11 Best Box Cutters and Utility Knife (2024)

If you often find yourself opening boxes, a box cutter remains one of the must-have tools for you. Although most people turn to kitchen knives for cutting taped flaps of a cardboard package, it is not the ideal tool for the job.

In fact, regardless of how sharp the knife is, using it for this purpose can make it dull faster impairing its effectiveness on what it is actually made to do. Now the question comes; should you just go for any box cutter out there?

That’s a NO! In fact, if every box cutter out there was worth purchasing, none of us would be here! But since you are here, my team and I have gathered the markets top 11 box cutters for you in 2019.

Therefore, before you reach your wallet for one, be sure to dedicate a few minutes to our top-notch reviews!

11 Best Box Cutters

#1 Clear Style Utility Knife Heavy Duty Box Cutter

Clear Style

If you are looking for a premium cutter that will get the job done effectively, this is one of the choices that you should buy. The package comes with three blades each with two extra blades for long-term use. The blades of this knife are of high-quality stainless steel material with the triple ground cutting edge that makes it 60% sharper than most competitors. Also, although most sharp knives tend to get dull easily, Clear Style Utility Knife stays sharper for 5X longer than the traditional carbon utility knives. To change the blade is a breeze with the auto-load feature.ho

Clear Style Utility Knife has a full-size handle whose design fits the palm nicely and to provide a sure grip. The comfortable grip saves labor and enables you to make accurate cuts whereas the premium TPR rubber construction guarantees the durability of the handle.

Additionally, the blade casing chamber is of sturdy stainless steel material that will not break like the plastic housing of the cheaper models. The casing keeps the blades safely locked in place to ensure the safety of the operator. The ability to cut different materials makes it among the market’s most versatile options.

Extra features:

  • The metal head holds the blades nicely.
  • The length of the blade is adjustable.
  • The three knives are aesthetically appealing at first glance.

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#2 REXBETI 12-Pack Utility Knife, Retractable Box Cutter for Cartons


For those that work in areas with a constant need for supply of new blades such as warehouse, constructions, or even homes, REXBETI 12-pack utility knife would be good for them. The pack arrives with 12 knives that will keep the user going for quite long.

Surprisingly, although it packs a dozen utility knives, the price is very affordable and suits nearly any pocket. The knives are very compact and lightweight to ensure that it doesn’t take much space in the user’s daily tool bag. The blade has a width of 18mm, rendering it wider than most options. This property makes it ideal for heavy applications such as cutting boxes, art crafts, home use, and many other cutting jobs.

The blades are of carbon steel material that resists rust and wear to ensure prolonged service life. The lock design secures the knife where you want while the razor-sharp blade delivers accurate cuts with minimum user effort. Additionally, these blades are retractable and have a smooth locking mechanism that permits you to adjust the length with great precision using one hand.

Extra features:

  • They have multiple snap points for increased user convenience.
  • The handle is nice and offers good grip.
  • The blades are very decent.

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#3 FC Folding Pocket Utility Knife – Heavy Duty Box Cutter


Whether it’s cutting carpets, wallpapers, cardboards, plastics or opening boxes, this utility knife guarantees to do the work perfectly. The knife has solid carbon steel blades that can cut through a number of materials with ease and still come out in great shape. Most customers appreciate the lock-back design that secures the cutter in perfect position when in use and safely keeps it excellently put when not in utilization to ensure the safety of the user.

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The sleek design means that the piece will look great in your tool bag while the lightweight and compact design allow you to carry it in your pocket if you don’t feel like carrying the entire tool bag. In fact, if you ask most users, they greatly cherish the ability of the handle to double up as a pocket as well as a belt clip.

Although the blade maintains the sharpness for long, it will get dull at some point. With this in mind, FC folding option features a quick-change mechanism that lets the operator to easily remove the blade when replacing. The pack contains five replacement blades for long-time use. But just in case the five blades are used up, the cutter is compatible with the standard size utility blades.

Extra features:

  • The handle is anti-slip.
  • The package also contains a knife holster.
  • The stainless steel clip makes it easy to carry around.

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#4 Tape King Utility Knife Box Cutters

Tape King

This set also contains 12 cutters that serve a variety of cutting needs at home, garage, warehouse, office or anywhere. With this number, you will no longer face the hassle of searching for a single blade when you misplace it since the pack brings plentiful options at your disposal. In fact, with a single set, you can keep some at home, others in garage, car, and office.

The 12 cutters are all lightweight for easy portability and have a width of 18mm which combines with the solid construction to make this set a great option for anyone in the lookout for a box cutter set that can handle heavy industrial slicing needs. The safety lock feature ensures that the blade does not slip out accidentally and allows you to change the blade easily just in case the one you were using becomes blunt.

