Top 10 Best Wire Stripping Machines (2024)

There are a lot of reasons why you may want to strip a wire; some of the most pertinent reasons are mostly built upon reusing the bare conductor.

At such a time manually removing the plastic coating can become a chore especially if the wire you are striping Is lengthy.

It can take hours upon hours to hand strip a long cable, which is why it is unproductive to go down that road. The most effective way to speed up the process is to invest in a wire stripping machine.

An effective wire stripping machine would get the job done in mere minutes, it will save you time and relieve you of stress.

While some of the automatic machines out they can be quite expensive, you can opt for a manual one for a lower price, a trade-off that will still prove to be time and stress efficient.

These machines will strip wire down in record time while keeping the conductor in pristine condition; some can handle two wires at the same time and can strip wires of varying gauges.

So, while you do have options that will save you time and money, it can be confusing to pick one product out of the multitudes that are in the market.

We’ve done the hard work for you and have analyzed the top products to pick out the best ten, which you should consider picking from if you are purchasing your wire stripping machine.

Below are the products that made the list:

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10 Best Wire Stripping Machines

#01. BLUEROCK Tools Model MWS-808PMO

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There are many reasons why this machine stands out to us, but the absolute best and redeeming quality is that it self-adjusts, that factor alone will save you tons of time especially if you have a steady stream of wire you have to strip.

This unit also allows you to cut more wires at the same time. The product is very functional and will strip down any flat wire or NM cables you have in store.

Our analysis shows that this machine will handle stripping wires quickly and effectively, you can also adjust the tension while stripping to avoid overworking and stressing the blades, a welcome feature to extend the lifespan of the blades.

The machine is designed in such a way that makes it easy to strip wires, it will cut off the tops of small and large wires and also features a single assembly of cutter and roller.

It is well made, and while it be may bulky and heavier than most of the other options out there it will be extremely useful for those who want to strip industrially or handle wires in bulk. We were satisfied with the overall build of this product.

  • Nine channels of cutters with nine cutting blades; a useful inclusion for the varying sizes of wires available in the market.

  • The machine self-adjusts to different sized of wires.

  • Great multitasking ability; will cut and strip two wires at the same time

  • Bulky and heavier than other options

  • The machine is also quite pricey; a turn off for most buyers

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#02. StripMeister Wire Stripping Machine (Automatic)

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The stripping machine is excellent for stripping most wires automatically.

Fabricated from aircraft-grade aluminum the build is light, and tough with a high strength to weight ratio making it ideal for traveling about and bring the stripping along with you.

The machine is very functional, it is operated with a power hand drill and can strip up to 350 ft per minute, this is 33% times faster than most other automatic stripping machines.

It has a built-in Romex slot for stripping Romex and can also strip braided wires.

From all indications from our analysis, we were extremely pleased with the speed of operation and its extended functionality, it handled the wires we tried, including Romex gracefully, so you will have no problems in that department.

In terms of the durability, the aluminum can withstand bending and distortions effortlessly.

  • High-quality build and high efficiency

  • Very portable and extremely durable

  • Can strip Romex and braided wires

  • Cost-effective; will pay for itself in a short period because of its speed of operation and flexibility

  • It is difficult to strip too hard and old insulation

  • You may need to pull some wires through the channel while operating

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#03. CO-Z Automatic Motorized Electric Wire Stripping Machine

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This unit is an automatic stripping machine that makes removing plastic insulation from undamaged wire a piece of cake, trust us it does.

The machine is fully automatic and features an electric motor that drives the wire through the heavy-duty gearbox improving the effectiveness and efficiency when stripping hard thick and tough insulations.

From our analysis and review the machine will strip tough wires as fast as 50 ft per minute, now that might not be as fast as the drill driven counterparts but it is fast enough to get the job done in record time.

This unit also features different sized feed holes that are suitable for most wires, and adjustable blades to improve the speed and accuracy of cutting.

  • Solid durable build; the stripping machine will stand the test of time, it is well built and assembled

  • Powerful motor that automates the stripping process

  • Adjustable blades; the improve the precision of the cut

  • Not self-adjusting; the blades will need to be adjusted frequently

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#04. PENSON & CO. WSM-AMWS-25 Automatic Motorized wire stripping machine

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This automatic stripping machine is a worthwhile take on wire stripping. It greatly reduces the time it takes to remove wire plastic coating manually and will save you from a lot of the stress that comes with wire stripping.

The manufacturer claims it can handle stripping varying types of wires including; aerospace wire processing, audio, and data line processing among others, while we didn’t have all these products at hands the machine will handle most common wires perfectly.

The one thing we can say for sure is that it is spot on for stripping industrial-grade wire.

