11 Best Wall Safes (2023)

During fire outbreaks and theft, people often lose valuable possessions. The shock that comes with these conditions might bring regrets.

Wall safes can save you from the cost of insuring your possessions. These products might seem like a luxurious home gadget, but it’s a necessity.

Since wall safes reduce risks of theft, manufacturers often increase their performance with quality materials. By using materials and design ideas that allow users to enjoy much value, there will be more return on investment.

However, security-conscious individuals and companies prefer fire-proof wall safes.

While choosing your favorite model of safe boxes, consider the class and thickness of steel materials. You might be lucky to buy a 1-inch UL-tested safe box with biometric locks.

Like cash machines in banks, these types are hard to break or compromise their lock codes. These features offer one of the smartest ways to protect your safe with fingerprints. Even high impacts of force and heat can disable this system of premium safe boxes.

Buyers don’t mind to pay more for home improvement tools that boost safety. It’s because you save more by using high-tech wall-mount safe boxes.

Generally, safes with great build quality can safeguard your firearms, cash, jewelry, and documents.

Avoid mount safes with cheap locks and designs. Reputable manufacturers offer safe boxes with impressive designs. It’s not hard to get a favorite safe box from the dual-interior shelf safes in this review.

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11 Best Wall Safes

#1. Protex PWS-1814E Electronic Wall Safe

Protex PWS-1814E

Install between studs in your bedroom, and program new codes in the lock system. This model of Protex PWS-1814E Electronic safe box is easy to use. Expect to save money by not re-plastering the walls because the package comes with a flange. You will need side studs that can hold the safe, but a stud-finder works perfectly.

When mounting a 28-lbs product with dimensions of 3.9 x 14 x 18.1 inches, make a small square space on the wall and expand accordingly. Then, outline the rectangular safe box and drill pilot holes for attachment. You will be impressed with the quality of the steel frame of the Protex on this PWS-1814E wall safe model.

  • Automatic spring-loaded door and interior with a double-compartment

  • A design that allows you to reset the combination (4-digit code) easily

  • Extra battery life, and LED light inside the safe

  • Keypad sensitivity issue.

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#2. V-Line Quick Vault Locking Safe Box With Continuous Hinge Design

V-Line Quick Vault

Keep your valuables safe with anti-pry protection and electronic configurations. This V-Line product is ideal for firearms, and items that require extra security. It also comes with backup keys, pre-drilled holes, and non-hinged sides design.

The door’s point of attachment with the safe box’s frame flushes well, and create more interior space. This type of design fits residential, and office buildings. The Quick Vault’s lock 3/8-inch lock bolt is a sturdy weld that improves the quality of steel construction.

Read the instructional manual, and install with anti-pry brackets between the wall studs. Ensure a thorough installation process for the safe box’s housing to flush.

  • Allows for 1081 possible combinations.

  • Mechanical push-button lock

  • Adjustable shelf design with fabric-covered interior

  • It doesn’t have much aesthetic design.

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#3. SentrySafe SFW123DSB 1.23 Cubic Feet Fireproof Safe

SentrySafe SFW123DSB

Do you need fire and waterproof safe that offers advanced security for your possession? This SentrySafe SFW123DSB safe model has 4 units (1 inch) of big live-locking bolts.

These sturdy pieces of hardware and the safe’s pry-resistant hinge bar are superior designs. When submerged at a depth of 8 inches, water can’t seep into this safe box within 24 hours of a flood. However, this SentrySafe safe has been verified to offer 1-hour protection during a fire.

With this wall safe box, you can safeguard documents, files, and valuables for many generations. Its dial combination locks are easy to use, and this 86 lbs product is surefire protection against any method of forced entry.

  • 1-hour heat resistance at a maximum temperature of 1700°F (ETL Verified)

  • Dual-lock system (Four Live-locking bolts, and Preset dial combination)

  • Anti-rust steel construction and reinforced door design

  • This SentrySafe model doesn’t have a digital keypad design that’s simpler to use than dial combinations.

