15 Best Welding Helmets (Auto Darkening) (2024)

Welding, as we all know, is among the most dangerous professions at the moment. It employs extensive amounts of lighting and heat sources. Furthermore, the ultraviolet and infrared radiation emitted in the process is particularly harmful.

It is hence absolutely vital that you put on some welding helmet to shield you from these possible dangers.

When we talk of such helmets, quite a number of them do exist. To help you in choosing the right one, we have seen it wise to step in and draft this guide.

15 Best Welding Helmets

#1: Antra Welding Helmet AH6-260-0000 Solar Power Auto Darkening

Antra Welding Helmet AH6-260-0000

Do you intend to weld in a remote and detached location? If you do, then this is the helmet we would recommend. By virtue of being solar-powered, this is a helmet you can use in whichever location.

Passive UV/IR Filter

Topping its most outstanding features is the passive filter. This one blocks out all infrared and ultraviolet radiation. It hence makes you secure and comfortable at all times of use. At the same time, it yields consistent performance whether you have power or not.

Low Amperage Rating

This helmet has a low amperage rating. For this reason, it takes up limited power to operate. Definitely, this translates to reduced utility bills on your part. You do not have to dig too deep to achieve the desired end results.

Wider Applicability

With this helmet, it is possible for you to carry out a number of welding and associated tasks. These include the MMA, flux core, plasma cutting, MAG, MIG, and TIG welding, among others. It brings to you added value for your money hence.


  • Quite light in weight and less strenuous to wear
  • Adjusts easily to conform to the various standards of use
  • Compatible with many kinds and shapes of heads
  • Accommodates a hard hat adapter
  • Comes along with some lens cover plates


  • Does not work well in areas that lack solar power
  • Low power output means you cannot perform some chores
  • Certainly not for professional chores

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#2: DEKOPRO Solar-powered Welding Helmet Auto Darkening Hood

DEKOPRO Solar-powered

Do you have sensitive eyes? If you do, you cannot choose any welding helmet randomly. Doing so, unfortunately, may not guarantee you the awesome feedback you might be looking for. Choose this one instead due to its ultimate eye protection capabilities.

Auto-darkening Filter

Just like every other helmet, this one also has a filter feature. However, it goes beyond that. It also an auto-darkening feature. This one sense a surge in the brightness of the light and darkens automatically. In so doing, it shields your sensitive eyes from possible damages.

Shade 16.1/2/1/2 Rating

This helmet meets the shade 16.1/2/1/2 rating. Expect it hence to do a good job in protecting your sensitive eyes from the harmful infrared and ultraviolet radiation. It is definitely a smart choice for your safety and those of your eyes.

Manual Adjustments

Unlike your standard welding helmet, this one contains some manual adjustments. It subsequently gives you the freedom to select which parameters may deem relevant or necessary to your specific welding chore. In particular, it has delay and sensitivity settings.


  • Recognizes color for your enhanced visibility
  • Provides some clean and comfortable views
  • Diffuses light to minimize the strength and brilliance
  • Great for long-term welding chores
  • Backed by some fatigue-free comfortable headgears


  • Slightly complicated to a beginner
  • Costly to maintain when broken down
  • Accepts limited accessories and attachments

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#3: YESWELDER 3.94″X3.66″ Welding Helmet


Some welding tasks require that you behold the true colors of the materials you are handling. Unfortunately, not every other helmet may guarantee you this. That is why you absolutely have to choose this one which is designed with that in mind.

Wide-Screen View

On the whole, the screen of this helmet is pretty wide. It, therefore, provides you some wider field of view. With this arrangement in mind, you will less likely miss out on any detail you might want to capture while welding.

Comfortable Headgear

A comfortable headgear also forms a vital part of this helmet. It comprises some oversized comfort cushion which in turn gives off extensive adjustability. You will enjoy some improved support which is essential for comfort and better fit.

True-color Technology Upgrade

As an upgrade, the helmet contains some true-color trait. It is this one which helps you to identify the precise colors and hues of the materials you might be tackling at any given time. You will scarcely encounter any ambiguities as you go about your business.


