Top 11 Best Wood Chisel Set (2024)

In woodworking, the small touches that make a significant difference cannot be made using power tools. Manual hand tools such as wood Chisels come into play to make the final touches and smoothen up rough sections where power tools would be too harsh or could damage the wood’s integrity.

Wood chisels come in varying blade sizes, blade quality, and handle type. These features, among others within the article, are used to consider the most suitable wood chisel for your woodworking activities.

Choosing the best wood chisel determines how smooth your work gets, and that’s why we compiled a detailed list of the top-ranked wood chisels in the market.

Let’s dive into the features and specs of our selected wood chisels.

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11 Best Wood Chisels

#1. DEWALT DWHT16148 Side Strike Wood Chisels

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Dewalt is one of the most trusted companies when it comes to tools. Their three-piece side stroke wood chisel is yet another high-quality woodworking tool.

This set includes three wood chisels of 3/4″, 1″, and 1-1/4″ wide blades. This creates versatility when you’re working because you’re well equipped with different blades that you may require to curve up your wood.

All three chisels have a cutting edge on the side for demolition work or for scrapping wood. This creates another tool within the wood chisel, which comes as an advantage to you. The cutting edge on the side has a serrated part which creates more purpose for the chisel. This makes it convenient for use.

The blades are made of tempered carbon steel with a chrome finish. This makes the blade sturdy to handle heavy-duty work. The robust construction ensures that your chisel retains a sharp edge to make your work easy.

The chisel has a bi-material handle for added comfort when working. The handle is ergonomically designed to provide an excellent non-slip grip when working. The handle measures 5.25” for an extra-large holding surface as you work.

It features a hardened strike cap which increases the durability of the chisel. It also allows the use of extra force when chiseling.

This set works flawlessly.

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#2. Narex 4 Piece Wood Chisels 863010

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Narex is a tool company based in the Czech Republic. Their tools are exceptional, and they focus on making your work easier.

This set constitutes four woodworking chisels with 1/4”, 1/2″, 13/16”, and 1-1/32” blade sizes. The varying blade sizes of this set bring versatility when working on small or big details on your wood, or when scrapping.

The blades are forged using fine-grained, tempered chrome-manganese steel. This is then hardened to RC59. This means that the blades are exceptionally robust to handle working with any wood. The sturdy construction makes these Narex wood chisels durable and able to withstand corrosion.

The blades are beveled at a 25-degree angle to provide an excellent striking position to your working material.

This set of Narex wood chisels’ handle is made of lacquered European Beechwood for a sleek look and durability. The handles measure 5.5″ long and are ergonomically designed to provide an excellent and comfortable grip when working. They are also fitted with two ferrules to prevent splitting when tapping the cap.

The blades have well-placed sturdy steel tangs to withstand hammering during woodworking.

The only problem faced is that they require regular sharpening because they get blunt fast.

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#3. Stanley 16-150 3 Piece Wood Chisel Set

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Another major player in the tools industry is the Stanley Company. Their reputation precedes them when it comes to woodworking tools.

Their 16-150 set contains 1/2″, 3/4”, and 1” wood chisels. These sizes are some of the most used in woodworking. This set creates versatility.

They are made of heat tempered carbon-steel blades for durability and strength. The blades are then lacquer coated to create a barrier against rust. This makes the chisels useful in any environment. The construction is evenly hardened, which makes the whole blade strong and allows continuous sharpening for full-length usage.

This set has polypropylene based handles. They are comfortable to use, and they have shock-absorbing properties to keep your hands safe. The handles are ergonomically designed for a non-slip grip when chiseling.

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The chisels are 7-3/4″ in length, which makes them easy to use.

This wood chisels have a few shortcomings. To start with, the blade requires regular sharpening before and even during use. The blades quality is only suitable for light-duty projects.

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#4. Stanley 16-793 Sweetheart 750 Series

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The 750 series is perhaps one of the top chisels from Stanley. The 750 series is available in either 4 or 8 pieces set.

The four-piece set comprises of 1/4″, 1/2″, 3/4″, and 1″ blade sizes while the eight-piece set contains all the chisels in the four-piece set plus 1/8″, 3/8″, 5/8″ and 1-1/4″ size blades. This gives you the freedom to choose the set that fulfills all your requirements. Whichever set you choose adds versatility to your woodwork projects.

The chisels’ blades are forged using high-carbon chrome steel. This makes them durable and robust to handle tough woodworking projects. The heavy-duty construction enables the chisels to retain sharp edges over prolonged use, which saves time and increases productivity. The bevel sides are also tapered to enhance sturdiness.

