durability, it’s surely going to make many of your daily tasks much easier.

  • Portable dispenser designed for hanging

  • Made from SK5 steel for durability and performance

  • Fits most standard utility knives perfectly

  • Economical

  • The dispenser can be a little tricky at times

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#03 OCM Utility Knife Blades, 100-Pack

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Are you looking for a super-sharp replacement blade for your general-purpose tasks like for cutting plastic sheeting, paper, cardboard, rope, drywall, vinyl, and wood? OCM Utility Knife Blades are the answer to many of your DIY applications.

The blades are manufactured from SK5 high carbon steel with an Rc 65 rating for hardness. They can cut through almost anything.

The pack contains 100 super-sharp blades that come along with a compact and convenient dispenser. The dispenser can neatly organize and safely protect the blades until you require them.

Moreover, the dispenser can be easily wall-mounted, which offers you further convenience in selecting one blade individually.

The blades also fit most box cutters and utility knife handles so that you always have the new sharp cutting edge whenever you need it.

One of its striking features is its price, which is quite economical for a pack that provides 100 durable and sharp edges for most of your DIY projects. This product is worth buying.

  • SK5 high carbon steel blades

  • Wall mount dispenser

  • Convenient dispenser

  • Good Price

  • Fits most utility knives and box cutters

  • Thin

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#04 DEWALT DWHT11004L, 75-Pack

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Picking the perfect utility knife blade is not an easy task as the utility knife you require relies on the kind of project you need it for.

The DEWALT DWHT11004L Utility Knife Blades is the good choice for you if you are finding the right utility knife blades in the market, combined at a budget-friendly price, which includes a quality dispenser plus a disposal unit.

Additionally, these replacement blades come heat-treated that turn them less exposed to problems associated with chipping, which many other utility knife blades face. Moreover, they are induction-hardened as well, that is why they remain consistent for much longer compared to other models.

As per the manufacturer, this allows the blades 75% longer cutting life. Although that is a tough statistic to measure, they do appear to last longer than many other blades.

The blades also feature grinding geometry that provides them an edge making them far sharper than other blades.

One of the best things about this pack of blades is its affordable price that comes with no compromise over the quality of blades. Also, the blades are packed in small blister packs rather than the great dispenser by DEWALT, which makes them safer.

Furthermore, the dispenser features a storage compartment for used blades that help you in keeping track of used blades along with conveniently recycling or disposing them when you have finished all the blades. Sometimes the dispenser may catch, which might be frustrating, however altogether, this pack is a good option for your utility knife.

  • Induction-hardened

  • Heat-treated

  • Grinding geometry

  • Affordable cost per blade

  • Long-lasting

  • Slightly tricky dispenser

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#05 IRWIN Utility Knife Blades, 100-Pack

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You probably won’t run out of high-quality utility knife blades with IRWIN’s pack of 100 blades. One of the good things about this set of blades is that they feature a bi-metal, welded design which imparts a flexible body and sharp edge to each of the blade.

The bi-metal feature is what makes these blades stand out from others in this list as it makes them sturdier than the standard steel utility knife blades.

While these replacement blades are slightly more expensive than the alternatives, they remain sharper as compared to conventional utility blades.

Furthermore, the blades come with a shatter-resistant body, which further adds to its safety, making them long-lasting. They come in a blue plastic dispenser case.

These super-sharp blades are a preferable pick for completing your job as they cut through more resistant or thicker materials smoothly and painlessly. They fit perfectly in IRWIN’s utility knife handles plus the majority of other standard utility knives.

IRWIN 100 pack of utility knife blades could be an expensive buy for some, however, the investment for a pack of 100 super-sturdy blades, can’t be beaten. Also, the bi-metal advantage means longer life of the blade and the capability of cutting through denser materials, making it a great deal.

