Top 11 Best Pry Bars (2024)

Whether it is scraping, opening stubborn lids, pulling nails, or untying the tight pieces of woods, it remains a real hassle especially if you lack the right tool.

And yes, a pry bar is the perfect tool that will get the work done without breaking a sweat.

This tool features a compressed point for easy access to confined spaces and sometimes a tiny gap in one or both ends for discarding nails.

However, before you make any addition to your arsenal, you will need to first equip yourself with knowledge about what you should buy and what you should avoid from the plethora of options flooding the market.

In this article, we have reviewed the 11 top-notch options you should never hesitate to give a shot.

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11 Pry Bar Reviews

#1 Vaughan B215 Pry Bar

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If you are a DIY enthusiast, tradesman, or may be responsible homeowner, this equipment is one of the ideal options you should consider adding to your toolbox. The unit comes with a 15-inch length which gives better leverage to ensure that you get an experience like no other.

Steel Construction

One of the features you will notice about this pry bar is that it features heavy-duty construction. The premium-grade tool is of spring tempered steel. In other words, this is among the pry bars that can be utilized in heavy duties. The durable construction also makes it versatile since it can handle a broader range of tasks.

Three Nails Slots

While some pry bars come with a single nail slot, Vaughan B215 features three nails slots. This feature gives the user more convenience when using the tool and makes it easy to use.

Sharp Blades

If you need a tool that will provide easy untying of tight pieces, you should ensure that you choose the one with a tapered end. And yes, this pry bar features a sharp blade that makes it easy to insert the bar between two pieces for easy access in the hard-to-reach areas.


  • It has durable, sharp blades.
  • It is straightforward to use.
  • The pry bar is versatile.


  • The painting is not perfect.

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#2 Stanley 55-515 Pry Bar

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Having been in the market for over 170 years, Stanley has proved over the years as one of the reliable manufacturers when it comes to offering quality products. In other words, even before buying, you already have the assurance that you will get the best value for your money in return.

Innovative Design

This tool also features beveled cutting edges for easy access between spaces. This design makes scraping, prying, and removing nails a snap even from tight spaces. Just like the preceding model, it also comes with three nail slots that add more convenience to ensure that you get an experience like no other.

Durable Construction:

Stanley 55-515 is made from tempered steel construction that stands the test of time even with constant abuse. To make the tool even more durable, this pry bar is heat treated. The ability to withstand a bending momentum of up to 310 pounds means that this pry bar can be used for the demanding tasks.

Premium Coating

Although steel is naturally strong, it catches rust when exposed to a corrosive environment. With this in mind, a premium coat covers the steel construction of this pry bar to prevent it from rusting. This feature lets you use the unit in the outdoor environment with the confidence that it will not catch rust over time.


  • It provides an excellent angle for easy nail removal.
  • It is more useful than the hammer.
  • It is ideal for prying.


  • You may need a more extended bar for the bigger jobs.

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#3 Mayhew 61366 Pry Bar

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This pry bar set features a hardened steel construction that offers exceptional strength for everyday use. The 5-piece set is entirely heat treated for maximum durability. Furthermore, since they are resistant to oil, temperature, and solvent, we should be right to say that they are designed to tackle a broader range of projects.

Ergonomic Handle

When choosing any tool, you will want to go for a design that delivers comfort to the palm. And yes, this is among the tools that are designed with ergonomics in mind. The top-grade pry bars come with ergonomic handles which mean that you get superior comfort and grip. In other words, you can use these pry bars for long to handle more significant tasks without applying much pressure to the palm.

Capped End

At some point, you will need to strike a pry bar especially if you are trying to force it through a very tight space. With this in mind, this pry bar features a capped end that is forged through the handle. This feature lets you strike the pry bar without the fear that you may damage the handle.

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Black Oxide Finish

Another fantastic feature about this tool is that it comes with a unique black oxide finish. This feature prevents the pry bar from catching rust, making it a standout from most models out there. The beautiful finish also heightens the elegance of the set making it a perfect suit for the aesthetic enthusiasts.


  • The handles offer a comfortable grip.
  • The black oxide finish makes it an aesthetically appealing unit.
  • They come in versatile sizes.


  • The unit flexes a bit although it retains the original shape.

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#4 TEKTON Angled Tip Pry Bar

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This set of three features an angled tip that provides a high-leverage prop to give you an easy time when prying or lifting. Furthermore, each piece features a razor sharp end that will wedge into tight space with minimal effort while the high-quality striking caps means that you can use a hammer to drive the end into any space.

Purposeful Design

This pry bar comes with an angled tip that provides a pivot point that lets you lift the more massive objects such as tables or machinery with much ease. The ends are also compressed to make it easy to penetrate through the tightest spaces.

