10 Best Car Tweeters (2024)

What’s the joy in driving through traffic or a long-distance journey without good music to make the ride a joyful one? Well, for most car owners the answer is most likely “no use”. And what’s the joy with music from either a bad sound system or one that produces low-quality sounds?

Generally, people have a combination of audio providers such as subwoofer and midrange speakers. With these two, you get a good sound, ordinarily. But the addition of tweeters will make the overall sound you get crisp and clear.

Subwoofers reproduce low-pitched sound frequencies such as bass and subbase while midrange speakers which are also known as squawkers produce sounds that are louder than the subs. Car tweeters, on the contrary, will reproduce sounds of the highest frequency. They are generally compared to magnet, voice coil, membrane, and suspension.

Car tweeters are best enjoyed when they are pointed in the direction of the listeners. That is perhaps the reason why the mounting is often against the dashboard or in places where the sound can hit the passengers directly. To mount these speakers is a piece of cake and can be done in their ways.

You may decide to deploy surface Mounting which will require that you use a couple of screws to hold them in place. You can also use flush mounting using a cut out to be held in place. Aside from these two, you can use the built-in angle mounts who allows you to customize the direction of the tweeters.

Despite the maximum sound pitch they provide, car tweeters are never used alone. On the contrary, they depend on subwoofers and midrange speakers to give the best of sound outputs. If you’re wondering, woofers and speakers have their specialties.

Both speakers and woofers will give you sound but in different ranges and neither can supply the crisp and loudness that tweeters bring to the fore. All the little details in music productions you love to hear will be supplied by tweeters.

It is because of this gap supplied to the sound systems of your car by tweeters that makes them a necessity. With them working in collaboration with your speakers and subwoofers, you get all the noticeable details in music. You all get sharp highs that will complete your listening experience.

There is quite a number of good car tweeters on the market but not all will give you optimal sound quality or cooperate with other elements of the sound system of your car. That’s why you need to take a look at this selection and review of some of the best you will find. Without much ado, let’s get have a look at all 10 of them.

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10 Best Car Tweeters

#1. Infinity REF-6522EX Coaxial Car Tweeters

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The fun with driving your car will hardly be complete without a good sound system. And your car sound system is hardly ever complete without a tweeter. They do make the sound quality better but really has to be reliable makers.

Infinity REF-6522EX Shallow Mount 6-1/2 inches Coaxial Car Tweeters one reliable pair. Although they can only handle a maximum of 55 Watts, they will complement good speakers and reproduce crisp sound.

There is a softness to the highs that you get from these tweeters. It won’t give you MAX that will blow the mind. But, be rest assured that the tiny details in music would be reproduced to near perfection that will astonish you.

If you’d love to get this set for a big car or truck, you may need a sound deadener to seal the casing of the doors. With the sound deadener, you will be able to enjoy the crisp sounds that come from the tweeters.

Mounting these speakers is quite easy. This is because of the bracket that will be included in the package if you decide to go with this one.

  • Mounting bracket included

  • Well-balanced crispy output

  • Durability is high

  • Great sound quality

  • Sound deadener required

  • Not for heavy metal sounds

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#2. DS 18 PRO-TW 120 Super Tweeter

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DS 18 is a brand that most car freaks will be familiar with. They manufacture mobile, home equipment and accessories and are situated in the U.S. So, if you are keen on a US product, then you need to give some consideration to their car tweeters.

This particular tweeter from their stable, the DW 18 TW 120B, has an aluminum frame and diaphragm that gives it lightness and durability. It has 4 Ohms resistance and can handle power up to 300 Watts.

The tweeter comes in black or silver colors. These are cool colors that will blend with any design of your dashboard. The choice of either is yours!

Perhaps the best form of beauty this brings to the fore is the bullet dust cover that gives protection to the voice coil. The dust cover also makes sure that the high sounds are protected from interference of loud bass and noise from the road.