Tape King Utility Knife Box Cutters also come in a convenient size that fits nicely in the palm to give you an easy time when cutting. The comfortable grip ensures cutting accuracy and guarantees safe operations.

Extra features:

  • Their accuracy pairs with the lightweight design to make them ideal for arts and crafts applications.
  • The cutters have string hole to ensure that you keep them within your reach.
  • The wider design suits thicker cuts.

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#5 Utility Knife, BIBURY Heavy Duty Box Cutter


This box cutter employs a modernized design that delivers a better user experience that the traditional designs. The Bibury Utility Knife Box Cutter is incredibly strong and can be used for cutting different materials such as carpet, rope, plastic leather, carton, and paper. With such versatility, it’s sure that this cutter will turn extremely handy in most of your cutting needs. The blade has rugged stainless steel construction that will not wear easily or catch rust with time.

The handle features a combination of aluminum and ABS material that provides an ergonomic grip. Furthermore, unlike the traditional models that employ a slide design, this cutter has a plastic protector that covers the protrusion of the blade while the dual safety locks ensure that the cutter remains in place when not in use. Also, this box cutter is pretty straightforward to use; just push the black button and fold the knife out for use or press the safety lock and rotate it back after use.

Having concerns over dullness? Well, you don’t need to; the blade of this cutter is razor-sharp and will retain the sharpness for long. But just in case there is a need for a replacement, you can replace with a new fresh and sharp blade easily; you just need to push the black button, remove the old blade and insert the new one, and that’s it!

Extra features:

  • The pack contains five replacement blades.
  • It has a pocket clip that makes it easy to carry anywhere.
  • The design of the handle provides comfortable operation.

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#6 Internet’s Best Classic Utility Knife

Internet's Best

Could you be looking for a durable box cutter? Well, if that’s the case, you should not overlook the Internet’s Best Classic Utility Knife. Unlike the majority of knives that combine plastic and metal parts, this unit is entirely metallic that gives it a service life that is hard to beat.

The rugged construction allows you to use it for heavy tasks without the fear that some parts may break. The metal structure arrives with a premium finish that protects it from corrosion so that you can use it in moist environments with peace of mind that it will not catch rust.

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The razor is super sharp and will not get dull easily like some competitors. Also, the razor is retractable and lets you adjust it to three lengths depending on the nature of the task you are handling to ensure precise cuts. After use, slide the blade into the metal casing and lock it in place to ensure that it remains put. The package comes with two utility knives each with five replacement blades to ensure that you don’t go back to the market for the same any time soon.

Extra features:

  • The blades are reversible to ensure that you get double duty with each blade.
  • It is very straightforward to use.
  • The replacement blades are readily available.

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#7 TWINRUN Retractable Utility Knife Box Cutter

TWINRUN Retractable

This tool is yet another top-notch box cutter that will hardly disappoint. The cutter has premium-grade blades that are of carbon-steel material. This material stands up to regular heavy use. The cutter is excellent for cutting wood, plastic, cardboard, carpet, drywall, vinyl, rubber, and many other materials making it a must-have tool for any drywall professional, technician, plumber, hobbyist, and the DIY homeowners.

The premium blade is ultra-sharp and makes clean cuts with minimal effort, making it a good option for places such as warehouses and big offices. The TWINRUN Blade compares to the preceding model in that the blade is adjustable to three lengths that suit a variety of cutting depths.

The set contains three cutters that come in yellow, red, and black colors that are not only beautiful but also highly conspicuous even in a fully loaded tool bag. The compact and lightweight design means that you can carry them comfortably without weighing your pockets down while the reliable mechanism eliminates accidental hurts when not in use.

Extra features:

  • The metal handle is of high quality.
  • The streamline shape minimizes the operator fatigue.
  • The set is weatherproof.

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#8 Slice 10515 Mini Box Cutter

Slice 10515

When talking about box cutters, user safety should come as a priority. And yes, this is one of the cutters that come with the safety of the user in mind. Unlike the other knives that use ordinary blades, Slice 10515v Box Cutter uses ceramic blades.

The ceramic blade has harder edges (next to diamond) that will not get dull easily and cuts better than the typical blades. In fact, a single ceramic blade is equivalent to 11 conventional blades, making it an ideal option for the dedicated professionals who cannot afford time for changing the blades every now and then. The low replacement frequency translates to low injury risk. Additionally, when it’s time to change the blade, it’s pretty straightforward and does not require any tools.

Also, this tool has an ambidextrous design that allows for both right and left-handed use. The textured grip makes the cutter more straightforward to use while the integrated magnet also comes as a plus. The lanyard hole fits nicely into a keychain to ensure that you will always have it within reach when you need it.

