11 Best Zippo Lighters (2024)

Pocket lighters have been around for almost a century. At first, this innovation received a warm welcome from smokers. However, over time these lighters have grown to become an absolute necessity among non-smokers.

For instance, due to their compact size, pocket lighters have become more convenient firestarters for camping enthusiasts who do not feel like carrying massive blowtorches on their trip.

Now, whether you are a smoker or non-smoker, reliability is the most important thing you will be looking for in a lighter. With that said, Zippo lighters should be the top target when you begin shopping for one.

Since their inception in the 1930s, Zippo lighters have gradually found their way into the hearts of most Americans- and for a reason! I mean, other than reliability, Zippo lighters are refillable, cute, cost-effective, and are widely compatible with most lighter fluids.

Surprisingly, although all Zippo lighters will deliver all these, the small differences between these lighters can create a huge difference in customer experience. To help you pick the right one, we have put the very finest options on a single list!

Zippo 200 Classic Brushed Chrome Pocket Lighter
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11 Best Zippo Lighters

#1 Zippo Colored Lighters

Zippo Colored Lighters

As you shop for your camping paraphernalia, remember to add this Zippo lighter to the shopping cart. It’s among the few products you can count on to provide an easy way of starting a fire when away from home.

The dependable lighter makes use of rugged metal construction. The sturdy structure lets you buy with confidence that you are getting a product that will survive for a very long time in the toughest outdoor conditions.

At the top of the metal construction is chrome plating and an ultra-thin coat. The outer finish is scratch-resistant so that the lighter remains in its pristine condition throughout its lifetime.

Our hand-picked option features high-polish indigo for improved aesthetics. And with a wide spectrum of beautiful colors also available, it’s now possible to pick the exact piece that matches your style perfectly.

Finally, this US-made firestarter is refillable. This design ensures that you get the most out of your purchase. However, for the best performance, the manufacturer recommends that you use the classic Zippo lighter fluid.

  • It is very solid.
  • The slim design is nice.
  • It’s great for everyday use.
  • It will display fingerprints.

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#2 Zippo Animal Lighters

Zippo Animal Lighters

Other than reliability, Zippo lighters are available in different designs. Other than the vibrant metal colors, some lighters come with super cool designs that are embossed, debossed, or engraved on the surface.

This Zippo lighter is an animal-themed model. Of course, it retains the standard shape of a Zippo lighter but with an Asian-tiger engraved on the surface. The inscription is perfect so that it retains its cuteness and feel throughout the product’s lifetime.

The all-metal construction indicates that the piece stands the test of time. Also, this design is windproof. Therefore, no matter where you want to use it, expect it to hardly let you down.

The chrome finish on the surface protects it from rust to permit use in the most corrosive environments. But if the finish doesn’t match your preference, we have other available finishes in place.

And for those that the country of origin matters, this Zippo lighter comes from the United States. Therefore, you can buy knowing that it will deliver the maximum value for your bucks.

  • The image is permanent.
  • Multiple finishes are available.
  • It’s windproof.
  • The hinge seems to be quite loose although it holds up for years.

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#3 Zippo Replica Lighters

Zippo Replica Lighters

The next option is the Zippo 1941 Replica Lighter. Other replica models include the 1935 replica, 1933 replica, 1932 replica, and vintage. All these versions are very reliable. Therefore, you can grab any of them with confidence.

The unit has rounded top and corners so that it feels great in the palm. Additionally, we also like that the high-quality lighter features a flat base to ensure stability when standing it on a flat surface.

The black ice color is pretty cool. Hence, you are not only getting a unit that will do all that it claims but also a visually appealing one. And with other finishes also available, chances are that you will get the exact version that matches your style.

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The all-metal construction holds the promise of durability. Thus, in case you are looking for a lighter that will serve you for a very long with constant exposure to harsh elements, this replica firestarter should work well for you.

The hollow rivet keeps the striking wheel in an excellent position for quick and efficient ignition. The unit comes with a nice case for easy storage and transportation of the lighter.

  • It feels nice in the palm.
  • The flat base is a plus.
  • It creates a tighter seal to minimize evaporation.
  • Smoother edges would be nice.

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#4 Zippo Pipe Lighters

Zippo Pipe Lighters

For the pipe smokers looking for a perfect Zippo lighter, this option firestarter arrives with them in mind. It has a few unique features that work well for pipe lighting than any other model.

For instance, it comes with an image of a pipe on the case. Therefore, you can buy this option knowing that it will meet your needs and those of other pipe smokers to the letter.

Once you open the lid, the great visual difference of this lighter from the standard Zippos is that it has a huge hole in the chimney instead of the normal series of small holes. The hole on the sides provides a convenient way of drawing the flame straight down into the pipe without damaging the bowl.

