11 Best Weed Barriers (2023)

Every landscaper desires to have a good-looking garden. And yes, with most people leading a busy life, this is easier said than done, especially if you have to come across weeding along the way.

But wait; is there a way you can get that clean and healthy garden without having to do weeding?

Well, that is why weed barriers were invented. A weed barrier is a special type of ground cover that prevents weeds from growing.

Like crops, herbs need light, water, and air to germinate and photosynthesize. Without any of these conditions, plants cannot grow. Now, a weed barrier is designed to starve weeds from light preventing them from germinating and causing the already existing ones to die.

By doing this, a weed barrier creates a favorable environment for your crops to flourish since there is no ‘competition’ on the available soil nutrients.

Like any other purchase, only the finest options here guarantee to do the job correctly.

LGJIAOJIAO 3ftx50ft Weed Barrier Landscape Fabric...
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11 Best Weed Barriers

#1 ECOgardener Premium Pro Garden Weed Barrier


The ECOgardener Premium Weed Barrier is our first option on the list and packs tons of fantastic features that will rid you of the weeding hassle. The high-quality fabric combines the long-lasting feature of woven fabric and the moisture retention ability of the non-woven fabric to bring to your garden something that will skyrocket your productivity as well as serve you for several years to come.

The weed barrier will not easily tear and can stand up to extremely cold and warm conditions. The two-layered design means that it is very sturdy and that it won’t tear easily even when using it on rocky ground. Although sturdy, the weed-blocking fabric adopts a lightweight design. With this design, you can easily carry the unit around the garden.

The unique construction permits water and air to ensure that your soil maintains its value for greater productivity. Nevertheless, it will block sunlight from penetrating through to prevent weeds from penetrating through. The weed blocker measures 3′ x 50′ although it is also available in larger sizes in case this size seems too small for your need.

  • It will put up with foot traffic.

  • It is easy to cut to the right size.

  • The material is good.

  • The material is heavy-duty.

  • The material might be stubborn to cut if you don’t have a sharp blade.

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#2 Petgrow Heavy Duty Weed Barrier


Instead of using chemical products to kill weeds, you can count on this weed barrier to get the work done without affecting the PH of your soil. The weed blocker is of polypropylene material, a highly reliable material that will prevent unwanted plants from germinating when providing a great environment for the crops to thrive. The polypropylene material is heat resistant. Hence, you don’t have to worry that it will degrade when hit by the intolerable heat of the summer.

This material is also odorless and resistant to erosion to ensure that your garden will maintain its shape. The high-quality unit features microscopic holes that permit air and water to keep your soil healthy when still possessing great capabilities to prevent undesired weeds from growing. Our hand-picked option measures 3 ft x 100 ft. These dimensions render it an ideal cover for use on small gardens and nurseries.

Nevertheless, it is also available in larger sizes just in case you need one that will provide larger coverage. But in case it is more than you need, it is easy to cut to your preferred size. In fact, the fabric features green lines that are 12 inches apart. This feature comes in handy when cutting and during plant alignment.

  • The green lines act as a guide when cutting.

  • It is available in different sizes.

  • The polypropylene material is heat resistant.

  • It is pretty easy to tuck down.

  • The edges may fray after cutting.

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#3 Agfabric (3x 100 Ft) Landscape Fabric Weed Barriers


This fabric measures 3 ft x 100 ft. Nevertheless, you can also get a larger option if you want one that will give better coverage. The high-quality unit adopts premium polypropylene construction. This material is environmentally friendly and can withstand even the toughest conditions season after season.

Also, the construction is breathable with strong water permeability to guarantee that your soil will remain well-nourished. Apart from hindering weeds from growing, this barrier will prevent evaporation for excellent water retention. Hence, your plants will have enough when still saving you some bucks in the long haul.

Most gardeners like that the weed barrier lies down easily and will remain where you want by using staples. The premium barrier is also lightweight for portability and will cut readily to your intended size. The multiple green parallel lines on the fabric make trimming it to your ideal size easy and pretty straightforward.

  • It will hold up nicely in the sun.

  • It does what it is made to do.

  • It resists erosion.

  • It is a multi-purpose garden addition.

  • The material is quite thin.

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#4 Dewitt P3 Pro 5 Weed Barrier Fabric

Dewitt P3

If you are a busy gardener who can’t afford time for weeding, or just want to rid yourself of this back-breaking chore, a weed barrier will be a great way to go. And yes, among the most reliable weed barriers in the market is the Dewitt P3 3-by-250-Foot Weed Barrier Fabric. Our hand-picked stretches to cover a maximum area of 3 ft by 250 ft but it is also available in larger sizes that give greater coverage.

Having been designed with commercial and professional use in mind, this fabric is of premium polypropylene. With such construction, it withstands the harshest conditions that Mother Nature throws at it year after another. But just in case you remain unconvinced by the quality, it is approved by the government and other prominent landscaping architects.

