11 Best Wasp and Hornet Traps (2024)

When a swarm of wasps attacks garden flowers, they enjoy the nectar and cause poor crop yields. Apart from consuming nectar, many parasitic species of adult wasps have poisonous secretions.

As flying pests, their population might overwhelm any simple measure that’s designed to trap them.

They feed on other insects, leave holes on rotten wood, and build mud nests under rocks. However, hornets and wasps often see dark corners of your kitchen and balcony as comfortable habitats.

Wasps and hornets live in a caste system that has the structure of a kingdom. Normally, wasps mix saliva with fibers of rotten plants to form water-resistant nests.

It’s the quality of these materials that enables wasps to stay in their nest during rainy nights and days.

According to ornithologists, a fertile female wasp is called the queen. The male and sterile female wasps are called drones and workers respectively.

Their communal lifestyle and organization indicate that you are dealing with very sensitive insects.

While social wasps like yellow jackets and hornets move in groups, solitary wasps feed on underground insects.

Regardless of the species, they move with long wings that make a characteristic sound. Except for soil aeration, it’s difficult to think of other benefits of wasps.

The premium wasp trap kit comes sweet-smelling attractants. Like their cravings for flower nectars, wasps show an insatiable appetite for traps with sugary substances. With special traps that lure wasps and hornets, you can rid them quickly.

Let’s save you the hassles of chasing after wasps, and the embarrassment of docking when they appear. From respective models in the marketplace, we have analyzed and are recommending 11 top traps.

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11 Best Wasp Trap

#1. RESCUE Non-Toxic Yellow Jackets Reusable Trap With Attractant

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Enjoy a pest-free environment with this Reusable Yellowjacket Trap by RESCUE. If you live in areas with bushes and trees, you don’t need to spray harsh chemicals.

Instead, set the non-toxic trap and rid your space from yellow jackets, hornets, and all species of wasps. This reusable trap will not attract beneficial honeybees.

During spring and fall months, expect a proliferation of wasps nets. However, the Rescue trap has gone through extensive research and development. It indicates that Rescue’s non-toxic attractant can lure wasp drones, and workers into the plastic cylinder effectively.

  • Reusable trap that comes with a 2-week attractant kit

  • Non-toxic and effective attractant for residential and agricultural purposes

  • Low-maintenance and durability.

  • The plastic cylinder has a sturdy design and it might be hard to pop it and empty the trap. However, it will be flexible after regular use.

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#2. RESCUE Non-Toxic Disposable Yellowjacket Trap

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Don’t let wasps and hornets ruin your camping experience when you can trap them with a non-toxic product. This Disposable Yellowjacket Trap by RESCUE is designed with a double-layer plastic bag and a yellow entry material. It traps about ten types of yellow jacket species.

Easy to use and durable components of wasp traps make great designs. Also, this trap comes with a water-soluble attractant that smells nice.

There’s a zero chance of escape for wasps that enter this trap because RESCUE added a compact molded plastic structure to the trap. Before you attract and kill flying insects, add at least 20ml of water to the trap. Then, hang the disposable trap near the nests of these insects.

Allow the trap to be close enough (minimum of 20 feet) to your point of interest for easy diffusion of the non-toxic attractant.

  • It’s easy and quick to clean before you dispose of the trap

  • An effective, non-toxic pest control chemical

  • Ideal for outdoor sit-outs, picnics, and camping

  • If this Yellowjacket trap is not disposed of properly it might attract cockroaches and lizards that feed on dead insects.

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#3. Darware Glass 2-Pack Wasp Traps

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This set of vintage-style Darware Glass Wasp Catcher is a double package for the price of one. As a clever way of catching wasps, the set of trap can be hung in farms and home gardens.

These two glass wasp traps can serve aesthetic use too. Their decorative features can enhance the interior of your home. Also, you can use these fragile wasps trap as vases, candleholders, and other decor ideas. Apart from wasps, your trap can attract bees with solvents like fruit juice and sugar water.

However, a few drops of vinegar are perfect for trapping gnats and fruit flies. With this set of glass bottles’ wire hangers, ensure they are raised (from the ground) for wasps to enter through the bottom holes.

The simple attachment is compatible with patio frames, and tree branches.

  • Stylish retro glass construction

  • 7-inch tall with a diameter of 5 inches

  • Non-toxic wasp-control method for all types of stinging insects

  • Attractive vintage-patterned glass bottles

  • Unlike plastic bottles, these traps have tough glass materials

  • Apart from holding up (non-degradable) against the intensity of sunlight, the reflection from glass materials might scare wasps and ruin your effort.

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#4. Wuhostam Reusable 2-Pack Plastic Wasp Trap for Yellow Jackets And Hornet Bees

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This trap works well for yellow jackets, hornet bees, and many species of wasps. With a yellow plastic design, the Wuhostam reusable traps are easy to hang anywhere.

You can enjoy a nice summer party with BBQ and hang out in the garden during spring seasons with this product. Instead of allowing wasps to fall in your glass of wine, buy a trap with multiple entry tunnels.