No matter how high the frequency is, the DW 18 TW 120B with bring out distinct sounds smoothly.

  • The sound it gives is loud

  • Gives clear and crispy sound

  • Compliments other sources of sound

  • Installation can be customized

  • Connector terminals are flimsy

  • Could be too big and heavy for your dashboard

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#3. Rockford Fosgate Prime R1T-S 1-inch Tweeter Kit

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For those who might be looking for great innovation when it comes to audio systems and accessories, Rockford seems to be the go-to brand. And guess what? The Fosgate Prime R1T-S 1-inch Tweeter Kit is the go-to model of the company’s car tweeters.

Each of the tweeters measures one-inch, meaning that they will fit anywhere you want in your vehicle. The tweeter support a maximum power of 80 Watts

It comes with mounting hardware. As a matter of fact, you are going to get multiple mounting options from this kit. You could do flush, angle or surface depending on your personal choice.

Installation is a consequence and an easy one. You’re never going to have space constraints with these “guys” and despite their smallness, the effectiveness of the sound they produce would astonish you.

If you so desire, however, you may make props that can help you install in unconventional parts of your vehicle.

  • Lightweight

  • Easy to install

  • Comes with mounting hardware

  • Mounting can be customized

  • Comes with a built-in crossover

  • Not really enjoyable at low sounds

  • Powers only a MAX of 80 Watts

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#4. Polk Audio DB-1001 1-Inch Silk/Polymer Composite Dome Tweeters

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If you are looking for a crisp, distinct sound booster, Polk Audio DB-1001 1-Inch Composite Dome Tweeters could be a nice set of tweeters to procure. Due to the Silk and Polymer materials from which it was made, the tweeters would work fine with boats just as much as cars.

It has a considerable level of power it can handle which is up to 180 Watts. Not up to 300 Watts that a few large-capacity tweeters out there will give. Neither is it a hundred Watts!

The package of this thing allows for flexibility with how you want the tweeters to be mounted. This is facilitated by the surface and flush mounting items, providing great sound optimization through the length and breadth of vehicles.

Besides, the fact that the tweeters are one-inch in diameter further makes it easy for mounting. You can attach it to any part of the car that is your personal choice.

You are no doubt getting high-quality sound from these sound items. Crystal clarity of the highs is ensured by the neodymium magnets in the tweeters.

  • Has great mounting flexibility

  • Can power a maximum of 180 Watts

  • Well-constructed

  • Great sounds for boats and cars

  • Built with neodymium magnets

  • The 4kHz frequency limit may be too low for complementing car system

  • No in-built setting for attenuation

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#5. Infinity REF 275 TX 135W Car Tweeters

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Here is another fine set of car tweeters manufactured by Infinity that will furnish guy your car audio with clarity at high frequency. The package you will get after making a purchase is a pair of tweeters and accessories.

Infinity REF 275 TX 135W Car Tweeters, unlike the regular paper cone tweeters, assures of bold highs with complete details. This owes to the fact that they are particularly edge-driven textile. They handle 135 Watts of power or 45W on RMS output, meaning they are some of the most powerful tweeters on the market.

The pair features as well a remarkable working range of between 2,500 and 21, 000 Hz. Wow, this is a stretch or range that you will not get from most tweeters!

These guys, with nice stylish design, create additional effects to what comes out of your sound systems. They feature the popular Plus One large area woofer technology that is used by Infinity to bring about some of the best, quality sound production. The implication of this is that spacious cars will enjoy their presence.

Another great feature of this tweeter is the ease of installation. You have two options for mounting. One, you can mount using the flush process and two, you can do the surface mounting.

  • Built with Plus One woofer technology

  • Dual options of mounting

  • Comes with flush and surface mounting hardware

  • Great design that adds

  • Edge-driven textile

  • Lacks low-end bass

  • Not really suitable for cars without extra space

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#6. Pioneer TS-T100 7/8 inch Hard Dome Tweeter

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Talk about smart. These pieces of sound equipment. So, there is no surprise that it comes from the stability of Pioneer, a renowned manufacturer of high-quality sound systems and related accessories.