The weed inhibits weeds from flourishing when also affording your crops with the essential nutrients and water. The backside is black to prevent light, a necessary condition for weeds to ensure that they will not germinate. Like other models, the unit comes with highly visible stripes that are 12 inches apart to ensure proper plant alignment. The item weighs 12 pounds so you will find it less energy-demanding to work with.

  • It adopts multiple-layer technology.

  • It is very beautiful.

  • The thickness is good.

  • It offers great breathability and water permeability.

  • It originates from China.

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#5 Dewitt SBLT3300 Sunbelt Ground Cover Weed Barrier

Dewitt SBLT3300

This barrier material stretches to cover an area of up to 900 feet. In other words, this premium unit is specially designed for small lawn owners who want a safe alternative to herbicides. However, it can also come in a larger size measuring 4 ft by 300 ft long for slightly larger yards. And since the ground cover is ecologically safe, expect it to free your garden from the herbs without leaving regret over the long term.

The cover is even UV-stabilized to ensure that it holds up well to direct sunlight for several seasons. Since the cover is rated to last up to 5 years under direct sunlight, chances are that it will last for a longer period when covered with soil. This feature means that it is an ideal choice for use for greenhouse and outdoor too.

The premium-grade unit permits water and air to pass through to keep the soil well nourished- irrigation has gotten easier and more convenient than it has ever been! The cover resists tearing and puncture to make it ideal for use on stony lawns. The sturdy construction is also a guarantee that the herbs will not permit weed penetration to keep your lawn entirely free from the unwanted weeds.

  • It is very durable.

  • It suits both greenhouse and outdoor use.

  • It is puncture resistant.

  • It comes in two sizes.

  • There are no larger sizes.

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#6 DeWitt SBLT4300 Sunbelt Ground Cover Weed Barrier

No products found.

With the construction of this weed barrier, expect a high-quality product to keep on going for a considerable amount of time. The ground cover is designed using materials of the top-most quality to ensure great performance and impressive durability. The material is also UV-stabilized to suit use in direct exposure to the sun.

For this reason, in case you need a reliable option that will survive several years in outside use, the Dewitt SBLT4300 Sunbelt Ground Cover Weed Barrier is a great choice for you. The material offers impressive permeability to both air and water to keep the soil healthy and make irrigation less troublesome. Furthermore, the ability to maintain soil dampness cuts down irrigation costs.

The black polypropylene prevents light from passing through which prevents herbs from germinating. The cover is 300 feet long and 4 feet wide to give coverage of up to 1200 square feet. This unit also has yellow lines drawn along its length for greater convenience when trimming and aligning plants.

  • The product boosts soil dampness.

  • It offers a good surface area.

  • The lines ensure proper plant alignment.

  • It is puncture-resistant.

  • It is hard to cut without raveling.

No products found.

#7 Happybuy Landscape Fabric Garden Weed Barrier


With the ability to cover up to 1950 square feet, this weed blocker should come in handy for landscapers who want a large option. In fact, it is also available in a larger size that measures 6.5 feet wide by 330 feet long to extend to an area of up to 2145 square feet. The long-lasting polypropylene is environmentally friendly and will not tear or puncture with years of us. This property implies that it’s an excellent purchase for the homeowners who want to maintain their lawns looking great for a good number of years.

The top-grade ground cover is also easy to install even without the help of an expert- simply stretch and trim to get the desired length before fitting it where you want. Although the material will not permit light to penetrate through, it lets moisture and air to ensure that the soil will maintain its value for greater productivity. Its good drainage prevents the plant roots from rotting; giving you the kind of produce you were anticipating right from the beginning.

The product only weighs 3 ounces to make it easy to transport to your lawn and less tiresome to work with once you get to the garden. The straight lines that run down the fabric ensure better plant alignment and make it easy to cut straight pieces of material when necessary.

  • It is very cost-efficient in terms of cost per square footage.

  • It maintains its permeability.

  • The lines make it easy to overlap.

  • It is greatly portable.

  • It may till fray after cutting.

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#8 HOOPLE Premium Pro Garden Weed Barrier


Whether you want it for use in the walkway, patio, rock garden or flower bed, HOOPLE Premium Pro Garden Weed Barrier will hardly disappoint. The cover is of environmentally friendly material to prevent herbs without affecting the soil value and the produce. This property makes it a healthy alternative to toxic herbicides.

The fabric measures 48 inches wide and 180 feet long although it is also available in a smaller size measuring 32 inches by 180 feet. However, just in case you need to cover a large area, you might have to buy several of this since it does not come in a larger size. If you have used a weed barrier before, you may note that the thickness of this option is twice or thrice that of the majority of options in the market. With such thickness, it offers better resistance to puncture by sharp stones and ensures that weeds won’t find their way through.

