Top 10 Best Work Gloves (2024)

Work gloves are protective equipment worn when working with hands, especially when doing hazardous tasks or when working with hand tools. They typically cover the hands from the fingers to the wrist.

They’re specially made to protect the user from cuts, chemical or heat burns, blisters, abrasions, and other injuries on the hands. They’re usually made of different types of materials such as latex, leather, cloth, rubber, Kevlar, and vinyl among others.

There’re many types of work gloves available today. They’re available in different types because certain types of work have different hazards and working conditions. Thus, it’s important to choose the right type of work gloves for a specific job.

Besides, you need to ensure that the gloves you’re choosing are of top-quality to keep you protected. We’ve reviewed and ranked the 10 best work gloves available today to assist you in choosing wisely. Read on for the detailed reviews.

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Top 10 Work Gloves

#1. CLC Custom Leathercraft 125L Handyman Flex Grip Work Gloves

CLC Custom Leathercraft 125L Handyman Flex Grip Work Gloves

These work gloves from CLC Custom Leathercraft are made with quality in mind. They’re made of top-quality materials and professionally woven. The palm area is made of Syntrex synthetic material that resists abrasion for enhanced durability and protection of the palms.

Their thumb area features a stretch-fit design technique and spandex material that allow for a perfect fit. Besides, these materials make the gloves flexible enough for a comfortable fit. Similarly, their flexibility will allow you to work effectively without your hands and fingers being restrained. Additionally, you can choose between different sizes including large, small, medium, X-large, and XX-large.

Their synthetic material is shrink resistant and hardening resistant such that the gloves retain their shape and texture even after many days of use. This makes them a great choice for working outdoors, especially when touching wet surfaces.

Additionally, these gloves are specially insulated against cold weather. Thus, your hands will remain warm when working in a cold environment or during winter. Moreover, they come with a strap on the wrist area that closes them tight to prevent them from slipping off in case you sweat or when they become wet.

The gloves are ideal for use by professionals such as carpenters, mechanics, plumbers, assemblers, and farmers among other professionals.

  • Snag proof interior stitching
  • Three touch screen tips
  • Textured fingertips
  • Some of the seams on the fingers are not well stitched

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#2. Mechanix Wear Original Work Gloves

Mechanix Wear Original Work Gloves

Just like their name suggests, these work gloves from Mechanix Wear are specially designed for use by mechanics. To start with, their palm area is made of 0.8-millimeter synthetic leather for enhanced durability and strength to allow you to work with different mechanic tools and car parts with confidence.

The back surface of the gloves is made of TrekDry material. This material is breathable such that you can work for prolonged periods of time without sweating. Besides, they’ll keep your hands cool for enhanced comfort.

Additionally, the wrist area of the gloves is made of thermoplastic rubber material. This material is flexible such that it allows for a comfortable fit around your wrists. That way, your hands will remain protected when working while still feeling comfortable wearing the gloves all day.

Another notable benefit that comes with these gloves is that it’s easy to wear and remove them. The wrist section is designed to stretch such that the gloves fit securely. Besides, the elasticity of the wrist sections makes it easy to remove the gloves.

The fingertips of the gloves are capable of operating a touch screen. Thus, you can operate any touchscreen device conveniently when working without having to remove the gloves.

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#3. ATG 3 Pack MaxiFlex Endurance Work Glove

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These ATG MaxiFlex work gloves are specially designed to make you work comfortably while protecting your hands. Their palm and finger area is made of a micro-foam material that makes them breathable. That way, air can circulate in and out of the gloves to keep your hands cool and comfortable.

The gloves come with raised microdots that enhance their durability. Additionally, the raised dots act as a form of cushioning, especially when working on tasks that require precision and repetitiveness. The raised dots also allow for a tighter grip when holding tools or carrying items.

The fingers and palm area have nitrile coating that allows for a firm grip. Besides, the nitrile coating resists abrasion for enhanced durability. Another notable feature that comes with these gloves is their knitted wrist area that prevents debris and dirt from entering the gloves when worn.

Additionally, the design of these gloves makes them respond effortlessly to each and every move the hands make, thereby allowing for enhanced comfort and reduced hand fatigue when working with them.

