How To Build A Go-Kart Track In Your Backyard? (2024)

If you love the escapade of a racing go-kart or you are having kids that are too young or fragile to begin driving on the streets of the city, then the best possible solution is to build a go-kart track in your backyard. By doing so, you can bring on the unmatchable thrill of the go karting straight to your backyard.

In recent times, the irrefutable passion and zeal among the go-kart fanatics have driven them towards building a go-kart track in their backyard. The best part is that you can do it all by yourself. All you need is proper planning, ample land space, and some money too for accomplishing the task with flying colors!

Indulging in the backyard kart racing is one of the most feasible options as compared to the other practices of racing. By building your go-kart track in the backyard, you can save a lot of your time and money as there is no need to travel hundreds of miles to reach out to racetracks, paying hefty fees and of course super-expensive hotel stays.

If go karting is your passion, then give it the right direction by practicing regularly at your convenience. Here are the steps to build a go-kart track in your backyards that would help you out in completing this ambitious task.

1. Assess your requirements

The foremost and unmissable part is to make a justifiable assessment of your requirements. The size of the track would depend upon the space available in your backyard. Ideally, the track should be 1,000 feet long and for that, you would need land of 45,000 square feet in your backyard. If you want to make a track for your kids then it would require relatively less space.

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2. Preparation of ground

The next step is to mark out the range where you want the track to lead. For this, you would require a marking string and plywood posts. You need to dig within the lines that have been set out by the string to a depth of up to six inches.

Now you need to conceal one inch of the ground with the help of sand and then pour the concrete on top of it. Leave the area until it gets hardened.

3. Lining of route

With the help of high-quality protective material, you need to line the route. For this, you can lay the steel rails nearby the side of the track and then place old truck tires over the placed rails. The tires are generally considered to be the strong and reliable protectors against the accidents and spills on the track.

For ensuring optimum safety, you should place extra tires at each turn as these are the areas where there are maximum chances of spills taking place. Lay the cut-down sheets of plywood on the bottom side of the rails. This would help in preventing the karts from getting stuck in the gaps among the tires and the track.

4. Marking of route

After you are done with the lining of the route, add a layer of tar to the concrete, and leave this for a day till it gets completely dry. You would require to paint the road markings as it would help the driver to steer around the corners.

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It would also allow the two drivers to go side-by-side without the fear of the inevitable occurrence of accidents. You can even paint the markings on the plywood pieces or the tires.

5. Creation of viewing points

If you are planning for proper go-karting set-up, then it is necessary to give your backyard a realistic touch by investing in good quality and portable seating arrangements. When folks are not driving the karts, they would be eager to watch other people on the track.

For this, encourage the riders by placing of viewing posts around the area of the go-kart track. This would allow the riders to watch the karts racing through standing by the rails.

Tips and techniques to ease the process:

Building a go-kart track in your backyard is not rocket science but it is also not as easy as it seems to be. You need to follow proper techniques for a flawless finish on the track. Here are some tips and techniques that would help you in enhancing the track.

  • Place the barricades near the area where you would like to build the track
  • You can even use pole markers to measure the course for a high accuracy planning
  • Draw a straightforward outline of the length and shape of the course that you wish to construct on a blueprint
  • Follow the outline as it would guide you during the physical aspects of building a track
  • You can use a bobcat along with a shovel tool to clear the land for an even finish
  • You need to make the course-wide enough for placement of two to three karts as per the width and length
  • You can use southern red rock dirt over the area that has been marked for the track
  • Place the hay bails around the cornered edges and in areas where the wrecks are more likely to occur
  • Rake down the dust and dirt regularly to keep the track neat, clean, and well-maintained with a uniform finish.
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Wrap Up

When you are on the verge of building a go-karting track in your backyard, safety must be your pivotal concern.

If you are fortunate enough to have ample of space and money for investing to build a go-kart track, then without giving it a second thought, proceed with the task by relying upon the effective planning measure and productive strategies for fruitful results.

However, if you are not confident enough to do it all yourself, then to overcome this problem, you can even hire a team of professionals to build the raceway of your dreams in your backyard!

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