  • Bi-metal welded design

  • Pack includes100 blades

  • Shatter-resistant

  • IRWIN utility knife handles Fits perfectly with most of the other utility knives

  • Less economical

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#6. Goldblatt 100-Pack Utility Knife Blades

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For providing you the greatest convenience while carrying out DIY activities, Goldblatt 100-Pack Utility Knife Blades is another good pick in the list.

Featuring a sophisticated alloy steel SK2M composition along with precisely honed edges, these blades are durable and long-lasting than many other conventional carbon steel blades on the market.

Another striking feature of this product is that it has two convenient and compact dispensers that organize and protects your blades, minimizing all the risk for nasty cuts. They allow you to safely take out one or five blades from various positions at a time.

Additionally, the dispensers are innovatively designed by having a remaining blade pointer for providing you a clear indication regarding the number of blades left. Moreover, they have separate storage portions for disposal or recycling of used blades, keeping up with environmental protection.

They also feature four-notch design that enables you to go further and make more extensive cuts.

The pack consists of 100 serrated, razor-sharp, standard-sized blades that fit the majority of standard utility knives. They are ideal for most of the DIY projects and cuts smoothly including cardboard, leather, pipe, paper, soft metal, linoleum, rope, and more.

Overall, for the price and quality, this 100-pack of utility knife blades from Goldblatt can be considered for your next DIY project.

  • Durable

  • Two innovatively designed dispensers

  • Ideal for most cutting materials

  • Fits all utility knives

  • Less durable than the SK5 blades

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#07 LENOX Utility Knife Blades, 50-Pack

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Another great option for keeping replacement blades handy while you are in the middle of your job is LENOX Utility Knife Blades. The pack contains 50 premium quality replacement blades consisting of superior craftsmanship and materials.

The edge of the blade is covered with titanium, giving it an extremely sharp rim that will stay persistent through the most difficult tasks, maximizing its blade life. Thanks to its shatter-proof and bi-metal makeup, the blades can flex and bend with no risk of breakage. They also feature a specific four-notch design, which enables them to extend a little further.

Moreover, the replacement blades by LENOX are well-suited to cut through many abrasive materials like flooring, insulation, drywall, fiberglass, roofing, and more. Each blade is manufactured according to US standard size and is suitable for all well-known utility knives.

The dispenser that comes along with it is of premium quality, which does a good job of storing the blades neatly, preventing all the risks of cutting yourself. It has a nifty inclusion that the dispenser can dispense either 1 or 5 blades individually.

The only concern is its price, which can be a little high for a 50blades pack.

  • Titanium edge

  • Shatter-proof blades with bi-metal construction

  • Four notch design

  • Fits all of the standard utility knife handles

  • Slightly tricky dispenser

  • Expensive

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#08 Rapid Edge Utility Knife Blades, 100-Pack

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The Rapid Edge All-Purpose Serrated Blades are an ideal choice for those who use their knife often and wish to get their tough projects completed in less time.

These replacement blades are designed for being low-friction, which allows you to short work most jobs with less effort. They are also highly durable, with each lasting for one month of use, which makes them a good option for those who prefer not changing out utility knife blades frequently.

And, they perform almost in any situation. They will smoothly cut ropes, rubber, carpets, shingles, and more. Moreover, they work superbly with sheetrock, although the thicker sheets can minimize their efficiency.

What keeps the Rapid Edge utility knife blades a little low on the list is its price. It can be valuable for those who prefer a serrated blade; however, other options may cost you less. Still, if you want to buy a brilliantly working serrated blade, this one is for you.

  • Low friction

  • Serrated blades

  • Highly durable

  • Work in nearly every situation

  • Costly

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#09 Bazic Utility Knife Replacement Blades, 10-Pack

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Next on the list is Bazic Utility Knife Replacement Blades, 10-Pack. These blades are extremely sharp, that is something which many people find in a replacement blade for their utility knives.

Furthermore, they are good at retaining their sharpness, and an average household user will require changing them occasionally, so one pack of 10 blades may last for a longer time. Plus, they are inexpensive, which means a lot of users won’t mind purchasing them only for trying them out.

