Dewalt Dws779 Vs. Dws780 Miter Saws- Which One’s The Best? (2023)

Choosing a miter saw can be a hurdle. It’s one tool that requires you to make a series of decisions beginning with the brand to the size and then the model to buy. Of course, for the woodworkers intending to buy a high-quality piece that will last for many years, the Dewalt brand tops all the other brands.

When it comes to size, you have to decide between 10-inch and 12-inch versions. In one of our previous articles, we looked at when to choose what size. That means picking size may also not be a big problem.

But how about when it comes to narrowing down to a specific model? Well, that’s what we are going to look at in today’s article.

Assuming that you chose the Dewalt brand and settled for the 12-inch version, one of the dilemmas you will face is whether to buy the DWS779 or DWS780 model. Of course, by taking a closer look at these two models, they share lots of features.

However, there are a few specifications that render one better than the other. In this article, we are going to compare the Dewalt DWS779 and DWS780 miter saws. Take a walk with us to discover the version that tops the other.

Firstly, Why Dewalt?

Dewalt remains the industry-leading brand when it comes to power tools and hand tools. In fact, this brand has dominated the market for quite some time. But is the brand really worth the hype?

Well, if you are keen enough, you may have noticed that most professionals prefer Dewalt tools over any other brand. That should be enough to tell you that Dewalt isn’t famous for nothing.

Now, for those that are yet to know what makes the brand famous, Dewalt tools are usually durably-constructed. That means they can withstand the rigors of everyday use in a rugged environment.

Of course, Dewalt tools will cost you more than other brands. However, when it comes to power tools, always remember that the saying “you get what you pay for” is more often true than not.

DWS779 Vs DWS780 Miter Saws

Before we go ahead to see what model you should pick between the two options, it’s worth noting that these two saws are all top-class. Therefore, even if our article ends up recognizing one as better than the other, it’s worth noting that the battle here is between two industry’s top-of-the-line options. After all, we are here in the first place to break the tie between two high-performance models.

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So, what’s the tie-breaker for the two models? Well, relax. Before we get to the nitty-gritty of our subject, let’s begin by examining the similarities.

DWS779 Vs. DWS780—Similarities


Again, we insist that the two saws are members belonging to the same brand. Hence, the battle we are talking about here is of members of the same household. The brand is the most noticeable similarity between the two models. Of course, we’ve already talked much about Dewalt.


Now, the two models are all 12-inch versions. When we say that a saw is a 12-inch model, always remember that we mean that it uses a blade that’s 12 inches in diameter. A larger blade will cut a thicker material compared to one with a smaller diameter. In other words, we expect the two models to have the same cutting capacity. With either of these saws, you can cut stock with a maximum depth of 6-3/4 inches.

Bestseller No. 1
DEWALT Miter Saw, 12 Inch Double Bevel Sliding Compound, Stainless Steel Detent Plate with 10 Stops, Cam-Lock Handle, For Quick & Accurate Miter Angles, Corded (DWS779)
  • Stainless steel miter detent plate of the 12-inch miter saw blade comes with 10 positive stops
  • The mitre saw has a precise miter system and machined base fence support
  • Precise miter system and machined base fence support Cam-lock miter handle with detent override delivers quick and accurate miter angles for DEWALT miter saw

Blade type

Some miter saws will require you to buy the cutter separately. However, the vast majority will come with one. Now, one thing you have to know about the blades is that they are of different materials. Some are of stainless steel. While they work just fine, this material isn’t the most appropriate for heavy-duty applications. That’s why Dewalt sends each of the two models with a carbide blade. Carbide offers better resistance to heat and abrasion compared to other materials.


Another area the two models come level is on the motor. Each of these models features a built-in 15-amp engine. The maximum blade speed in either of the models is also 3800 revolutions per minute (RPM). With this speed, you will find it a breeze to use any for different kinds of wood.

Dust collection

Like any other type of saw, miter saws generate sawdust. When buying one, it’s wise to get one that has a dust collection system. Now, one feature that these two miter saws share is the dust extraction system.

