11 Best Waterproof Tapes (2023)

Tapes are among the commonly used accessories when performing small and large repairs at home or when in the office. These items are reliable and can patch up surfaces instantly.

To get even better results, you can consider using waterproof tapes. Such tapes are highly resistant to moisture and water, thus allowing them to take on aggressive conditions.

However, not all tapes will give you good results. Some are cheaply made and are likely to peel off almost immediately. To save you from the disappointment, we have provided you with a review list that has some of the best waterproof tapes that you can use.

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11 Waterproof Tape Reviews

#1 T-Rex Ferociously Strong Waterproof Graphite Grey Duct Tape

T-Rex Ferociously Strong Waterproof Graphite Grey Duct Tape

Named after one of the largest and strongest reptiles to ever walk the surface of the earth, this waterproof duct tape is as fierce as its namesake. The outer layer has a UV-resistant coating, which protects the adhesive from high temperatures that may cause the tape to melt. Additionally, the same protective principle is applied when the weather is freezing since the tape will stay attached to the material regardless of how low the temperature drops. This tape has the endurance of a true reptile, and the fact that it is waterproof makes it even more dependable.

This waterproof tape has three distinct layers, which work as a unit, thus giving you a tough sealant that you can use in heavy-duty applications. The double-thick adhesive has the ability to adhere to different surfaces, both smooth and rough. This allows you to work with different materials when handling various projects. That being said, this tape can come to your rescue when tackling professional tasks or at-home DIY projects. The tape delivers exceptionally in both scenarios, hence making your work more appealing.

If you need a waterproof tape with intense holding power, T-rex has your back. Its ability to adhere to almost everything makes it a good option for indoor and outdoor use. This tape can even stick to rough surfaces such as bricks, concrete, and unpainted wood. It is able to achieve most of its functions with the help of the heavy-duty knit cloth, which provides the required tensile strength when dealing with somewhat difficult tasks. It does not matter whether its winter, spring, or summer. T-rex will get the work done for you.

  • Holds strongly
  • All-weather
  • Easy to use
  • Not as strong when applied to vinyl-textured surfaces

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#2 Gorilla All Weather Outdoor Waterproof Duct Tape

Gorilla All Weather Outdoor Waterproof Duct Tape

This waterproof tape is made with an ultra-strong adhesive, which allows it to bind broken surfaces with a reliable seal. The weather-resistant shell enables this tape to withstand even the toughest weather conditions. As such, you can use it in different conditions knowing that it will not let you down. With this tape, you will be able to patch up vents, plastic materials, and any other thing that the tape can adhere to. The tape does not crack or peel when exposed to extremely cold or hot temperatures.

As a matter of fact, the tape will remain in a good state as long the temperature range is between -40° F-200° F. It clings to surfaces tightly, making this one of the waterproof tapes that you can buy. This tape can particularly help you when handling outdoor repairs, which require a strong and durable waterproof tape. However, its use can also extend to indoors since the tape can serve as a general-purpose sealant. In as much as the tape is strong, it won’t give you a hard time when sealing surfaces as you can tear it with your hands or use a pair of scissors.

The butyl adhesive used in making this tape is compatible with plastic materials since it creates an equally long-lasting and very strong bond. As such, you can make this your go-to waterproof tape when handling minor and major plastic repairs. However, before applying the tape, you have to ensure that the surface is clean and dust-free. This will increase the surface area of contact, hence allowing the tape to create a stronger bond with the material on which it is placed.

  • Ideal for heavy-duty repairs
  • Versatile
  • Low tack
  • A sudden change in extreme weather conditions may affect the adhesive

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#3 Tape Ninja Waterproof Gaffer Tape

Tape Ninja Waterproof Gaffer Tape

One of the most impressive features that this tape has is that it does not leave any residue behind. When you peel it off, the surface will remain as clean as it was before the taping. This makes it an ideal option when working with delicate equipment. The tape can be used for labeling purposes due to its white color. As such, you can easily write labels on it using an ink or marker pen. This tape uses a strong adhesive, which is water-resistant, so you can use it in wet conditions without worrying about it coming off.

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When applied to painted surfaces, you can peel off the tape without damaging the paint. This will allow you to accessorize your wall without sacrificing the paint. Besides, this tape is quite versatile and can stick on almost anything with a compatible surface. The other advantage of using this tape is that won’t struggle when taking it off from a surface. Unlike most tapes, this gaffer tape is non-reflective, so it won’t reflect light unnecessarily.

This tape can help you secure loosely hanging cables to a surface, thus providing a safe work environment. Nonetheless, it is advisable not to use this tape as an alternative to electrical tapes when handling wiring projects. This tape can particularly help those in the film industry since it can help in the arrangement of props and other items. Bottom line is, you can use this waterproof tape anywhere you want, provided that it can stick to the material that you are using.