  • Handles many kinds of welding applications
  • Has a super large viewing area or space
  • Gives off better clarity
  • Increased battery life
  • Yields superior comfort courtesy of the pivot style headgear


  • Quite bulky and cumbersome to wear
  • Requires excess muscle power to engage
  • Unsuitable for repeated or long-term use

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#4: TACKLIFE Welding Helmet with Top Optical Class 1/1/1/1

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For some best welding outcomes, you may often have to grind the materials first before welding. This, you can only do if you have a special welding helmet in your possession. Try this one out as it is the one that is most suited for that job.

Adjustable Knob

From time to time, you will often have to vary the parameters of your welding helmet. This is in response to the variations in external environmental conditions. The adjustable knob comes into your rescue at such times.

Efficient UV/IR Protection

By all accounts, this filtration mechanism of this welding helmet pretty effective. As such, it yields unparalleled protection to both the infra-red and the ultraviolet radiations. It is, as a matter of fact, compliant with the shade 16 rating.

4 Premium Sensors

Some four premium sensors also adorn this helmet. They play the role of detecting the existence of infrared radiation. Thereafter, they send out those signals to vary the intensity of the darkness which adorns the screen.

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  • Ensures secure and clear welding processes
  • Protects your eyes adequately from the harmful lights
  • Suitable for both cutting and welding applications
  • Meets the needs of different people
  • Advanced configurations available for some superior tasks


  • Requires some expertise to handle
  • Lacks the delay settings
  • No battery backup assistance

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#5: Neiko 53880A 4-in-1 Safety Helmet

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It is never enough sometimes to protect your eyes only. You at times want to extend that protection to the ears and other head features as well. Why don’t you get hold of this helmet to assist in you at such times?

Heavy-duty Hard Hat

In all, the hat is heavy-duty and hard enough. This stems from its conformity to the ANSI S12.42/S3.19 standard as well as the CE EN352-3 approval. You have it for taking if you work in environments that are very dangerous.

High-strength Impact-resistant

Apart from being hard and heavy-duty, this helmet is also high in strength and resists impacts well. It does have some foam headband and soft plastic lining adorning its interior. Due to its possessions of these vital components, the helmet is very comfortable.

Effective Hearing Block

Lastly, it also blocks excess noise from striking your ears. It blocks strays noises within the range of NRR 22 and SNR 25.9 decibels. You will find it handy while dealing with many noisy projects like the demolition hammers, trimmers, brush cutters, and chainsaws.


  • Extremely light in weight
  • Shields your face completely
  • Interchangeable for adequate protection from much hazardous debris
  • Adjusts to many sizes and circumferences
  • Shields you from direct exposure to many adverse elements


  • Does not have the auto-darkening feature
  • Moderately costly to come by
  • Not so popular or reputable brand

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#6: Lincoln Electric Welding Helmet, Black, 3350 Series

Lincoln Electric

Never attempted welding before? This could as well be the helmet that you might want to choose. It is on the whole pretty simple and cheap. For this reason, it is not so difficult for you to comprehend and make some good use out of it.

High Switching Speed

Shuffling back and forth one feature to another is not so difficult a task. This is due to the high switching speed of the helmet. You will take around 1/25,000 seconds to do so. Definitely, this brings the pleasure of added convenience to you.

Excellent Material Construction

Setting this appliance from the others is the excellent material construction. Its interior is wholly made of nylon, which is soft, warm and very comfortable indeed. Expect hence to enjoy some added comfort as you go about the business of welding.

Upgraded Lens Technology

Lastly comes the upgraded lens technology. In particular, the lens of this helmet features the 4C(TM) technology. With this arrangement at your fingertips, be sure to enjoy unparalleled visibility and reduced ambiguities as you weld.


  • Comfortable headgear ratchet
  • Easy adjustability thanks to the ADF control knobs
  • Powered by the battery-type solar cells
  • Unconstrained optical clarity
  • Wider screen view for unlimited visibility


  • Does not meet or conform to any standard
  • Unsafe when used in too hostile environments
  • Delicate and prone to damages from time to time

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#7: Hobart 770286 Flip Front Welding Helmet

Hobart 770286

Short on cash? Worry not! You are still able to enjoy those benefits which great welding helmets have to offer. For this, we suggest this budget-priced helmet. Its benefits extend to the flip front which allows you to convert it to an ordinary hat.

