Top 11 Best Welding Tables In 2020

Having worked as a professional welder for more than three decades, I know the importance of having a good welding table. It allows one to tackle welding projects with greater efficiency and speed.

I mean, with this type of workbench, you will get the work done in a fraction of the time it would have taken when using ordinary tables for the same job. Also, since they are specially made for welding applications, they have special features that suit these projects hence improving workplace safety.

Unfortunately, most people do not pay much attention to the type of welding table they buy and often end up settling for the poor models out there. With extensive knowledge and vast experience in welding, I spared a few days to compile a list of the 11 best welding tables. I hope it helps!

11 Best Welding Tables

#1 KASTFORCE KF3002 Portable Welding Table


Of the welding tables that I have interacted with in the course of my career, this model remains among the options that I highly value. In fact, it’s among the ones I currently use.

I bought it three years ago- not because I didn’t have some good welding tables, but because I wanted a portable piece. Well, all the tables that I had were quite large and hefty, making them hard to move within and out of my large workspace.

The table has four 3-inch casters. These wheels make it nearly effortless to move it around my workspace. The solid braking system locks the wheels to avoid even the slightest movements when working.

The tabletop measures 18 inches wide, 36 inches long and 2.8 mm thick. Hence, it is small for easy portability but large and sturdy enough to provide the user with enough and sturdy work area.

I also like that the top is heavy-duty and that it has held up well for the 3 years. 23 inches beneath the tabletop is a storage tray. With the same size as the top of the table, this storage compartment is large enough to hold several welding tools when transferring the unit.

  • It has a storage tray.

  • The overall height of 35 inches suits most statures.

  • The casters are high-quality.

  • It is very solid.

  • The height of 35 inches may not work perfectly for some people.

  • The box came with minor damages.

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#2 Klutch Steel Welding Table with Tool Kit

Klutch Steel

This may not be among the tables that I have used. However, it’s my friend’s favorite option. It measures 36 inches long and 24 inches wide. With this size, it provides a slightly larger surface area than our previous option.

The height, however, is 33.25 inches, 1.75 inches shorter than the previous option. Hence, it is still comfortable enough for use in extended projects. With the load capacity of 600 lbs, the table is very sturdy and can handle more weight than most of the options out there.

And yes, as you would expect from such a sturdy piece, it isn’t the most lightweight option in the market. However, this isn’t a big concern for him since he can still move it comfortably by himself.

The solid tabletop has standard size 16-mm holes that are 2 mm apart. These holes allow for greater flexibility and user convenience. The legs of the table utilize a great design that maximizes stability when simultaneously protecting the floor from scratches.

  • Shipping is very fast.

  • It arrives with plenty of extras for the price.

  • The thickness of the table is good.

  • It is very easy to put together.

  • You may not utilize every piece included in the 24-piece kit.

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#3 Eastwood Adjustable Steel Welding Table


I received this unit a few years ago as a gift from one of my close friends. With other options available, I haven’t used this table many times. However, I have had nice experiences on the few occasions I have interacted with it.

The tabletop adopts sturdy 14-gauge steel construction. After receiving it, I thought that it would rust after a while. Nevertheless, it has maintained its look years down the line.

The sturdy steel construction provides a solid workspace for easy and faster execution of welding projects. I like that the surface of the table has slots for easy clamping.

Also, this table adjusts easily for user comfort when using any of the provided slots. But that isn’t the sweetest part of the deal- the most interesting thing is that the piece employs a foldable design.

I mean, the legs of this table close together while the top collapses for compact storage. I consider this feature a plus, especially for the metalworkers that have small workspaces. The weight capacity of 350 lbs is an implication that it is sturdy enough for most projects.

  • The foldable design saves space.

  • The adjustable design is impressive.

  • The three slots are great.

  • The load capacity of 350 lbs is impressive for the size.

  • It does not have casters like my other portable option.

  • The capacity of 350lbs isn’t the best the market can offer.

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#4 Strong Hand Tools Nomad Welding Table (TS3020)

Strong Hand Tools

If you liked everything about the previous model except the weight, this unit from one of the reputable manufacturers will be a good purchase. The high-quality unit shares most features with the just-reviewed model.

For example, it has a sturdy top that tilts to three positions depending on the needs of the user. Also, it has three slots on the tabletop for easy insertion of clamps. The large surface area of the top affords the user with generous space for work.

The legs also adopt a similar design as the predecessor for maximum stability and will close when not in use for compact storage.

However, unlike the previous unit that is quite hefty to move, this fantastic welding table is generally lightweight. I mean, in case you are looking for a sturdy but lightweight unit for a small workshop, this might be the ideal option for you. In fact, it has 2 heavy-duty casters at the legs that make it convenient to move around the workplace.