I-Inch Striking Cap

TEKTON LSQ42103 also features a capped handle that allows you to strike the tool with a hammer for easy penetration through confined spaces when pushing by hand seems not to bear any results. What makes the capping of this unit unique is that the steel cap has a diameter of an inch; hence there is no chance for hitting the handle.

Premium Finish

Each of the three pieces features black oxide finish that resists corrosion to ensure that you enjoy an extended service life. Unlike the powder coating and the chrome plated finishes, this premium black-oxide finish will neither flake nor chip off.


  • The strong construction means that the pry bar will not flex when in use.
  • The handle absorbs shock nicely.
  • The large striking surface offers enhanced protection to the ergonomic handle.


  • The tip angle limits it in that it cannot hold constant pressure.

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#5 Craftsman 3 Piece Pry Bar

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This set also comes with three pieces of pry bars. Each piece features robust steel construction that suits most projects. The premium steel construction means that the units will not flex like some pry bars even when used for heavy tasks.

Multiple sizes

Obviously, when working on big projects, you will need a more extended pry bar than when dealing with lighter jobs. The three pieces of this pry bar set come with a different length to suit various projects. The longest measures 25 inches for the big projects while the 17-inch and 12-inch suit medium and light applications respectively-You will always have an option for the different jobs around the home, garage, or workshop.

Polypropylene Handle

Each of the three pry bars features an ergonomic handle that is of polypropylene material. This construction ensures that you get a secure grip so that you can comfortably work for long.

Massive Load Capacity

The load capacity defines the amount of force a unit can withstand when pressure is exerted. These pry bars come with hardened steel construction that offers superior strength to give the tool a large load capacity. The high load capacity means that this unit can be used to suit wider projects.


  • It is a good option for DIY lovers.
  • The black oxide finish is durable.
  • It has a useful strike cap at the end.


  • An additional length would suit heavy tasks better.

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#6 ARES 70184 Pry Bar

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The set also consists of three pry bars with the lengths of 8 inches, 12 inches, and 16 inches to suit a variety of tasks. The heads of the pry bars can be adjusted to lock into 11 positions and indexable to an angle of 180 degrees to give you added convenience when working on the hard-to-reach areas. The ergonomic TPR handle eliminates hand fatigue during prolonged use by offering excellent grip.

Quality Construction

Each of these pry bars features a premium high-strength vanadium steel construction that can withstand everyday heavy-duty use for years to come. The robust construction is reinforced by a manganese phosphate finish that prevents rust and corrosion prolonging the longevity of the tool.

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Adjustable Head

The three pry bars are indexable to an angle of 180 degrees and come with an 11-position locking head that gives you the ideal angle you need to execute every task correctly. This feature pairs with the three varying lengths for superior leverage on any job.

ANSI Certified

To let you buy with the confidence that you can rely upon the tool to get the job perfectly done, these pry bars meet the stringent ANSI standards which means that they will hardly disappoint on their performance.


  • The customizable claw makes it easy to get the perfect angle for the job.
  • The indexing action ensures improved leverage.
  • It is a versatile tool.


  • The handle may not be as long as you may want.

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#7 4-Piece Mechanic Hand Tools By Dicfeos

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Unlike most of the other sets that come with three pieces, this pry bar set comes with four pieces. I mean, with this pry bar set, you get more versatility and convenience when working on different projects. Each piece comes with an ergonomically designed handle that minimizes hand fatigue by offering a comfortable non-slip grip.

Comfortable Handle

This unit features a handle that is of heavy-duty polypropylene material. The heavy-duty material is impact resistant and guarantees a secure, comfortable grip to ensure that you get the best user experience even when using it for a more extended period. The handle is also longer than those of competitors to ensure that you get a firmer grip.


As aforementioned, this pack includes four pieces of premium-grade pry bars, measuring 8 inches, 12 inches, 18 inches, and 24 inches. With all these sizes, you can easily handle any job with ease since the dimensions are designed to suit different applications.

Built-in Strike Cap

The strike cap at the top of the handle allows you to hit the pry bar with a hammer when there is the need to without compromising on the beauty of the handle. This feature pairs with the non-flex hardened steel construction to make it easy to fit the tip in the tightest spaces.


  • The pry bars are lightweight yet sturdy.
  • The multiple sizes provide versatility.
  • They are budget-friendly.


  • The longest piece flexes a bit, unlike the other three smaller sizes.

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#8 GearWrench 82248 48″ Pry Bar

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If you are looking for a pry bar that can handle nearly any prying or aligning work, this could be what you have longed to add to your toolbox. The ruggedly constructed unit surpasses the strict ANSI and ASME standards to guarantee years of reliable service.

Grooved Profile

One of the fantastic features about this pry bar is that it features a grooved profile at the head. This design provides improved traction to make it quick and safer to perform your operations than when using other conventional models.