  • They produce minimal dust and lint
  • Rounded and smooth fingertips
  • Soft interior liner material
  • You can choose between sizes S, M, L, and XL
  • They aren’t touchscreen-friendly

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#4. Maxiflex 34-874 Ultimate Nitrile Grip Work Gloves

Maxiflex 34-874 Ultimate Nitrile Grip Work Gloves

The Maxiflex 34-874 work gloves are yet another great option for most professions. The gloves are specially designed to protect your hands from abrasion. Their material resists wear such that you can work confidently knowing that your hands won’t get scratched. The material on the palm is also designed to allow for a tight grip in many areas of application.

These gloves come with a nitrile coating on the palms and fingers that resists puncture. Besides, the nitrile coating also makes the gloves oil proof.

Additionally, the gloves are lightweight such that you’ll find it more comfortable to wear them all day. That way, you can work with them for several hours without a lot of hand fatigue. Moreover, the gloves are designed to be breathable such that they reduce sweating when wearing them for a prolonged period. Also, their breathable nature will keep your hands cool for more comfort.

Overall, these gloves are most suitable for handlings general materials, stocking, assembly, and in the automotive industry.

  • Decent dexterity
  • They stretch for a more comfortable fit
  • They’re easy to wash
  • Thin enough for picking small items
  • Not warm enough for working with them during winter

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#5. Ironclad General Utility Work Gloves

Ironclad General Utility Work Gloves

These Ironclad work gloves are built for strength, just like their name suggests. For instance, the palm area features synthetic leather reinforcements that allow for enhanced dexterity and longevity. The knuckle area features thermoplastic rubber material that will keep your knuckles protected from abrasion and impact.

The cuff puller on the gloves comprises of thermoplastic material. That way, you’ll be able to position the gloves properly without struggling. The hook and loop fasteners on the wrist area of each glove allows for a secure fit regardless of the size of your wrist. Thus, you’ll enjoy a custom fit wear for more comfort.

Another top feature that comes with these work gloves is their terry cloth material that wipes off sweat at the back area of the thumb. That way, you’ll work more comfortably without being bothered by sweat, especially when working in a hot environment or during summer.

The gloves are safe to clean in a washing machine. This makes it easier to clean them. Just remember to air dry them so as to maintain their original size and form. You can also choose between several sizes including large, X-large, XX-large, extra small, small, and medium.

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#6. Wells Lamont Men’s Leather Work Gloves

Wells Lamont Men's Leather Work Gloves

These Wells Lamont work gloves are specially designed for men’s hands. The gloves are made of top-quality grain cowhide leather material. This material is extremely durable. It’s also economical to manufacture gloves with this material. The material resists abrasion, thereby adding enhanced protection on your hands. It also resists puncture for more protection and longevity.

The palm area of the gloves is reinforced with split cowhide patches. The additional layer of cowhide allows for an enhanced grip when holding tools and carrying heavy items. Besides, the reinforcement adds to the lifetime of the gloves.

Additionally, the wrist area of the gloves comes with an adjustable tape and ball mechanism. This mechanism will allow you to wear the gloves with the most comfortable fit. Besides, the tape and ball fastener will tighten the gloves around the wrist such that debris and dirt won’t get into the gloves when working.

The thumb section of the gloves features a keystone thumb design. The thumb is stitched into the palm section independently for enhanced flexibility once worn. That way, you’ll move your thumb effortlessly and freely while working for enhanced productivity.

  • Wear-resistant material
  • Ergonomic thumb design
  • Can safely handle coarse materials
  • Not the best fir for a lady’s hands

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#7. Ironclad Ranchworx Work Gloves

Ironclad Ranchworx Work Gloves

Most professionals including construction workers, masonry workers, ranchers, and plumbers among others toughly design these Ironclad Ranchworx work gloves for use. Their patented palm design is made of top-quality goatskin leather. Additionally, the palm area is padded with grain goat leather for enhanced comfort and protection when holding tools and items.

The palm area of the glove features a pattern stitching design with contours to enhance dexterity. Critical areas of the gloves are reinforced with Kevlar material for enhanced durability. The fingertips feature a patented Rolltop design that allows for more dexterity. Besides, the fingertips have a double layer for maximum protection.

Another notable benefit of these gloves is that the knuckles feature an Exo-Guard design made of thermoplastic rubber. This design adds protection to the knuckles against abrasion and impact.

These gloves are washing machine friendly such that you can easily clean them in your washing machine after a long dirty and sweaty day at work. They won’t shrink or dry out after washing them. Upon washing them, allow them to air dry for durability.