Handy Flip Front

As stated, it does have some handy flip front. This one is basically a cover on the lens. You may remove it easily to convert your helmet to the ordinary spectacle. With regards to this, you may also use your helmet as an ordinary hat.

Great View Area

The helmet gives off some great viewing area indeed. It does contain the standard 4-1/2- by 2-inch view area. You will hardly miss out on any vital details. Such errors, as we all know, can often make huge differences between ‘life and death.’

Appropriately Accredited

This helmet meets and exceeds many standards. Of these, the ANSI standard is by far the most outstanding. You should count on it for your safety and overall assurance. This also means you will receive more for your money.


  • The comfortably large viewing area
  • Convenient adjustable fits
  • Comes along with some great display case
  • Suitable for a variety of welding jobs
  • Grants 10 variable shades options


  • Does not allow you to adjust the sensitivity
  • Lacks the auto-darkening feature
  • Not for use in remote locations

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#8: Honeywell Fibre-Metal 110WH 10 Piece Helmet

Honeywell Fibre-Metal 110WH

Are you a career pipe welder? If you are, you definitely must bring in a specially designed helmet for the job. This is the one that is intended for such applications. Do find and get hold of it in all your pipe welding undertakings.

Ratcheting Headgear

For your comfort, this helmet comes along in some ratcheting headgear. It is subsequently easier to set. Other than this, the headgear exudes added comfort, more secure fit, and seamless adjustability to accommodate multiple settings of use.

Rugged Superglas Plus

All factors considered, this helmet is light in weight yet tough enough. The material that is used to make it up is also impervious to moisture. This is not to mention that it is also resistant to impacts and as such, prevents chips and cracks.

Compact Design

By all accounts, this helmet is compact in design. Courtesy of this design, the helmet allows you to access those otherwise tight spaces with relative ease. This eliminates unnecessary fatigue and other issues which might impede your working.


  • Hardly cracks or whips when subjected to strong impacts
  • Allows you unimpeded access to those tight spots
  • Quite comfortable and suitable for long-term wears
  • Fits securely on your head for greater outcomes
  • Minimizes the internal pressure joints
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  • Low optical class rating
  • Does not have any sensors
  • Too manual for professional tasks

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#9: ESAB SENTINEL A50 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet


Workshops differ in their safety and impact levels. That is why you must also factor the safety levels of your workshop as you go about the business of finding the right helmet for your use. If yours is a highly tense and strenuous workshop this is the one we suggest you buy.

Halo Headgear

Its head comes in the form of the halo headgear. The head is infinitely-adjustable, ergonomically designed and contains some five points of access. You will enjoy some extreme comfort and unparalleled balance.

Low-profile Design

Next comes in the low-profile design. It does contain a central pivot point in pursuance of this design. It enables you to enjoy some maximum head clearance whenever you are in the up position. Chances of hitting structures in your workshop are hence suppressed.

Legible Control Panel

To engage the various aspects and parameters of this helmet, a legible control panel does exist. The panel is color in nature and contains eight separate memory settings. A shade 4 grind button which is externally shaded closes the list of its most awesome features.


  • Color lens means you will not miss out on any detail
  • Revolutionary shell design brings about added toughness
  • Excellent power ratings mean reduced costs of operations
  • Switches easily to and from the grind and well modes
  • The lens is easier to replace (takes only 10 seconds to do so)


  • May not work well in Canada
  • Inflicts some tiredness to you every now and then
  • Not so useful for starters and less experienced

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#10: Tanox Auto Darkening Solar Powered Welding Helmet ADF-206S

Tanox Auto Darkening

Could it be that you are a starter in the field of welding who is intent on upping his skills? If you are, then you must use the right welding helmet for the job. For this, we recommend the one under this mini-review.

