11 Best Disc Brake Locks (2024)

If you asked most motorcyclists, not many things get close to the fun of zipping around on a motorbike. That’s probably one of the major reasons why motorcycles and scooters are slowly becoming the primary target for most thieves.

Whether it’s at your home garage or in the middle of nowhere, your motorbike will never be 100% safe from thieves. That’s why every smart biker will put stringent protection measures in place to minimize the chances of theft.

While there isn’t a single way that guarantees total protection for your adorable bike, choosing one that makes the work difficult for thieves is one surefire way to deter all ill intentions.

After all, not even the most experienced thief can choose a hard target over an easier one yielding an equal value- and that’s where motorcycle disc brake locks come into play.

Disc brake locks are security systems that work by immobilizing your ride. It makes it impossible for the thieves to ride or push it away.

Unfortunately, not all disc brake locks are reliable. That means you have to be careful with the option you choose. Here are some of the most reliable motorcycle brake disc locks you can find in the market.

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11 Best Disc Brake Locks

#1 MYSBIKER Motorcycle Alarm Disc Brake Lock

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When buying a disc brake lock, you need to settle for nothing short of the most reliable. One of the options you can count on to keep your bike safe comes from Mysbiker. It is a popular accessory amongst bikers, and that tells us what to expect in terms of performance.

The anti-theft security system packs everything that most motorbike owners and riders want in an accessory of its kind. For instance, it features heavy-duty stainless steel construction to withstand the heaviest of abuse. The locking pin is of hardened steel with carbide reinforcement to make it super tough.

The high-quality anti-theft accessory has an alarm function that activates once it detects vibration. Also, the alert is very audible at 110 dB, loud enough to hear when in the house while the bike is outside. 

The waterproof function means that you can use the lock even on rainy days without the fear that it will begin to rust. However, since it has batteries, avoid soaking it in water for a very long time. But in case you do it accidentally, you can still make things right with a hairdryer.

The thickness of the pin and the size of the unit support versatility. Therefore, other than using it for motorcycles, this disc brake lock will also serve incredibly well for scooters, cruisers, sportbikes, and more.

  • The price is good for what it is.
  • The lock alarm is very nice.
  • It has rock-solid construction.
  • The motion detector isn’t sensitive to the slightest movements.

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#2 Favoto FTHK0173-4 Disc Lock Alarm

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This accessory is from Favoto. The product works incredibly well to prevent roll-away theft of your vehicle. The piece is simple to use and very reliable at keeping your bike safe. In other words, it will give you the easiest time but make things difficult for unauthorized persons.

The piece will lock with just a simple push, eliminating the need to use the keys. Once you lock it correctly, you will hear a single beep to let you know that the protection mode is now active.

Other than using the locking pin as the only protection mechanism, this unit has a vibration alarm sensor. This detector is responsive to the slightest movements and is very loud to drive the thief away.

For more reliability of the alert system, the alarm of this unit will only deactivate once you unlock it with the keys. That means there is no method the thief can use to make the alarm go off once it is activated.

The product runs on six LR44 batteries. Although some come installed in the accessory, the manufacturer includes an extra set of batteries in the package. The low-battery alarm alerts you when you need to replace the batteries.

  • It’s an all-weather lock.
  • It’s super-easy to use.
  • The sensor is very active.
  • It feels quite light although it’s heavy-duty.

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#3 Kryptonite 000884 Keeper 5s Yellow Disc Lock

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Keep your mind at ease knowing that no one will roll your motorcycle off. One of the few protection systems that will keep you comfortable is the Kryptonite 000884. It is one of the best-selling disc brake locks out there, thanks to its reliability.

The product is durably-constructed for long-lasting performance even with regular exposure to inclement weather. Therefore, no matter what Mother Nature throws at it, it will hold up very well.

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The compact and lightweight design makes it as convenient to use as it is to bring along. The manufacturer sends it with a high-quality convenient pouch so it won’t claim any space in your bag.

The heavy-duty locking pin has a diameter of 5mm. That means it has greater compatibility compared to other disc brake locks with a wider locking pin. For this reason, you can use it for just about any motorbike, scooter, sports bike, and more.

The yellow finish is very conspicuous so that you will always see when the lock is engaged. If that doesn’t sound enough for you, the manufacturer includes an orange reminder cable in the package.

  • It has a pouch.
  • The size and weight are nice.
  • The locking pin has wide compatibility.
  • It only has two keys.

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#4 AGPTEK Disc Lock Alarm with 5FT Reminder Cable

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Although it has everything a disc brake lock needs to operate reliably, the price of this accessory is lower than that of other members of our list. That’s why we see it as an ideal option for the motorcyclists who want reliability for the lowest price possible.

The onboard alert system activates once the motion sensor detects any vibration or shock. And with the rating of 110 dB, the alarm of this padlock is loud enough that you will be able to hear it from afar.