They have extra narrow side bevels for accessing tight corners. This increases precision.

They have hornbeam wood handles which are designed for striking. The handles ergonomic design provides a comfortable grip. The end of the handle (butt) is wide to give a better surface for a mallet to strike.

The overall length of the blade in each chisel is ideal for woodworkers. The long blade makes it easy to use the chisel.

These chisels are flawless.

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#5. Irwin Tools Marples Woodworking Chisel Set, M444SB6N

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The Irwin Marples chisel set combines quality and design to provide you with a versatile collection of wood chisels.

This set design allows the use of a wooden mallet or the palm of your hand to drive the chisel through the wood. Since the set has sharp blades, this process is quite easy.

The blades in this set are 1/4″, 3/8”, 1/2”, 5/8”, 3/4″, and 1” wide. This set is adaptable and versatile to all your wood chiseling requirements.

The blades are constructed from high-carbon steel. They are hardened to 58-HRC to ensure edge retention. This construction makes the chisel sturdy and durable.

The chisels’ handles feature a slim and contoured design which increases your control, precision and makes it comfortable to use.

A carrying case for easier portability and safety plastic caps for covering the tips when not in use are provided.

These chisels are perfect for woodworking and are flawless as long as they’re used and maintained as required by the manufacturer.

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#6. WORKPRO 3-piece Wood Chisel Set

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WORKPRO produces some excellent and high-quality tools, and this set is no exception. It keeps up their good reputation.

The set has 3/4″, 1/2″, and 1” wide blades to provide you convenience and versatility when working.

The blades are of chrome-vanadium construction for assured durability and strength. The blades edges are heat treated to increase edge retention. This reduces sharpening so that you can focus on your work.

The blades are 4-1/4″ long, and the overall length of the chisels is about 12″. This is ideal for comfortable use.

These chisels have ergonomically designed bi-material handles for a relaxed non-slip experience when working. This keeps you in control for precise chiseling. The handle’s material has shock absorbent properties to protect your palm.

A hardened steel cap at the end of the handle allows heavy strikes using a hammer or mallet for heavy-duty projects.

This chisel set is flawless.

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#7. VonHaus 10 Piece Premium Craftsman Woodworking Wood Chisel Set

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VonHaus has some of the unique combinations of woodworking chisels and sharpening tools in the market.

This 10 piece set contains 8 chisels of 1/4″, 3/8”, , , 1”, 1-1/4”, 1-1/2”, and 2” wide blades. These are the most used blade sizes when it comes to both professional and DIY woodworking projects. This set is versatile in the most exceptional way.

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Each blade is forged using high-quality chrome vanadium steel. The blades are then heat-treated for increased strength and durability. This makes the chisels able to withstand corrosion from heavy use and environmental elements.

The side bevels are narrow, making it easier to sharpen the blades when necessary. They also make it easier to work on tiny spaces that require precision.

They have ergonomically designed rubberized handles which provide a good and comfortable grip when chiseling/ carving your wood.

An aluminum oxide sharpening stone (120/ 200 grit) and a honing guide are provided for easy and precise sharpening of the blades.

A striking steel metal cap at the end of each chisel makes them suitable for use with a hammer/ mallet. This is particularly useful for heavy-duty projects.

A wooden casing and plastic lids are provided to make it easier to store the chisels.

On the downside, the blades arrive with wavy edges which need to be worked on (sharpened and straightened) before use. Besides that, they are of high quality.

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#8. Draper Expert 88605 8-Piece Wood Chisel Kit

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The Draper 88605 woodworking chisel kit contains an aluminum oxide stone, a honing guide, and six different sizes of chisel blades. These blade sizes are 6mm, 12mm, 20mm, 26mm, 32mm, and 38mm.

The aluminum oxide stone and honing guide make it easier to sharpen the chisel blades at the right angle for precise and smooth chiseling.

The blades are manufactured using chrome vanadium steel, which makes them strong and durable. The material is hardened, tempered, and finely ground to provide you with high-quality blades. It’s then given a clear lacquer coating to prevent corrosion from wood and environmental elements.

The blades have all round beveled edges which make sharpening easier. The bevel sides make it simpler for the chisels to reach tight spaces for precise work.

The chisels feature polypropylene handles for soft a soft and tight grip when working. This material is impact-resistant, allowing you to use a hammer/ mallet on it for demanding projects.

It comes with a large case for storage and portability of the eight pieces contained in this kit.

The only problem with this set is the honing guide. It doesn’t have markings to indicate the correct angle for sharpening the chisels.