Thick Double-layer Leather

Throughout the exterior of the helmet is a thick double layer of leather material. The leather is fire-retardant and will thus provide some adequate protection from the likelihood of fire outbreaks. It is also sewn using the Kevlar stitching thread.

1/1/1/2 Optical Class Rating

Its lens is rated 1/1/1/2. You should hence expect to enjoy some adequate protection from the infrared and ultraviolet radiations. Further, the lens works well whether there is power or not. Fear not when there is an electrical failure.

Large Viewing Area

You will also enjoy some unimpeded views of your working. That is because the helmet accords some extra-large viewing area of around 3.86 inches by 1.73 inches. Also, it lets you behold what you are doing from many angles.


  • Padded for extra softness and comfort
  • Contains an automatic on/off power feature
  • Has some long sleeves to safeguard your clothing and arms
  • Pliable and comfortable enough to put on for longer durations
  • Offers protection to all the crucial body parts


  • May not serve expert applications well
  • Lacks a couple of vital parts
  • Not so good an investment

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#11: KingSo Welding Helmet Solar Powered Auto Darkening Hood

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Does your entire life revolve around matters welding and workshop? If it does, you definitely want one helmet which is noted to be able to provide this support. Think this particular welding helmet. It accords permanent UV/IR protection courtesy of its awesome strength.

High-definition Protective Filter

Coming in first among its most admirable set of features is the high definition protective filter. As this designation implies, this feature lets the helmet weed out the harshest of light rays. In return, it lets you behold the goods clearly.

High-performance Power

This is not your ordinary welding helmet. That is because it can attain high power levels. The reason underlying this is its ability to draw the operational power from lithium battery or the solar cells. Expect some truly great outcomes in the process of use.

Fashion Appearance

Over and above its bare minimum features, this helmet also exudes some aesthetic values. This is due to its ultra-light design and comfortable wearing. You may hence use this helmet to decorate your workshop whenever you are no longer working.


  • Made of pretty strong materials indeed
  • Prevents your skin from aging fast or wrinkling
  • It is, on the whole, comfortable and truly soft
  • Allows you to adjust the sensitivity and delay times
  • Darkens automatically whenever there is a surge in light brightness


  • Lacks any shed selection range
  • Does not have a grind mode as well
  • Poor back-end customer service

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#12: Husqvarna 592752601 Forest Head Protection Helmet

Husqvarna 592752601

It is not uncommon for the typical workshop to suffer from excessive heat. The situation most often intensifies during the harsh summer months. You need a helmet that is highly breathable and able to take on such adverse weather conditions.

6-point Suspension System

It stands apart from the rest of the helmets we have touched on. The reason for this distinction is the 6-point suspension system. With this, you get to alter the dimensions and fit of the helmet to your head’s unique shapes and contours.

Hi-Viz Orange Color

The lens also stands apart from the rest. That is because it comes in the form of the new Hi-Viz Orange color. This one filters out excess brightness to improve your visibility considerably. You will not really suffer strong glares.

Egyptian Cotton-core Sweatband

Closing the list of its most admirable features is this Egyptian cotton-core sweatband. As its name implies, this structure basically aids in managing sweat. It contains some porous coating which plays this role and does so perfectly well.


  • Contains a hard orange hat which protects from ultraviolet radiation
  • Adjustable to allow for the performance of many chores
  • May even protect and shield your ears from deafening sounds
  • Extends the protection to the neck and face as well
  • One size fits most owing to the adjustable nature
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  • May not work well in the winter months
  • Imposes excess weights in your head
  • Too tiresome for repeated chores

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#13: Sellstrom S27300 – Welding Helmet

Sellstrom S27300

To get started in your welding activities well, you should settle for a simple and easy to comprehend helmet of this kind. As you are about to see, this appliance contains only the bare minimum set of features necessary for the job.

Lift Front Retainer

At its front is a lift retainer. This one measures the decent 2 inches wide by 4 ¼ inches long. It basically opens and closes to let you behold the items you are welding. Being wider in view, the retainer provides unimpeded visibility.