It features a high-powered engine, a sharp blade and an adjustable guide that accurately sets the wire you want to strip in the perfect position between the blades.

Plus, the build Is not too bulky, but rather light, so it offers some more portability when compared to similar automatic machines.

  • Speedy wire stripping; from our analysis, this product will increase the effectiveness of the stripping process

  • The build is durable and tough; it would stand the test of time

  • High strength blade; will last much longer when compared to ordinary steel.

  • Adjusting to get the right wire size can be a chore

  • The blade comes off the center now and then

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#05. Happybuy Cable Wire Stripping Machine

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This cable wire stripping machine has all that is needed to strip coated wires.

Fitted with a high-powered 180 W motor, a complete gearbox, and bearings that will pull your wire right through the feed channel.

The machine feels very tough and durable. It is constructed out of high aluminum alloy; we had no issues with the build. In terms of its functionality, the machine has multiple feed holes, sharp adjustable blades and knurled rollers, it strips wire with ease.

Though the machine cannot handle all available wires, the configuration will allow you to strip the most common wires from 1.5mm to 25mm. as far as portability goes, this machine feels more like an industrial one though, it would not be so easy to travel with this.

  • High powered electric motor for automatic stripping

  • Adjustable blades

  • Flexible configuration

  • Requires constant blade adjustment

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#06. Steel Dragon Tools, benchtop automatic wire stripping machine

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This is a manual stripping machine that was made with portability in mind, if you travel a lot and you like to take your work with you, then this product should fit your needs.

At first glance, the wire stripping machine can be operated manually as it features a hand crank but this unit can be configured to work with a power hand drill.

This design feature allows the machine to function automatically without any need for you to pull or push the wire.

This wire stripping machine can strip up to 400 inches of wire per minute when connected to a drill.

It also allows various sizes of wires to be stripped as it comes with adjustable blades and multiple feed holes that are interchangeable.

  • High stripping speed

  • Durable build and lightweight

  • Portable and convenient

  • The machine needs to be reassembled for a different configuration

  • Manual stripping can become tough

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#07. Lfaize Hand Crank Copper Wire Stripper

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This product seeks to solve the problem of pulling the wire through the stripper manually to get the job done.

As such, it features a hand crank mechanism that when operated will automatically pull the wire for you. The solution works as intended and is quite functional for its size.

The product is used for lightweight insulation, so if the insulation is too soft, it won’t cut it or if it is too hard.

To maximize the capabilities of this unit, you have to ensure you have wires with insulation that is perfect for this machine.

In terms of portability, the stripping machine is small and light so you can easily carry it along your travels and use it anywhere.

The frame is made entirely of aluminum so it assures the product of lengthy lifespan, it is tough and light.

We had no issues with the cutting blade as well, it will cut most common THNN and flat wires perfectly and additionally, this unit can also be operated with a hand drill, but it is not recommended as it can shorten the lifespan.

Unless of course, you have to. Overall this is a well-built stripping machine.

  • Can be easily mounted and used anywhere

  • High-quality build; very durable

  • Hand crank: allows you to circumvent pulling the wires manually which saves your time and energy.

  • The blade occasionally veers off the center.

  • Cannot strip very hard or very soft insulation

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#08. SST Industrial Wire Stripping Machine

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This unit made completely of Industrial grade metal, a design choice we felt may hinder its portability, but that isn’t the case, you get a fully functional, lightweight wire stripping machine that can handle Romex wires as well as fully sheathed wires, it can strip solid and stranded wire up to 300 MCM in size.

This wire stripper also features an adjustable blade that is made of tungsten steel, one that will remain sharp even after thousands of cuts. This machine makes it easy to remove insulation from a variety of wires.

  • Precision Adjustable blades,

  • High-quality aluminum build

  • Can strip a large variety of wires

  • Needs to be readjusted on some occasions

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#09. Yescom Metal Manual Wire Stripping Machine 2 Blades

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This wire stripping machine, may not look like much but it strips wire as smoothly as you would expect an industrial-grade machine to strip wire.

The machine is very effective, handling different sizes of wire easily. It features 3 adjustable knobs that determine the size of wire the channel can fit at a time, adjustable blades that can be replaced if worn out or ineffective.

We found the lightweight and portability to be an advantage, though the machine is very minimal, this allows it to be installed almost anywhere while retaining its required functionality.

So, the machine can be carried along anywhere and is also environmentally friendly. The assembly was a breeze, it is straight forward and easy, as well as disassembling as well if you have to put it away.

  • Portable and lightweight, can be installed anywhere

  • Adjustable blade and channel; will fit most wires

  • Saves time and energy stripping

  • Sometimes, you have to constantly adjust.

