Top 11 Best Dado Blades (2024)

If you are a professional woodworker, you will at some point need to cut grooves in your woodworking project, maybe for joining two pieces of wood or even for decoration purposes.

Whichever the aim, this remains a mission-impossible unless you have a dado blade.

A dado blade is a tool that is specifically designed to be operated using either the radial-arm saws or the table saw to make rectangular grooves of varying width.

The unit is available in two different designs, the stacked blades and the wobble dado blade.

The stacked blades feature two circular blades on each end that are separated by spacers and chippers while the wobble dado blade comes in the form of a single blade that runs in a wobbly manner to cut varying widths depending on the hub adjustment.

Whichever the design you prefer for your work, getting professional results requires that you go for a professional-grade product.

Below are our hand-picked top-notch suggestions we have for you;

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11 Dado Blade Reviews

#1 DEWALT DW7670 Dado Blade

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Unless you have never been to a hardware shop before, it’s definite that DEWALT is not a vocabulary to you. DEWALT is one of the well-reputed brands that deal with hand tools and power tools for use in the woodworking, manufacturing, and construction industries. And yes, when it comes to the Dado blades, DEWALT never disappoints. DEWALT DW7670 Stacked Dado Set comes with a heavy-gauge construction for years of use. The unit features a 5/8-inch arbor hole and delivers a cutting depth of 1/8 inches with a width of 29/32 inches.

Carbide Teeth

One of the fantastic features about the blades is that they feature 24 micro-grain carbide teeth. These teeth ensure that you get cleaner grooves and minimizes splintering. This feature means that this is one of the ideal options for the cabinetmakers or any other quality-conscious woodworker.

4-Tooth chippers

The chippers of this dado blade set have four teeth which means that they remove the waste material with much precision. In other words, this design will ensure that you get incredibly smooth and flat grooves just as you had intended. The four-winged design also keeps the weight of the blades set down so that you can use it with any 10-inch table saw.

Stainless Steel Shims

The shims of this blade come with premium stainless steel construction for maximum strength. The shims allow you to adjust the width of the cuts with ease and guarantee precise cuts so that you have an easy time when joining the two pieces of wood you were intending.


  • It comes in a solid case.
  • It gives flat bottomed cuts.
  • Easy to set up.


  • Some shims will occasionally come with burr at the edges.

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#2 Oshlun SDS-0842 Dado Blade

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If you are operating under a tight budget, this model is designed with you in mind. In fact, comparing the price to the cutting power it delivers, it’s clear that this is a real bargain. Unlike the preceding Dewalt model that comes with 24 teeth, the circular blades of Oshlun SDS-0842 Dado Set come with 42 teeth. The unit provides flat-bottomed dados with a width range of 1/4 inch- 29/32 inches.

C4-Carbide Tips

Some teeth only suit a particular type of material. However, the carbide tips of this blade can be used for making dados on hardwood, softwood, and plywood almost effortlessly. Furthermore, the commercial-gade carbide tips will sustain their sharpness for longer than some models out there.

Full-Body Chippers

Unlike most models that come with wing-style chippers, Oshlun SDS-0842 8-inch Dado Blade Set arrives with full-body chippers. This style minimizes vibration and allows for a more straightforward set up of the blades. But just in case you are not familiar with the setup procedure, the pack contains a comprehensible manual that takes you through the process.

Storage Case

To maximize the service life of any product, proper care is needed. These dado blades come nested in a sturdy storage case. The case provides storage for the tool when not in utilization and allows for easy transportation.


  • The shims are easy to adjust.
  • It is pocket-friendly.
  • It delivers good cut quality.


  • The storage case doesn’t match the quality of the set.

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#3 Freud SD208 Dado Blade

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Also on our list, this is yet another excellent option for the low-budget woodworkers. The model also comes from one of the top companies out there hence you will hardly have any issues to do with the quality of this set. The set constitutes two outer blades that are complemented by six chippers/spacers. The 8-inch dado blade doesn’t leave splinters meaning that you will end up with clean cuts.

