Top 11 Best Bladeless Fans (2024)

Bladeless fans? Yes, you got me right, they exist!

In fact, just like the other ordinary coolers, they are very effective in keeping your space cool during those unbearably hot moments of the year.

Unlike conventional fans, bladeless fans do not have any accessible blades, making them a safe addition to homes with juniors and pets.

Apart from safety, these ventilators are energy-efficient, ultra-quiet, convenient, and beautiful.

With all these features packed in a single unit at an affordable price, bladeless fans are becoming popular in homes and workplaces alike.

Now, if you are thinking of investing in a bladeless fan soon, ensure that you make a quality purchase.

And while it is not as easy as it sounds to sift out that ideal model, our review suggests for you some of the market’s finest options.

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11 Best Bladeless Fans

#1 Ocean Loong AB01 Bladeless Cool Tower Fan

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First on our list is an outstanding option from Ocean Loong. The tower fan is 16 inches and delivers a steady 3D airflow that combines with your existing air conditioner to create a mild cool wind.

The blade-free design renders it safe for the little curious fingers as well as for the furry member of the family.

Furthermore, this design is easy to keep clean since it does not trap dust particles like ordinary coolers. The high-quality fan comes with a highly sensitive remote controller.

The remote control allows the user to regulate the airflow power from their comfort zone, creating a comfortable indoor atmosphere as they have always wanted.

The fan also has a timer that lets the user program it to turn off at the user’s convenient intervals of between a minute to 8 hours.

Ocean Loong AB01 Bladeless Cool Tower Fan also employs an energy-efficient design so that it provides you with a comfortable indoor atmosphere without costing you extra bucks in your monthly utility bills.

The streamlined channels ensure undisturbed airflow to quickly balance the air temperature of the entire room. The whisper-quiet design means that won’t cause any disturbance when used at night.

  • The performance of the fan is great.

  • It is very efficient.

  • It is super easy to maintain clean.

  • It comes with solid construction for durability.

  • It is a little loud when at the highest setting.

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#2 AB09 Bladeless Heater Fan

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Also coming from Ocean Loong, this bladeless fan packs tons of impressive features that earn it a spot on our top-notch review.

For example, this blade-free fan acts as both a fan when it gets hot and again as a heater when the temperatures fall.

Therefore, expect it to create the atmosphere of your choice at any time of the year. The same way it creates a cool environment in no time so does it heat your space when need be.

Neither does the fan have any exposed heating elements nor any fast-spinning blades. For this reason, we can safely argue that this is one of the safest options you can ever consider to bring home.

The unit adopts an elegant design that guarantees to improve the decor of whatever space you put it. And since it is a tower version of a fan, it operates by standing it.

The unit allows the user to select from the available 10 fan speeds using the easy-to-operate remote control. The 120-degree rotation ensures quick air supply to get the entire room well ventilated in no time.

Like the early sibling, this fan has a timer that allows you to program it for up to 8 hours. However, as you would expect from such a versatile option, expect to pay more in this fan than in the previous sibling.

  • It works as a fan and heater.

  • The 10 blower speeds maximize user convenience.

  • They cool or heat a room quickly.

  • Its versatility makes it an all-year-round unit.

  • It comes with a slightly heftier price tag.

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#3 LivePure LP1500FAN Oscillating Bladeless Fan

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This ventilator generates a cool breeze that cools your indoor environment, creating a relaxing atmosphere you have always longed for during the hot afternoons.

The fan delivers a steady stream of airflow without using the fast-spinning blades to get the entire room evenly ventilated without living pockets of warm air.

The bladeless design means that dust build-up in the blade is something of the past. The advanced design also gives you peace of mind that it is safe for kids and pets even when not around the home.

Around the bottom of the fan is a user-friendly control panel. The fan features LED accent light which means that you may rely on it to light up your space at night, making it more than just an ordinary room fan.

The soft-touch controls allow the user to perform several adjustments such as on the speed, sleep timer, oscillation, and accent light with just a simple touch of the respective button.

