Top 11 Best Engine Starting Fluids (2024)

Starting an engine in extremely cold weather can be daunting. Nonetheless, you can tune the engine to start faster by applying a starting fluid. These products are enriched with ethyl ether, a compound that is highly volatile and flammable.

As such, it can ignite faster even when the temperature is low, thus allowing the rest of the fuel to undergo combustion.

We understand that picking the right product may be difficult. And that is why we have sorted some of the best engine starting fluids that will allow your engine to power up effortlessly under extreme weather conditions.

11 Engine Starting Fluid Reviews

#1 Gumout 5072866 Starting Fluid

Gumout 5072866 Starting Fluid

The fast-acting formula from Gumout will allow your engine to start instantly regardless of the external weather conditions. This product is formulated in such a way that it catalyzes the ignition process, thus enabling gasoline to evaporate and ignite in the combustion chamber with ease. The formula allows the ignition chamber to remain active even when the weather is extremely humid or cold. As such, you will be able to power up your engine in seconds. More to this, the additives in this formula will eliminate rough starts, thereby allowing the engine growl smoothly at start up.

Furthermore, the product is enriched with compounds that have high lubricity. Through this, the upper cylinder will have enough lubricant for smoother operations. As a result, there will be minimal wear when the engine starts up. This will preserve the quality and effectiveness of the components in the ignition unit, thus prolonging the life of the engine. If you combine the use of this product with regular engine service, nothing will stand in the way of your vehicle. It will enable the engine to pick up power even in the most hostile conditions.

Also, the corrosion inhibitors in the formulation will ensure that the engine components are not damaged during the process. When it comes to the application, you simply have to spray the formula directly to the carburetor or the air intake system to get the desired results. However, a lot of caution has to be taken when using this product. For starters, you have to refer to your vehicle’s owner manual, so that you can know the exact specifications for the vehicle. Secondly, ensure that the engine is not running during application.

  • Ideal for both large and small engines
  • Powerful formula
  • Enriched with performance additives
  • Does not work with engines that run on diesel

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#2 Valvoline PYSFR-11 Pyroil Starting Fluid

Valvoline PYSFR-11 Pyroil Starting Fluid

This starting fluid is compatible with gasoline and diesel engines, so you can use it on your vehicle and other engine-driven pieces of equipment such as motorcycles, chain saws, lawnmowers, etc. This product will provide your engine with maximum starting power even when operating the vehicle in sub-zero temperatures. The formula contains petroleum-based distillates and other powerful compounds such as ether, which ignite readily upon ignition.

The formula has gone through extensive testing in which different scientific procedures have been used to ensure that the product delivers reliable performance. This will give the engine an easier time when firing up. This way, the components inside the engine will not be subjected to pressure and strain during start up. Consequently, the engine will be able to work more efficiently during and after ignition.

You can use this formula at any time of the year since it is not affected by extremely cold or hot weather. It is also compatible with diesel injector systems, allowing you to get smooth power-ups on different types of engines. This product will give you a chance to control how your engine starts, thus making it one of the starting fluids that can completely enhance the performance of your vehicle.

  • Contains lubricants
  • Year-round formula
  • Reduces battery drain
  • Extremely flammable

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#3 Prestone AS237 Premium Starting Fluid

Prestone AS237 Premium Starting Fluid

Prestone AS237 is a premium quality starting fluid that you can fully depend on when it comes to powering up different types of engines. This formula is effective on car engines, snowmobile, truck, and other commonly used engines. With this starting fluid, it won’t matter whether your fuel tank is full or has less fuel. The formula will ensure that the engine starts up fast with no delays. It can particularly come in handy when dealing with stubborn engines that just won’t start up.

The fluid is able to achieve most of its fast-action properties with the help of the ether/ethyl infused in the formula. Compared to gasoline, ether ignites faster even when the temperature is very low. What follows after this is that the probability of the gasoline igniting will be higher compared to when no starting fluid is used. As such, the starter will experience minimal wear, thereby allowing the ignition unit to remain in a good state even after starting up the engine repeatedly.

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As a matter of fact, this formula will allow the engine to fire up with ease even when the temperature is as low as -65°F/-54°C.Besides, the ether in this formula is of high quality with broad-range flammability, so it can initiate the combustion process in almost all conditions. As a result, the battery on the vehicle will not wear out easily, making this an excellent option for units that rely on batteries with small capacities.

  • Compatible with non-road engines
  • The formula complies with federal laws on low-sulfur contents
  • Can work even when the engine is flooded with fuel
  • The ether smell may be too strong for some users

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#4 CRC 05671 Jump Start Starting Fluid with Lubricity

CRC 05671 Jump Start Starting Fluid

This formula has all the basic qualities that you may look for in a starting fluid. The manufacturers have also ensured that the compounds making up the formulation are well balanced for maximum performance. Like most starting fluids, this product will ensure that the upper cylinders are properly lubricated to minimize wear. This way, the engine will last longer and will also deliver exceptional results during start up.