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Multiple Chippers

As the outer blades cut the walls of the groove, the chippers chisel out the middle material. Feud SD208 comes with three 1/8-inch two-winged chippers and other three 1/16-inch spacers which that guarantees you with incredibly smooth cuts. This number also gives you greater versatility since you can make wider grooves.

Anti-Kick Design

When making a purchase, your safety should come as a priority. The anti-kick design represents the safety of this unit. In other words, with this model, you get an extra margin of protection you will hardly find in other models; you can now work with confidence!

Long-Lasting Teeth

Typically, a large carbide means the edge will wear out faster. The Freud’s TiCo Hi-Density carbides measure 0.8 microns. The minimum size together with the Tri-Metal Brazing Process means that the teeth will retain their sharpness for longer and allow for numerous sharpenings without losing their integrity.


  • It is easy to sharpen.
  • It is budget-friendly.
  • It offers great versatility.


  • It doesn’t give the smoothest dadoes.

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#4 Forrest DK08244 Dado Blade

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Although it costs quite more than average, it is worth especially if you make dadoes on a routine basis. Just like the DEWALT 7670 Dado Blade, the blades of this set also comes with 24 teeth. The teeth are sharpened and can handle hardwood, softwood, and plywood. The negative hook face reduces splintering when dealing with hardwood while the heavier plate provides additional stability for cleaner cuts.

Modern Tooth Style

The state-of-the-art 300-degree ATB tooth design substantially minimizes splintering if the ply veneers when using a table saw or the circular hand saw. The blades are carefully crafted, hand-tensioned, and straightened again and again during the manufacturing process to ensure that it delivers smoother cuts all times.

Premium Construction

This blade is crafted using the best materials, most innovative design and advanced manufacturing processes to ensure that the unit will offer superior performance when also guaranteeing maximum service life.

Precise Shims

We no longer live in the trial-and-error period. With this in mind, this set comes with shims that give you greater control over the width of your cuts. Therefore, you are guaranteed to get precise results even with the first attempt.


  • The blades are highly compatible.
  • They are rigid.
  • The design minimizes splintering.


  • The price may not suit the low-budget woodworkers.

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#5 MIBRO 416381 Dado Blade

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If you are a hobbyist in the lookout for a perfect starter set, buying this option would be a wise idea. The blade of this set maxes out at 5000 RPM which means it can be used to cut most types of woods including the hardwood. The collection includes seven shims that maximize its adjustability by allowing for wider dadoes.

8-Inch Stack

When buying a dado blade, you should ensure that it can go with the saw that you are using. This dado blade comes with the standard size of 8 inches which means that it can be used with nearly any table saw. High-Compatibility increases convenience.

Blade Technology

The blade is equipped with strong teeth that are precisely welded using modern equipment to ensure accuracy. This property ensures preciseness when making cuts so that you don’t spend much time finishing your piece after making the dadoes. The high-quality carbide also minimizes the chances of fracture to prolong the service life of the unit.

5 Chipper Blades

Apart from the two outside blade, this set also comes with four 1/8-inch chippers and a 1/16 chipper. Two extra large carbides are welded onto each chipper using advanced German technology to provide precise flat bottoms ensuring more efficient operations.


  • It comes with a rugged plastic case for secure storage.
  • It is lightweight.
  • The 14-piece set gives you everything you need in a stacked dado blade set.


  • The cutting width of 1/4-inch to 14/16 is smaller than what some models can offer.

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#6 Freud 6″ x 10T Pro Dado Blade

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Just like the 8-inch model, this dado blade set features high-quality construction for extended durability. The price of the dado blade also suits newcomers to woodworking and generally any woodworker that operates within limited budgets. The blades feature ten teeth which are adequate to deliver precise cuts without splintering.

Titanium Carbide Teeth

The two outer blades are equipped with high-quality titanium cobalt carbide teeth that feature silver I.C.E coating. The blade is designed to minimize splintering while the premium coating ensures the long-lasting performance of the teeth. Besides, the teeth remain sharp for longer.