  • Requires little effort

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#10. CopperMine Manual Cable Wire Stripping Machine

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This product has more functionality than it lets on at first glance, it is not just small and pretty, it is a unique wire stripper that will get any solid or stranded wire stripping job done.

Immediately we laid hands on it we noticed that the build and frame were as solid as they come, from all indications this can take a beating and with good reason.

It features adjustable clamps that ensure any wire, no matter how small or large will be cut by the blade and won’t veer off to the sides during stripping.

Its main mode of operation is through the hand crank but this unit can also be operated with any size drill bit with a hex drill connector.

This feature will enable you to automate the stripping process and can be implemented very quickly and easily. The hex drill connector is made from high strength steel and is sure to stand the test of time.

The blades can also be quickly changed with a close-cut wire guide that brings the wire closer to the blade. Overall this unit is simply effective for the task at hand and will work for just about anyone.

  • Quick swap blades; the blades can be quickly swapped in case of failure which increases overall productivity

  • Drill operable; the unit can be operated with a drill bit automatically

  • Can be mounted almost anywhere

  • Durable build

  • A tendency to cut smaller stranded wires

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How To Use Wire Stripping Machines

Wire stripping machines are tools that almost anyone can use. They are quite easy to maintain and are very effective in stripping wires.

One thing to note however is that the machines are operated quite differently than their handheld counterparts’ pliers and other handheld inclusive.

These machines require some precision to operate effectively. While there is no universal step to using these machines, we would give a broad summary of what a typical operating procedure would look like.

We also recommend that you read the operation manual of the particular machine your purchase just in case there are any prerequisites or additional information you need to be aware of.

Step one

Check to see that the cutting blade is properly aligned and the channel is appropriate for the wire you want to cut

Step two

Switch on your automatic stripping machine/ mount your manual stripping machine/ ensure the stripping machine is in the proper position /connect your hand drill to the stripping machine with a hex drill connector

Step three

Feed your desired wire through the selected channel/ turn the hand crank of your manual machine while you feed the wire through the channel/ place the wire in the channel and turn on your hand drill to automate the process

Step four

Separate the coating from the electrical conductor. To complete the stripping process

Step five

Turn off the stripping machine/turn of your hand drill

Benefits Of Using Wire Stripping Machines


Wire strippers will provide more funds than they usually cost upfront. If you are selling your stripped copper wire, it has more value when it is stripped than when it’s coated. So, with the use of a wire stripper, you would make create more value for yourself in no time at all.

Energy and time effective

Stripping wires manually takes a lot of time and energy, you could hours stripping a ton of braided wire and after the process, you would be exhausted. Investing in a site stripper will save you that time and energy, it will get the job done in mere minutes or a few hours depending on the bulk of the wire.

Environmentally friendly

If you care about saving the world then an environmentally friendly wire stripper is a good investment. Originally wires were stripped by burning them in a fire. This process creates a ton of black smoke and releases carbon monoxide into the atmosphere which is very harmful to the ozone layer and leads the earth closer to atmospheric deterioration. Both manual and automatic Wire strippers are environmentally friendly and will leave no trace of oxides.


With wire strippers multitasking is now possible, you can strip up to two wires at the same time. Some of the wire strippers reviewed here have multiple channels and blades and some allow you to strip more than one wire at a time. Although this function is not possible in all the machines it is a welcome addition that adds more functionality to the machine


Wire strippers come in all shapes and sizes but portability is one of their redeeming qualities, they are portable enough for you to easily travel with and use in your homes without consuming too much space.


Q1: How fast can the stripping machine strip wire?

The speed of any wire stripping machine depends greatly on the speed of the motor or the drilling machine RPM. The speed also depends on the type of wire being cut, the condition of the machine and the diameter of the channel. So, the speed of any wire stripping machine is not fixed, but speeds will mostly vary from 20 feet per minute to 350 feet per minute.

Q2: How often will I need to sharpen or change the cutting blade on the stripping machine?

Generally, the blades of stripping machines are made of a high strength alloy so during its lifetime, you may never need to change it, however, if it gets fractured you can request for a replacement blade from the manufacturer. As regards sharpening, you don’t need to worry about sharpening the blades, as most temporary blades come with replacement, you can always swap them out when they are dull.

Q3: Can I strip all types of wires with my wire stripper?

Yes, and No. The wires you can strip depends on the specification of the machine and the type of slot provided. The wire stripping machine listed here can collectively strip all types of wires including Romex, and sheathed cables. Find the specification that is right for you as regards the type of wire you want to strip.

Final Verdict

Without a doubt, if you want to maximize your wire stripping process, then you would definitely need one of these machines. They have proven to be quite effective in maximizing the returns and profits that can come from wire stripping while minimizing the stress and energy that would normally be used when stripping manually. It is a no brainer.

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