You can introduce this formula to the fuel system by spraying it to the air filter or the air intake. To avoid unnecessary injuries during this process, you have to ensure that the engine is off. Moreover, the spray design will give you a worry-free user experience when delivering the formula. This formula will provide you with economical starts in both cold and humid conditions, so you can use the product regularly or as directed by the manufacturer.

The other good thing about this product is that it is plastic safe, so it won’t damage the plastic casings covering different parts of some engines. Apart from being effective on car engines, is product can also deliver amazing results on boat engines. This formula can also assist you in reawakening engines that have been dormant for a while. You only have to ensure that you are applying the product according to the owner manual.

  • Can power diesel and gasoline-powered engines
  • Improves starter life
  • Reduces wear in during cold starts
  • Can cause fires when sprayed to exposed electrical components such as wires

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#5 HEET SA16-12 Starting Fluid

HEET SA16-12 Starting Fluid

HEET SA16-12 is a heavy-duty starting fluid that is formulated with care to ensure that your engine gets an outstanding service. This formula will not damage catalytic converters and oxygen sensors, so you use it without worrying about the safety of the engine and the exhaust unit. The product is made of several petroleum products and other flammable additives, which can ignite immediately the spark plug fires.

This formula is compatible with trucks, buses, cars, lawnmowers, tractors, marine engines, etc. The upper cylinder lube will see to it that the system runs effortlessly when the engine is starting up. In addition, components that are in direct contact with each other will be less likely to wear out as a result of friction. To add to this, the formula will maintain its chemical structure even when the temperature is down to -65°F.

Furthermore, the product can provide you with fast start ups on both gasoline and diesel engines. And it can do all this without harming the starter and the battery. This product is extremely flammable, so you have to be extra careful when applying the product. Besides, it comes in an aerosol can, which allows you to spray the contents to the air intake system.

  • Contains corrosion inhibitors
  • Guarantees quick and efficient starts
  • Compatible with new and old engines
  • The fumes emitted by the spray may irritate the skin and nasal cavity

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#6 Johnsen’s 6752-12PK Premium Starting Fluid

Johnsen's 6752-12PK Premium Starting Fluid

Starting up engines in winter can be stressful, and may in some cases damage the starter or wear out the battery. However, Johnsen’s 6752-12PK will help you fire up the engine even when the conditions are unfavorable. The formula works very well with passenger vehicles but can also help you start up other small engines. This product is 20% ether and is, therefore, able to make the ignition process a success in cold weather.

Also, the formula will ensure that the fuel line is not affected by the external weather conditions. As such, it will allow you to start up the engine with minimal fuss. The ingredients used in formulating this product are powerful, so you can use this starting fluid whenever you have a problem powering the engine. Additionally, this product is compatible with heavy-duty engines since it fits the fuel injector systems on these units.

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This formula has low sulfur content, so it does not cause the environment any harm. By applying this formula, the ignition system will be more responsive, thus allowing the engine to start up with the first attempt. The product comes in a colorful bottle with a convenient spray head, which will allow you to apply the product with minimal spills.

  • Versatile formula
  • Contains potent automotive additives
  • Lubricates upper cylinders
  • The 12 cans may be too much

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#7 Niteo Motor Medic M3515-12PK Instant Starting Fluid

Niteo Motor Medic M3515-12PK Instant Starting Fluid

This starting fluid is also another excellent option that you can consider adding to your engine. As a fuel additive, the formula contains elements that are friendly to the engine and the ignition system. This product has been formulated to deliver nothing but good results, so you can use it knowing that your engine won’t have a hard time starting. As the name suggests, this formula can act as a medic to your engine in extremely cold weather.

It will allow the combustion unit to fire up with ease, thus allowing the fuel to burn efficiently. As a result, the engine will pick up power fast, hence allowing the vehicle to start without hesitation. The formula works almost instantly, so you can use the vehicle a few minutes after the product has settled in the ignition unit. More to this, the formula does not interfere with spark plugs or any other component.

This way, the engine, and other parts will remain in good quality, thus allowing the whole system to last longer. This will not only allow the vehicle to run smoothly but will also lower the need for maintenance. However, it is recommended that you apply the formula accordingly to avoid damaging the engine. Also, this will protect you from possible injuries that may come about when your skin comes in direct contact with the fluid.

  • Has a high ether content of 35%
  • Saves battery
  • Infused with corrosion inhibitors
  • Highly flammable

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#8 Penray 5301 Standard Ether Content Starting Fluid

Penray 5301 Standard Ether Content Starting Fluid

When it comes to fuel additives, not all products deliver what they promise. However, that is not the case with the Penray 5301.This advanced formula has been achieved by blending different petroleum products and high-quality ether to ensure that the ignition system gets the right service. Ether is known for its high flammability, so it plays a critical role in ensuring the fuel ignites immediately you turn the ignition switch.