Another standout feature about it is that the tabletop offers a vertical adjustment range of between 26 inches to 32 inches. However, with several features coming on board, the unit will cost you slightly more, although still within the affordability range of most welders.

  • The tabletop adjusts vertically.

  • It is very lightweight.

  • The 2 sturdy casters enhance movement.

  • The collapsible design spares space.

  • It is a little costly.

  • It doesn’t offer the sturdiest tabletop.

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#5 Grizzly Industrial Welding Table (T28932-36″ x 24″)


I came across this welding table a few months ago when I walked into my cousin’s workshop. Its size, design, and beauty made me enquire more about the piece. And yes, from his user experience and my vast knowledge on these tables, it was easy to tell that it’s an amazing piece of its own kind.

The first area he expressed his delight was in the size. It is 36 inches long and 24 inches wide. Hence, it provides the same working area as one of the earlier-reviewed models. He likes that this size works perfectly for most of his metalworking projects.

The 9-gauge steel construction of the tabletop means that it is thicker than any of the already reviewed workbenches. This construction guarantees a rock-solid work surface. The customizable leveling feet give him a flat set up every time even when standing it on a rough surface.

And since the entire table is of steel, we are safe to think of it as among the few models that are engineered to serve for decades. The 16-mm holes at the top are strategically spaced for enhanced user convenience.

  • The legs are adjustable.

  • The all-steel construction accounts for its durability.

  • The holes on the top are of standard size.

  • It provides a rock-solid surface.

  • The steel construction makes it a little heavy.

  • The price tag may not suit every pocket.

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#6 Champ Welding Table


I once recommended this piece to a colleague who wanted a great welding table for limited space. Unlike all the other options that have a rectangular shape, this table adopts a circular tabletop. Hence, if you are looking for something unique, this should be a good place to invest your cash.

Nevertheless, uniqueness isn’t the major reason for adopting this design. The primary objective for the circular shape is to save on space when still providing enough area for tackling metalworking projects. In fact, since the diameter is 24 inches, this unit provides a work area of about 453 square inches.

The circular tabletop rotates 360 degrees to ensure user convenience at a new level. The unit also measures 37.5 inches. With this height, he doesn’t have to bend much, which is good for him having in mind that he has had issues with his back for several years.

The base adopts a rectangular design and measures 20.5 inches long by 20 inches wide. The great size provides greater stability to the unit for user safety and more efficient operations. The base sits on premium free-rolling wheels that make it easy to move the unit around.

  • The circular shape makes it unique.

  • It utilizes a space-saving design.

  • The height of 37.5 inches suits most statures.

  • The rotating design of the top is great.

  • It may be quite small for some projects.

  • It is quite heavy and that’s why it comes with wheels.

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#7 ToolsNMore Adjustable Steel Welding Table


Since my workshop is located far from home, I still needed a table that I could use for light welding projects at home. I wasn’t prepared to fork out a bundle for a unit that I would use maybe once or twice a year.

Costing about a third of the price of ordinary welding tables, this option remains the market’s most fantastic option for the low-budget metalworkers and home DIYers. Examining its features closely, I saw it a nice deal for the price.

The top of the surface is of high-quality steel to provide a solid workspace. The steel construction is zinc plated to prevent it from rust. In fact, it’s now five years since I introduced it to my space and it’s still looking great even after using and leaving it out a couple of times during the rainy seasons.

The edge of the unit is retractable. This feature allows me to tackle most home DIY projects more conveniently. Also, the four table slots are good for clamping and heat reduction. I also like that the top adjusts to any of the five settings. This helps to keep the unit tilted at the exact angle I need for a job.

  • It is very affordable.

  • The top boasts 5 settings.

  • It is easy to adjust.

  • It will not rust.

  • It can’t handle heavy welding projects.

  • The holes where bolts run to connect the legs to the vertical support may not align easily.

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#8 Metal Man FWTD Deluxe Folding Weld Table

Metal Man FWTD

If you want an affordable unit that can handle heavier welding projects than the previous model, this table should be a great purchase. It isn’t as cheap as the previous option, though, but the fact that it goes for about half the price of most competing models classifies it among the market’s hottest deals.

The top is 36 inches long and 20 inches wide so it affords the user with a work area of 720 square feet, big enough to handle just about any welding application. It has a debris tray to keep your working space ever neat and to rid you of cleaning hassle after use.

The durable steel construction ensures long-lasting performance. The durable powder coat provides superior protection from the rust for even greater service life.

