Top 11 Best Nail Pullers (2024)

Nailing at the wrong place or angle when working on our long-awaited project can happen to even the best of us.

You may also end up having broken, headless or bent fasteners which is rather infuriating when working.

When this happens, we are afraid of destroying the wood by pulling out the nail using the traditional hammer.

The good thing is, there are specially made nail pullers which are meant to ensure minimal or no damage is caused as you pull out the nail and also make the process easy.

Depending on the projects that you normally carry out, you may require a specific type of nail puller and that’s why in this article,

We focused on the ones with exceptional quality and versatility for more adaptability.

This assures you that by reading this article, you’ll find a tool that matches your requirements perfectly.

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11 Nail Puller Reviews

1) Air Locker AP700 Nail Puller

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The Air Locker AP700 is designed to ensure that nails are pushed out easily without causing any damage to your wood. As the name suggests, it uses air pressure to push nails out through the other side. It has a 1/4” air inlet and operates at a pressure of between 80 – 120 PSI. The size of nails it can remove ranges from 10-20 gauge which is the normal size for commonly used nails. This amount of power that it holds makes it a valuable addition to your tools.

It has a full cast aluminum body which is light to ensure ease of use. The metal body makes the AP700 durability high meaning that it can withstand most of the work thrown its’ way. For easy grip and protection of your hands during use, its handle is rubberized.

The AP700 has an ergonomically designed nose in that it’s thin and elongated to ensure that it can fit in even the tiny places to push nails out.


  • Powerful punch nail remover
  • Durable
  • Ergonomic nose design
  • Works with both hard and soft woods
  • Saves a lot of time when removing nails
  • Compact


  • Nails may get stuck inside the plunger

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2) Crescent NP11 Nail Puller

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The compact Crescent NP11 Nail Pulling pliers are smaller than most nail removers measuring 11″ but they perform as required. They are made of steel which makes them sturdy and durable to ensure that you can use them for long and in any type of environment.

The NP11 pliers have two handles which make the whole process easy in that you can grip, roll, and remove the nail without the need for extra support. The grip allows you to extract nails regardless of their size or damage which makes it adaptable and a go-to nail remover in most situations.

Your hands are kept free of sores as its handles are covered with rubber grips which make it comfortable to use the tool.

To remove nails, one has to apply force after gripping the target nail. Due to the small size of these pliers, one has to apply lots of force and it may be demanding when working with deeply embedded nails.


  • Compact
  • Durable
  • Safe on your wood
  • Not tied to a specific size of nails


  • Lacks enough leverage
  • Bends nails

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3) Estwing Nail Puller DEP12 Nail Puller

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The Estwing Nail puller is a tool made for those looking for a simple yet durable nail remover. It’s forged using steel which makes it durable and flexible to use in any environment which ensures that it offers you service for a long time.

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It has an elongated design to create more leverage for you as you work. This makes the process effortless as you’ll require minimal force to remove nails. The heads on both sides are rounded to increase torque making your work easier.

For more adaptability, the Estwing nail puller has claws on both ends. On one end, the claws are wedged to make a digger which digs into woods to reach nails and on the other end, it has slender straight claws to hold onto any exposed nail. This makes your work easy even when working with deeply embedded fasteners.

Its claws are lank to access hard to reach spots which gives you an advantage as you work even with small nails.


  • Durable
  • Its length provides enough leverage
  • Slim to fit hard to reach places


  • Not suitable for removing long nails
  • May damage wood

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4) Stanley FMHT55008 Nail Puller

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The Stanley FatMax Claw Bar is small in size but delivers quite a performance when prying and pulling nails from your wood. It’s made of high-carbon spring steel which makes it a strong and durable claw bar.

To make it more suitable for heavy-duty jobs, its heat treated and tempered. This makes it tough to give you great service for a long time.

The edges of its claws are polished to provide precise penetration when prying. On the striking side of this bar, the striking surface is flat which allows the claws to be driven deeper to reach deeply entrenched nails.

The bar has an ergonomic grip which is comfortable to hold and protects you from the metal bar. Its grip also works as an insulator against harsh conditions.


  • Compact
  • Durable high-carbon spring steel material
  • Easy to use
  • Ergonomic design heads to get into small places
  • Can remove headless nails


  • Only suitable for small nails
  • Small leverage
  • May have uneven claws

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5) Shark CORP 21-2028 Nail Puller

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The Corp 21-2028 is composed of hardened steel alloy which gives it its durability properties and capabilities to withstand harsh environments. The hardened steel is tempered to ensure that it doesn’t end up bending or chipping when you’re pulling out tough nails.

It has a length of 11” which gives you enough leverage to pull small to medium sized nails without too much effort. The rounded heads provide more torque making the process easier.

The claws are sharp to grip on embedded and headless nails which make it rather versatile in a construction environment.


  • Durable
  • Compact
  • Great for small nails


  • Has no rubber grip
  • Not enough leverage for long nails

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6) 3PLUS HAPT50SP Nail Puller

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Unlike the conventional nail pullers, the 3PLUS HAPT50SP removes nails by pushing them to the other side of the wooden board/ pallet/ case. It does this through the use of pressurized air, which is really powerful making it a significant power tool for your projects.

It’s made up of die-cast aluminum which is light enabling ease of use. The material is also durable and can withstand working in harsh conditions.

Its nose is slim and elongated to be able to access hard to reach places. This makes it versatile as it’s quite adaptable. According to its power and size of the nose, the nails that it can comfortably remove range from 10 – 20 gauge.

It comes with a rubberized grip which makes it easy and comfortable to use.