This set comes with an integration of 7.8 inches PPTA dome with an in-line crossover of 7, 000 Hz. They are as a result structurally advantageous for different dashboards. And you are going to enjoy the fact that they are lightweight as well.

The peak power of the pair is 120 Watts or 40 Watts maximum for RMS. Here’s thus a set that is in-between the low power and high power delivery tweeters. They also come with 90 dB sensitivity and a frequency response between 2, 500 and 30, 000 Hz.

These tweeters can easily be installed, as they provide two options for mounting. You can either use surface mounting or flush mounting depending on what suits the interior of your vehicle. The package contains flush mount hardware as a bonus.

Other bonuses include two double-side mounting pads, two flat washers, two thread posts, and an instruction sheet. The needed screws and nuts are also included.

  • Comes with mounting hardware (flush)

  • Comes with 2 thread posts

  • Comes with 2 flat washers

  • Remarkably high-frequency response

  • Not an easy installation for non-pros

  • The highs are sharp but lacking ultrasound features

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#7. Alpine SPS-110TW Type S1 Silk Dome Tweeter Set

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Alpine SPS-110TW is one of the great car tweeters you can give a try. This is because the model picks up tiny details and drops them in the ear with crisp clarity. Three features of the set stand it out.

First, it has remarkable power handling. A combination of items in the set can power up to 100 Watts (RMS) or 300 Watts MAX. This gives an above-average power handling that many similar products will not provide.

Next, the tweeter has reasonably high sensitivity. The implication of this, it must be stated, is that sensitivity of 88dB is enough to work with preexisting amplifiers in your car audio system. You really don’t need new amplifiers as often necessary with cone tweeters.

Thirdly, compared to many other tweeters on the market, Alpine SPS-110TW Type S1 Silk Dome Tweeter Set, the frequency response can be up to 22, 000 Hz. The maximum for most car tweeters is usually 21, 000 to 21, 500 Hz. This implies that you should expect great highs and top-quality sound from this set.

Before you get to enjoy the crisp and clear sound of this model, you must have done a good job of installing properly. Well, Alpine makes it easier for its buyers by including mounting hardware. Specifically, you get stealth OEM mount and flush cup mount to fit in your car.

  • Remarkable frequency response

  • No need for an additional speaker system

  • Considerably high power handling

  • Comes with mounting hardware

  • Easy installation as the package comes with mounting hardware

  • Would not cooperate with extremely loud volume

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#8. Pyle PDBT 28 1-inch Car Audio Tweeter

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With Pyle PDBT 28 1-inch Car Audio Tweeter, Improvement in the highs and mids of the sound from your car speakers. You will hear every distinct sound naturally.

The items have a peak power of 300 Watts or 150 Watts RMS, so it is safe to bang and blast music as loud as you wish. For the prevention of sound distortion, the tweeters have a rating of 4-8 impedance ratings and 104 dB SPL.

Built with the best materials, these tweeters were made in accordance with the standard measurement of 1 inch for car tweeters. What this means is that the devices will fit directly in most cars.

This also makes it easy to install. It is not expected that the installation will take more than 30 minutes. You don’t have to be an expert in-car installation. If you’re not videos much handy, you can use YouTube videos.

You really should consider ditching your old tweeters and get these ones. They will provide a great addition to your sound components and high quality.

  • Easy to install. Close to plug and play

  • Designed with die-cast aluminum frames

  • High power handling

  • Too sharp at high volume

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#9. Power Acoustik NB-2 200 WATT 3-Way Tweeter

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Here is another well-made set of tweeters. Special focus is on the materials used in making the sound production parts. For instance, the niobium that is used to produce the magnet in each of the pair aid in producing crisp highs.