However, LivePure LP1500FAN also comes with a high-quality remote control which lets you customize the fan operations from your point of comfort.

The three fan speeds meet different airflow needs while the sleep timer allows you to program it to turn off after your set running time elapses.

  • It has a stylish and modern design.

  • It doubles up as a handy night light.

  • The airflow is great.

  • It is powerful enough even when running at the lowest setting.

  • It is not the most lightweight model in the market.

  • It is not the quietest bladeless fan on the market.

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#4 Dyson Cool AM07 Air Multiplier Tower Fan

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Although this unit does not have any fast-spinning blades, you will be amazed at how it creates a powerful stream of airflow where you use it.

The fan adopts a reliable Air Multiple Technology which creates great uninterrupted airflow for a cool indoor atmosphere during those hot afternoons of the summer.

The unit boasts streamlined air channels which ensure smooth channeling of air without making noise.

In fact, since this fan is 60% quieter than other fans of the same design, it should be a great unit for use in bedroom, offices, hospitals, or any other setting where silence is needed.

The AMO7 Air Multiplier Tower Fan is also engineered to consume up to 10% less energy than the AM02 but with greater airflow.

This feature makes it an ideal purchase for anyone in need of an efficient yet great-performing bladeless fan. Like any of our before models, this unit comes with a timing function.

However, the timer here allows you to program the fan to turn off at intervals of between 15 minutes and 9 hours. You can rely on this feature to always come back to a cool space from work.

The 10 airflow settings meet the specific user needs. If you have never operated a bladeless fan before, performing adjustments on this model is super easy and even works with a remote controller for convenience.

  • It is easy to clean.

  • It is very quiet.

  • The volume of air it channels is impressive.

  • It allows up to 10 airflow settings.

  • Remote control ought not to be the only way to adjust the fan settings.

  • It is quite pricey.

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#5 Dyson Air Multiplier AM06 Table Fan

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Air Multiplier Technology has also been employed in the AM06 model to ensure great airflow at minimal energy consumption.

Like the AM07, this fan adopts an ultra-quiet design which makes it one of the markets perfect options for use in offices, bedrooms, and many other areas where a serene environment is highly needed.

The fan does not trap much dust like the conventional models although it is also easy to wipe clean in case it does. Therefore, expect to have an easy time maintaining this fan in its tip-top condition.

Like the previous sibling, this 10-inch unit arrives with a built-in timer. This setting enables the user to program it so that it turns off after the set intervals of between 15 minutes to 9 hours.

The stylish design adds a unique touch of modernity to any space, making it a great addition for just about any room. The 10 airflow settings meet the cooling needs of your space.

Unfortunately, this unit does not have adjustment buttons which forces you to over-rely on the remote control.

Although the remote controller is great for user convenience, it may render it useless in case the batteries run out or when it fails.

  • The oscillation control allows you to direct the airflow.

  • It is 30% more efficient than the standard models.

  • It is 75% quieter than the majority in the competition.

  • It is aesthetically appealing to step up the beauty of your space.

  • It is of plastic construction.

  • It does not pack anything special.

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#6 Dyson Pure Cool, TP01 HEPA Air Purifier & Fan

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If you are planning to buy a bladeless fan and an air purifier, this should be an excellent option for you.

Unlike any of the before siblings, this bladeless fan doubles up as a purifier, making it one of the most versatile options you will come across out there.

The multi-purpose tool features HEPA filters that trap up to 99.97% of dust, pollen, bacteria, pet dander, and other pollutants and allergens to create a healthy environment.

The ability to capture tiny particles to the size of 0.3 microns makes it a nice investment for families with allergic or asthmatic members.

But just to boost your buying confidence, this product is certified for safety for allergic and asthmatic users.

After purifying the air, this versatile tool projects it throughout the entire room to create a comfortable environment for you and your loved ones.

The Air Multiplier Technology adopted in this model delivers whopping 77 gallons per second of purified air.

