Top 11 Best Zip Line Kits (2024)

Most indoor games are electronic based, and they can tend to get addictive and sometimes boring. This happens when you fail to pursue outdoor adventures. Starting small in your backyard with simple and fun activities can avoid boredom and addiction to electronic games. It also creates time for your family to interact.

Installing a zipline in your yard is one of the easiest ways to start pursuing the outdoor. It does the trick as it lures the whole family, including the kids and parents, to have fun as they busk in the sun. Zip lines are easy to install as they only require two sturdy poles or trees for support. They come with instructions and all the necessary tools for a quick and comfortable installation process.

Outdoor fun requires the finest accessories, and that’s why we went through reviews, customer ratings, and individual zip line specifications before writing this review. This review contains top-rated zip lines to assure you of quality and safety during use.

One of these zip lines may be the start of an adventurous outdoor experience for your family.

100ft /120ft /150ft Zip Line Kit for Kids and...
  • 【Safety First】Safe strap + Adjustable Safety Belt + Seat + Reliable Braking System for Maximum Security. Our 60mm swing seats are more durable and thicker than other 38 mm swings,which can hold up to 330 lbs. The length is adjustable from 3.6ft to 6.5ft by adjusting buckle, so it will suitabale for kids of different ages and sizes. Our zipline kit with harness has much more safety than the zipline kit with seat.You will never need to worried about falling when having fun!

11 Best Zip Line Kits

#1) CTSC Zip Line Kit

CTSC Zip Line

A perfect zip line considers safety, fun, and accommodates your whole family to ensure that no one is left out. The CTS family zip kit meets all these requirements.

This kit contains a seat, main cable, steel trolley, sling cable, and U clamps among other necessary parts required to make a perfect backyard zip line.

The zip line is a galvanized steel cable. This means it’s durable, sturdy and resistant to environmental elements. The zip line is 95ft long, and you can ride up to 90ft. This is pure fun. The zip line meets all the set quality standards and can comfortably support up to 250lbs. This means that all the family can have fun because it can accommodate everyone.

The zip line integrates safety by providing you with a bungee cord which acts as your braking system. This prevents injuries by avoiding sudden dangerous stops.

The zip line trolley has sturdy handlebars and contains sealed ball bearings in each wheel for a safe, smooth, and fast ride. The handlebars have rubber pads to provide you with a comfortable grip.

When riding, the seat holds most of the rider’s weight. This reduces the stress on the shoulders, which makes it more fun to ride and increases safety. The disc seat also allows ziplining at lower heights. The seat’s height is adjustable to accommodate people of different heights.

The CTSC zip liner has no flaws. It works perfectly if installed and used correctly.

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#2) Night Riderz Series Zipline Kit

Night Riderz

The Night Riderz Series is a unique zip line for maximum outdoor fun right in your backyard. Apart from its sleek look, it’s sturdy and has LED lights which allow you to turn your backyard into a playground even at night.

It comes with a generous 100ft rope length. The rope is made of galvanized steel, which makes it strong and durable. To ensure that no rope length is lost, a 7ft sling cable is added for securing the line around the tree. The sling cable is covered with a cable tubing to prevent it from damaging trees. This ensures that you protect the trees even when having fun. The rope comfortably holds up to 200lbs, which allows the whole family to have fun.

The Night RIderz zip line comes with a fully assembled steel zip trolley. This makes installation easy and fast. The trolley has rubberized handles which offer you a comfy grip. The TPR grips are screwed to the handles to prevent slippage. This increases the safety of the rider when ziplining.

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The trolley is connected to a comfortable seat containing 50 LED lights, which makes ziplining fun even when the night comes. The seat’s height is adjustable via the rope connecting the seat and trolley, which allows it to accommodate riders of different height.

It comes with a tri-wrench tool which makes the installation process easy.

The only downside to acquiring this zip line kit is that it doesn’t come with brakes. The slacker’s zip spring brakes are sold separately.

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#3) Alien Flier X2 H200

Alien Flier X2 H200

Alien flair is made with safety and durability in mind. The rope is composed of galvanized steel, which makes it sturdy and durable.

The cable is 200ft in length which provides enough rope for a fun ride. It comes with a 6ft sling cable which accounts for the extra cable required for securing the zip line. This ensures that all the 200ft cable length is left for ziplining. The cable’s construction supports up to 220lbs, which means that the whole family can join in the fun.

For a safe stop, the line has a safety stop block, which helps to prevent injuries when ziplining.