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#4. Hollon 354-lbs Safe FB-685E Fire-proof Safe With Electronic Keypad

Hollon 354-lbs

The Hollon FB-685C Safe comes with thick frames of insulating steel material. As a TL-15 (Underwriters Laboratories) UL-rated safe, its vertical locking bar and bolt mechanism don’t give any chance for access with sledge hammers and pry tools.

Burglars will have a tough time getting into this hardened steel construction because of the vertical locking bar design.

A stylish chrome and raw steel design with a 2.36-Cubic Feet space guarantee your security concerns. You’ll receive bolt-down hardware with the package, and it’s to install this safe product on concrete walls solidly.

Also, the interior space (with a dimension of 21 x 15 x 13 inches) of this safe box has two adjustable shelves. This type of fire-proof safe with an electronic keypad is easy to unlock with the right codes. With a simple design of three (1.5-inch) front bolts and an anchor bolt hole, this lock mechanisms can’t be manipulated.

  • A 2-hour fire-resistance rating

  • It comes with a spring-loaded glass relocker

  • Tri spoke handle with stylish design

  • Heavy-duty design of vault hinges

  • The installation kit comes with an anchor bolt that’s compatible with a 1/2-inch pre-drilled hole, but the instruction manual gives a wrong information that buyers should drill a 3/8-inch hole.

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#5. Viking Security Wall Safe VS-52BLX (19 x 14 x 4 Inches) With Biometric Fingerprint

Viking Security Wall Safe VS-52BLX

This is one of the few premium wall safes with heavy-duty steel that comes with a biometric fingerprint reader. The Viking Security Safe VS-52BLX model offers high-tech security features and LED-lit lush interior.

You will enjoy much value for the money spent because the reader can scan and memorize at least 32 fingerprints of different people. This smart feature of retaining memory doesn’t depend on batteries.

For this price, you don’t see many laser-cut body steel safe boxes with three adjustable shelves. However, this VS-52BLX wall safe box has two sturdy steel locks with an impressive thickness of 20 mm.

Don’t worry about avoiding the mistakes of not locking the 5-mm door properly. The door alerts you with a (programmable) high-pitch warning beep if it’s unlocked for over a minute. You can sleep well believing that your valuables are secured in with an automatic deadbolt locking mechanism.

  • The fingerprint reader is fast. It works with a reliable optical sensor (500 DPI) and smart keypad with LCD screen

  • It’s locking system shuts down after 5 and 10 incorrect attempts of passcodes and fingerprints respectively.

  • Anti-pry construction

  • Anchor bolts for four pre-drilled holes

  • The battery technology of this VS-52BLX model is poor because the batteries die quickly.

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#6. AazonBasics 0.8-Cubic-Foot Fire-Resistant Safe Box With A 14.2 x 12.2 x 15.7 Inch Housing

AazonBasics 0.8-Cubic-Foot

Do you need a well-built, fire-resistant and compact wall safe box at an affordable cost? The AmazonBasics 0.83-cubic feet safe box is made with 14-gauge raw steel material. Also, it comes with four large lock bolts (0.75-inch) that offer reliable strength to its heavy-duty construction.

While this AmazonBasics model is categorized as UL 72 standard fire-proof safe, it offers a back-up key that you can use for emergency access. It shows that you can access every high-priority possessions inside the safe after losing the passcode.

Apart from having a padded interior, the safe’s adjustable shelf allows you to resize the compartments to accommodate personal possessions.

  • User-friendly and smart electronic keypad design

  • Built-in (four) big 0.75-inch bolts for reliable protection

  • Durable design that uses both key and smart lock features

  • Apart from not coming with a 9V battery, this AazonBasics wall safe’s fire-resistance (UL-tested) level is only for 20 minutes at 1200-Fahrenheit heat.