With such ability, expect this unit to work great in larger spaces where other less powerful fans cannot be effective.

The 10-speed settings necessitate several circumstances and greater user convenience.

The incorporated shutoff feature turns the unit off immediately when it is tipped over.

  • It also works as a purifier.

  • It is ideal for asthmatics and allergic persons.

  • The automatic shutoff feature is a plus.

  • It delivers impressive air supply.

  • The versatility increases the cost.

  • You will have to replace the filter after some time which introduces a cost.

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#7 CONBOLA LED Bladeless Fan

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Like the typical fans, bladeless fans are also available in two varieties; tabletop and tower. Now, with all our previous options employing the tower-design, this is the first tabletop bladeless fan on our list.

As you would expect from a unit that is designed for use on a desk, this fan is smaller than our previous versions so that it does not eat up much space on the table.

Although small, the unit channels cool air throughout the entire room to create a comfortable environment even on the hottest afternoons.

The unit offers three wind settings; strong, medium, and soft to meet your specific needs. The LED decorative light doubles up as a night light without disturbing your sleep.

This feature makes it ideal for use at the little one’s room in case the little member of the family is afraid of the dark.

You can also adjust the light to yellow, blue, purple, green, or white using the ambient light touch button.

The last click of the button triggers the unit to cycle between seven colors that the little one will be excited to look at.

A rechargeable 2500-mAh battery powers the unit. Hence, in case you love traveling, this unit will ensure that you enjoy a cool environment no matter where you take it.

The built-in battery boasts an ultra-long standby, lasting for up to 6 hours depending on the wind settings and recharges by connecting it to the nearby USB port.

  • It is a very cute fan.

  • It comes with instructions for the sake of the first-timers.

  • It comes with a USB cord.

  • It is battery powered for convenience.

  • It is too small to be powerful.

  • The battery capacity would be higher.

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#8 Cevapro Portable Fan – Bladeless Handheld Fan

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This is yet another portable fan that promises to create a powerful stream of airflow to keep you feeling cool when the temperatures seem to get to their best.

The reliable option is handheld. Hence, it should be a great choice for use when traveling, outdoor sports, and other areas where you may not have direct access to a power outlet.

Being a battery-powered version, the unit delivers between 3-5 hours of standby in a single charge. After the battery runs out, the 2000-mAh battery will recharge in just 2 hours so that you won’t have to keep waiting for long.

And since it charges via a USB port, you will find it more convenient to recharge the battery even when away from home since you can use a power bank, computer, or any other appliance that has a standard USB port.

A USB charging cable is included in the package so that you don’t have to buy it separately. The three wind levels meet your specific airflow needs.

Although effective, this blade-free fan comes at a pocket-friendly price, making it one of the greatest deals currently on the market.

  • The price is a bargain.

  • It comes with a USB charging cable.

  • It is portable.

  • The small size makes it perfect for travel.

  • It is a little bit loud.

  • The design restricts the airflow although it is still effective.

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#9 pureFlow QT7 – Bladeless Quiet RC Oscillating Table Fan

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This bladeless fan is designed to tilt 90 degrees vertically and swivel 90 degrees horizontally. Therefore, expect it to deliver even distribution of air across your space in no time.

Being a tabletop bladeless ventilator, it comes with a compact size with a tiny footprint that won’t take much space on your desk.

Unlike the other table fans that draw their power from batteries, this unit connects directly to the nearby wall outlet. The 8-inch power cord is long enough to allow the proper positioning of the cooler when connected to a power outlet.

The unique engineering of the unit beats the traditional fans in performance since it cycles air quickly to create a cool environment across the entire indoor space in no time.

Pureflow QT7 also comes with efficiency in mind since it only takes half the power it would take other standard models to deliver an equivalent of airflow.

The safety-first design makes it a great purchase in homes with pets and kids. The 12 fan speeds outnumber any of our previous version to mean that it delivers greater user convenience.

  • The weight of the fan is nice.

  • It is incredibly efficient.

