Top 11 Best Zero Gravity Chairs (2023)

Zero gravity chairs can provide you with an endless list of health benefits. They can decompress your vertebral column, bringing about complete relaxation of the spine. More to this, these chairs will relieve muscle tension and soreness by boosting blood circulation throughout the body.

These are just but a few of the benefits. To get the full package, you can consider buying your own chair. This article lists the best zero gravity chairs that will provide you with maximum comfort.

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11 Best Zero Gravity Chairs

#1 Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Chair

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The zero gravity chair by Timber Ridge is designed to give you the top class comfort that you deserve. This chair has a heavy-duty construction, making it safe for everyday use. The frame is made of premium quality steel, so you can sit on this without worrying about it collapsing. Also, the polyester fabric used in the design is strong and durable, so you can trust that this chair will give you an exceptional service for a long time. The fabric attaches to the frame through a bungee suspension system that is tough and reliable.

With a maximum weight capacity of 350lbs, you can switch positions on this chair as much as you want without the frame bending or the poly fabric tearing. The legs spread out to form a triangular shape, which gives the chair superior stability. Through this, your weight will be spread equally throughout the unit such that no side becomes heavier or lighter than the other. As such, the possibility of the chair yielding to the force of gravity will be close to zero. When fully reclined, the chair curves ergonomically, giving your whole body maximum support.

When it comes to the recline function, the chair is equipped with easy-to-turn levers that will allow you to adjust its position to an angle that suits you. Furthermore, the levers have a locking mechanism, which prevents the chair from adjusting itself when weight is applied. As a result, the chair will maintain the angle that you set until that time that you will decide to switch to a new position. This feature enables you to sit in a fully laid-back position or upright.

  • Fitted with armrests made from natural wood
  • Has a removable pillow
  • The chair comes pre-assembled
  • Detachable cup holder
  • The wooden armrests may discolor with time
  • Not lightweight

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#2 PHI VILLA Oversize XL Padded Zero Gravity Lounge Chair

PHI VILLA Oversize XL Padded Zero Gravity Lounge Chair

This anti-gravity chair can accommodate people with different heights due to its adjustable design. As a matter of fact, you can increase or decrease the height of the chair by reclining it to a minimum height of 32.48 inches or a maximum of 44.09 inches. This chair will ensure that your back is not under pressure regardless of whether it is upright or reclined to the full angle. It is very spacious, providing you with enough room to sit in whichever way that you want. Moreover, the chair comes with a pillow that you can use as a headrest.

The oxford fabric used in making this chair has unique qualities, which will enhance your user experience. For starters, it is UV –resistant, so you can use this chair outdoors without it being affected by the sun. Additionally, the fabric is ventilative, meaning that you will stay cool when seated on this chair. As a result, there will be no accumulation of sweat on the seat, thus allowing you to enjoy optimum comfort.

This chair can recline up to 168°, hence providing you with an arc-shaped curvature that suits the posture your vertebral column takes when you lie back on the chair. To add to this, the chair has oversized armrests, which will help you sit in a relaxed position. The manufacturers have used a double bungee rope design to secure the oxford fabric to the frame. This way, the fabric won’t detach from the frame easily.

  • The frame is reinforced for maximum strength
  • Skid-proof frame
  • No assembly
  • Convenient lock design
  • The chair is heavy

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#3 Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair

Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair

The Caravan Sports Infinity zero gravity chair has a tubular steel frame, which works in concert with the durable outdoor-grade Textilene fabric. This combo will ensure that you are comfortable at all times. Besides, this chair has a portable design, so you can carry it to the campsite or beach. The frame has a high tensile strength, which allows it to hold up to 300lbs. This chair provides you with multiple angles of reclination that you can set depending on the posture that you plan to take as you rest.

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This unit weighs 18lbs and is also foldable, so you can take it with you almost anywhere. When folded, the chair measures 38.6 inches x 26.4 inches x 6.3 inches, allowing you to tuck it away when it is not in use. What’s more, the chair comes with a soft headrest that is adjustable. As such, you can tune its position to suit your height. Through this, your neck and lumbar region will maintain a good posture, eliminating possible health complications that may come about as a result of sitting in a bad posture.

Additionally, this chair elevates your legs and provides your back with the required support. The locking system will allow you to lock the chair in any position that you find comfortable. Moreover, the lock mechanism is easy to use since it moves in a downward and upward motion. The former function locks the chair, while the latter unlocks it. The locking lever supports the use of two fingers for maximum leverage.

  • Not as heavy compared to other models
  • Ideal for travel
  • Easy to use headrest
  • The plastic parts are likely to break

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#4 AmazonBasics Outdoor Zero Gravity Lounge Folding Chair

AmazonBasics Outdoor Zero Gravity Lounge Folding Chair

AmazonBasics provides you with a zero gravity chair that will make your outdoor sessions comfortable and fun. This chair allows you to sit in a position of your choosing, thus saving your back from painful aches. The frame is painted black but the fabric comes in different colors, so you can pick the shade that you find most attractive. As such, you can go for blue, black, burgundy, or the beige-colored chair.