With a lot of things ruling our minds, forgetting to disengage the lock is more likely than one may think. That’s why this system has a reminder cable. The cord will stretch to about 5.2 feet long to attach to your handlebars whenever you put the lock.

The zinc alloy construction is heavy-duty and water-resistant for all-weather performance. This construction also resists rust and corrosion. Thus, you can buy it knowing that you are getting a unit that will serve you for a very long time.

The product has a conspicuous bright green color to make it visible to the thief before he gets to the bike. The bright finish of the lock also helps you see when the lock is on the bike.

  • The price is affordable.
  • It’s water-resistant.
  • The color is very nice.
  • The cable doesn’t look to be of the best quality.

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#5 JACOOL JL-001 Disc Brake Lock

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When you examine the construction, features, and reliability of this disc brake lock, it’s easy to group it among the high-end options in the market. But that’s not the case! Even with features of high-end versions, this unit falls in the low-end category.

The anti-theft alarm activates immediately the motion sensor detects any vibrations or when the thief touches the bike. The alarm system will first produce a triple beep to warn the thief to stay away. It will then sound a loud continuous alarm when the thief persists to drive him away.

We also like that this security system is straightforward to use. Just set it in place and press the locking mechanism to engage it. The quick-lock design saves you time since you don’t need your keys to set it.

The aluminum alloy construction is another selling point of this lock. The tough outside construction ensures superior protection to the inside components without compromising on portability. And since it’s also water-resistant, your bike is now safe even during rainy days.

The extra-long orange reminder cable will remind you to remove the lock before you ride. And with all these features and many more, this unit is sure to make your bike the hardest target for thieves in the entire neighborhood.

  • It has an extra set of batteries.
  • It is drop-proof.
  • The instructions are simple.
  • The positioning of the batteries isn’t the best.

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#6 Trimax T645S Hardened Metal Disc Lock

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The Trimax T645S has a noticeable yellow color. The conspicuous color will get the thief thinking twice before getting closer to your bike. The deterrent has a rugged construction that resists cutting and other forms of abuse.

The product meets the highest quality standards. Therefore, you can buy it with peace of mind that you are getting a valuable unit that will provide the much-needed additional layer of protection for your adorable motorbike.

The 5mm pin indicates that this metal disc lock is one of the options conceived with wide compatibility in mind. With that said, you can use it for most motorbikes, scooters, bicycles, RVs, and other areas where a product of its kind comes in handy.

The Trimax T645S arrives with a pouch for convenient transportation and storage. The high-quality reminder cable lets you know when the lock is on your bike before you begin riding.

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Also, this unit has three ergonomic keys. That means you will still have some spare keys left when you accidentally misplace one. And with the high level of protection it provides, we still believe it could be better if it had alarm functionality.

  • The construction is very solid.
  • The color is easy to spot.
  • It has three keys.
  • It doesn’t have an alarm alert.

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#7 Bibowa Disc Brake Lock

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As small as it looks, this anti-theft padlock is super loud to drive away even the most fearless thief. With the rating of about 110 dB, the alert system of this unit is very audible that you will hear it from a very far distance.

The alloy steel body is super-strong and maintains it’s integrity with the heaviest of abuse. The disc lock resists sawing, cutting, hammering, and chisel attacks to keep your bike safe even when away.

The padlock has six pre-installed batteries. That means the lock ready to get to work right off the bat. The manufacturer also includes an additional set of batteries in the package for backup purposes.

The yellow color not only delivers aesthetic benefits but also makes the piece very easy to spot. Hence, joyriders will more often opt for an easier target and not your bike. Other available colors include black, red, and silver.

The package includes a free extra-long reminder cable. Therefore, no matter how forgetful you are, you will always know that you need to disengage the disc brake lock before you begin riding.

  • It fits well in the case.
  • The alarm is surprisingly loud.
  • The build quality is nice.
  • The alarm may irritate your closest neighbor.

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#8 Catalpa U Fingerprint Disc Brake Lock

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For those that want a state-of-the-art security system for their adorable motorbikes, this pick makes the ideal option for them. The disc brake lock brings the convenience of biometric technology to your rides.

I mean, as the name suggests, this anti-theft tool uses fingerprint technology to lock and unlock. Thus, you don’t need to carry keys along when going for a ride- your finger is all it takes to lock or unlock the unit.

The fingerprint technology will correctly detect the registered fingerprint up to 99% of the time. And with a false acceptance rate ranging as low as 0.002%, this is one of the most reliable locks we have out there.

For enhanced user convenience, this advanced tool links to your phone via the free E-lock app using Bluetooth technology. Using the app, you can unlock it by scanning your fingerprint on your mobile screen.

The unit allows you to register up to 10 profiles. This feature means you can register all your fingers, or yours and those of your beloveds who you would like to give access to your motorbike.

  • It uses advanced technology.
  • It supports multiple unlocking methods.
  • It’s very convenient.
  • The app doesn’t work very efficiently.