As such, the battery and other components that are involved in starting up the engine won’t be affected by the pressure that may result after a failed ignition. This formula will take full effect regardless of the type of gasoline that you are using. This is because ether is way lighter compared to gasoline, thus allowing it to evaporate faster for enhanced ignition. The product is professionally packaged in an aerosol can, making it easy to use.

Cold weather can drastically interfere with the performance of the engine, especially during start-ups. You can remedy this by spraying the formula in the air intake unit. It will allow the engine to start up with ease even when the temperature is at -70°F.This feature allows the formula to power up the engine in a wide range of conditions. Through its lubricity, the formula is able to keep the upper cylinders in good condition for maximum performance.

  • Fast-acting formula
  • Delivers smooth engine start-up
  • Gasoline and diesel compatible
  • Emits harmful vapor, so you have to be careful during the application process

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#9 Polar 82-12PK Premium Starting Fluid

Polar 82-12PK Premium Starting Fluid

This formula can come in handy when dealing with engines that have been in storage for a long time. It can effectively improve the performance of the ignition unit, thus allowing the engine to start instantly. More to this, the formula is enriched with potent compounds, which tune the entire ignition system and allows the components to work smoothly. This starting fluid can work with both gasoline and diesel engines, making this one of the versatile formulas that you can add to your engine.

Furthermore, the formula contains highly concentrated ethyl ethers, which catalyze engine start ups.If you are dealing with an engine that is reluctant to start up, this is one of the effective starting fluids that will trigger quick ignition of the fuel. The other benefit that you will get from this starting fluid is that you can use it even on smaller engines. This will save you from buying multiple fluids when dealing with different types of engines.

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Polar 82-12PK is a powerful formula that you can fully depend on. It will keep your engine running even in winter. Since it does not corrode the ignition system, you can use it any time you notice the engine lagging during start up.You can buy the 11 oz. aerosol can or go for the 12-pack.To get even better results, you can consider using the formula with reference to the vehicle’s manual.

  • Contains upper cylinder lube
  • Ideal for stubborn engines
  • Works at -65°F
  • The formula is extremely flammable

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#10 STA-BIL (22004-6PK Starting Fluid

STA-BIL (22004-6PK Starting Fluid

The starting fluid from STA-BIL is uniquely formulated with powerful additives, which work together, thereby making it easier for the fuel in the ignition chamber to light up. With the help of the corrosion inhibitors, components of the ignition unit will be kept safe from wear that may occur when the system launches in extremely cold weather. This product is compatible with all gasoline engines. In addition, it can also be added to systems running on diesel.

As such, it can assist you when tuning the ignition systems of tractors, trucks, cars, and other passenger vehicles. Like other products on the list, this formula is enriched with ethyl ethers that allow the ignition process to occur faster without delay. This will allow the fuel to pick up pace almost immediately, bringing about complete combustion of the fuel. Through this, you will have an easier time when operating the engine.

Also, you won’t have to have to worry about the catalytic converter and the oxygen sensor since this formula is very gentle to both units. To add to this, the formula can prolong the life of the starter, thus allowing the system to work even better. If this formula is used as directed, you will be able to solve some of the common complications that you are likely to experience with the ignition system.

  • Has a high ether content
  • Offers effective lubricity
  • Easy application
  • The aerosol can is highly pressurized, so you have to be cautious

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#11 PYROIL 11OZ Starting Fluid

PYROIL 11OZ Starting Fluid

This additive will give your engine maximum starting power due to its rich formulation. The manufacturers have carefully blended various petroleum-based distillates and ethyl ether in the right ratio, thus delivering instant fuel ignition. This formula can work in all weather conditions and will allow you to get the results that you expect.

Besides, the formula reduces friction in different sections of the ignition system and limits wear. This will allow the starter and other components to work efficiently without failing. The application process is also not as hard. Since you only have to spray the formula 2-3 seconds on the air intake. You can repeat this treatment according to the vehicle specifications.

This product is also compatible with motorcycle engines, so it will provide you with an all-round service on all your engines. The ether in this product produces vapor easily, so the fuel will work effectively. By using this starting fluid, the vehicle’s battery, will not drain as fast.

  • Works with a wide range of engines
  • Provides you with year-round service
  • Tested in sub-zero temperatures
  • Has a strong smell

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I apply a starting fluid?

Most starting fluids are packaged in aerosol cans, so you can apply them by simply spraying the formula to the carburetor or the air intake unit.

Can I apply starting fluid to a diesel-driven engine with glow plugs?

It is not advisable to use starting fluids on such engines since the fluid can pre-ignite, resulting in serious injury.

What is an upper cylinder lubricant?

As the name suggests, this is an additive whose main role is to lubricate the upper sections of the cylinder, thus limiting wear, corrosion, and rust.

Final Verdict

Winter has got nothing on the starting fluids listed above. Depending on your choice and preference, you can pick any of the formulas to get quick engine start-ups.

As you use these products, you have to keep in mind that they can be harmful if mishandled. As such, always ensure that you use the product as directed.

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