Adjustable Length

Instead of the package coming with several pry bars if varying lengths, it comes with a single piece with an adjustable length. The minimum length of GearWrench 82248 is 29 inches and extends to a length of 48-inch depending on the type of application. The customizability enhances the convenience, versatility, and allows you to collapse the unit almost effortlessly for secure storage in your toolbox.

Advanced Locking Mechanism

The head of this tool locks in 14 positions and is indexable through 180 degrees to provide access that cannot be beaten. The radial locking mechanism makes it more straightforward to change the head position making the tool generally easy to use for the beginners.


  • Adjusting the head is smooth.
  • The bar is very versatile.
  • It conveniently nests in a toolbox.


  • It may not suit the DIY’ers and homeowners operating within a strict budget.

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#9 The Ames Companies Pry Bar

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Just in case you are looking for a budget-friendly pry bar that will get the work done, it would be a wise move to try out this model. Actually, when we compare the price to that of the other pry bars of the same caliber, we would be right to claim this to be the best deal you can come across on the market.

Lightweight Design:

If you work for longer periods, choosing a lightweight pry bar will minimize fatigue. And yes, if you go out hunting up for the lightweight options, this is one of the ideal models you will come across. With just a weight of 2.75 pounds, this 24-inch pry bar is easy to carry around the home or workshop and convenient to work with.

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Pointed Edge:

This pry bar also features a sharp end that allows for easy fitting into thinner spaces. This feature makes it an ideal option for prying and levering materials.

Robust construction:

Whether you are working on light projects or heavy-duty tasks, you will definitely need a unit that will not bend easily when in use. This tool comes with strong steel construction that is hardened to offer superior strength without flexing. This feature ensures reliability and extends the service life of the piece.


  • The weight of the pry bar is perfect.
  • The pointy design fits through tin spaces.
  • It is a very heavy-duty unit.


  • The coating may come off with time.

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#10 Crescent Brand BLACK DB18X 18 Pry Bar

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This pry bar comes with an innovatively-designed head that provides better access and broader supports when in use. The head locks in 16 positions through a reliable mechanism to ensure unparalleled access for better customer experience. The tool measures 18 inches long; a perfect size that suits wider applications and comes with a nail slot that makes removing stubborn nails a breeze.

90-Degree Flat Head:

The right-angled head of the pry bar ensures that you have advances access and better support for prying against workpieces. The head also features a raised reinforced wedge at the back that offers a stable surface for hitting with a hammer for easy loosening and penetration.

Convenient Design:

This pry bar comes with an innovative design that lets you tackle any renovation tasks around the home with ease. The design allows you to adjust the tool with ease so that attack any task from the ideal angle. Therefore, with this tool, you are guaranteed that the job will get done faster and easier.

Decorative handle:

The 2-tone handle is sure to add unique accents to any toolbox. The aesthetic design pairs with the ergonomic design of the handle and robust construction of the unit to ensure that you get the best value from your purchase.


  • The tool allows for smooth head rotation.
  • The finish of the tool is great.
  • The adjustability makes it handy.


  • The nail slot is quite wider.

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#11 Sunex 9804 Pry Bar

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This premium-grade set comes with four pieces measuring 6 inches, 12 inches, 16 inches, and 20 inches. Each piece features a pointed end for effortless penetration through tinier spaces. The pry bars come with sturdy steel construction that will handle light, medium, and heavy duties alike.

Hardened Tips

Although the unit features robust steel construction, the steel material of the tips is hardened to provide the unit with a more massive load capacity that will suit heavy tasks without breaking or flexing.

Portable Design

Although this pry bar is sturdy, it only weighs 0.48 pounds hence it is convenient to work with. The lightweight design also makes it easy to transport the unit to the site of use.

Rolling Head

The right-angled head can be rotated easily to provide the ideal angle of access for any project. The head is also reinforced hence can be struck by a hammer when prying.


  • The four pieces ensure versatility.
  • The construction is durable.
  • It is easy to use.


  • The edges are pretty thick hence it’s quite hard to fit in tight spaces.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a pry bar used for?

A pry bar is a tool that consists of flattened end and occasionally a small fissure on one end or the other for removing nails. They are also used for separating two pieces of woods since they have a chisel-shaped end.

What are pry bars made of?

Pry bars are occasionally constructed from medium-carbon steel although there are a few models that come with heavy-gauge steel construction.

What is the difference between a crowbar and a pry bar?

Just in case you are wondering whether a crowbar is different from a pry bar, the fact is that they all refer to the same tool. You may also come across names such as wrecking bar, prise bar and pinch-bar which also refer to the same equipment.

Final Verdict:

With the help of the 11 top-rated pry bars reviewed above, choosing the right tool for your upcoming project has just gotten easier. Our top picks come from different brands and differ in terms of features. Therefore, examine the features of each keenly before settling for one.

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