Top 10 Best Dual Fuel Generators 2020

A generator is a handy addition to any household. During natural disasters and storms, power outages are all too common and you need an alternative power source for your home.

Portable generators allow you to continue to have your home comforts whilst touring, using a caravan or camping. Before making a purchasing decision, decide how powerful you need it to be.

To do this, it is helpful to list the appliances that you will need to power and how much power you will need for each one. Another important factor when selecting the right generator is how portable it is. If you are using it for camping, for instance, you may not want one that is too heavy.

Here we have 10 recommended product reviews. 

DuroMax XP12000EH Dual Fuel 12000 Watt...

The DuroMax Hybrid dual fuel is a 12,000W generator powered by a 457 cc DuroMax OHV engine. This dual fuel generator can run for as much as 20 hours on propane. This portable unit is an extremely powerful unit to have as a home standby unit.

It’s a great unit for powering all the family appliances during a power outage. The power panel is fabulously well set up to prevent overloading with individual Breakers.

Unfortunately, I didn’t think that the generator was as well packaged as most of the others and there have been numerous reports of poor customer service, which is a great shame because this is a splendid generator and the best we tested.

  • Heavy-duty frame with four Point fully isolated motor mounts for Smooth quiet operation

  • Impressive power panel with oil warning display, circuit breaker, voltmeter, and power outlets

  • Low oil shut-off protects the engine

  • Quiet muffler reduces engine noise

  • Poor packaging

  • Poor customer service

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#2. Westinghouse WGen3600DF Dual Fuel Electric Start Portable Generator

Westinghouse WGen3600DF Dual Fuel (Gas...

The Westinghouse Dual Fuel Electric Start Portable Generator is a 3600W compact and portable generator, making it especially convenient.

It is easy to start-up thanks to the key fob remote and electric push-button.

It’s fine for working around the house or as an emergency backup, however, at 3,600W it’s not as powerful as some of the other portable generators on the market, so not as useful if you intend using it on a regular basis.

The carburetor on this model can be problematic and Westinghouse doesn’t have a great record for customer service. None the less, if you are looking for a decent portable this is amongst the best available.

  • The convenience of the Electric push button and key fob remote

  • Very easy to operate control panel

  • Cast Iron Engine Sleeve

  • Shuts down automatically if the oil is too low

  • Fully loaded with oil, an oil funnel and a handy tool kit

  • Carburetors can cause problems after a while

  • Poor customer service from Westinghouse.

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#3. Champion Portable 3400W Inverter Generator with Electric Start

Champion 3400-Watt Dual Fuel RV Ready...

The Champion Portable Inverter Generator is a Dual Fuel 3400W generator and runs well on both gasoline and propane.

We felt that this model was really too heavy, so not quite as portable as some other models on the market, which together with its relatively low output can be quite off-putting.

The generator conveniently has a three-position ignition and a low oil shut off sensor. The quick touch control panel allows makes it especially easy to control.

The generator is very quiet, and whilst not as powerful as the market leader, it is parallel ready, which means that it can be connected with another Champion inverter for additional power.

Unfortunately after a few months of testing, this generator the battery failed, and on an investigation, we found out that this seems to be a common problem. Customer service from Champion was mediocre.

  • Quiet

  • Touch start function and quick touch control panel

  • Parallel Ready – Connect with another Champion inverter for increased power

  • Economy Mode – longer engine life as well as cheaper fuel

  • Very heavy

  • The battery can be problematic

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#4. Pulsar 10,000 Watt Portable Dual-Fuel Generator with Electric Start

Pulsar G10KBN Space Gray 10,000 Watt...

The 10, 000 Watts make this generator a perfect second generator in the event of a power outage, however, it is a very loud machine which makes it quite off-putting.

It is dual fuel, like all the generators we tested and has electric start functionality. The engine is protected by a durable powder-coated frame which we found to be of good quality.

The single-cylinder, air-cooled engine has an electric start. This powerful generator is ideal for power tools, appliances and other devices.

The drop-down handles are a fantastic innovation and it benefits from Never-Flat tires, this adds extra mobility and makes the generator easy to store.

