Winkbeds Mattress Review (2023)

At the end of the day, what we all crave for is a good night’s sleep. Sleep really can crack out the stresses in our hectic lives. Have you ever thought about the factors that soothe your sleep? Even though the subject evolves around different factors, the primary role of improving your sleeping experience goes to your choice of mattress.

Thinking what the big deal is about the mattress? A quality mattress can help you in many ways. Not only improves your sleep but health also. Choosing a perfect mattress will help you prevent back pain and reduce the chances of body pains. A good mattress provides the right support to your body and boosts the quality of your sleep.

Now, you know the importance of choosing a perfect mattress. A better mattress definitely makes your life better. Are you thinking of changing your mattress already?

Choosing the perfect mattress is not as easy as it sounds. Different kinds of mattresses are available in the market, and picking the right brand and type is obviously a tough task. Are you pretty much lazy to find the best one?

Here we are simplifying your task of finding the perfect mattress. We are introducing you to the best mattress brand available in the United States and one of the most popular mattress models.

Aren’t you eager to know the product we are talking about? It’s the WinkBed series of mattresses from The WinkBeds Company. Before going to the details of the WinkBed model, we will have a glance at the details of the brand and its other models of mattresses.

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Overview Of The WinkBeds Company

The WinkBeds Company is a mattress brand running with a mission to build the world’s most people-centric bedding company. The brand manufactures all their mattresses in the United States itself. The brand stands out from other mattress brands in the country as all their products are handmade with the finest quality American-sourced materials.

The mattresses from WinkBeds are handcrafted by skilled mattress-makers from their factory at Wisconsin. These mattresses are traditionally crafted with high-quality and highly durable materials to ensure their longevity for a lifetime.

The WinkBeds Company aims at people’s wellness. They believe that a better mattress will help people live better lives. Therefore, they ensure the superior quality of their mattresses by the craftmanship, and not by mass production. You can see the integrity of the brand in the quality of products they manufacture.

What more interesting about The WinkBeds Company are its warranty policies. Can you believe that a mattress brand offers 120 nights, risk-free trial, and full replacement Lifetime Warranty? The brand claims that they will give you a 100% refund if you don’t get the best sleep of your life on their mattress within 120 days of use. Their lifetime warranty allows the customers to replace the defective mattress at a zero cost.

Also, you don’t have to spend your valuable time on exchange or refund procedures as the policies of The WinkBeds Company is hassle-free, quick, easy, and customer-friendly.

Different Models Of Mattresses From The WinkBeds Company

The WinkBeds Company features three series or three different types of models; The WinkBed, MemoryLux, and EcoCloud Hybrid.

The WinkBed series features a luxury hybrid mattress manufactured with best in class premium foam and innerspring. What makes the WinkBed series different from other range of mattresses from the brand is its 3- Step Back Relief System, and Triple Layer Heat Disperse material. Obviously, this model is the star of the brand as well as our article. We will, of course, cover its entire specifications and features in the next session of the article.

The MemoryLux series of mattresses from the WinkBeds features a premium range of mattresses designed with patented Aircell Foam. The deep contouring memory foam of the MemoryLux mattresses aligns your spine perfectly and ease your pain. MemoryLux mattresses are made of seven support layers to offer plush comfort and firmer support to shoulders, hips, and back. The AirCell Foam of these mattresses retains zero heat, unlike other mattresses made with Visco foam.

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The Eco Cloud Hybrid mattresses are for the environmentalists out there. The mattresses in EcoCloud series are made with 100% natural and sustainably tapped Talalay latex. They make a perfect choice for babies and people prone to allergic reactions. The Talalay offers a weightless floating-on-a-cloud feeling or non-pressure feel and relieves your pain.

Sleep in Mattress

The WinkBed Mattress

As said earlier, WinkBed is a luxury hybrid mattress made with the best premium foam and innerspring. It has been selected as The Number One Innerspring Mattress by The New York Times Wirecutter.

WinkBed mattresses are available in four Firmness options; Softer, Luxury Firm, Firmer, and Plus. Therefore, you can definitely choose the comfiest one as per your requirements. You don’t also have to worry about the size as the brand manufactures mattresses in six different sizes in the market.

The WinkBed Mattresses ranked first in many top mattresses list including the US News Overall Best Mattresses 2020. It secured a safe place in many award nominations and bagged many awards for its supreme quality and durability.

Are you wondering about the reasons for popular acceptance of the WinkBed? Obviously, their unique construction and features are the main reasons for their large popularity in a short time in the United States.

Now, we will move on to the specifications in construction and other features of the WinkBed.

Unique Features Of WinkBed Mattresses

WinkBed mattresses are not simply handcrafted but incorporated with a lot of features. The contribution of these features for the popularity of the WinkBed mattresses is not negligible. Let us have a glance at some of the features which made WinkBed mattresses unique.