Wing-Style Chippers

Just like the earlier sibling, this unit comes with wing-style chippers that produce ultra-smooth horizontal grooves. In fact, most of the users notice that there are no ridges that need sanding. The ability to offer smooth flat grooves will simplify your work.

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Durable construction

All the parts of this unit dado set are designed using the best materials and modern processes and equipment to deliver service quality that is hard to beat. The chippers and shims allow for a wide array of cuts while the outer blade has TiCo High-Density Carbide Teeth deliver precision in different materials for broader applications.


  • The anti-kickback means that it is a safe option.
  • It gives smooth cuts with no ridges.
  • It is easy to set up.


  • The width chart is not accurate.

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#7 Irwin Tools 1811865 Dado Blade

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When you talk of versatility, this dado blade is designed to offer the best. In fact, apart from allowing you to cut dadoes of different widths on different types of wood, Irwin Tools 1811865 Dado Blade set lets you cut through metals with ease.

Heat-Resistant Coating

The outer blade comes with 12 teeth which allow you to make tongue and groove joints a lot faster. When working on metal, the design of the teeth doesn’t chip the paint on areas surrounding the cut. The blade coating has an aluminum matrix that makes the blade heat-resistant so that they do not get extremely hot when working on metallic workpieces.

Oversized Carbides

The high-quality carbides are welded onto the blades ensure that you cut with accuracy. The carbides are easy to resharpen so that you keep the edges fresh to get cleaner cuts every time. The non-stick coating is also another fantastic feature that lets you clean the blade of sawdust with ease when you are done with cutting.

Two-Wing Chippers

The design of the chippers pair with the precision outer circular blades to ensure that you get a flawless finish that most professional woodworkers and carpenters want in their projects.


  • It’s more versatile since it cuts both wood and metal.
  • The carbide tips are easy to resharpen.
  • The premium-grade coating dissipates heat.


  • The teeth get dull quickly.

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#8 Freud 8″ x 24T Dado Blade

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This high-quality dado blade will not wear out quickly making it among the most durable options the market boasts. The blade allows for easy and accurate adjustments through the set of shims making it a must-have selection for the jobs that call for even finer width adjustments. The blade comes with six chippers 3/32-inch, 1/8-inch, and 1/16-inch chipper. The chippers feature with a four-winged design which provides cleaner, efficient, and flatter grooves than the conventional two-wing design.

Versatile Blade

Whether you want to use it for the standard table saw or the circular-arm saws, this stacked dado blade sets pairs with either. Also, the blade is designed to accommodate a wide array of materials ranging from hardwood and softwood to chipboard, plywood, and many others. With such versatility, this dado blade promises to be a staple addition to your workshop.

Razor-Sharp Blades

The blade of this unit is packed with precision-grade features that will give you a precise cut every time on any material. The ability to offer an accurate cut in a single pass saves time since it eliminates the need for making repetitive passes on the same workpiece.

Silver I.C.E Coating

The unique Freud’s coating prolongs the service life of the teeth by preventing wear and tear. Besides, this coating prevents build-up on the blade surface to keep it cool when running.


  • The adjustment knob allows for width customization.
  • The titanium cobalt teeth are more durable than the conventional C-4 Carbide or stainless steel.
  • It gives smooth cuts with no ridges.


  • The design of the storage case is not perfect.

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#9 Oshlun SBJ-0830 Dado Blade

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Although some dado blades are designed for handling a variety of tasks, some models are designed for specific tasks. And yes, this is one of the job-specific models that is designed for creating finger joints with perfection. Unlike other blades that come with shims and chippers, this model only comes with the two outer circular edges for more straightforward setup.

Easy to adjust

If you are looking for a dado blade that is simple to use, this should be a good option for you. The two-piece pack means eliminates complex setup while and lets you make 1/4-inch and 3/8-inch dadoes with ease. Since it doesn’t have shims, you just need to change the way the blades are facing to switch between the two blades.