  • Tears easily
  • High tensile strength
  • Doesn’t catch fire easily
  • Flexible
  • May not be as effective when used outdoors

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#4 ProTapes Pro Flex Flexible Butyl All Weather Patch and Shield Repair Tape

ProTapes Pro Flex Flexible Butyl All Weather Patch and Shield Repair Tape

This waterproof tape will remain stable as long as the temperature levels stay within -70° F to 200° F. Additionally the tape is 2-inches wide and 50ft long, so you will have enough tape to do whatever you want. More to this, you can use this sealant as a shield repair or patch tape depending on what you intend to fix. Additionally, it can help you when reinforcing air conditioning units, sealing low-pressure pipes, and sealing leaks, among others. This is an all-weather tape, so you can use it in different weather settings.

To get a strong seal, you have to ensure that the surface that is to be repaired is clean and dry. This will increase the chances of the adhesive not coming off prematurely. The tape conforms easily, so you can apply it to curved surfaces and it will immediately take up the shape of the object. This feature can come in handy when working on projects that require a neat outcome. With this tape, you will be able to seal holes on RVs, vans, trucks, and other garage items.

The adhesive has a high resistance towards solvents and chemicals, which are likely to weaken the bond between the tape and the surface. As such, the tape will remain intact even when an accidental spillage occurs. Also, this tape can assist you when repairing gutters and other household items. It can as well help you in repairing broken toys, remote controls, and gamepads. Well, at least it will hold until you get a new one.

  • Highly effective
  • Ideal for low-temperature use
  • Multi-purpose
  • Difficult to work with as it sticks easily even on unintended surfaces

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#5 Scotch Super Thin Waterproof Vinyl Plastic Colored Tapes

Scotch Super Thin Waterproof Vinyl Plastic Colored Tapes

Scotch brand provides you with high-quality waterproof tapes that will help you handle a wide range of repair projects. These tapes come in a pack of five, and each one is distinctively colored to suit your needs. The available color options include red, yellow, white, green, and blue. You can use these colors for decoration or identification purposes. These waterproof proof tapes are super thin but are very effective when it comes to patching and sealing items. Moreover, they are made from high-quality vinyl material, which is highly resistant to moisture.

The tapes are very stretchy, so you can use them in scenarios where a tight seal is required. They easily wrap around objects and prevent air and water molecules from interfering with the bond. As a result, the adhesive will last longer, so you won’t have to use the tape several times to get the desired results. Due to their low profile, these tapes are barely noticeable, especially when applied to surfaces with the same color.

Furthermore, the tapes are easy to use and can easily be peeled off whenever necessary. Each roll measures 125-inches long by 3/4-inches wide, and given that the package comes with five rolls, you will have enough tape to label, seal, and fix different items. The manufacturers have done a commendable job with the packaging since the tapes are arranged in a presentable manner. Plus, the colorful design will catch your attention.

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#6 3M All-Weather Duct Tape

3M All-Weather Duct Tape

The all-weather tape from 3M is designed to last longer even in the most adverse weather conditions. This tape is UL-723 certified and is, therefore, compliant with the fire regulations. Also, the tape is heavy-duty and can withstand extreme cold, heat, and other damaging elements that may cause the tape to be less effective. These features make this tape durable and reliable, so you can use it when sealing or patching items outdoors.

More to this, the outer layer is uniquely designed to take on anything that the weather may have in store. The adhesive can adhere to plastic, steel, wood, concrete, etc. Besides, you can unwind and tear the tape with ease without relying on any tool. This tape is 90ft long and 1-7/8-inches wide, making this one of the durable tapes that you can consider buying when you have a lot of areas to cover. Apart from being effective outdoors, this tape can also be used indoors when reinforcing tools and surfaces.

You can fully depend on this waterproof tape when working on your DIY projects and other tasks that may require you to use a water-resistant tape. The tape sticks immediately to surfaces, giving you a firm seal. If you are looking for a tape that you can use without worrying about the weather, this is one of the products that you can add to your shopping cart.

  • Resistant to cracks and drying
  • Robust design
  • Easy to use
  • Premium quality
  • Does not come off easily

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#7 Phinus Double Sided Heavy Duty Tape

Phinus Double Sided Heavy Duty Tape

This high-quality tape uses a powerful adhesive, which sticks to different materials in an instant. It can adhere to ceramic tiles, wood, metal, fabrics, and plastic. This tape is crystal clear and blends with surfaces to give you a presentable seal. The red backing on the tape keeps the adhesive in a good state and protects it from harsh agents.

The tape is multipurpose and is also moisture-proof, so you can use it in wet areas such as the bathroom and kitchen. Besides, the acrylic adhesive comes off easily without leaving residue on surfaces. This feature allows you to use the tape on glass windows and other smooth surfaces, which are non-porous.

Furthermore, the tape has high resistance towards heat and will not dry up or melt as long as the external temperature is below 140° F. This tape has undergone testing, so you can use it with high expectations knowing that it will deliver good results.

