How To Get Rid Of Raccoons In The Backyard? (2024)

Raccoons are furry mammals mostly found in the backyards and mainly indulged in destructive activities. Do you have sleepless nights due to noisy acts done by raccoons in your backyard? Though they are not known for doing any harm to human beings but are famous for doing damages to your backyard in search of food.

Raccoons are fond of fruits, mice, vegetables, and even leftovers of your backyard garbage. They are generally seen in the abundant water areas and are nocturnal beings. Raccoons are omnivorous creatures and good climbers too.

But don’t worry as we have fortunately got many ways to keep these naughty furries out of your backyard and prevent them from encroaching into your area. The basic rules to follow while trying to get rid of raccoons are:

  • Prefer garbage bins with cover
  • Keep your garbage bin clean by washing it periodically
  • Avoid leaving pet food in your backyard
  • Look for any entry holes in your backyard that can be invaded by a raccoon and block them

Here in this blog, we will try to share a few effective methods to remove raccoons from your backyard.

Physical barrier

The first step is to close all the ways for raccoons to come in your backyard. Thus, the motive of this step is not to let them come inside your property. Do surveillance of every corner of your property. Identify the possible places from where a raccoon could enter your backyard. These places can be holes or an open area at the border of your land. If you observe holes in around your property, then you should seal them permanently. How? Well, you can use concrete or soil to block the holes, but make sure the raccoons must not be able to reopen the hole.

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You can even install tall fences around your home as a physical barrier. Make sure that the fences are sturdy as they cannot be broken by raccoons. Usually, fences with thorns are recommended to keep the raccoons away. However, they require regular maintenance. You can also install electric fences instead of the normal ones. Why? It is because raccoons are natural jumpers. If the height of your fence is low, then it is likely that they will jump into your backyard.

It is also recommended to cover other openings at your home. Raccoons can even enter through the chimney. Try to cover the places by metal nets.

Scare them off

Raccoons always stay away from danger. Thus, if you can scare them, then they will go away from your home. Now, various devices could be used to scare them. Thanks to advanced technology, you can use devices like motion sensors. These sensors get activated whenever they sense motion within their range. What do they do after getting activated? This depends a lot on the type of sensor you choose. Some sensors activate water sprinklers at your home, some produce ultrasonic waves, while some activate the lighting at your home. Irrespective of the sensor you choose, they are highly effective against raccoons.

You can even scare them off with loud noise. You can use a blow horn whenever you see a raccoon in your backyard. The third method to scare them away is to have a pet at your home. Now, which pet? If you want to scare raccoons away, then prefer a cat or dog. Why? Because cats are natural enemies of the raccoon. Thus, raccoons will not try to get into your home. A dog is also a great pet to scare the raccoons. If it is a big one, then try to keep it out, in the backyard.

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Get rid of things that attract them

Why do you think a raccoon enters your home in the first place? Yes, food as well as shelter. Raccoons are omnivores being; they usually enter your home to gather some food. Some raccoons even build their nests in your backyard. So, now you know the reason they come to your backyard. How can you get rid of them? It is simple. Try removing things that attract them. Hundreds of substances could attract them. The first thing is trash. Therefore, it is always recommended to clear the trash around your home frequently. Even the garbage bins should be sturdy such that raccoons cannot open them.

You can also try to cover your garden. This step is essential if your garden has eatable plants. You can cover the garden with large fences or electric fences.  You should also prevent putting food outside your home.

Cleanliness and traps

Raccoons are usually attracted to untidy places. Why? Well, for them, there are more chances of getting food there. Thus, you should keep your surroundings clean. This includes your garbage cans. Try to sanitize them with chemicals frequently.

Some other methods to scare away raccoons are

Ammonium – Try spreading ammonium everywhere around your property. Raccoons cannot withstand the odor of this chemical. Thus, they always stay away from your home.

Pepper and chilies – These are two natural animal repellents. You can sprinkle them around the area from where raccoons enter your backyard. The only issue with this method is the requirement for frequent sprinkles.

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You can even use raccoon traps as the last option if other methods don’t work. There are various traps available in the market. However, while choosing a trap, you must look for the correct size and good quality. So, what after trapping the raccoon? Most people don’t discuss this topic. They usually leave the raccoon far away from their home. This is not recommended. Why? Because raccoons can come back again or they can enter someone else’s backyard. Therefore, in this scenario, you should immediately contact the wildlife department of your area. They are experienced and know the perfect place for these raccoons. They can even transfer these raccoons to wildlife parks or zoos.

Wrap up

It can be challenging to deal with raccoons. They are sneaky, and extremely fast too. However, the methods we have discussed are one of the most effective ones against raccoons.

All these methods are practically effective to keep them away from your property. Do make sure that you select a method carefully as the effectiveness varies as per your location.

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