10 Best Wire Strippers (2023)

Getting common domestic things done by yourself is a whole lot more than leapfrogging the services of experts. You will only be a quack in the end but the value created in the process can be immense.

Rather than secure the service of a plumber to fix bad pipes in your house, or a carpenter to repair damaged furniture, or painter to give your walls a facelift, you can simply get resources online, read up and get to work.

What do you derive from this? First, you will be saving up the money that would have gone into paying for the service of an expert. Second, while wobbling and fumbling with DIY projects you most likely will move from being a novice to somewhere slightly above average over time.

But to get to this “lofty” point, you will have to get the right tools that are made for DIYers such as yourself. If you are looking to fix electrical problems or execute the removal of insulation around a cable, for example, you cannot do without quality wire strippers.

Wire strippers are handheld tools that provide both electricians and handymen with more efficient alternatives to knives, razor blades or even teeth when comes to stripping wires.

The common wire strippers have a series of labeled holes that fit the wire gauges that are specific for that particular stripper. Using them (the regular ones) is actually easy.

Simply put the wire into the right hole and squeeze the strippers handles together. It will literally slice through the plastic insulation, often without damaging the wire.

These tools are available in various shapes and sizes. Interestingly, you can also get single function strippers as well as multifunction ones that come with cutters and crimpers.

What is important is for you to purchase the right one that meets your personal or professional needs. We have done a meticulous selection of the 10 the best wire strippers. Having said much, let’s get into reviewing each of them.

10 Best Wire Strippers

#1. Coax Cable Crimper

Coax Cable Crimper

If you are looking for a professional or domestic wire stripping and a crimping tool, you may need not look any farther. This item, manufactured by Aplus+, is actually one of the best on the market.

Made from carbon steel and plastic, it promises to remain anti-corrosive even after heavy usage. This is a general worry about metal objects you will be oblivious to with this tool. The package includes a 1X wire stripper, 20X F-Type connector, and 1X wire terminal crimper.

Aplus+ Coaxial Compression Tool Kit Wire Stripper comes with an adjustable and replaceable set of blades that is good for cutting RG-58, RG-59 and RG-62 coaxial cables. It is also an F-type compression crimping tool that is compatible with RG6 (5C), RG59 (4C) cables.

Perhaps you have lost your screwdriver or could use a spare one. God news. These tool kits come with a screwdriver for an additional hand in executing your electrical connections.

Another feature of this tool is that it is crimping and wire stripping made easy. With just a few steps, electricians and DIYers are on their way to getting things done without breaking a sweat.

  • Easy to use, though common sense required

  • Usable for cutting other materials such as leather

  • No manual included in the package

  • Scissors need proper maintenance

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#2. Klein Tools 11063W Wire Cutter and Stripper

Klein Tools 11063W Wire Cutter and Stripper

You already know. Klein Tools is a household to many Americans Do It Yourself aficionados and indeed many from other parts of the world. This product is essentially one of their best wire stripping tools which are excellent for fixing a cable that may have a bad or worn-out end or reducing a cable to a custom length.

In case you are keen on having a durable tool that guarantees value for your money, Klein Tools 11063W Wire Cutter and Stripper is made from cast alloy with E-coat finish. This material ensures that the tool does not get to rust, no matter how often you put it to use.

Klein Tools 11063W Wire Cutter and Stripper was designed with a built-in hole that easily cuts and strips 8-22 AWG wire. All you need to do basically is insert the wire, grip, and strip or cut. Easy does it.

Well, along with the ease of use adds another feature of this thing: precision. There are wire stripping tools that do strip off insulation but somewhat damage the wire inside. With this tool, you are not likely to have such an experience.

  • Easy to use, especially for common wire

  • Made for precision

  • Sharp blades are replaceable

  • Look well-made and gives confidence for durability.

  • On the costly side

  • Great care needed while aligning the wire

  • Difficulty stripping AWG 20 and above wire

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#3. IRWIN WISE-GRIP Wire Stripping Tool/Wire Cutter

IRWIN WISE-GRIP Wire Stripping Tool

Both professionals and regular, handy folks may get excited about this concise wire stripper. IRWIN WISE-GRIP wire stripping tool/wire cutter provides a reliable hand for electrical wire works like no other tool of the same functions.

The item features ProTouch grips,     induction-hardened cutting edge, and bolt cutter. It also has a pliers-style nose which is meant for yanking and looping wire. These features in the design ensure the tool does justice to AWG 10 to 22 wires.

Its unique selling point is centered on tripartite functionality. This tool cuts wire just as much as it strips insulations off them. Additionally, it has a built-in crimper that perfectly crimps both insulated and non-insulated terminals.

What about this product’s durability? Will it stand the test of time?

Well, before you go on to purchase it, manufacturers give you lifetime warranty assurance on the tool, under the condition of careful use.

  • Great design and quite handy

  • It is three functions in one: Stripper, cutter, crimper.