The trolley is composed of aluminum, which makes it strong. Its wheels are steel based which makes them sturdy and able to withstand friction with the strong zip line. The handles are locked to the trolley via a Pop N’ Snap Ring which increases safety.

A high-quality, sturdy seat is connected to the trolley via an adjustable rope. This allows adjustment to the seat’s height to accommodate riders of different heights.

The only problem faced is with the poorly laid out instructions. However, you can access installation videos online.

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#4) Ripline Epic Series Zipline

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The Epic series zip line kit is an affordable medium zip line for small backyards. Its installation is easy as it has fewer parts compared to standard zip lines.

Its cable is 75ft long, which is enough for ziplining with your family. The cable is made of durable and sturdy material which can withstand corrosion. It has additional 5ft sling cable for securing the line. The cable is strong enough to accommodate up to 200lbs.

Its trolley has rubberized handles for a comfortable non-slippery grip throughout your ride. It features sealed steel ball bearings for an easy and fast ride. The bearings also reduce wear and tear.

Its seat is comfortable and adjustable to accommodate a variety of riders. This makes it adaptable.

The only concern associated with this zipline is that it doesn’t have a brake system.

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#5) Slackers Eagle series Zip Line Kit

Slackers Eagle series

The Slackers Eagle series is an all-weather zipline kit. This means that it’s constituted of high-quality materials which can withstand any weather conditions.

The zip line is 90ft long. This is enough for a long fun ride. The cable is made of galvanized steel, which makes it sturdy and resilient. The cable is weather resistant, which means that it’s not prone to environmental elements which cause corrosion and degradation.

It has a 10ft sling cable which is enough for securing the cable safely to trees. This also helps maintain the length of the line for a full fun ride. The sling cable has a rubber tubing to offer protection to the trees used for securing the zip line.

This zip liner comes with a fully assembled trolley, i.e., connected to the seat and handles. The trolley is composed of heavy-duty steel, which makes it durable. The handles are rubberized to provide a comfortable grip. The grip rubber is locked to the handle to prevent slippage.

The trolley is connected to the seat with a robust adjustable rope which enables you to switch to different heights depending on the rider. The sit takes your weight off the handles and relaxes your shoulders for an enjoyable ride.

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The trolley’s wheels have integrated steel bearings which make the ride fast and smooth. A free installation tool is provided to make installation easy and fast.

The only downside to the Eagle Series is that it does not come with brakes. They are sold separately.

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#6) Zip Line Gear 500′ Rogue

Zip Line Gear

This kit is the ultimate zip line which contains strength, durability, and fun in one set. It’s industrial grade quality and surprisingly easy to install.

Its zip line has a variety of sizes from 150ft to 500ft. This is not just enough for the backyard but for adventurous outdoor ziplining. The cable is 5/16” galvanized stainless steel which means that it’s robust, durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions. The heavy-duty construction can hold up to 350lbs.

It features a high-grade stainless steel trolley with two wheels. The trolley is sturdy and resistant to environmental elements. The wheels have bearings which make the ride fast and smooth.

It has a strong harness kit which supports you as during ziplining. The harness kit is adjustable to fit all sizes making it adaptable and versatile. The kit has a lanyard and a carabiner to connect to the trolley.

The zipliner has a Bungee Brake kit included plus a bumper which creates a no pass point to ensure that the rider comes to a safe halt.

The only problem is that this kit’s quality and length comes at a high price.

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#7) Adventure Parks Fun Ride

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The Adventure Pack zip line is simple and sleek and would be a great addition to your backyard.

It has a 70ft high-quality cable. The cable is constructed from aircraft grade galvanized steel, which makes it durable and sturdy. The cable is also resistant to different weather conditions which make it adaptable.

This kit has an advanced polymer trolley. The trolley has easy to grip handles, which make the ride fun. The trolley is fully enclosed and contains heavy-duty polymer materials which enable it to withstand harsh conditions.

Despite its high-quality cable and trolley, the kit does not come with a sit or a harness kit. They have to be purchased separately. Using it without securing the children as they ride is dangerous as they can let go of the handles and fall. The grips on the handles are not locked, and they can slide off if used during rainy conditions.

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#8) Chetco Zip Line Kit

Chetco Zip Line Kit

The Chetco Zip Line Kit is constructed with durability, strength, and versatility in mind. It has all the essentials required for a safe ziplining experience.

It’s composed of a galvanized steel industrial grade cable. This is strong, weather resistant, and durable, ensuring your safety when ziplining. The cables length varies from 50′ to 200′, giving you an option to choose the length that fits your requirements.