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#7. V-Line 31242-SA Quick Access Case And Wall Safe With Keyless Entry For AR15-type Rifles

V-Line 31242-SA

If you want to keep rifles in security cabinets, and wall safes, think of products with hardened steel construction. Considering the weight of firearms, this V-Line Rifle

Safe matches your needs. As a tactical rifle case, you can mount on bedroom walls or keep in the truck. It’s keylock combination and housing are resistant to rust, fire, and brute force. With its high-quality appearance, V-Line ensures that some special powder coats can increase the box safe’s durability.

After installation, you can set and change the combination for locks easily. You can store at least two rifles in the 3.5 x 12 x 42-inches long-profile compartment. This pry-resistant sturdy and keyless designs prevent unauthorized access to your firearms.

However, you’ll not see any ¼-inch pre-drilled mounting holes on the back of this rifle case. Instead, the side-mount style ensures that anchor bolts flush well, and there’s space for your security tools.

  • High-security SIMPLEX 5-push button mechanism with two key locks

  • Space-saving (40.5 x 11 x 3 inches) and 42-Inch clamshell design

  • Sturdy 16-gauge steel material

  • The space between the steel door and frame gives leverage for access because it fits some crowbar and pry tools.

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#8. SLYPNOS 1.53 Cubic Feet Digital Security Safe Box With Digital keypad

No products found.

With two compact design options of 1.53 and 0.7 cubic feet, you can place this SLYPNOS safe on cabinets or mount with four anchoring bolts. An easy-to-set-up combination code lock with an electromagnet 4mm-door makes an ideal security system.

This SLYPNOS Digital Security safe can protect passports, handguns, jewelries, and documents from reach the wrong hands. Also, it comes with water-resistant keypads that use three (green, red, yellow) display lights.

SLYPNOS used this interactive indicator lights and shock-sensitive electromagnetic door design to enhance the safe’s performance. In the hotel, office or at home, you can tuck this pry-resistant safe box in small spaces.

The quality of finish on its 2mm housing shows a rugged and durable product. Safe boxes and security cases with sturdy designs often serve for many years.

  • Programmable personal and master code

  • Removeable shelf

  • 3 large 20mm live-locking bolts and flat hinges

  • Padded interior

  • It has a lightweight (28.6 lbs) design that is easy to lift and steal.

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#9. Caesar Safe ZD500-29 42.1-lbs High-Security Fingerprint Safe

Caesar Safe ZD500-29

The ZD500-29 safe box model from Caesar Safe comes with two emergency keys for easy access. However, the lock mechanism prevents unauthorized access with an accurate recognition system.

Without this high-level fingerprint scan, your official documents and valuables will be vulnerable to theft or fire. You can register at least 100 fingerprints for employees and family members to share this Caesar Safe box.

Even when the digital lock’s alkaline battery dies, this mechanism memorizes your PIN-code and prevents unauthorized entry. After inputting 8 wrong codes, wait for 5 minutes before entering your PIN on the lock system. You’ll receive an instructional manual, batteries, and two sets of mounting screws.

  • 3mm hardened steel housing with 6mm door

  • Pre-drilled holes and anchor bolts for easy installation

  • User-friendly door knob

  • The safe box design doesn’t have eye-catchy ergonomics.

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#10. Stack-On PWS-15522 Wall Safe with Electronic Lock

Stack-On PWS-15522

Are you searching for wall safes for handguns, and handy valuables? This 30-lbs Stack-On fire-resistant safe box comes with the great build quality. It has a 13-3/4-inch rear panel that fits between 16-inch studded walls perfectly. The exterior design can help to cover unused space in your bedroom and office walls.

You can detach the shelves in the safe box, but they are not adjustable. However, the Stack-On PWS-15522 safe box allows you to hook and (Velcro) loop-strap small firearms. As approved by the California Firearm Safety Department, this dual-shelf Stack-On safe box allows you a safe keep of weapons.

  • The electronic lock allows you to program between 3 to 8 digits of passcodes

  • It has a stealthy design and two live-locking bolts

  • Steel construction

  • The interior space doesn’t have LED light for illumination

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#11. SONGMICS 47.3-inch High Wall And Door-Mounted Safe For Jewelry And Fashion Accessories

SONGMICS 47.3-inch

This SONGMICS model gives you the opportunity of installing a well-constructed safe and cabinet for jewelry.