Tencel Outer Layer

The outer layer of the WinkBed mattresses is made up of Tencel. Tencel is natural and Eucalyptus-derived. Tencel hence is a lighter and breathable material. Thus, it is cooler than any of the synthetic materials normally seen on ordinary mattresses. Tencel is 30% cooler than Linen to be precise. It is also softer than cotton and more absorbent than cotton.

The all-natural and eco-friendly Tencel material, therefore, ensures that you are provided with optimum temperature during sleeping.

Euro-Pillow Top

The cool and comfy top layer is one of the unique characteristics of the WinkBed mattresses. The Euro-Pillow top of the WinkBed mattresses consists of a gel-infused foam that offers a smooth and luxurious touch as well as firmness and support you would love to have.

Euro-Pillow top together with Tencel outer layer provides a better sleeping experience offering supreme comfort and warmth.

Extra-edge Anti-sag Support

You might have slept on the edge of several mattresses and felt the sagging. Obviously, it offers discomfort and shows a lack of proper support. You will not find this defect on WinkBed mattresses. Do you know why?

The WinkBed mattresses are incorporated with the Extra-edge Anti-sag Support system. Therefore, it fits into adjustable bases and you can sit or sleep on the edges of your mattress without the discomforts of sagging. It actually increases the sleepable surface of the mattresses by 15%. You will not roll off from the edges of WinkBed mattresses.

Sleep Calm Motion Isolation Technology

Motion transfer for sure can be a problem while you are sleeping with your partner. Therefore, it is a primary concern for most of the people while choosing a mattress.

Sleep Calm Motion Isolation Technology is incorporated into WinkBed mattresses to eliminate the hassles of motion transfer. The stabilizing gel foam layer with high-grade steel pocket springs eliminates the chances for motion transfer to provide a better sleeping experience.

Deep Support Springs

You obviously need a mattress that supports your body quite well to drain out all the stress from your mind and pressure from your body. The Deep Support Springs of the WinkBed mattresses offer maximum support and pressure relief all night to provide the utmost comfort while you are sleeping.

Lumbar Layer

WinkBed mattresses feature an extra Lumbar layer for added lower back support. The lumbar layer of the WinkBed mattresses makes it an ultimate fit for people with back pain and body pains. You don’t have to worry about frustrating back pain that makes your sleeping patterns horrible. The lumbar layer of WinkBed mattresses reduces the stress and tensions of your body. The addition of the lumbar layer obviously adds increases the comfiness of WinkBed mattresses.

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You might have bought many mattresses and seen their shorter lifespan. The major problem with most of the mattresses available in the market is that they start sagging quite soon after they are bought. The sagging of beds is usually accompanied by the loss of comfiness. Lying on a sagged bed can also cause many kinds of body aches and improper sleep.

The WinkBed mattresses feature a Lifetime Durability System that offers quite a long-lasting comfort by eliminating the chances for sagging. They are actually proven to sag less than 2% in over 20 years. Hence, WinBed mattresses offer supreme comfort for a quite long time rather than any other ordinary mattresses in the market.

Individually Wrapped Coil System

The individually wrapped coil system of the WinkBed mattresses offers multiple support zones to provide targeted back support in areas with greater pressure and ply in areas with lighter pressure.

The Step-Back Relief System

The step-back relief system incorporated in WinkBed mattresses eliminates all kinds of muscle tension and align the spine and joints perfectly.

Lifetime Guarantee

The Lifetime Guarantee offered by WinkBeds ease people’s jobs. You can easily replace the mattress with no cost and least hassles if you have been delivered a defective one.

You can also return the product to the company if you have found no comfort in sleeping on it for 120 days.

Winkbeds Construction

Construction Of WinkBed Mattresses

WinkBed mattresses are constructed over several layers to offer supreme comfort and thus are taller than other mattresses available in the market. It is about 14 inches tall.

We are here talking about the Luxury firm version of the WinkBed mattress. It is actually the most popular firmness level chosen by people. The construction of layers of the mattress may vary upon the firmness level you choose. As said earlier, WinkBed mattresses offer three firmness levels for you to choose according to your preferences.

The outer cover of the mattress is tufted with Tencel fabric. The top layer of the mattress comprises of Hypersoft foam infused with gel and premium gel foam. A layer of micro coils that are individually wrapped comes under the top comfort layers of the mattress. The high-density foam Lumbar layer of about 1 inch comes next. A support layer in about 7.5 inches consisting of taller pocket coils that are individually wrapped comes beneath the Lumbar layer. The last bottom layer of the WinkBed mattresses consists of support foam in about 2.5 inches.

The individually wrapped pocketed coils make the WinkBed mattresses bouncier and breathable than the ordinary mattresses consisting of traditional steel coils.

The two uppermost layers of the WinkBed mattresses give it a soft, pillowtop feel. These layers also have a role in relieving the pressure levels of your body. The micro coils at the upper layer of the mattress offer support and help in contouring and pressure relief. The taller coils at the bottom and micro coils in the upper layer work together to provide supreme support for people.

The dual layers of coils in the WinkBed mattresses also increase the airflow and soothes you with a cooling effect. These layers of coils also have a role in the durability of WinkBed mattresses.