The huge hole on the chimney goes all the way through. This feature means that it will work well for right-handed and left-handed pipe smokers more conveniently. Another unique feature about this Zippo is that it has a removable cap for more versatility.

Other than those a few differences, everything about these lighters is the same as with other models. For example, it arrives with a standard case. Hence, you can use the inside unit with different housing that means more to you.

  • It doesn’t cause any change in the flavor of tobacco.
  • It’s easy to fill.
  • It’s a cinch to use.
  • The removable lid doesn’t get back easily.

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#5 Zippo 24651 All-In-One Kit

Zippo 24651 All-In-One Kit

Although we have many Zippo lighters out there, most of them do not come with the lighter fluid. Therefore, you should order the fuel separately. And since in most cases the two orders will arrive separately, it’s impossible to utilize the unit right off the bat unless the fluid arrives first.

But take a moment and think about this: getting a package that contains everything you need to get it into use direct away? Sounds better, right? Well, and that’s why we have this all-in-one kit taking the fifth place on the list.

The kit contains a lighter, flint dispenser, and a high-quality lighter fluid. The most impressive part about the kit is that it’s more cost-efficient than buying all the components separately.

The lighter makes use of premium all-metal construction. The case utilizes the same shape and size as other cases meaning that you can use the insert of this lighter with any other housing that works best for you.

The lighter also comes with standard chimney punched with 8 small holes on either side. Most users like that the premium Zippo lighter fluid of this kit burns clean and better than other fuels.

  • It comes as a kit.
  • The case is standard for interchangeability.
  • The kit is cost-efficient.
  • The package doesn’t include a wick.

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#6 Zippo Marine Lighters

Zippo Marine Lighters

The next lighter on the list is available in several styles including matte, brass, chrome, and iced. It also comes in a wide range of vibrant colors to make it easy to find the one that suits you best.

The all-metal construction ensures that you get the most out of the lighter in terms of durability. And since this design is windproof, this lighter produces a consistent flame whether using it inside or outdoors.

It’s a refillable lighter that is as easy to replenish as it is to use. Therefore, whether you have interacted with Zippo lighters before or are buying your first lighter, getting the best out of this unit doesn’t require any basic training.

If you have used other lighters in the past, you can confirm that hinges are the major weak points for most models. But not in this case! The hinge of this lighter operates smoothly and will not get loose over time.

But not everything about it is excellent: the major customers’ gripe on this lighter is that it doesn’t come with the lighter fluid. However, this is for safety reasons and that’s why it’s not the only one that doesn’t come with the fuel.

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#7 Zippo Butterfly Lighters

Zippo Butterfly Lighters

For years, butterflies have been associated with beauty. Now, for those that are looking for a butterfly lighter that is visually-captivating, this Zippo lighter is conceived with aesthetics in mind.

The outer case features a beautiful butterfly design. What’s more delighting is that there are three butterfly designs to choose from: the auto two-tone, color image, and auto engraving designs.

Other than the different butterfly image designs, these firestarters are also available in a wide spectrum of colors. In other words, whether you prefer chrome, satin chrome, or spectrum, you are spoilt for choice!

The five-barrel hinge joining the lid with the bottom part of the case is reliable and will not grow loose over time. And with the flat base of the lighter, it’s easy to stand it on its own when not in use.

With all these features and beauty, we see the Zippo butterfly lighter as an excellent gift to a friend. Hence, if you are wondering what to get for your friend who is a serious camper, this unit should stir a smile on their face.

  • Most users find it cuter in person.
  • It makes for a nice present.
  • The price is good.
  • There is no assurance of getting your favorite finish for spectrum colored versions.

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#8 Zippo Chrome Lighters (Brushed Chrome)

Zippo Chrome Lighters

The eighth Zippo on our coverage is from one of the most popular collections. The brushed chrome lighter was the first to be introduced in the chrome family. In fact, its from this finish where we get other lighter chrome versions.

You can settle for the popular brushed chrome or other chrome-based variations depending on your preference. Other most common coatings include the chrome arch, satin chrome, high polish chrome, street chrome, diagonal weave, Venetian, herringbone sweep, and many more.

No matter the type of finish you settle for, expect a durably-constructed unit that can stand up to use in an outdoor space. The windproof design ensures fluid efficiency and reliability when using it anywhere.

The distinctive patterns let you choose the one that captivates you the most. Under the flat bottom is a genuine stamp for distinguishing an original Zippo from the knock-offs in the market.

Like all the Zippo units, this lighter is refillable. However, you will need to order the lighter fluid separately or get it from the nearby tobacco facility as this unit doesn’t come with the fluid for the obvious safety reasons.