Flip Front Adapter

A flip front adapter does exist to extend the range of the use of this helmet. With it, you get to power your helmet in such a manner as to automate most of its operations. You will enjoy some limited incidences of fatigue in the process.

Lift-up Finger Handles

Some two lift-up handles also exist in this helmet. These allow you to easily lift and lower the flaps on the lenses of the helmets. Yet again, you stand to enjoy the pleasure of some added conveniences in times of use.


  • Attaches and works hand in hand with many other brands and accessories
  • One of the few items of its kinds on the market
  • Comes with all the necessary assembly tools
  • Constructed using the durable nylon materials
  • Imposes minimal strains to your heads


  • Requires many other accessories to operationalize
  • Takes quite some time to be ready
  • Unsuitable for emergency situations

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#14: Jackson Safety 46131 Insight Variable Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

Jackson Safety 46131

Is your search for the right welding helmet dictated by the need for hobby or serious industrial businesses? Regardless of your precise circumstance of use, you want a helmet for your choice, don’t you? Try out this universal one.

Auto Darkening Filter

Like almost any other helmet, this one too has an auto-darkening filter. However, it stands out in that it also adapts to different working environments. At the same time, it also controls the shade of the lens for better protection to your eyes.

Variable Modes

The helmet can handle both the weld and the grind modes. What’s more? It also allows you to switch easily back and forth these two modes. This means that at any given time, you will enjoy some unparalleled operations.

Jackson Safety WH40 Insight Welding Lens

Lastly, its lens is also unlike any other. They are the new Jackson Safety WH40 Insight variety. The lens is further equipped with some multi-function and digital controls, all for handling just about any other welding task.


  • Yields superior performance while on duty
  • Handles both the tig and MIG welding
  • Quite cheap and relatively affordable
  • Works well in many kinds of environments
  • Controls the shade and sensitivity of ambient lighting


  • Requires constant updates and maintenance
  • Unsuitable for the do-it-yourself applications
  • Takes too long to yield the required outcomes

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#15: Miller Electric 281000 Digital Elite Black Welding Helmet

No products found.

The typical welding task entails many other kinds of related applications. For your convenience, you want a helmet which can handle as many if not all of them. Well, you have this for your try. It has four modes which may adapt to varied applications.

Clearlight Lens Technology

Its lenses are unlike any other. They feature the Clearlight Lens Technology. As the designation suggests, the technology ensures that your visibility is clear and that you see everything you want unhindered. This is what you need for good operations.

New Headgear

A new headgear also exists in this helmet. It is essentially equipped with many comfort features. You will not have to feel too tired when engaging your various welding tasks and apparatus. This, in turn, assures you of maximum safety.

Easy-to-read Digital Controls

Some new and easy-to-read digital controls also exist on this helmet. They allow you to alter and make the various necessary adjustments without any undue strains. This way, they see to it that you do not struggle at all to have your way.


  • Wards off the interferences of light
  • Operates on low amperage for your reduced operational expenses
  • Performs those hidden/cavity welds with relative ease
  • Comes equipped with all the vital accessories
  • Handles many modes and operational options


  • Limited field of view
  • You may not see well from an angle
  • Less versatile in nature on the whole

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are auto-darkening helmets really safe?

YES, they are! And very safe for that matter. That is because they go beyond shielding your eyes from sparks. They also limit the side effects of those potentially-damaging ultraviolet and infrared radiation.

Does the weight of a helmet really matter?

YES, it does! A good helmet definitely has to be very light. This is to reduce the strains it will impose on your head. You will also need the lightest helmet if your life and profession center mostly on matters welding.

What kinds of gloves do welders wear?

Goatskin is by far the most popular one for welders. Its leather is the most comfortable. Also, it yields some excellent touch which is crucial for those demanding chores.

Can you use TIG gloves for MIG welding?

YES, you can! Of the two main kinds of welding, it is the MIG that is the more demanding. As such, any pair of gloves that work well for them will definitely work well for any other kind of task.

What is the grind mode on a welding helmet?

This is a mode in which the lens is maintained in the light state. You will require this mode while grinding and cutting larger metallic substances into smaller and more manageable units.

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