Like many of the other generators, this Pulsar model has low-oil shut off protection too, which is a great safety feature.

  • Electric push start technology

  • Powerful 10,000W generator

  • Dual Fuel Capability

  • Fully Portable

  • Never-flat tires and drop-down handles

  • Long Run-Time

  • Very Loud Machine

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#5. Champion 3800V Dual Fuel Ready Portable Generator with Electric Start technology

Champion 3800-Watt Dual Fuel RV Ready...

This is a solid and reliable engine, even if it is not as powerful as some of the others. This Champion generator has push-button electric start to make it easy to start up.

The thoughtful inclusion of Volt guard with this generator means that you can rest assured that your appliances will be well protected from power surges.

The battery in this generator isn’t the best and needs charged regularly, I leave mine on trickle charge now.

The pistons on the generator we tested were problematic, they stuck open and prevented the engine from creating adequate compression. When this happens, it needs servicing.

  • Touch start

  • Safety fuel selector switch

  • Air Cooled

  • Low Oil Shut-Off

  • Cast Iron Sleeve for Durability

  • Folding handle, and never-flat tires

  • The battery isn’t great

  • Pistons get stuck open and the generator needs to be serviced

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#6. Duromax XP4850EH Dual Fuel Electric Start Portable Generator

Duromax XP4850EH Dual Fuel 4850 Watt...

This generator runs off a dependable 4850W air-cooled engine. We loved its heavy-duty frame and found the four-point motor mounts to run very quietly.

We thought the power panel was impressive, fully loaded with the advance oil warning light, key start switch, voltmeter, and circuit breaker.

The generator also has a low oil Indicator lamp and low-oil shutoff. A great advantage of the Duromax was the certification by EPA, which assured us that the generator is safe to use in National Parks.

Great for trips away in the camper. Be particularly careful to charge the battery to 100 percent before using it. We felt that the oil inlet on this model was difficult to locate, making it a little difficult to change the oil.

Otherwise, this is a great buy, it’s a solid machine, has a good level of power, and represents good value for money.

  • Air Cooled Engine

  • Low-Oil Shutoff Sensor

  • Long-lasting durability

  • Cast-Iron Sleeve

  • Electric Start

  • Solid-Fill tires that won’t run-flat

  • Over-size Muffler with built-in Spark Arrestor

  • Oil inlet difficult to locate

  • Difficult to change the oil

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#7. DuroMax XP4400EH Dual Fuel Powered Portable Generator

Duromax XP4400EH Dual Fuel 4400 Watt...

This dual fuel generator is pretty basic and not the most powerful one at 3500 watts, it’s fine as a backup generator but not powerful enough to run a lot of your household appliances at once.

This generator is difficult to get going because the manual is a nightmare to follow. When you do get it up and running, its portable design makes it ideal for camping and the clever design ensures that it reliably starts every time.

It can run on gasoline but works best with propane, which can double the generators running time.

It only took us a moment to switch this generator from gas to propane and we hooked it up to a large tank with the flexible tube which was included.

It’s a noisy running machine which really put us off, even with the fully loaded power panel, including voltmeter power outlets, circuit breaker and engine shutoff switch.

  • Larger fuel tank capacity

  • Never-flat tires

  • Flip-up stowaway handles

  • Internal starting battery charges when the generator is running

  • Compact design

  • Not designed to take on sensitive equipment for charging

  • Very loud generator

  • Manual is very difficult to follow

  • Customer service is poor

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#8. Sportsman GEN4000DF Dual Fuel Powered Portable Generator

Sportsman GEN4000DF, 3500 Running...

This is a great choice if you want an all-round dual fuel 3500W generator for camping out or during a power outage.

We too this generator camping, was ideal because it was so quiet. Unfortunately, it’s not powerful enough to run all your home appliances at once and it uses a huge amount of oil.

We found changing the oil on this generator really difficult, the oil drain is in an awkward place and its almost impossible to pour oil in without making spilling it everywhere, what a mess!