  • Thermoplastic cuff puller
  • Sweat management terry cloth
  • Available in different sizes
  • A little expensive

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#8. Carhartt Men’s Work

Carhartt Men's Work

Carhartt is known for manufacturing reliable and durable gear. Their work gloves are designed to keep your hands protected when working with tools and carrying different items. They come with multiple desirable features. For instance, they’re insulated to keep you protected from cold weather.

That way, you can work for longer periods during the winter season, thanks to their premium insulation material that is both thin and effective. The insulator works by trapping body heat within the gloves while letting moisture to escape, thereby preventing your hands from sweating.

The gloves are made of synthetic material that includes 93 percent polyester and 7 percent spandex. The gloves stretch effortlessly for enhanced dexterity and flexibility. This allows you to work with the gloves with reduced hand fatigue. They’re made to allow you to work just like you would with bare hands.

You can safely wash the gloves with your hands after a long day at work to keep them clean. Allow them to air dry after washing them.

  • Breathable spandex shell material
  • Ventilated cuff area
  • Textured palm for a tighter grip
  • Not the best for extremely rough jobs

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#9. AmazonBasics Polyurethane Coated Work Gloves

AmazonBasics Polyurethane Coated Work Gloves

You can protect your hands by investing in these work gloves from AmazonBasics. The gloves are made to offer a comfortable experience when doing jobs such as construction work, warehousing, and landscaping among others. They’re available in different sizes including extra small, medium, large, X-large, and XX-large.

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The gloves are polyurethane-coated to allow for enhanced protection and dexterity when working. Their base material is 100 percent polyester with a pure polyurethane coating.

The gloves come with an extended cuff for enhanced protection. The cuff area is made of 92 percent polyester and 8 percent elastodiene. The combination of these materials allows for a tight, yet comfortable wear around the wrists, thereby preventing unwanted materials from getting into the gloves.

Additionally, these gloves are touchscreen capable. You can operate any device with a touchscreen without having to remove them.

  • Ideal for both wet and dry applications
  • Can be used for both outdoor and indoor jobs
  • They’re washing machine friendly
  • They’re a little slippery when holding smooth items

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#10. KIM YUAN Winter Warm Work Gloves

KIM YUAN Winter Warm Work Gloves

KIM YUAN has designed these work gloves for the best value for your money. They’re made of high-grade and pure cowhide leather. The leather material is extremely thick, yet soft and flexible. That way, they’ll feel comfortable enough to wear.

The gloves are rugged to allow for a tight grip on items and tools. They also feature an interior 3M Thinsulate cotton material that makes them more comfortable and warm to wear during winter.

The area around the wrists is elastic such that debris won’t get into the gloves, especially when doing a messy job. You can loosen or tighten the cinch around the wrists as needed.

Additionally, the thumbs feature a gunn cut design, whereby the seams of the thumb are sewn away from the palm area. As such, the thumbs are more flexible with durable seams.

The design of the gloves makes them ideal for several types of applications including motorbike driving, construction work, carpentry, farming, landscaping, welding, and any other heavy-duty outdoor work.

  • Naturally breathable leather material
  • Sweat absorbing design
  • Moderate cut and puncture resistance
  • Has insulation properties
  • The sizing is a little off

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the use of work gloves?

Work gloves are used for protecting the hands of the user from hazards in their line of work.

Can work gloves work on a touch screen?

Some work gloves are designed to work with touchscreens. However, others may not work on a touchscreen. If you must work with a touchscreen device without having to remove your work gloves, then consider a type that can be used with a touchscreen device.

Is it safe to wash leather work gloves?

Leather gloves should only be washed a few times. Washing them too often may ruin them. To be safe, wash them with a special leather cleaning product. Also, allow them to air dry completely before putting them on.

Are work gloves classified as PPE?

Top-quality work gloves are indeed classified as PPE. PPE is an abbreviation for personal protective equipment.

What type of work gloves should a construction worker use?

A construction worker who deals with cement should use heavy-duty rubber gloves.

What are the best work gloves for a welder?

A welder should use welding gloves.

What work gloves should an electrician use?

An electrician should use insulated work gloves with sleeves.

How long do work gloves last?

The longevity of work gloves depends on several factors such as the quality of material, how often you wear them, and how you take care of them.

Final Words

Work gloves are important protective gear for anyone who works with hand tools or in a hazardous environment. By wearing work gloves, you’ll protect yourself from injuries that may result from the nature of your work.

Besides, work gloves will make you feel more comfortable when working with hand tools. Thus, you should invest in top-quality work gloves meant for your line of work to keep you protected. Hopefully, you’ll find the right work gloves from our reviews.

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