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#9. Gunpla Premium 4 Piece Wood Chisel Set

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Gunpla chisels are designed for precision work. This set contains four chisels of ¼”, , , and 1″ wide blades. This is versatile and a good choice for your woodworking projects. The varying sizes help you to cover both small and large detailed projects.

The blades are composed of high-carbon steel (50-58 HRC). This provides you with enough strength to tackle both soft and hardwood. This material is durable and maintains sharp edges for prolonged use.

They have polypropylene handles for impact resistance. They are ergonomically curved to provide you with a secure and comfortable grip, which eliminates fatigue and injuries during work.

The lightweight construction of the handles gives you total control over the chisel/ blade to carve your wood precisely and effortlessly.

The chisels are long (9.5”) which give you enough leverage when working.

They have steel caps at the base of the handles to allow the use of a mallet/ hammer when chiseling.

This set comes with plastic safety caps to cover the sharp blades when not in use.

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#10. DEWALT DWHT16063 Short Blade Wood Chisel 4piece set

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This is our second chisel wood set from the tool giant Dewalt. The set has four wood chisels with 1″, , , and ¼” wide blades. This makes it versatile and a great addition to your tools.

The blades are forged with hardened, tempered chrome carbon-steel. This ensures that the chisels are strong and durable. It also increases edge retention. The blades have lacquer coating for protection against corrosion, which increases the durability of the chisels.

They have ergonomic bi-material handles for a good and comfortable grip when working. The material also protects you from painful vibrations when tapping the chisel. The handles are 5.25″ for better leverage.

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The chisels have a hardened steel strike cap for durability. This cap allows the use of a hammer or mallet for tapping.

This set comes with reusable plastic packaging for storage and protection of the blades.

The only problem faced with this set is that the chisels arrive with chipped edges and require sharpening before any use.

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#11. Narex 6 Piece Woodworking Set

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These are great tools from Czech Republic Narex Company. This set contains six wood chisels with 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″, 5/8″, 13/16″, and 1-1/16″ wide blades. This is a combination of the most used chisel sizes for convenience and versatility during your woodworking projects.

The blades are forged using finely-grained, tempered chrome-manganese steel. This is then hardened to RC59 to increase durability and strength of the blades. The blades are long to provide enough leverage for the user during crafting and carving. Due to the robust construction, the blades stay sharp for longer.

The edges have a 25-degree angle. This is the right angle for ideal working of any wood chisel.

The chisels’ handles are constructed from European Beechwood. They are black stained and have a lacquer coating, which makes them durable and sleek. The handles are curved and long (5.5″) to provide a surface with a soft and comfortable grip.

The blades have strong steel tangs, and the handles are fortified with two ferrules to withstand heavy-duty mallet works.

This set comes with a wooden case for easy mobility and storage of the wood chisels.

The only negative thing about this set is that it doesn’t come with safety slips to cover the sharp blades. Otherwise, this set is excellent.

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Why do you need wood chisels?

Chisels, in general, are used for cutting and curving hard materials such as wood or stone by hand. This is typically accomplished by striking the chisel on the material by hand, mallet or hammer. A wood chisel seems small but plays a vital role to create joints, make inherent designs and sculpt, and clean grooves, among other significant uses. They are always a valuable addition to any woodworking projects.

Do wood chisels require sharpening?

Yes, they do. The sharper your chisel, the more precise your work will be. Aluminum oxide stone is usually the best sharpening tool for chisels. Use a honing guide to maintain bevel.

What factors should I consider when acquiring a wood chisel?

a) Blade size – The sizes vary from small to large. The smaller blades are mostly used for making intricate designs and details while the large blades are primarily used to remove large unwanted sections. Acquire a kit with an assortment of sizes for versatility and convenience.

b) Handle design – The handles are designed using either polypropylene or wood. Although most people prefer wooden handles, it’s good to choose the material that you’re most comfortable with. Also, make sure that the grip is good to give you control over the whole chisel.

c) Chisel length – The longer the chisel, the more the leverage you have to strike your working material precisely.

Are there any hot tips for better chisel usage?

Yes, follow the following tips for a better chiseling experience:

  • Keep your chisel sharp at all times to reduce the effort required when pushing it through the wood.
  • Wear protective eye goggles and mask for protection against dust, debris, and loose particles that may become airborne when working.
  • Always cut with the blade facing away from your body. This increases safety.
  • Always secure your work material to prevent any movement when chiseling.

Final Verdict

Wood chisels are a part of every professional, beginner or DIY woodworking projects. This is because they’re useful in performing some of the most demanding and sometimes fragile precision work. Selecting the best chisel set to work with depends on many factors, including the type of wood that you work with, the blade size, and durability, among other many factors.

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