The thicker design minimizes sunlight penetration significantly so that you will never have your crops invaded by weeds again. The barrier rolls out easily and cuts to fit your excellent size. However, the major setback when cutting is that it does not have guide stripes as with most of the models out there.

  • It adopts an extra-thick design.

  • It is available in two sizes.

  • It rolls down and installs in a snap.

  • It’s quite heavy which makes it easy to install without flying up and down.

  • Adding the stripes would be very helpful.

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#9 Goasis Lawn Weed Barrier


Whether you have used a ground cover in your garden before or not, you will find this great option easy to work with. The unit is designed to allow for hassle-free portability and easy cutting. Expect it to give you user experience like no other when cutting and spreading on the lawn.

The black lawn cover gives unmatched weed prevention whether in the flower garden, raised beds, garden borders, walkways or any other place where a weed barrier comes in handy. I mean, the back design minimizes light penetration to prevent herbs from germinating. Like the previous models, the unit is designed to allow maximum permeability to water and air to ensure that your soil maintains its value.

This option measures 3 feet wide and 100 feet long, the perfect size for small walkways and small lawns. But just in case you need greater coverage, there are larger sizes available for larger lawns. The highly visible green stripes along the length of the cover ensure proper alignment of crops so that you get the professional-looking outcome you have been longing to see in your lawn.

  • It works great under stone.

  • The stakes will not rust.

  • It arrives in different sizes.

  • They are effective in weed prevention.

  • It is a little pricey for the size.

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#10 MAXXPRIME Premium 5oz Weed Barrier


This ground cover is ruggedly designed to suit multiple uses. The barrier inhibits weeds from germinating in your farm although it is also strong enough to suit use in busy pathways and driveways. The PP woven construction resists tear and puncture to make the weed barrier one of the most durable versatile options that the market offers currently.

The fabric is 250 feet long and 3 feet wide to offer a wide coverage. However, this cover is also engineered for easy cutting without raveling so that you can always get the exact size you want for your garden, patio, walkway or driveway. Most landscapers and home DIYers like that the roll spreads easily and installs with less hassle.

To have it in place, remove the large stones weeds, level the area, stretch it flat on the surface and secure in place with staples- as easy as a five-finger affair. In other words, if you want a weed barrier that you can install in no time by yourself without the help of an expert or the need for special skills and techniques, MAXXPRIME Premium 5oz Weed Barrier should be the excellent choice for you.

  • It is versatile.

  • The construction is very sturdy.

  • The box contains high-grade stakes.

  • It looks great on the surface.

  • There are no many sizes to choose from.

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#11 GardenMate Sheet Woven Weed Control Fabric


As one of the top-rated weed control fabrics by gardeners, this unit has what most people want in a weed barrier. For example, it adopts a solid construction for maximum durability. The UV-stabilized polypropylene material will hold up well to the blazing heat of the summer.

I mean, with the advanced UV inhibitors, we can safely claim that the unit will suit both greenhouse and outdoor use. The fabric measures 6 feet by 33 feet which gives coverage of 198 square feet. Therefore, in case you want an extra-wide model, this could be a good way for you to follow.

The unit works ideally for drives, pathways, landscaping, decking, and other applications. The permeability makes irrigation easier by ensuring that water does not pull on the surface of the fabric. Besides allowing water, this fabric will also let air and nutrients through into the soil, keeping your soil healthy for increased productivity.

  • It offers a long-term durability.

  • It arrives with instructions.

  • It is very easy to use.

  • The price is reasonable.

  • Permeability is not at its best here.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Is the weed barrier safe for my garden?

Weed barriers are the safest option to get rid of herbs if you don’t want to face the hassle of weeding. These covers are normally made of eco-friendly materials which means that they do not have any long-term effect on your lawn.

How long can a weed barrier serve?

The durability of a weed barrier depends on the area of use and the quality of the construction. For example, if it is rated to serve for 5 years in constant exposure to the sun, it should last for more than five years when covered by soil or when used in the greenhouse. Also, some materials such as PP will do well in terms of durability as compared to others. Therefore, with a quality one, expect to serve for several seasons.

How do weed barriers work?

Weed barriers work by blocking light from penetrating the soil. By doing this, they prevent herbs from germinating since light is a major condition for germination. The result is a herb-free lawn!

What do I need to look at when buying a weed barrier?

Begin by determining the correct size that you need. Proceed to inspect the construction, permeability, cost-efficiency, and convenience features such as striping. Also, check whether it arrives with stakes so that you don’t have to buy them separately.

Are weed barriers reliable?

Yes. Weed barriers are highly dependable in preventing weeds from growing in your garden. In fact, it’s because of their ability to do what they exactly claim that has seen their popularity shoot in recent days.


The introduction of weed barriers has restored the fun in gardening by providing a convenient way of dodging that which seemed to bother most landscapers.

Nevertheless, there is still the need to get the right weed barrier if you want to entirely deny herbs a spot in your garden. Our review provides some of the most reliable options in the market.

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