We felt that his generator was reasonably priced, and would buy it for that reason. Overall, the is a good choice if you are looking for an affordable generator.

  • Quiet engine

  • Affordable

  • Not huge power

  • Uses too much oil

  • Oil difficult to change

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#9. Champion 7500W Dual Fuel Portable Generator with Electric Start

Champion 7500-Watt Dual Fuel Portable...

The Champion Dual Fuel portable generator is a powerful machine and in a power outage, you could be confident that the 7500W will be able to cope with the majority of your household appliances.

We found it easy to set up, it was ready to use as soon as we removed it from the box. We liked the easy to follow instructions and loved the packaging.

We thought that it was well equipped, with a low oil shut-off sensor, an electric start switch for powering up easily and we particularly liked the cold-start technology.

We loved the innovative Intelliguage which allowed us to stay on track of the voltage and run-time hours and found this especially useful in monitoring the power output.

The Champion generator is made of a sturdy tubular steel frame and has a handy foldable handle which makes it easy to store. All in all, this is a great generator.

  • Powerful 7500W Engine

  • Safety Fuel Selector Switch

  • Touch Start

  • Foldable handle for easy storage

  • Easy to follow instructions make it easy to use

  • Champion has a poor customer service when things go wrong

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#10. Sportsman GEN7500DF Portable Generator With Electric Start

Sportsman GEN7500DF 7,500 Watt 13 HP...

The Sportsman Series Dual Fuel Generator is powerful enough at 7500W to power all household essentials in the case of a power outage.

We weren’t impressed with the amount of self-assembly required to use this generator. This is definitely not ideal, if you are touring, have purchased it and left it in the box until your tour.

Do not purchase this, unless you are organized and set it up well in advance of requiring it! The Sportsman Series 7500 Watt Dual Fuel Generator is a fairly affordable generator offering a reasonably good amount of portable power.

I did like the mobility kit with wheels and handle, this is a great design feature making the generator easy to move around, but for me, the setting it up was so off-putting even this design feature didn’t make up for it.

It does have some redeeming features though, low oil shut off safety feature, a spark arrestor, a circuit breaker and an engine shut off switch.

Another negative is that the sportsman generator does not come with a battery, which is essential for the electric start, this is disappointing.

  • Powerful

  • Affordable

  • Mobility Kit with Wheels making it very portable

  • Does not include battery

  • A huge amount of setting up to do in advance of use

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why purchase a portable generator?

Even with today’s wonderful technology, power outages happen for a variety of reasons. A portable generator can offer back-up for a typical household in the event of such an emergency.

Q: Are there any issues, I need to be aware of to operate a portable generator safely?

Yes, you are probably aware that each year in the US a number of people die from carbon monoxide poisoning as a result of using portable generators incorrectly. Portable generators are perfectly safe, bu they must be set up away from the property and no where near windows, doors or vents.. Portable generators should NEVER be used indoors or in basements or garages.

Q: Can generators be paralleled to increase power?

In theory generators can be paralleled. However this is often difficult and makes installation extremely complex. If you do want to parallel generators, it is best to use two, which are compatible, the same design. I would recommend sticking with the Champion Portable 3400W Inverter Generator if paralleling generators is a priority for you.

Q: How do I decide which size of generator I need?

In general, you need to consider when and what you will use your generator for. If it’s as a home back-up system then you should be looking at getting the largest generator possible. We would recommend you look at the Pulsar 10,000 Watt Portable Dual-Fuel Generator or the DuroMax Hybrid Dual Fuel XP12000EH Portable Generator which is an excellent portable generator. If, on the other hand you are looking for a generator only for fishing or camping, you might decide on a smaller generator like the Sportsman Portable Generator which is particularly economical.

Q: Do portable generators need grounded?

Yes. The generator must be grounded properly. Not grounding the generator puts you at risk of electrocution.


the DuroMax Hybrid Dual Fuel XP12000EH Portable Generator. This really is the star of the show, with a massive 12000W. Even with the massive power feature, it is fairly quiet. Whilst not the most mobile on the market the fully loaded kit makes it by far the Best Buy.

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