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#9 Autik DS002 Disc Brake Lock

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As one of the top-rated disc brake locks in the market, there is much to admire about the Autik DS002. The unit has an eye-catching red color. The bright finish reminds you when the lock is on and lets the thief know that it’s armed even before touching it.

Nevertheless, the package contains a reminder cable just in case you would prefer using it. The cord is of fantastic quality and has a nice length to connect easily to the handlebars.

The alloy aluminum body gives it the much-needed toughness when also keeping the weight within a favorable range for easy transport. The tough housing provides dust and moisture protection to keep the performance of the internal components up to par.

The unit supports use on motorbikes and other vehicles with a brake rotor of less than 7 mm, that is, 1/4 inch. And with that in mind, we are safe to conclude that this padlock is one of the most versatile options out there.

The unit has two sets of batteries, one pre-installed and the other for backup purposes. Also, the manufacturer provides an Allen key to make changing the batteries a breeze when the need arises.

  • The instructions are easy to follow.
  • The Allen key is very useful.
  • The alarm is very loud.
  • It’s quite smaller than one would expect.

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#10 Abus Brake disc lock Granit Detecto X Plus 8077

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If you are willing to spend any amount for superior protection for your valuable motorbike, consider getting this smart disc brake lock. As simple it looks, the unit packs an enormous amount of engineering for smart protection.

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Some competing alarm locks sound even when carrying them in the bag. But that’s not the case with the Abus 8077. The device utilizes an automatic brake disc recognition system that detects when mounted on the brake disc. Therefore, it won’t sound unless when locked on your motorbike.

When installed in place, this deterrent uses the exclusive ABUS’s 3D motion detection technology to sense any motion. This type of innovation is advanced to avoid accidental triggers in the case of wind.

Additionally, when the bike is lifted or touched, the unit will first send a warning but switch to a continuous alarm once you or the thief persists. While it’s a nice feature to scare away the thief, we also find it very useful to the owner as it acts as a reminder that the lock is in place.

The multi-color LEDs acts as an additional theft deterrent feature when also doubling up as a battery indicator. Lastly, we like the special temper-hardened steel used in making this brake lock.

  • 3D motion detection technology is a plus.
  • It has a multicolor LED battery indicator.
  • It is extremely sturdy.
  • Replacing the batteries is not the easiest of jobs.

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#11 Master Lock 8303DPS Disc Brake Lock

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Whether you want it for a motorcycle, scooter, or moped, the Master Lock 8303DPS is a very versatile unit. The device has heavy-duty construction for long-lasting performance with heavy abuse.

The zinc steel body resists rust very well, so the unit will maintain its functionality for a very long time. The steel shackle provides additional protection against tamper. Thus, it’s one device that will go a long way to prevent roll-away theft of your valuable investment.

The push-button design makes installing the lock a pretty straightforward affair. The universal design gives it great compatibility, allowing you to use it on any motorcycle with holes in the brake rotor.

The product has a noticeable red cable that connects the lock with the handlebars of your bike. This accessory acts as a reminder to avoid causing damage resulting from riding the bike when the lock is still in place.

While it does very well in protecting your bike, there is room for improvement. For instance, it doesn’t have an alarm function like some of the members of the list. But that means you won’t have to deal with the hassle and cost of buying replacement batteries more frequently.

  • It locks easily.
  • It is rust-resistant.
  • The product looks cute.
  • It doesn’t have an alarm function.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are disc locks any good?

A disc brake lock is very reliable in protecting your motorbike from thieves. However, these accessories only protect against roll-away theft. With them in place, thieves can still lift your bike and load it on a truck or another vehicle. But that’s not a common technique for most thieves.

How does a disc lock work?

Disc locks attach to your bike’s disc brake rotor. They work by preventing the wheel from rotating. That makes it impossible for the thief to wheel it away. The alarm lock versions have a motion detector that triggers the alert when they sense vibrations or movements.

How do you pick a disk lock?

When choosing a disc lock, there is a lot to consider. After all, you want one that will provide the best protection to your bike. Pick one with super-tough construction and one that’s compatible with your bike.

Other features like color and alarm function will depend on your preference. For an alarm version, check the sound level of the alert as well as the position of the batteries. The sound needs to be loud enough to scare away thieves while the batteries need to be in an area that’s hard to access when the lock is on your bike.

How do I use the disc lock reminder cable?

A reminder cable is a bright cord that usually comes with your disc brake lock. This cable is easy to use as it runs from the lock to the handlebar of your motorbike whenever you use the lock.

How do you stop a motorcycle theft?

As aforementioned, there is no single way you can use to keep your motorcycle 100% safe from thieves. However, using security accessories like a disc brake lock will help reduce the chances of theft.

Final Verdict

With the great variety of disc brake locks in the market, picking the right device for your vehicle can be a stressful ordeal. That’s why we have created a list of top-notch devices. Once you identify your needs, go through the list to see the unit that seems to meet your needs to the best level.

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