The kit comes with a powder-coated steel trolley. This is resistant to corrosion and can withstand a harsh environment. The trolley has integrated handlebars which are easy to grip making it the ride easy and comfy. It also has dual-bearing wheels which increase speed and make the ride comfortable.

The trolley is connected to a wooden seat via a carabiner fitted rope. The rope is adjustable to accommodate people of different heights.

It also comes with a stop block with bumper to create a no pass point which allows you to make a safe stop.

The Chetco Zip Line high-quality accessories, however, come at a high price.

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#9) iZipline 95 Feet Zip Line Kit

iZipline 95 Feet Zip Line

Safety is the most critical feature of any zip line. The iZipline kit puts safety first by providing you with heavy duty equipment.

Its cable is composed of galvanized steel which is ultra-strong. This cable is resistant to corrosion, durable, and sturdy. The cable is 95ft long, which keeps the fun going for long. Its CE and RoHS certification allow it to hold up to 250lbs, which means that kids and adults can all join in the fun.

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It has a 5ft sling cable which allows you to secure the line to trees without losing any length of the main cable.

The zip liner comes with a heavy-duty seat which can be adjusted to accommodate zipliners of all heights. The seat helps to eliminate stress on your shoulders for a comfortable ride. The seat is connected to a steel trolley via a sturdy rope. The trolley has sealed ball bearing wheels which make the ride safe, fast, and fun.

It has a 15′ bungee cord, which helps the rider to come to a safe and secure stop. This helps to avoid injuries.

Some users have complained about the quality of the zip line stating that it starts wearing out after a while.

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#10) Alien Flier X2 R100 Zip Line Kit

Alien Flier X2 R100

Alien Flier has some of the leading zip line series in the industry. The Alien Flier X2 R100 zip line is one of the top ones.

It features a 100ft long cable which offers a long slide for more outdoor fun. The cable is composed of high-quality steel which assures its strength and durability. The rope withstands up to 250lbs.

The disc seat is comfortable and heavy-duty to support your weight as you ride. It has a robust adjustable rope which enables you to set the seat at the required height depending on the rider.

Its trolley is specially made to snap on and off the cable with ease. It’s made of aluminum for durability and resistance to corrosion. It has dual-bearing steel wheels which increase the speed for a fast and smooth ride. The wheels also reduce corrosion of the cable.

The trolley has locked rubber grips which provide a comfy grasp and do not slide off no matter the weather conditions.

This zip line kit comes with a bungee brake kit plus a stop block which helps you to make a safe stop.

The only problem faced is with the bungee brake system. It’s not very durable -it wears out quickly.

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#11) HearthSong 150′ Backyard Zipline Kit


The HearthSong zip line kit features a 150ft cable which makes it long enough for a long epic ride. The cable is composed of galvanized steel for longevity and strength. It has the power to support up to 250lbs. It comes with a sling cable which has tree protective coating to make sure that trees are safe during ziplining.

Its seat is strong and comfortable to ensure that you enjoy your ride. The seat is adjustable to accommodate riders of different height. The seat makes it easier to ride because it eliminates the need for the shoulders to support your weight, which can get pretty tedious.

The trolley comes with two wheels containing bearings to make the ride fast and safe. The trolley has non-slip handles which enhance comfort during the ride.

It comes with rubber brakes to create a no pass limit on the cable for a safe stop. This helps to prevent injuries.

If installed and used correctly, the HearthSong zipline is flawless.

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How do I make ziplining fast?

Its inclination determines the speed of your zip line. To make it faster, make the starting point higher, and you’ll increase the incline, which boosts acceleration exponentially.

Does a zip line have a weight limit?

Yes. Each zip line has its weight limit based on its construction material. Choose a zip line with a higher weight limit to be on the safer side.

Can I zip line without a seat or harness?

It’s not recommended to zip line without having a seat or harness. This is because all your weight will weigh the shoulders down and you can easily fall and end up with series injuries.

Why are bearings an essential part of trolley’s wheels?

Bearings reduce friction, which in turn increases the speed of the wheels. This leads to a fast and enjoyable ride.

Final Verdict

A zip line kit turns your backyard into a go-to playground for your family and friends. When purchasing a zip line, the most important thing to consider is safety. A zip line should be composed of high-quality materials for maximum protection when ziplining. Other factors, such as weight limit and length of the zip line, should also be considered. The zip line kits mentioned in this review are topnotch from trusted brands. We hope that you find the one that fits you best for maximum fun.

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