Get this WUHOSTAM package of two reusable traps and dehydration those stinging insects. They are perfect for outdoor activities like gardening and camping.

Don’t be surprised to catch many yellow jackets because of the traps’ yellow plastic shapes. Just add some drops of sweet-smelling liquid and hang outdoors.

  • Eco-friendly ABS plastic material

  • The package includes with an 18-inch nylon cord hanger

  • These traps don’t leave a messy space after use

  • Safe and reusable design

  • The ABS plastic design doesn’t appear like a strong material

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#5. Alexca Wasp Trap For Hornet Bees And Wasps

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Do you have swarms of non-toxic bees and wasps nests in your yard? This Alexca trap can clear your space from dangerous and annoying and insects. Like other hanging traps for wasps, you need to lure these insects with nectar and irresistible sugary solutions.

As an eco-friendly design, this Alexca wasp trap can be used both in outdoor and indoor environments. It’s safe for you, but ruthless on stinging insects. For home use, hang it on the eaves that are close to wasp nests.

Allow a space of at least 1.2 meters above the floor and watch how flying insects rush in through the trap’s multiple entry tunnels.

  • Reusable design that saves the cost of buying more traps

  • Very effective on a range of flying insects

  • Easy to use with any sweet mixture of food or liquid

  • You need to clean the trap with sticky nectar and dead insects every time it needs to be reused.

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#6. RESCUE TrapStik for Wasps, Carpenter Bees And Mud Daubers

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This special design of a non-toxic TrapStik trap by RESCUE is easy o capture stinging insects. When insects go in, they never come out alive. It’s a brilliant way to trap dangerous carpenter bees and wasps!

Don’t worry about mixing sweet solutions like honey or dabs of nectar and vinegar. You can capture a range of flying pest species with this RESCUE Trapstik.

As an odor-free application for pests, the new RESCUE TrapStik models are designed with bird guards. Since it’s not designed to catch birds, its eye-catching colors and patterns attract flying insects effectively.

  • It has an appealing design and a sticky surface that traps wasps

  • Weather-Resistant materials

  • Effective in spring and fall months

  • Lightweight design, and it’s easy to use

  • The TrapStick model without a bird guard is cheaper but less effective.

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#7. Pure Garden 50-149 Insect Catcher

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You can hang this Pure Garden 50-149 Wasp Catcher on any stable structures, and eliminate the population of dangerous pests. It’s an effective way of trapping flying insects during your camping trips and picnics.

This Pure Garden 50-149 Catcher works for yellow jackets, hornets, and bees. With its transparent yellow plastic, you can monitor the number of insects inside the container. Also, portability is not a problem because this 6.4-ounce catcher has a diameter and height of 5.5 and 6 inches.

Apart from suspending this Wasp Catcher on the eave, you can place it on tabletops to lure insects.

  • Eco-friendly plastic material

  • It’s easy to unscrew the cap of this catcher and clean the container

  • The package includes a 22-inch cord

  • It is designed with 6 entry funnels that fit the body shapes of bugs, yellow jackets, and bees

  • The distance from the base of this Wasp catcher to its lowest entry funnel is shallow. So, there might be a spill when the container holds too sugary liquids.

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#8. Premier Kites 84026 Green Honeycomb Wasp Trap

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Premier Kites redesigns a high-quality glass trap that captures wasps, bees, and mud daubers easily. It’s the ideal model of a non-toxic trap that’s ergonomically designed.

As a green pest control tool, this Premier Kites 84026 Honeycomb trap mimics the vegetation around your home and other outdoor areas with flying insects. You can enjoy this rare design of a wasp trap that is beautiful and functional.

It’s easy to lift, but the fragile glass has a diameter of 5.5 inches and an 8.5-inch height. Also, the green glass bottle can resist radiant heat from sunlight.

  • Non-degradable glass material

  • A simple application. Just remove the cork and pour sugar water into the container

  • It can be hung anywhere (eaves, branches of trees, and the porch)

  • The cord around the bottle’s neck is too short and you might need to buy a longer cord.

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#9. Redeo Solar-Powered Wasp Catcher With UV LED Light

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Are you in need of a wasp trap that guarantees uninterrupted pest control benefits? This Redeo Wasp Trap uses a smart application of solar energy to kill several flying insects.

It’s a smart trap that’s designed for both night and daytime pest control. You only need to fill the containers with some sugary water and let the UV light attract these insects. Don’t worry about bugs and wasp invasion because this product is effective in environments with rain, snow, and wind.

The Redeo Solar-Powered package comes as 2 units of reusable traps. Also, they have double-entry tunnels on both sides. With this entry funnel design, your chances of attracting bugs, yellow jackets, and hornet bees will increases.

Since it’s an effective and non-poisonous pest control tool, you can use this set of Redeo Catcher indoors.