30-Teeth Blades

You could probably be thinking that without the chippers you will end up with wood between the cuts, right? However, this is not the case since each blade is equipped with 30 teeth that cut dado edges and chisel out the middle material eliminating the need for chippers and giving you smooth results with minimal chipping and splintering.

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Precision Teeth

Just like most stacked dado blades, this model comes with precision carbide tips which deliver accurate cuts and do not lose their sharpness quickly. Furthermore, the tips can be resharpened so that you get quality output.


  • Suits both hardwood and softwood.
  • It features a 5/8-inch arbor that fits most table saws.
  • It is super easy to set up.


  • Offers less versatility since it makes only finger joints.

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#10 Amana Tool – 658040 Dado Blade

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This is yet another stack dado blade that delivers flatter bottoms and chip-free edges. The entire set consists of the two outer blades and multiple chippers which means that you have all you need to make dadoes of varying widths.

Wider Dadoes

This professional-grade product arrives with five dual-winged chippers. These chippers let you control the distance between the two blades so that you make grooves of the intended width. Normally, the set provides a standard width capacity of between 1/4-inch to 13/16 inches although more you can buy additional chippers separately if you need to make broader cuts.


Although some models are specifically designed for a particular material and saw, this stack dado set can be used to make dadoes on any wood. Furthermore, the unit goes with any machine, whether the conventional table saw or the radial-arm saw.

High-quality components

These chippers excellently remove the middle wood material when cutting so that you end up with cleaner finishes that do not require much sanding. The exterior blades feature hollow-ground plates that offer proper clearance for more cleaner finishes.


  • It is highly adjustable.
  • It has versatile option.
  • This option is quite costly.


  • It does not give a flawless finish.

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#11 Freud 8″ x 22T Dado Blade

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This is yet another dado blade set by Freud that can be relied upon to make precise cuts with ease. The stacked dado blade set consists of two razor blade outer blades that make cleaner edges and two-winged chippers that clears the middle wood material for a smoother workpiece.

MicroGrain Carbide Tips

The Freud’s Hi-Density Carbide teeth are smaller in size hence sharper and provide high precision. Furthermore, the heavy-duty teeth will not get dull quickly like the case of some models. But just in case they get blunt, they can maintain their accuracy even after sharpening severally.

Durable Blades

This 8-inch blade features sturdy blades that are ultra-sharp for clean and chip-free edges. The blades are made with versatility in mind since they feature a 5/8-inch arbor that is widely compatible. The blades can be used on hardwood, softwood, plywood, chipboard, and laminate.


Freud 8″ x 22T Safety Dado blades have the anti-kickback design that steps up the quality of the unit and offers an extra layer of safety that guarantees your protection from splinters just in case they occur.


  • The quality is great.
  • The teeth are durable.
  • The razor-sharp teeth cut with less effort.


  • The case looks cheap

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will an 8 dado blade work on a 10 table saw?

What determines the compatibility of the blade with the table saw is the diameter of the arbor. If the arbor hole of the stack dado blade fits the arbor diameter of the table saw, you can use the 8-inch blade in a 10-inch table saw.

How many teeth does a dado blade have?

The number of teeth differs with the model. Majority of the models come with 24 or 22 teeth while some have as few as 10. Other blades can feature as much as 30 teeth.

What is an adjustable dado blade?

An adjustable dado blade is also known as the wobble dado blade. It is a type of dado blade that does not come with chippers and spacers like the stack dado blades. Instead, it only comes with the two outer blades that have a hub to provide width adjustment.


After reading this review, we believe that choosing the right dado blade for your woodworking tool set has gotten pretty more straightforward.

Although all these options would make a good purchase, we feel that DEWALT DW7670 and Oshlun SDS-0842 are market’s pride.

They are both 8-inch dado blades and come with a 5/8-inch arbor for broader compatibility.

The quality of the components is also top-class and the blades are highly versatile.

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