But they are very thin and do not have much of the snap-resistance, so you can expect more of their breaks while in normal use. This does not mean that you’d require replacing them more often than you would like, yet it could create safety issues as well.

Also, these utility blades wobble, though this does not always lead to breaking, it can make the user uneasy.

If you are looking for an inexpensive set to get through an easy and quick project, then these blades are worth buying. If you are intending to do some serious task, then you might go for a higher set.

  • Very sharp

  • Retains sharpness well

  • Cheap

  • Very thin

  • Wobble

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#10 Wiss RWK14D Heavy Duty Blades, 100-Pack

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Wiss RWK14D Heavy Duty Utility Knife Blades, 100-pack is for those who don’t compromise over quality. These replacement blades are made from the finest quality of steel, offering users a pack of blades that can persist through the hardest manual applications and toughest cuts.

Perfectly suitable for professional use, these blades from Wiss are extremely sharp, rugged, and precise. Moreover, they firmly fit in all standard utility knife handles, and the manufacturer has performed well for assuring their precise fit.

However, the only downfall to these otherwise brilliant utility knife blades is that they do not include a dispenser, though the fine quality that a user receives, this could be conveniently ignored.

  • Made from high-quality steel

  • Very sharp

  • Fits most standard utility knives

  • No dispenser

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#11 TEKTON 82580 Utility Knife Blade, 100-Piece

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Fitting nearly every utility knife brand, this pack of 100 utility knife blades from TEKTON is a great option for those who aren’t sure which of the replacement blade to buy.

These razor-sharp blades are of outstanding quality, with each blade composed of SK5 steel, providing both strength and flexibility.

Since they are very sharp and strong, these can be used for general-purpose tasks for cutting paper, plastic sheeting, drywall, or vinyl.

The dispenser that comes with it is easy for transporting and provides you safe accessibility to one replacement blade at a time. Moreover, these universal utility knife blades fit most of the standard utility knives, for always providing you ready supply of brand new sharp edge. The dispenser can further be wall-mounted as well.

The downfall is that its holder isn’t much of good quality, but your main purpose is the blades that perform fairly well. Considering its affordable price, the downfall can be overlooked. This set of 100 utility knife blades from TEKTON is worth trying and will last you for long.

  • Affordable

  • Very sharp blades

  • Convenient dispenser

  • Fits most standard utility knives

  • Holder of cheap quality

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Frequently Asked Questions

How frequently the blades should be changed?

How frequently you should change blades is dependent on many factors. From how you cut to what material you cut, and how frequently, there is no straight answer to this. However, you can tell when the blades start to get dull.

Comparing its performance from the first time to some weeks later will indicate if the utility knife blade is getting dull and if there is a need to change it.

Can the utility knife blades be sharpened?

Most of the utility knife blades aren’t of the types that can be sharpened. But a few manufacturers do produce blades that can be reused when you grind their edges down. Many aren’t, and attempting to grind their edges down may lead to injury, or break the blade. Moreover, rugged blades have an outer coating that already keeps the blades sharp and also resist grinding.

What kind of blade is suitable for my knife?

The kind of blade that is suitable for your knife is dependent on the cut’s purpose and the knife’s model. For instance, if you want to cut boxes, envelopes, plus other light things, an economical blade will perform fairly well.

But if you plan to cut through leather, rope, drywall, or other strong material, you need to go for more durable and thicker blades. Straight, standard edges can usually handle heavy-duty jobs. However, repetitive use could still dull the knives, so an eye should be kept on their sharpness and change them out once you observe resistance.

Final Words

Nothing is more annoying than getting stuck in the middle of your project with a damaged or blunt blade. Having a spare set of blades ready whenever you are using a utility knife is a good idea.

By finding the perfectly fitting match of a utility knife blade for your utility knife, you can assure good quality and a solid fit all-round.

We expect that the reviews have provided you an insight into the use of utility knife blades and also have proved helpful in finding you the right set for your upcoming project.

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