  • Markings on it are easy to read

  • Not excellent for heavy-duty electrical works

  • Requires too much care when using to strip wires

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#4. DOWELL 10-22 AWG Wire stripper

DOWELL 10-22 AWG Wire stripper

When it comes to doing it yourself there is nothing like tools that guarantee ease of use. This particular item from Dowell does a whole lot more than wire stripping.

The item was made from high-quality carbon steel TPR and PP materials. Its soft rubber handle is ergonomically designed for both professional electricians and non-pros. With a super-comfy grip, you really have nothing to worry about if your hands are wet.

Everyone loves tools with multiple functions and this one falls in that category. Apart from stripping AWG 10 to 22 wires, its mouth of tongs will seamlessly crimp insulated, non-insulated and ignition terminals.

This one will perform wonders for machine maintenance, electrical installation, factory workshops.

Maybe, it is a mere installation of electrical devices that require wire stripping in your domestic environment. This affordable tool has got you covered.

  • Ergonomical

  • Great design

  • Comes with high-quality springs to make it last long

  • Multifunction

  • Does not perform well as a Crimper

  • The handles may be too small for large hands

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#5. Capri Tools 20010 Precision Wire Stripper

Capri Tools 20010 Precision Wire Stripper

If you are not a professional electrician and as such care about precision, then you need to check out Capri Tools 20010 Precision Wire Stripper. It was made with the idea of giving you the exact stripping of wire that you need.

Built with cast alloy chassis and effective recoiling spring design, the tool will do a good job of stripping 22-8 AWG wires. The cast alloy chassis adds lightness yet strength to the tool, proving it with more effectiveness.

Two other interesting features of Capri Tools 20010 Precision Wire Stripper are its fast compound stripping action and machine holes. These ensure precise stripping while preventing damage to the copper.

Sometimes we love to buy products that do more than one thing. But crimping, cutting and stripping all lumped in a single tool can be complicated at times. You could have the stripping and cut great while the crimping horrible.

So, if it is a wire stripping function you need, then it won’t be a bad idea to go for a single task tool like this one.

  • High Stripping precision.

  • Durable

  • Requires practice before usage

  • The blade of the cutter could be sharper

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#6. Gaobige Coaxial Compression Tool Coax Cable Crimper

Gaobige Coaxial Compression Tool Coax Cable Crimper

This tool kit is more than your average crimper and stripper. They are made from premium carbon steel and rubber materials that will stand the test of time. For instance, the crimper has an antiskid handle that makes for comfy usage while the striper

The crimper looks exactly like something meant for pressing and crimping. And guess what it does the job well enough. Its screw head which is adjustable was designed to suppress all types of connectors.

If you’re looking to crimp RG6, RG59 and R11 type cables, this blue-black tool has got you covered.

Similarly, the stripper with double blades can do justice to the insulation of flat cables, round cables, and coaxial cables. This thing will strip just about all types of cable, while also performing cutting functions when necessary.

As bonuses, tool kit comes with10 F6 Type connectors that are perfect for RG6 coaxial cables. You may need more but having some free ones wouldn’t be a bad way to start.

  • Crimper is easy to use. Comes in a shape that is easy to press

  • Stripper’s double blades of efficiency

  • Comes with a cable tester

  • Comes with screwdrivers

  • A storage bag for holding all the tools

  • Has 10 cable connectors

  • Only a few cable connectors. So, not sufficient for much cable connections

  • Connectors are not of excellent quality

  • Manuals must be executed to the letter

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#7. Stripmeister Automatic Wire Stripping Machine

Stripmeister Automatic Wire Stripping Machine

There is no comparison of any type of automatic gadget or tool to manual ones. For most of the former, getting things done is basically plug and play. Stripmeister Automatic Wire Stripping Machine exemplifies this point of view.

The stripper is an automatic, industrial-grade stripping machine that works on all sizes of cable wires, small or large. Specifically, this beautifully designed automatic tool strips and cuts anything from 18 gauge wires to 250 MCM wires.

Made from stainless steel, the machine works with two blades and will survive rust or bend. Nobody wants to put money on a tool that will not last beyond a few usages.

Another beautiful thing about this tool is that it makes stripping and of wires look easy. This, of course, is if it is settings are well done before usage. The quick adjustments for all sizes of wire on the machine add to the ease of use.

  • Industrial capacity

  • It can get a lot done in little time

  • Automatic stripping

  • Adjustable blades

  • Easy to use

  • Saves time.

  • Requires precise measurement of wire sizes before application

  • Wires may slip out of rolling blade if care is not taken

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#8. WGGE WG-015 Professional Wire Strippers

WGGE WG-015 Professional Wire Strippers

Here is another multi-tool for electrical works, whether at home, workshop or factory.

The ergonomically designed item will function as a cutter, stripper, and crimper. So, if you’re looking to loop wires and cut screws as well, you should give some consideration for this tool.

It is true that such a one-handed stripper/cutter/Crimper as this one has unique specifications. This could be a limitation to some tasks but once you are looking to strip, cut and loop 10-22 AWG insulated aluminum cables or copper wires, 12-10 AWG/16-14 AWG/22-18 AWG non-insulated terminals and some measures of auto ignited terminals.