You will only witness a few damages on WinkBed mattresses over the years due to their unique construction and incorporation of dual layers of coils.

Does WinkBed Make A Good Fit For All Types Of Sleepers?

We are all different types of sleepers and our preferences and requirements of mattresses are quite different. Some of us are side sleepers while other few sleep on the stomach. That is why WinkBed Mattresses are available in four firmness levels. You don’t literally have to make compromises on your comfort levels.

The different levels of firmness available in WinkBed mattresses are Softer, Luxury firm, Firmer, and Plus.

Soft WinkBed for Side Sleepers

The Soft WinkBed mattresses are of course softer than the other firmness levels as its name suggests. It offers plush comfort and has a firmness of 5/10. The Soft version has an extra soft layer on the mattress to give a plush feel. The Softer model of WinkBed mattresses makes a perfect choice for side sleepers.

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The features of Soft WinkBed mattresses include:

  • Extra-plush Euro pillow top.
  • Breathable micro-air springs.
  • More pressure-relieving foam.
  • Five zoned individually wrapped coil system.

Luxury WinkBed for Combination Sleepers

The Luxury Firm model of the WinkBed mattress comes with a medium firmness level of 6.5/10 and is the most popular WinkBed mattress. Of course, the pressure relief system of the Luxury firm model is not as good as of the Softer model. But, it offers a better balance of support and comfort and fits well for combination sleepers.

The features of Luxury WinkBed mattresses include:

  • Medium-firm Euro-pillow top.
  • Breathable micro-air springs.
  • Seven-zoned individually wrapped coil system.
  • Best mattress for luxury hotels.

Firm WinkBed for Sleepers Who Needs An Extra-Support

The Firm model of WinkBed mattresses is designed for people who want to sleep on the top of the bed rather than in the bed. This model fits perfectly for people who love to sleep on a firm but not a hard surface. It provides extra support with pressure relief points with firmness of 7.5/10.

The features of Firm WinkBed mattresses include:

  • Firmer Euro-pillow top.
  • Breathable micro-air springs.
  • Targeted seven-zone individually wrapped coil system.
  • Firm but not hard sleeping surface.

Plus WinkBed For Heavy People

The Plus model of WinkBed mattresses is first of a kind designed especially for heavy people. It provides maximum back support and long-term durability required for heavy people. The Plus WinkBed mattresses feature a 50% denser sag-proof foam rather than in a standard innerspring mattress.

The features of Plus WinkBed mattresses include:

  • Body impression-proof foam.
  • Seven-zoned 100% latex support layer.
  • Third-party tested for durability.
  • Patented 3-zone Texas QUAD individually wrapped support coil.
Quality Sleep

How WinkBed Mattresses Improves Your Sleep?

WinkBed mattresses improve your sleep and health in different ways. Every mattress from The WinkBed Company is handcrafted to provide superior comfort. They are made by skilled mattress-makers with high-quality American-sourced materials. You can hence feel an untouched quality in each mattress every night.

Here are the different ways by which WinkBed mattresses improve your sleep:

Decompression Support For Your Spine

  • The 3-step back relief system keeps your body aligned on the mattress.
  • The lumbar layer offers extra support to your body.
  • The hybrid design of the mattress blends well with the support of coils and the comfort of foam to provide ultimate comfort.

Optimal Sleep Temperature

  • The dual-layer of coils features an advanced ventilation system to soothe your sleep by moving heat away from your body.
  • The outer layer of the mattress is made of all-natural Tenacil derived from the cellulose of Eucalyptus that is more breathable and light and offers a cooling effect.

Advanced Pressure Point Relief

  • The foam-based surface of the mattress provides pressure relief.
  • You can select the firmness level of your bed according to your preferences.
  • The seven-zoned pocketed coils provide pressure relief at contact points along the body while you sleep.
  • The additional Lumbar layer reduces the tension of your body.

15% More Sleeping Surface

  • The Extra-Edge Anti-Sag Support prevents the chances of sagging in the edges and increase the sleeping surface of the mattress by 15%.

Less Motion Transfer

  • WinkBed mattresses ensure less motion transfer across the bed by the Sleepcalm Motion Isolation Technology incorporated.
  • Sleepcalm Motion Isolation Technology eliminates the chances of motion transfer with the help of gel foam layer and high-grade steel pocket springs.


The WinkBed mattresses are worth investing in. They are available in different firmness options. Selecting the best firmness level according to your preferences helps to eliminate back pain and all kinds of body pains up to an extent. They provide an optimum sleep temperature with a cooling effect to soothe your sleep.

The top layer of the WinkBed mattresses features an all-natural eco-friendly Tencel which is lighter and more breathable than other synthetic materials. The Dual-layer of springs enhances comfort and features an advanced air ventilation system. The extra Lumbar layer adds the comfort and support of the bed.

Moreover, the hassle-free and no cost Lifetime Guarantee policies of WinkBed mattresses are very attractive and customer-friendly.

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