  • Double-sided
  • Heavy duty
  • Locks to surfaces easily
  • Does not stick to dusty or brick walls

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#8 20 ft. long Waterproofing Repair Tape

20 ft. long Waterproofing Repair Tape

This tape delivers good results when used in plumbing projects. It provides you with airtight seals that will allow you to seal leaking taps and pipes. The tape is quite long, and you can wrap it around surfaces several times and still have an extra length left. This tape comes with an instructional manual that will show you how you can use the tape to get high-quality results. Moreover, the tape can assist you when repairing buckets, gutters, hoses, and vents.

When it comes to temperature rating, this tape will remain functional when the temperature is between -70° F -200° F. Each roll is 10ft long, with a tensile strength of 950 PSI. As such, the tape will provide you with a strong seal that will stop leaks instantly. This tape can withstand high pressure and extreme temperatures, so it won’t peel easily compared to regular tapes. For the tape to hold firmly, you have to ensure that you set it in such a way that it can wrap around itself.

The tapes have a rubber layer, which improves the quality of the seal, thereby giving you a leak-proof patch. Since the tapes are black, they can go with any color, so you will be able to fix items with different colors. These tapes are beautifully packaged in a blue box with two penguins wrapped together.

  • Provides you with mess-free seals
  • Takes effect instantly
  • Ideal for a quick fix
  • Likely to leave residue

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#9 Kohree RV Awning Repair Tape

Kohree RV Awning Repair Tape

The waterproof tape from Kohree is easy to install since you only have to peel and press. This repair tape can assist you in sealing ripped fabrics such as camping tents, greenhouse covers, boat sails, and can even seal RV punctures. The tape is not affected by ultraviolet rays since the outer layer is designed to withstand environmental abuse.

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As such, it can handle extreme temperatures from as low as -40°C to a maximum of +90°C.More to this, the tape has a long lifespan due to the silicone-butyl, which prevents the tape from wearing out. This will allow you to use the tape in different places such when outdoors or indoors. The tape is colorless, so you can use it in a wide range of repairs.

The tape is 30ft by 3-inches and can help you seal cracks on window panes and other sections of the house. It can as well be used when reinforcing weak items that are likely to break during use. This tape is hard to puncture, and neither does it rip easily.

  • Self-priming
  • Takes a few minutes to adhere
  • Water-tight
  • The edges may curl outwards

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#10 360Tronics Super Waterproof Tape

360Tronics Super Waterproof Tape

The waterproof tape from 360Tronics is 3.9-inches wide and 16 feet long. This tape is made up of tough materials, which are not only resistant to water but can also stand against aggressive elements. The aluminum foil backing plays a critical role in ensuring that nothing affects the lower layers and the adhesive. On the other hand, the butyl rubber gives the tape its water-resistant feature, thus allowing you to seal punctured pipes, tiles, glass, sinks, etc.

Once the tape is applied on a surface, it conforms to the material bringing about a uniform appearance. In addition, it does not peel or crack as a result of too much heat or cold. The layers are resistant to wear and tear, so the tape will last for a very long time provided that you apply it as directed. The manufacturers recommend that the adhesive should be given time to fully bond with the surface to get a strong seal.

This tape can also stick on walls, making it even more convenient for DIY projects. It is heat resistant and can resist high temperatures of up to 120 °C. The tape only sticks to surfaces that are oil-free, clean, and dry.

  • Applicable for permanent use
  • Wide range application
  • Delivers watertight seals
  • Takes time to fully hold

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#11 ToLanbbt Caulk Strip PMMA Self Adhesive Waterproof Repair Tape

ToLanbbt Caulk Strip PMMA Self Adhesive Waterproof Repair Tape

This tape can be used almost anywhere in the house due to its transparent nature. More to this, it is not affected by oil, so you can apply it to oil-prone areas without the tape peeling off. The tape seals surfaces tightly and prevents water and other fluids from seeping through the cracks. This way, you will be able to patch up items that may at first seem difficult to fix.

The PMMA material used in making this tape is known for its immense strength, so the tape will remain in a good state for an extended period. The tape delivers a professional finish that will leave the patched areas looking neat and clean. You will have an easy time cleaning this tape since it has a smooth surface, which does not hold dirt and stains.

This feature can help you in cases where the tape is applied on stove seams, which are likely to leak oil. As such, the oil will easily be wiped off using a clean fabric. This waterproof tape is made with environment-friendly materials, making it safe for you and your family. Unlike most tapes, you won’t pick up the irritating chemical smells.

  • Self-adhesive
  • Easy to cut
  • Flexible
  • You cannot tear the tape with your hands

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I replace electrical tapes with waterproof tapes?

No. Waterproof tapes are tough and durable but they lack the insulation feature present in electrical tapes.

Can I use waterproof tapes outdoors?

Waterproof tapes can withstand harsh weather conditions, including outdoor exposure.

How long does a waterproof tape last?

This depends on the conditions in which the tape is in. if the conditions are favorable, the tape will last long and vice versa.

Final Verdict

The waterproof tapes listed above will help you seal or repair surfaces regardless of the weather condition. They are easy to use and will help you clear up the job in a matter of minutes.

However, always endure that you apply the tapes on clean and dry surfaces to allow maximum contact.

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