  • It feels very solid.
  • It has a nice stamp beneath it.
  • It’s very versatile.
  • The fuel reservoir has a quite small capacity.

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#9 Zippo Matte Pocket Lighters

Zippo Matte Pocket Lighters

Even with the so many lighter finishes in the market, getting one that doesn’t display fingerprints remains a back-breaking affair. Now, if you are in the hunt for a fingerprint-resistant finish, this matte pocket lighters will work well for your needs.

Although it isn’t the oldest version among the Zippo lighters, this unit has gained popularity over the few years to become one of the most popular finishes for smokers and non-smokers alike.

In this option, we chose to settle for a black matte finish since it was the original idea. But in case you prefer a different color, this pocket lighter is also available in other designs and finishes including green, grey, blue, burgundy, and many others.

Like any other Zippo lighter, each of these units has a stamp at the bottom. Therefore, if you are doubting that what you received isn’t the original version of what you’d ordered, check out for the logo to confirm the authenticity of the unit.

Zippo Matte Pocket Lighter has solid construction for long-lasting performance. The refillable design means that you can utilize it for years. Nonetheless, for a better lifespan, the manufacturer recommends you use the right lighter fluid.

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#10 Zippo Brass Pocket Lighters

Zippo Brass Pocket Lighters

Although it’s a Zippo like any other predecessor, there is a thing or two that distinguishes this lighter from any other model on the list. For instance, it comes in brass finish, just like the name suggests.

The brass family of lighters was introduced in 1982 as a way of celebrating Zippo’s five decades of serving in the industry. Their stunning beauty makes them one of the most preferred categories by Zippo faithful around the globe.

You can choose from brushed brass, gold dust, high-polish brass, herringbone sweep, diagonal base, high polish brass, and many other types of finishes that work best for your needs.

Other than the several finishes, the brass category of lighters is also available in a wide array of unique patterns. Therefore, as you buy one, be sure to pick your most favorite pattern in the finish that works perfectly for you.

The product has a reliable hinge whose functionality won’t degrade with time. Finally, all brass Zippo lighters come in a beautiful package that makes them more presentable when buying one to serve as a gift.

  • It fits well in the pocket.
  • The category has very tight seals.
  • It looks sleek.
  • The lighter fluid evaporates although not as fast as with most lighters.

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#11 Zippo Ace Lighters

Zippo Ace Lighters

For those that are obsessed with playing cards, this firestarter should be ideal for them. The ace lighters are available in tons of finishes and imprint methods to meet varying user needs.

The common imprint methods include engraving, fusion, color image, and stamping. You will get any of these patterns in different finishes such as high polish brass, black ice, gray dusk, and many more.

The ace lighter has a solid structure to guarantee durability. The durable construction alongside Zippo’s classic timeless design means that this lighter will serve you for a very long time without running out of date.

You can confirm the authenticity of every model and the year of construction by looking at the stamp at the bottom of the lighter. And once you affirm that you have the original version from Zippo, expect windproof performance you will hardly find in any other option.

Finally, this Zippo comes in a nice gift box so that it makes for a treasured gift pack for your most valued friends. Amazingly, even with the expensive look, these lighters aren’t costly in the real case.

  • The timeless design is nice.
  • The packaging is nice.
  • It’s ideal for starting fire in winter.
  • It may feel quite small in big hands.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Zippo Lighters Good?

Yes. That’s why they are so popular. Other than reliability and cost-effectiveness, these lighters utilize classic timeless designs. Also, they work with most flammable fluids although the manufacturer recommends specific lighter fuels.

Are All Zippos The Same Quality?

Although all Zippo lighters are generally of good quality, there is a slight difference between the varieties. Therefore, be sure to pay keen attention to the small differences between the different options.

Do Zippos Come Full?

No. Although some will arrive in a kit also containing the lighter fluid and other components, these firestarters do not come loaded with the fuel to avoid fire accidents when en route.

How Long Should The Fuel In A Zippo Last?

Whether you use your Zippo or not, it will eventually run out of fuel. Lighter fluid is very thin and evaporates easily. However, the time the fluid takes to run out will depend on how often you use it. With moderate use, it should last for about a week.

Do Zippos Leak In Your Pocket?

Normally, a Zippo won’t leak in your pocket. However, always be sure to not overfill it. You can tell that you have already added the right amount of fuel when the cotton wad begins to change color.

Final Verdict

With proper maintenance and adherence to manufacturer recommendations, Zippos will serve for a very long time. However, the lighter you choose may define the kind of user experience. That said, be sure to settle for nothing short than the best when shopping for one. And what other surefire way is there of accomplishing this other than relying on our top-notch review?

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