This item only weighs 16.5lbs with a maximum load capacity of 300lbs. You can place this chair on your patio, lawn, by the poolside, etc. The fabric on this chair is breathable and does not retain heat. This feature will allow you to have comfortable resting sessions that are sweat-free. As such, this chair can come in handy during hot summers when temperatures are extreme. The seating surface will remain cool and won’t stick to your skin.

The armrests are contoured and the headrest is also padded to give you commendable comfort. When using this chair, you can sit upright or recline to the zero-gravity posture. With the help of the double bungee support system, the fabric connects firmly to the frame. The legs are fitted with anti-skid attachments, which keep the chair steady even when placed on smooth surfaces.

  • The steel frame is powder-coated to limit corrosion
  • Has a collapsible design
  • Weather-resistant fabric
  • Does not have a cup holder

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#5 EVER ADVANCED Zero Gravity Recliner Padded Lounge Chair

EVER ADVANCED Zero Gravity Recliner Padded Lounge Chair

When it comes to choosing a chair, the design plays an important role since it is the factor that will determine the level of comfort that you will get. For this reason, the zero gravity chair from Ever Advanced is ergonomically designed to simulate the curvature of the human body when at rest. You can recline this chair from 0° to 170°, so the setting that you apply will depend on your preference. Since the adjustments are easy to make, it will only take you a few seconds to achieve the quality comfort that your body needs.

This chair has a safe load-bearing, which has been achieved with the help of the triangular leg design. To add to this, the chair is oversized to provide you with enough space when seated. This design will allow you to move freely in the chair as you search for the most comfortable sitting posture. Additionally, this unit comes fully assembled, so you won’t have a hard time when setting the chair up.

The advanced locking levers on the sides will keep the chair in the preferred position throughout your resting session. Besides, it comes with a side table that has a built-in cup holder. With this, you will be able to enjoy your favorite refreshments as you relax. Is attachment won’t get in your way since you can remove it whenever you want.

  • Designed with durable polyester fabric
  • Cushioned seating area
  • The headrest is detachable
  • Very colorful
  • The anti-skid covers on the legs are made of plastic

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#6 Best Choice Products Oversized Zero Gravity Patio Chair

Best Choice Products Oversized Zero Gravity Patio Chair

This chair is equipped with unique accessories, including a canopy shade that will protect you from the sun. You can make adjustments to the canopy to suit your individual needs when using the chair outdoors. The cords attaching the fabric to the frame are elastic, so they will stretch to accommodate your weight. To make it more comfortable, the manufacturers have designed the seating area with a mesh fabric, which facilitates heat loss.

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As a result, your body will remain cool, thus preventing you from sweating excessively even when it’s hot. The chair has an easy-folding design that allows you to fold it into a size that you can easily manage. Through this, you will be able to move the chair effortlessly to any spot. This unit has a loading capacity of 250lbs and is fitted with friction enhancing attachments that prevent it from skidding.

The chair has a convenient holding tray, which is divided into different sections. Plus, the actual cup holder is 3.25 inches in diameter and can hold bottles, tumblers, and any other small container that can fit in the space. The dual lever locking mechanism allows you to recline and lock the unit at different angles.

  • Sturdy construction
  • UV-resistant fabric
  • Fade-proof materials
  • It is somewhat clunky

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#7 Le Papillon All Seasonal Zero Gravity Chair

Le Papillon All Seasonal Zero Gravity Chair

The zero gravity chair from Le Papillon is built for comfort, so you can buy this product knowing that you will get your money’s worth. This chair comes with a padded suede cushion that not only gives you comfort but will also keep you warm during winter. Furthermore, the cushion is removable, so you can take it off when the weather gets too hot. Upon removal, you will have access to the breathable Textilene fabric.

This chair will look amazing on your patio since it is aesthetically designed. In addition, it is lightweight due to the tubular frame design. Despite the frame being hollow, it is strong and can hold a maximum weight of 330lbs. The frame is painted to prevent rust and improve the look of this chair. This chair will provide you with a toolless user experience since it comes pre-assembled. However, you have to check the chair from to time for any loose screws that may need fastening.

The chair has armrests, a headrest, and a footrest, thus providing you with head-to-toe comfort. Since the materials used in designing this product are all durable, it will hold up in a wide range of situations. You can even carry this chair when going on a camping expedition. It is foldable and can easily fit into small spaces during storage. Adding this chair to your relaxation routine will drastically improve your health since it eliminates back pains.

  • Has a locking system
  • Only weighs 18.7lbs
  • The cushion is fitted with straps
  • Doesn’t have a cup holder

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#8 Outsunny Zero Gravity Recliner Chair

Outsunny Zero Gravity Recliner Chair

Are you in need of a chair with superior lumbar support? Well, Outsunny’s zero-gravity chairs will provide you with that and more. When you purchase this product, you will get two identical chairs, which are robustly designed for durability and comfort. These chairs can assist you when outdoors but can also provide you with superior comfort when indoors. As such, you can place this chair by the poolside, on patios, in salons, and many other places.