  • It does not make even the slightest noise.

  • Cleaning the fan is quick and easy.

  • The remote control buttons are quite hard to read.

  • The light of the fan will not turn off when the unit is shut.

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#10 Fan adc Bladeless Fan 360° Wide Angle Air Supply

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The body of this bladeless fan is designed for a low center of gravity. For this reason, it is more stable and will not tip over easily even in the highest setting as it is with several fans out there.

The bladeless design together with this design makes it the safest addition you can ever bring to your home.

The unit is tailored to release a lasting cool breeze so that you don’t have to worry about the intolerable afternoons during the hot days.

The combination of the turbocharger and the jet engine technology assures a powerful airflow you will hardly get in other bladeless fans of the same price range.

The ultra-efficient design means that you won’t have to worry about paying escalated energy bills even when using it regularly.

The fan is also quieter than other options in the market so that it creates a comfortable sleeping environment without robbing you of sleep.

The unit moves 90 degrees horizontally and 360 degrees vertically to cool your room quicker than you may be expecting.

The nine-hour timing function is also a plus since you don’t have to worry about the unit running all night long.

  • The white silver color is beautiful.

  • The lower center of gravity maximizes stability.

  • It is very efficient.

  • It is very effective.

  • The price may not favor every pocket.

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#11 OPOLAR Bladeless Fan

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Also employing the state-of-the-art bladeless design, expect this unit to be a great addition to little ones’ room. The fan offers up to six wind settings.

The multiple settings give you plenty of options to choose from the next time the temperatures hit the crescendo level.

The low settings (1-3) supply the room with soft wind whereas the higher settings (4-6) come in handy when you need a strong stream of air supply.

The fan oscillates horizontally and vertically for a uniform distribution of wind in all directions.

Furthermore, OPOLAR Bladeless fan has a low consumption of 3.8 W, making it one of the most efficient models in the market.

Although bladeless fans do not attract as much dust as traditional fans, it is still important to keep them super clean.

And yes, this unit gives you the easiest cleaning time- the cover detaches readily to permit you to clean the inner parts of the fan.

The noiseless design renders it a perfect night-time appliance during the hot nights.

  • It has a low energy consumption rate.

  • The elegant design steps up any decor.

  • The cover detaches to make cleaning a breeze.

  • Safe for children and expectant women.

  • The plug needs slight improvement.

  • Under a few occasions, it may come without a remote control.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Are bladeless fans better?

A bladeless fan is one of the latest innovations. It outshines traditional fans in several areas such as safety, effectiveness, maintenance, convenience, and noise level.

What is the quietest fan on the market?

Obviously, the quietest fan should be in the category of bladeless fans since the blade generates some noise. Now, if this is the question you have been having in mind, our top-notch options are among the market’s quietest models. I have been using the Fan adc Bladeless Fan and it has been good.

Are Dyson fans better?

Dyson is a very reputable manufacturer. Although she produces high-quality products, it does not mean that you cannot get a good fan from another manufacturer. In fact, any of our provided options is great no matter the producer.

Does Dyson fan purify the air?

We have several Dyson fans out there. Some are made to serve as mere fans while others come with additional functionalities. For example, on our list, the Dyson Pure Cool, TP01 HEPA Air Purifier & Fan is one of the versatile models. That is, apart from serving as a fan, it doubles up as a purifier as well.

How can I cool down my room?

There are many ways to cool down your room. You may consider opening windows, using air conditioners, using ice and a fan, among other models. Although opening windows is the cheapest way, you can’t rely on this method at night. This leaves us with fans and air conditioners. And although using any of these can bear results, it is wiser to use a conjunction of fans and air conditioners.


Although they are called bladeless fans, this does not mean that they do not have blades. However, the blades are well hidden for safety purposes.

And while we already have a plethora of them in the models, picking the right option remains daunting.

Fortunately, having successfully sifted out the market’s top options, you can rely on our review to land you that ideal bladeless fan you have always wanted to bring to your space.

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