Extra features:

  • The blade protrudes 1/4 inches which means that it is for cutting thin materials such as papers, boxes, vinyl, foam, and others.
  • The edge of the cutter is finger-friendly.
  • It is compatible with Slice 10404 and 10408 blades.

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#9 Kobalt Utility Knife & 11 Blades, Foldable Box Cutter


Also among the markets top options, Kobalt Utility Knife delivers superior performance. The handle of the cutter features an aviation-grade aluminum that holds up well even with an extended period of use. The handle also offers a comfortable grip allowing the user to make precise cuts.

The extremely sharp edge can handle a wide variety of cutting needs without losing its sharpness easily. The knife comes with a belt clip so that it doesn’t have to take any spot in your tool bag. The clip is of stainless steel material that resists rust and other harsh elements of the outdoor conditions.

Kobalt Utility blade arrives with a pre-installed blade and 10 extra blades that will serve your cutting-centered tasks for quite long. The additional blades are contained in a safety dispenser to minimize the chances of causing injuries. The simple blade replacement mechanism makes it easy to swap the blades.

Extra features:

  • It has a lightweight design for increased portability.
  • The blade loading mechanism is straightforward.
  • The 11 blades are long-lasting.

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#10 Tarvol Box Cutter Utility Knife (3 PACK)


Just in case you are looking for the most affordable option in the market, you will not find a better deal than Tarvol Box Cutter Utility Knife. Although it comes in a pack of three like some options on the list, it boasts the lowest price since the three pieces come at the price of a single cutter. The low price makes it the sweetest deal for the low-budget hobbyists, homeowners, and anyone whose work requires cutting at some point.

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The razors of this cutter are very sturdy and retractable to ensure safety when not in use. The ruggedness and sharpness of the blade suggest that it will suit a wide range of objects and materials such as boxes, leather, cardboard, drywall, linoleum, and much more.

The casing is of ABS plastic material that resists impacts and does not crack easily like other plastic cases. The casing also doubles up as the handle and provides the user with a sure grip to ensure a better controlling ability and accurate cuts in jobs that require great precision such as arts.

Extra features:

  • The green color is highly visible.
  • It has a string hole at the tail of the handle that allows you to attach it to your keychain.
  • It is adjustable.

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#11 BONSWAGOO Folding Utility Knife


Although it comes as a single unit, you can still rely on this box cutter for durability. The blade of the cutter is of stainless steel construction that possesses excellent non-corrosive properties that prevent it from catching rust even when used in highly corrosive environments. The handle features stainless steel construction for durability.

The grip is curved and fits nicely into the human hand to ensure a sure grasp that gives the user maximum controlling ability. The piece has two convenient buttons; the lock-back and blade-change buttons for safer operation and quick replacement of blades when necessary.

A plastic cover at the tip of the blade protects the user from potential injuries when carrying the cutter in the pocket whereas the sturdy belt clip attaches to the user’s belt easily for hassle-free transportation.

Extra features:

  • It is a very versatile box cutter.
  • It has a black color.
  • It allows for one-hand operation.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Question 1: Can I carry a box cutter?

Answer: Although they are portable, it doesn’t mean that you can carry box cutters everywhere. There are some places that prohibit carrying knives and other sharp objects such as box cutters, especially in public. For example, in California, carrying a knife or any other object with a blade that exceeds 2.5 inches is restricted unless they are needed for specific tasks. Therefore, before you carry a box cutter, it’s important you first check if it is restricted by the law.

Question 2: Is a box cutter considered a weapon?

Answer: A weapon is anything that can be used to threaten someone or cause bodily harm. Therefore, all types of knives and blades are weapons since they can be used for all these. However, this fact is mostly overlooked in knives and blades until you use them for threatening or hurting someone.

Question 3: Is a utility knife a box cutter?

Answer: Yes a box cutter and a utility knife are one. You may come across other names such as carpet knife, folding knife, and penknife. All these names are also used to refer to the same tool.

Important Tips When Buying a Box Cutter

  • Safety comes first: Consider the reliability of the locking mechanism, the nature of the knives, and the ease of changing the blades.
  • The handle is key: Ensure that the utility knife you choose has an ergonomic handle that will give you a comfortable grip as you cut.
  • Don’t forget the blade: Be sure to settle for one that is strong and that which can retain the sharpness for long.
  • The case needs equal attention: Some box cutters have plastic casing while others are of metal. Whichever the material you choose, ensure that it can house the blades safely without any chances of breaking.


With this review, I believe that things have just gotten simpler for you! All our hand-picked box cutters are of premium quality and deliver superior performance under different applications. Now, to get the right box cutter for you, you need to check the one with the features that suit your application perfectly. As for my case, I would go by Slice 10515 Mini Box Cutter since it comes with better safety features, very durable blade, and enhanced ergonomics.

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