Both chairs are collapsible for convenient transport, thus allowing you to carry both items from one spot to another without putting in a struggle. With the angle lock in place, you will be able to adjust and lock the lever according to your requirements. The cord used in strapping the fabric to the frame is tough, durable, and stretchable.

These features will ensure that the fabric stays on the frame provided that the load is not more than 300lbs. The powder coating on the frame keeps the steel in good condition by preventing corrosion and rust. On top of this, the fabric is resistant to UV rays, so the chairs won’t fade even when exposed to the sun for a long time.

  • Long-lasting
  • Easy to set up
  • Has a breathable mesh
  • Does not come with a side tray

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#9 Two-Person Double Wide Folding Zero Gravity Chair

Two-Person Double Wide Folding Zero Gravity Chair

As the name suggests, this chair has a two-person design, so it can be the ideal option for you and your partner. The frame is aluminum-built and can carry up to 450lbs without breaking or collapsing. Still, you have to ensure that you place the chair on flat terrain so that the weight can be spread equally throughout the frame. By doing this, the chair will last longer and you will also be safer. Besides, the chair is equipped with two trays, so each user will have enough space to place his/her items.

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Apart from holding your drinks, the trays can accommodate books, tablets, smartphones, etc. Despite its size, you can fold this chair into a small unit when going to the beach or any other place. The frame is uniquely built to deliver top-notch support to the entire unit, thus making the chair strong and reliable.

Also, the legs grip the ground firmly, thereby preventing the chair from making unnecessary movements. This chair has a spacious seating area and a large backrest that will keep you and your partner comfortable. The armrests are curved to accommodate the physiological structure of your arm, giving you elbow-to-palm support.

  • The elastic cords are replaceable
  • Conforms to your body
  • Versatile
  • Plastic parts may break
  • Heavy

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#10 BELLEZE Set of (2) Adjustable Zero Gravity Chairs

BELLEZE Set of (2) Adjustable Zero Gravity Chairs

The set of chairs from Belleze will allow you to recline in style while enjoying endless comfort. The chairs have padded headrests, which will keep your head in the right position when sitting upright or when reclined. Additionally, you can lower or raise the headrest to match your sitting posture. You will be happy to know that the chairs have a durable Textilene fabric, which is up to 80% UV-resistant.

You can make the angle adjustments by turning the knobs. This will enable you to customize the chair in any position that you may wish to sit in. More to this, the footrest will elevate your legs, thus improving blood circulation in your body. Consequently, you will be improving your overall health.

If you want to relax without putting pressure on your spine, you can consider using these zero gravity chairs. The fact that the chairs come as a pair makes this product worth adding to your furniture collection. You can place them in your favorite sitting spots around your home so that you can always have somewhere to sit when you are tired.

  • Smooth recline
  • Equipped with utility trays
  • Durable bungee suspension
  • May rust if left in the rain

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#11 Human Touch Perfect “PC-420” Full Grain Leather Zero-Gravity Chair

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This chair has a luxurious design and is ideal for indoor use. However, you can also use it outdoors but you will have to be very careful so that the materials are not degraded by destructive elements. The frame is made from Hevea Brasiliensis, a tropical hardwood tree, which is extremely strong. It won’t crack or break, thus giving the chair its durable quality.

The backrest and the seating area are padded, so your back and the lower sections of your body will be cushioned when you are seated. This chair will increase your lung capacity since it prevents pressure from building up in the thoracic region when lying on your back. The armrests are also padded, giving you an all-round comfort.

Like all zero gravity chairs, this chair has a recline lever, which will help you in making the necessary adjustments. The chair has a full-support headrest, which will allow you to relax and even take naps while seated. The legs have an anti-abrasive cover, which will protect your floor from potential damage.

  • The frame is handcrafted
  • Sleek design
  • Available in different shades
  • The chair is short and bulky

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does a zero gravity chair work?

Zero gravity chairs work by reclining your body at different angles, thus facilitating equal distribution of weight throughout the frame. When this happens, gravity will have less effect on your body, allowing you to feel weightless.

Can zero gravity chairs alleviate back pains?

Yes. Zero gravity chairs are ergonomically designed to mimic your body posture, and can also prevent the build-up of pressure on the spine. This will allow blood to flow in the muscles on your back, hence relieving you of your pain.

Is it good to sleep on a zero gravity chair?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with sleeping on a zero gravity chair. Actually, the zero-gravity sleeping position will allow you to enjoy deep relaxation.

Final Verdict

Now that you have seen what zero gravity chairs can do, we hope that you will consider giving any of the chairs on our review list a try. We have selected the best of the best on the market, so you can order your chair right now to get optimum seating comfort.

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