What about crimping? It is characteristic of many multi-tool wire strippers to fall short in the aspect of crimping. This tool will do well enough to crimp both insulated and non-insulated terminals.

However, the manufacturers boast of it being made from durable materials. Well, that could end up being mere promotion if you overuse this thing. Simply make it a domestic helping hand and you are good.

  • Multipurpose: Cuts, Strips, and Crimps wires

  • It is quite handy

  • Ergonomical as well

  • Not suitable for tough electrical cable works

  • To be used with care else it could break

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#9. Zoto Self-adjusting Wire Strippers

Zoto Self-adjusting Wire Strippers

This is another multipurpose tool for cutting stripping and crimping wires. However, it is primarily designed for removing coverings at one pull and conveniently splitting up wires.

For those that perform long hours of electrical works, self-adjusting tools so much to them. The plier-like mouth of this model of Zoto wire strippers will go snap back to the normal position after every application. In other words, you will be needing minimal effort yet getting great efficiency.

One of the guarantees that the manufacturers give is that the stripping would be done without damaging the wire’s metal part. Well, this is quite true. The alloyed steel jaws of the tool will strip wires from 10 to 24 AWG just how you want it.

At times you need to cut wires while doing electrical works. This tool has got a cutter with a high-quality blade that performs quite efficiently.

Added to that, it does the job with nice precision. Yes, that is one feature every DIYer craves in tools such as this.

  • Easy to use, especially for stripping

  • Adjustable stripping length

  • Multi-Purpose: Strips, crimps, and cuts wires.

  • Not good for heavy-duty electrical work

  • The cutter finds it hard to cut bare stranded wires accurately

  • Crimper not easy to use

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#10. Tacklife Wire Stripper

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It can be cumbersome working with a large tool kit for electrical work. That is why having a tool that combines two or more similar functions has become fashionable. With Tacklife wire stripper, cable cutter and crimper, completing simple installations and other electrical works are less cumbersome.

It has the basic things covered when it comes to wire works. However, the tool can easily strip multiple wire terminals at the same time, as long as the wires are between 10 and 24 AWG. This adds some form of uniqueness to its status.

Speaking of uniqueness, the power and length of this multifunctional tool from Tacklife can be adjusted. To prevent breakage from the metal part of the wire as a result of for application, the nut can be adjusted to limit the force.

In addition, this wire stripper can self-adjust the length of stripping wire to ensure that the cable you need to be stripped is not over measured.

You need to only push the orange slider to the direction you need. This helps take care of shortness or excesses.

  • It is very handy

  • Self-adjusting

  • Multipurpose: Strips, crimps, and cuts wires

  • For first-timers, sometimes the tool may slips over the wires without getting strip

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will this work for a coaxial wire?

A coaxial cable wire consists of different layers of coverage before you get to the center core or copper wire. These, more often than not, include an outer plastic jacket, a metallic copper mesh, and a dielectric insulator. Given these layers, you may have your doubt about the capacity of this tool to strip the multiple layers of the coax neatly. Well, there are some quality wire strippers out there that will perform well on this type of cables.

Can this tool cut through screws?

Yes, if you try hard enough. But it is quite instructive that type of tool is made for cutting and stripping wires and not screws. Perhaps, if you go on to do this, then you are very much likely going to damage the tool. Let’s just say that a spade should be a spade.

Will this stripper protect me from the cut live wire?

Live wires are always something to avoid, for obvious reasons. Many wire strippers are made with rubber handles that do not conduct electricity. But really, it is always advisable to turn off the power before using this tool. Do not try using the stripper on a live wire. It could be disastrous.

Does this tool come with a manual?

More often than not wire strippers you find on the market don’t come with manuals. However, those that are packaged along with different other items as part of a tool kit have instructions.

Will this tool remain useful in the future as most things are increasingly becoming wireless?

Yes. This is simply because of the fact that electricity is going to be around for a pretty long time. In addition, most gadgets and tools, even if they are wireless still depend on electricity.

Can this tool cut through guitar strings?

This will depend if the stripper also has a cutter. It also depends largely on the quality of the tool. Many strippers could break if used on tough materials such as guitar strings.

Where is this item made?

There is no straight answer to this question. Sometimes wire strippers are bought only for you to see that the manufacturer failed to put the country in which it was made. Many people find tools made from the USA more durable while those from the far East often made of inferior quality. Therefore, they desire to know where it was made.

How does a self-adjusting stripper work?

Well, it simply means that you do not need to adjust the gauge after using it. It automatically adjusts and strips the insulation back by itself.

Final Words

There are thousands of wire strippers on the market, as pointed out earlier. Only a few good ones will, however, give you value for your money.

You have been provided with a decent list from which you can select your personal tool for electrical cable stripping, crimping or cutting.

The tools listed, of course, have their pros and cons. After you must have gone through them, it is a guarantee that whichever you pick will not likely end in regrets. You know exactly what you are buying.

Getting any of the multi-purpose strippers is ideal. Nonetheless, ensure that you do not use the tool for heavy-duty works in order to preserve its life span.

The choice is all yours, though. Do go ahead with your pick.

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