  • Durable stainless steel and high-quality ABS plastic material with waterproof features

  • The product generates a soft glow of blue UV (Ultraviolet) light

  • Renewable energy and solar-powered battery

  • It is a complex design with a range of materials for trapping insects

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#10. Fly On In 2-piece   Bottle-Top Reusable Trap For Indoor And Outdoor Applications

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These Fly On In wasp traps have smart DIY designs. While they are made of food-grade silicone materials, their bright yellow colors attract hornet bees, fruit flies, and bugs easily.

You only need to use these reusable plastic funnels with an empty bottle of wine. Since the base of these plastic funnel fits regular bottles of water beer, wine, and soda.

You can relax and watch insects fly into the trap. After using these reusable catchers, their low-profile sizes allow for safe storage. However, these sturdy Fly On In trap work with any type of bait for wasps, and bees.

  • A multipurpose build quality that’s safe for trapping insects in the restaurant and home kitchens

  • These traps come with small openings that prevent escape.

  • The design and style of application encourages people to use recyclable bottles

  • There’s no special ergonomic feature on these food-grade silicon traps for wasps.

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#11. Tanglefoot 300000430 Waspinator Decoy Nest

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You can trap and dehydrate wasps by deceiving them with this Tanglefoot pesticide-free trap. It works like a weather-proof nest with a caste of yellow jackets.

Unsuspecting wasps and hornet bees are attracted to this Tanglefoot Waspinator. Usually, wasps are territorial insects that like to pry on rival nests. With a decoy nest, you can eliminate them quietly.

This Waspinator can also be used as an enemy nest to repel wasps and bees. It’s an effective solution that repels flying insects discreetly.

  • It’s made with easy-to-wash and durable fabric

  • The material is resistant to environmental effects

  • This reusable Waspinator is ideal for outdoor activities like camping and picnics

  • It comes with a simple attachment

  • It keeps honey bees and wasps away but doesn’t have the design to trap insects.

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How To Pick A Good Wasp Trap

Giant wasp nests are terrifying because they appear like soft transparent sacks. When you see these giant nests, your evasive instinct tries to keep a safe distance from them. It’s a similar principle with Waspinators that repel flying insects.

It will be difficult to resist the temptation of not scratching any part of your skin with wasps stings. Most times, the swollen spot itches and turns red because regular of your involuntary action. Even in isolated nests, you don’t have a choice than to be at alert around a colony of wasps.

Since wooden panels appear like plant stems, wasps like to make nests with mud in corners of doors. When you fail to trap hornets and wasps, they might build their nests around your abode. Here are some features that you must consider when choosing traps for wasps.

The Ease Of Use

Disposable and reusable wasp traps with easy-to-use designs are my favorites. You will like traps that are easy to set and clean.

Usually, these types of wasp traps have plastic threads to unscrews and empty dead insects into the trash bin. Also, consider the entry holes on the body of the trap. Apart from flying insects, crawling bugs can be attracted to dehydration.


This feature is one of the most important because non-toxic materials don’t pose any risks to friends, and neighbors. Buy plastic traps that contain food-grade materials. An ideal repellent nest or trap for wasp shouldn’t contain pesticides too.

Also, natural attractants are safe for feathery pets like birds that can’t resist their aroma. If you choose any model of wasp trap with sticky glue, ensure it has a bird-guard design. Otherwise, you might be buying a trap that will kill your precious pets.

Eco-friendly Design

A reusable trap for bees and wasp is an ideal eco-friendly product. Instead of throwing a reusable wasp trap in the bin, feed your garden soil with dead insects and set the trap again.

However, ensure that your choice of reusable wasp trap has a sturdy design. By using durable traps, you can save money and enjoy the much value.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What types of pest control products are useful in environments with wasps?

There are two types of non-toxic pest control products for wasps and hornet bees. Repellents and traps with pesticide-free materials are safer for both indoors and outdoor use.

While some traps for wasps have green colors that mimic plant leaves, Waspinators like nests help to repel these insects. Regardless of your choice, it’s easier to keep stinging insects from your environment with the right products.

What are the tips for making sweet attractant for wasps?

You can save money by using home-made attractants. Instead of buying attractants from home improvement stores, mix sugary drinks and foods. They lure these pesky pests better than regular attractants. Naturally, bees and wasps like the taste of flower nectars.

Regardless of where they see sugary liquid, wasps will build nests and form a dominating colony of pests. So, don’t throw away rotten fruit in the garden or your leftovers like banana peels. These sugary and sweet-smelling items can attract and insects.

How do I know an effective pest control product for wasps?

Apart from buying traps and Waspinators from trusted pest control shops, consider the features of your favorite product. Hanging yellow jacket traps should have long cords.

Also, a top-quality trap model should have multiple entry points for wasps. If you choose reusable traps, insist on product descriptions that emphasize the use of non-toxic materials.

Final Verdict

Usually, female wasps lay eggs in small mud nests. After the incubation and hatching period, your environment will receive dozens of wasps. During the summer months, the sting of wasps increases with the intensity of sunlight.

After reading this guide, it shouldn’t be a hassle to pick an effective trap or repellent package for wasps. Instead, you will be spoilt for choices because these 11 pest control products for wasps have amazing features.

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