The general features of this pair are a power handling of 200 Watts (RMS) Maximum, 97dB sensitivity and 5, 000 to 25, 000 Hz of frequency response. It’s unlikely that you will get a better frequency response than this one will provide.

Mounting these tweeters is easy. The makers have provided three mounting options including flush, angle, and surface. So, these ones include angle mounting for tilting the devices in a customized direction depending on your choice.

A bonus is an in-built cross over which is high-pass. This feature will help prevent low frequencies from distorting the sound from your amplifiers. The reproducers the smallest details and reproduces them to the delight of your thesis.

Perhaps, the best feature of these items is the fact that they are easy to install. Depending on your car type, whether you want it on the inside of the car doors, or you love to angle each on the dashboard, you have the options of flush, surface or angle mounting.

  • Easy to install

  • Has an inbuilt crossover

  • Lightweight

  • Impressive frequency response

  • Sometimes gives a hissing sound

  • Needs good mid and low speakers to work well

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#10. Kicker 43CST204 3.4 inches CS Series Car Tweeter

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Kicker is one of the best when it comes to making car radio and audio accessories. These tweeters from their stable belong to the CS series, any one of which will deliver top-notch sound definition.

Although the pair are quite small (4 ohms), they seem to work quite well. Each of the tweeters in this set weighs a little over 12 ounces. Lightweight is always a preference for most people and you are likely going to love this pair because of this feature.

The maximum power it can handle is 50 Watts RMS, meaning that a high-powered audio system in your vehicle, it may not be enough. However, small speakers of midrange output and woofers work well with these tweeters.

The frequency response range is between 4,500 and 21, 000 Hz, giving for a nice duplication of sound. They also have about 92dB sensitivity. So, the tweeters may be small, but not without great functionality.

Other features of these car tweeters are an in-line 6dB high pass crossover and Titanium speaker domes that bring out crispy sounds. The package also includes hardware for all three major mounting options. That’s a good one for those that can be choosy with installation methods.

  • Comes with 2 Titanium Speaker Domes

  • Provides 3 di, different mounting options (flush, angle, and surface)

  • Includes hardware for mounting

  • Lightweight

  • Comes with in-line 6dB crossover

  • The included mounting hardware not suited for all cars

  • Installation not easy in some vehicles

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can this set be connected to home stereo?

Car tweeters are made for vehicles, actually. But some can be improvised to work for home stereo. It is important to add that your stereo will require, at the very least, speakers, if even if there is no subwoofer. Tweeters don’t work independently. It will also mean that the speakers produce a low range.

What is the best size to choose?

The standard size of car tweeters is 1 inch. It could be slightly less or more. The good thing about 1inch tweeters is that they will fit more perfectly with different types of cars. It is also good to add that smallness of tweeters help to determine the level of range that they cover. If the ones bought are too large, it is unlikely that they reproduce high enough frequency.

Where is the best place to install my tweeters?

You can install your tweeter in different locations in your car. However, the best and most commonly used spots are dashboards. This is because of the needed proximity to the listeners. They can also be attached to door upholstery.

How are these connected?

Very easy because most tweeters are technically supported for DIYers. They come with crossovers for easy connection. Simply negative to negative and positive to positive and the connection is ready. So, easy as ABC as long as you have connected speakers before.

So these come with mounts?

Hardly will you get a set of tweeters that do not come with mounting hardware. So, yes they almost always do come with mounts. But most tweeters are provided with two options of mounting: flush and surface. On some occasions, you get 3-way mounting which will include angle mounts. On very rare occasions, swivel mounts could be included.

Final Verdict

Any of the reviewed car tweeters is a guaranteed good “buy”. You would only have problems with them if you pushed too many watts through their expected limits or if you were too keen on customizing your entire sound system.

You know your sound system. Get the on me that works for the amplifiers that you have already. Our review will give you guidance in this regard. Your listening experience is about to transform. You will thank us later.

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