Your long search to store jewelry with electronic cabinet has paid-off with this wall-mounted design from SONGMICS. Organizing your accessories will be easy because this product has mirrored doors, hooks and two drawers.

A super-coated MDF frame with off-white finish gives a sense of modern construction. Its interior comes with decorative elements like luxury Velvet lining, 6 LED (blue) lights, and glass sheets.

All materials have been selected to create stylish effects and maximize security. What a perfect way to store jewelry and make your bedroom cozy!

  • Sorts jewelry with 5 shelves, 48 studded holes for earrings, 32 hooks for necklaces, 90 slots, a bracelet rod, and ring cushion.

  • It’s a lightweight (21.9 lbs) cabinet with a space-saving design.

  • The design allows a full profile view of your possessions

  • While this safe provides a better performance, a damp indoor environment can affect the quality of its materials.

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How To Choose Wall Safes With Great Build Quality

Consider Accessibility.

Wall safe models that allow quick access with PIN codes are reliable. It’s human to forget your combination codes. However, safe boxes with keyless entry systems and extra security features prevent unauthorized access.

Also, wall safe models with space-saving designs that are easy to mount allows easy access.

Don’t forget that adjustable shelves allow you to create space for items inside your safe box. This adjustable style enhances storage and accessibility too.

The Ease Of Installation

If your favorite wall safe box doesn’t have pre-punched holes it might be difficult to drill. While pre-drilled holes are important for simple installations, the holes and bolts should be sturdy. It’s the quality of installation and accessories that indicate whether the safe box will sag because of its heavyweight.


Durable steel construction with heavy-duty frames, door and flanges offer superior quality. The strength of steel materials varies with their grades. Normally, manufacturers use 14- and 16-gauge steel and corrosion-resistant coats for wall mounting safe boxes.

Lock Type

Electronic wall safes with electromagnetic doors, waterproof keypads, and biometric scans offer stress-free security for your possession. Generally, lock mechanisms that use combination codes and fingerprint scans have more advantages than manual locks. It’s better to spend more money on safe boxes that have the highest resistant to burglary, fires, and floods.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What can affect the security of items in safe boxes?

Basic factors like brute force from burglars, fire, and flood can affect your possessions in a safe. While some premium wall safe models have impressive fire resistance ratings, others can’t protect your documents after staying underwater for 15 hours.

An ideal build quality ensures high resistance to corrosion and at least 1-hour resistance to temperatures that are less than 1700°F.

How can I install wall safes?

Ensure that you have purchased a wall-mounted safe with pre-drilled holes. Also, the product must come with a complete set of installation accessories to prevent any stress. Depending on the brand, you might receive an instructional manual that guides the installation process. However, with every necessary accessory, safe boxes are installed between pre-determined inches of wall studs.

What is the difference between wall and floor safe boxes?

Fire-resistant safe boxes are designed for a specific purpose. However, they might have different styles of design that determines how you use them. While most large floor safe boxes can be moved within your home, wall-mounts are attached. They might come with a range of lock systems and features.

Can I get fire-proof safe boxes that can be mounted on position on floor materials?

Yes, most fire-proof safe box models with compact designs come with brackets and screws. You can choose to mount the safe on the wall or keep them on platforms.

It’s better to buy this type of safe box that allows gives you a set of mounting hardware as an option. Depending on the pattern or size of space that you want for the room, you can get a good safe box that guarantees security.

Final Verdict

One of the advantages of using wall-mounted safe boxes is that you can conceal items from anybody. Some people keep their wall-style safe boxes behind elaborate pieces of artwork. You might never know what the wall of their room contain until they tell you.

Despite the size of your room, safe boxes with space-saving designs can prevent the inconvenience. You can conceal assault rifles, cash, and other valuable with adjustable shelves in these boxes. This buying guide analyzes the features of 11 safe boxes.

Finally, you can find the type of safe box that aligns with your needs. We trust that you will make a great decision with this useful information

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