When not in utilization, the legs of this fantastic unit fold for compact storage. The top also collapses to minimize the space it takes when not in use. Therefore, when folded, you can stand this unit by the wall.

  • The debris tray is a nice idea.

  • The price is great for the quality.

  • It is straightforward to assemble.

  • The coating resists rust.

  • The bolts may outnumber the nuts.

  • The debris tray may arrive with a slight bend.

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#9 Grizzly Industrial Folding Welding Table (T28931-36″ x 24″)


I offered this unit as a birthday gift to a friend about a year ago. As a passionate hobbyist, I knew that it would make for a perfect gift for him. And yes, he claims that it has made his operations safer and more efficient.

Since he has a short stature, I had to choose a unit that would work perfectly for his height. The height of 31 inches works ideally for him but it can also be good for people with medium statures.

The tabletop has standard 5/8-inch pre-drilled holes that are well-spaced 2-inches apart for user convenience. The design of the legs maximizes the stability of the unit when in use to give him a great user experience.

And with his workshop running out of space, he likes that the high-quality table folds after use for convenient storage. The foldable design also makes it portable.

  • The height works well for people with medium and short stature.

  • It folds easily for storage.

  • It is portable.

  • The top is of sturdy steel.

  • It may not work perfectly for tall buddies.

  • It doesn’t boast the best load capacity.

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#10 Strong Hand Tools BuildPro Modular Welding Table (Model Number TMA54738)

Strong Hand Tools

By looking at the price of this unit into consideration, it’s very clear that it isn’t made for all. However, if money isn’t an issue for you, it’s a nice option to bring to your workshop.

It is ruggedly constructed for long-lasting performance. The solid construction makes it the ideal go-to option for anyone in need of a table that will support heavy welding needs.

Its load capacity of 2 tons is by far the greatest you will ever get for a welding table. The durable construction is also rust-resistant. Hence, expect it to maintain its appearance even with years of outdoor use.

The leveling feet maximizes the stability of the unit to give the user a flat work surface needed to handle jobs efficiently and with greater precision.

Being my latest investment, I was attracted by its size since all the other tables were small for some welding projects. With the top of the unit is 48 inches long and 36 inches wide, I now have more than enough space to execute any welding task.

Also, the height of 36 inches works perfectly for me and many other users since it is neither too high nor short but just the right size for most people.

  • It is very large.

  • The weight capacity of 2 tons is amazing.

  • It is good for heavy projects.

  • The leveling feet ensure a flat work area.

  • The price is quite low.

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#11 Miller 951413 60SX Arcstation Fully Loaded

Miller 951413

Although it may take some hours to put together, the quality of this welding table makes it a great addition to any shop. I haven’t used the table yet, but from the features and user experiences of a few professional welders that I know, it has everything it takes to qualify for a spot among the market’s top-notch options.

The amazing piece is 30 inches wide and 60 inches long to provide enough space for most projects. Also, the work surface has a thickness of 3/16 inches that makes it very solid.

The ability to withstand the weight of up to 1000 lbs means that it is among the market’s sturdiest welding tables you can ever bring to your space.

The heavy-duty construction puts on more weight on the table, though, but this shouldn’t be a big concern since it comes with high-quality casters for easy movement within the shop.

The overall height of 35 inches works well for most users while the shelves and drawers keep your tools properly organized.

  • It has a load capacity of 1000 lbs.

  • The casters facilitate movement.

  • The drawers and shelves hold your welding essentials.

  • The height of 35 inches is standard.

  • The heavy-duty construction makes transporting it over long distances a hassle.

  • Its price isn’t exactly low.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Why do I need a welding table?

A welding table provides the user with a flat and stable surface at a comfortable height. By doing this, a welding table allows faster tackling of jobs and improves workplace safety.

What makes a good welding table?

A good welding table needs to be very solid, large enough for your needs, portable, adjustable and should offer great stability. Also, it should offer a comfortable working height. If you have limited space, the ability to fold will also be a great feature to carry in mind.

How durable is a welding table?

Although the durability will depend on the quality and ruggedness of the table, most good options should last for a very long time. Some models will hold up well even for more than a decade.

How much is a welding table?

If you were very keen on our review, you might have noted that the price of welding tables varies widely. Some tables cost as much as 20 times as others. Therefore, it is all about what you can accommodate comfortably in your budget.

Making vs. Buying, which is better?

You can make a welding table if you have all the materials. However, since we have very affordable models in the market, making may turn more expensive and time-consuming. Hence, it’s better to settle for a ready-made option.


A welding table is one of the important tools that a welder or a hobbyist can’t go without. However, with so many poor options out there, not every welding table gives back value for money. For this reason, it is better to operate within our list.

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