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  • Saves time
  • Rubberized grip for comfortable use
  • Powerful
  • Compact
  • Ergonomic nose for adaptability


  • Leaks air

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7) Dead On Tools EX9CL Nail Puller

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Dead on tools are legendary in construction industries and this just confirms that their tools are exceptional. It has unique features which are rarely found on other nail extractors.

The Dead on EX9CL exhumer is made of durable material which can withstand a considerable amount of work. Its sturdy and resilient constitution makes it perfect for professionals who require constant use of nail pullers.

It has a length of 10-5/8” which makes it suitable for pulling nails up to 3” long. Its claws can dig and reach for deeply fixed nails and are slender for use in some hard to reach spots.

It has extra features which include a circular saw wrench and a nail-pick on the side which makes a valuable addition to your toolbox as it has extra uses.


  • Durable
  • Has extra features including a circular saw wrench
  • Good for tight places


  • No leverage for large nails

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8) Vaughan & Bushnell 4320 Dalluge Da Bar Nail Puller

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Made for precision and durability in mind, the Da bar is a unique and high-quality nail puller. It’s made of forged and tempered steel which makes it sturdy and suitable for heavy-duty projects. The Da Bar is made to be light enough to carry around and for ease of use.

It’s 14” long which gives the user enough leverage even when working with long nails. Its edges are rounded to be favorable to your hands as you pull nails.

The Da Bar has slender claws which allow it to slide under nails without causing damage to your wood. This makes it suitable when you’re planning to recycle wood.

The bar has a chrome finish which provides corrosion/ chipping resistance making it suitable for long time professional use.


  • Provides enough leverage
  • Has chrome finishing for more endurance
  • Compact and light
  • Slender paws to avoid damage


  • May fail to grip headless nails

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9) Stiletto TICLW12 Nail Puller

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Titanium is one of the strongest and surprisingly light materials which makes the Stiletto TICLW12 strong, light and suitable for use in harsh and heavy-duty projects. The titanium also has shock-absorbent properties which reduce the intensity of vibrations reaching your hands.

It has a good length of 11.5” which gives you good leverage for an easy time when pulling out nails. The bar has round edges so that it’s easy on your hands to provide comfort when using it.

Because titanium is quite strong, the claws are very slender and strong to ensure that they slide under nails without causing damage to your wood. It also has a special feature i.e, a nail exposer which helps reduce damage to your wood by efficiently exposing deeply embedded nails.


  • Comes with a nail exposer
  • Sturdy and light material
  • Has good leverage
  • Minimized wood damage
  • Shock absorbent material


  • Expensive

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10) Crescent 56 Nail Puller

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The Crescent 56 is 18” long which makes it the longest nail puller in this list. With this type of length, the leverage when pulling out nails is just incredible as you apply minimal force to get a nail out.

It’s composed of forged and tempered jaw making it resistant to chipping and fit for demanding projects. It has a rounded handle which is comfortable to hold and easy on the hands.

Due to its size, it’s hard for it to fit into tight corners. This makes it only suitable for open surfaces. The jaw is adjustable making it perfect for a wide range of nail sizes. The Crescent 56 is also suitable for pulling out headless nails as its jaws can grip tightly onto them.

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  • Doesn’t bend nails
  • Removes headless nails easily
  • Minimal wood damage
  • Has great leverage


  • Inconsistent quality
  • It’s heavy

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11) DeWalt DWHT55524 Nail Puller

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DeWalt is a renowned company for making exceptional tools. The DeWalt DWHT55524 Claw Bar is made of high-quality material which makes it sturdy and durable. It is 10″ in length making its leverage small and mostly suitable for pulling out small to medium sized nails which require minimal force.

It has a nail exposer which makes it possible to expose the nail with minimal damage to your wood. After exposing the nail, its claws can easily grip on it and remove it. The claws are beveled and slim to dig into the wood and reach under embedded nails which reduces damage and make work easier. It also has a flat face to ensure minimal damage when digging or pulling the nails out.

It has an I-beam shaft which works well with medium and small nails. Too much weight should not be applied on the shaft as it can end up breaking because it’s composed of light material. The shaft is also a little rough on the hand as its edges are not rounded.


  • Has a nail exposer
  • Beveled claws


  • May break if too much force is applied

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What powers nail pullers?

A nail puller can be manual, pneumatic or magnetic. Magnetic nail pullers are powered by electricity; manual nail pullers require force applied by hand; pneumatic nail pullers are run by air pressure.

Does the length of a nail puller matter?

Yes, it does. The size of a nail puller matters as it determines the leverage the puller will provide. Leverage is important as it determines the force required to pull out any nail. The longer the puller, the more the leverage it has.

Can I use traditional claw as an alternative to nail pullers?

If you’re not looking to recycle your materials, you can use a traditional claw hammer. However, it’s good to note that it will cause a lot of damage and will take more time to pull your nails compared to nail pullers.

What is a nail exposer?

A nail exposer is an extra feature added to a nail puller which digs around the nail to expose it with minimal damage to the wood. This comes in handy when you need to recycle your material.

Which is the right nail puller for me?

The right nail puller is determined by the functionality you require as per your project. Always look at the features and qualities that you want and then narrow down using the price. This makes sure that you don’t end up with a tool that you don’t like.

Final Verdict

Nail pullers are important especially if you’re a professional or a regular DIYer.

They come in handy as they provide a safer way to pull out misplaced fasteners without damaging your wood.

Each nail puller has its own features and flaws but one should always consider the one that fits their set specifications perfectly.

It’s always best to choose a versatile nail puller for adaptability on different projects.

It’s our hope that through this review, you’ll be able to find the nail puller you’ve been looking for.

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