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Either of the models will eliminate up to 75 percent of the dust you generate when cutting. Thus, it won’t take much time to clean your space after finishing your project.  The dust collection bags are also of the same size. However, one of the hassles you will face with these bags is that you will have to empty them frequently since they are small.


If you’re a Dewalt faithful, you might have noticed that Dewalt products come backed with a three-year warranty. For battery-powered tools, this warranty covers the accessory itself, batteries, and other components. And yes, the two models come with a three-year product warranty. That’s more favorable than most brands will offer.

Bevel Mechanism

One of the things you have to factor in when buying a miter saw is the bevel mechanism. Now, based on this classification, we have two types of saws: single bevel miter saws and double bevel miter saws.

Single bevel miter saws are those that allow you to tilt the blade to only one side. However, double bevel versions let tilting of the blade to either right or left. This feature eliminates the need to maneuver your workpiece when cutting.

Back to our two models, the DWS779 and DWS780 are all double-bevel miter saws. Therefore, they offer the same level of convenience in terms of positioning of the workpiece—you don’t have to flip the workpiece over when making your cuts.


Another area you aren’t going to notice any difference between the DWS779 and DWS780 12-inch Miter saws is the weight. While they aren’t exactly the same, Dewalt manages to keep the weight similar in the two models. Each of these models weighs 56 pounds. That’s a reasonable weight for a 12-inch version. Of course, we won’t term them the most portable. However, they still fall in the category of portable miter saws.

Bestseller No. 1
DEWALT Miter Saw, 12 Inch, 15 Amp, 3,800 RPM, Double Bevel Capacity, With Sliding Compound, Corded (DWS780)
  • Integrated CUTLINE Blade Positioning System provides adjustment free cut line indication for better accuracy and visibility for the 12-inch miter saw blade
  • XPS technology uses an LED to project light down either side of the blade, creating a shadow on the cutline once the saw arm is lowered
  • Super-efficient dust collection system of DEWALT miter saw captures over 75% of dust generated

DWS779 Vs. DWS780—Differences

As seen, the two Dewalt miter saws share lots of features. That’s what makes it challenging for one to choose one over the other. However, if you are keen enough, you will notice that the two models aren’t exactly the same. There are a few things that set the two miter saws apart. Here are some of the differences.

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Cutting Guide System

The main difference between the DWS779 and the DWS780 is the cutting guide system. The DWS780 comes with a new XPS crosscut positioning system, unlike the DWS779 that has none.

This feature means that the DWS780 saw comes with a super bright LED that shines on the blade to cast its shadow on the workpiece. The laser-like shadow then shows the user where the cutter will come in contact with the workpiece.

While laser guides work just fine, most users prefer Dewalt’s unique XPS LED light. That’s because they see it as more accurate and reliable than the traditional laser guides. And since no recalibration is needed with the DWS780, the laser alignment retains its accuracy.

Usually, the positioning of the laser guides in other brands isn’t well-thought-out. That makes it more likely to knock them when using the laser. But with the DWS780 employing a different cutting guide mechanism, this turns the problem of the past.


Although they are close in terms of features, the prices of the DWS779 and DWS780 miter saws aren’t any close. The DWS779 will cost you way less than the latter version. As of the time of writing this article, the DWS779 goes for $399. If you want the DWS780, you have to be ready to part with a whopping $599. That’s a difference of $200. Of course, that’s a big price difference considering that the only difference between the two versions is the XPS LED light.

Final Verdict

One thing you need to know is that the DWS780 is an improved version of the DWS779. Basically, the only difference between the two is the XPS LED light. In other words, a DWS779 is a DWS780 minus the light. Other things like weight, motor, size, bevel mechanism, warranty conditions, and dust collection system are the same in the two models.

Of course, we expect the additional feature in the DWS780 to birth a difference in the price. However, we all agree that the XPS LED light alone isn’t adequate to justify this difference.

In fact, if you can do without the guide, the DWS779 will give you better value for your money. For those that want the light but aren’t ready to fork out for the DWS780, buying the DWS779 version and the light separately is one way to dodge the heavy price tag. In fact, that’s one way to convert your DWS779 to a DWS780 version when retaining some money in your pocket.

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